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US Immigration from Kyrgyzstan

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Feb, March, April 2017 I-130 CSC Filers for Child F2A Category
9:19 pm May 6, 2018


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Hi there,

I would like to get updates on who is already receiving NOA2s from USCIS California Service Center filed in February, March, and April of 2017 on behalf of parent of a minor child as category F2A. I filed mine by end of March 2017 to bring a minor child to US as a son of a permanent Immigrant via I-130. The application was filed to the Chicago Field Office and they had transferred it to the California Service Center. We received the NOA1 in April 2017. Still patiently waiting for NOA2. If anyone filed for the same category back in Feb, March, and April of 2017 gives their progress whether if they received NOA2 or still waiting that would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance and hope you all the fast approvals especially for those stuck by the California Service Center!


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Maiden and married names
6:13 am August 20, 2017


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Similar questions have been asked several times here, but I could not find an answer so far.

I have taken my husband's surname after the marriage, and we are now collecting documents necessary to apply for a SSN, AoS etc.

I do not know what to do with the fact that my US documents are from now on will have my husband's surname and the passport I currently hold will have my maiden name.

I want to visit my family sometime in winter and (probably) apply for a new passport - this time to have my married name indicated in it.

What would you recommend (based on your experience) to do with the documents from one's home country? Apply to update them while visiting the home country / apply through the embassy of the home country in the United States / keep the passport until it expires and then change the surname?

Thank you!

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2:25 am December 21, 2016


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Merry Christmas every one, i have one question?

I file for N400, if my husband send an invitation for my relatives an interview officer can ask who this people?

this people my nephew wife's mother and sister( i've never seen them ). thanks

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K1 Approved Today
12:05 am November 9, 2016


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Just celebrating my fiancee's approval today. :dancing: 81 days from the date I sent in the paperwork, and because of changes in policy at the US embassys she became the first person to get a K1 visa from the US embassy in Kyrgyzstan :dancing:

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Updating embassy list k1
12:11 am November 4, 2016


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Just for the websites information.. As of Nov 1st, K1 interviews for people in Kyrgyzstan are now taking place at the Bishkek embassy in Kyrgyzstan. Previously people from Kyrgyzstan would interview in Almaty Kazakhstan.

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