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Loophole for Visiting While I-129f Pending?
2:14 pm today


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Full transparency, I am planning to visit my fianc for long, about 4-5 months as I already have a B1/B2 visa.

I have a full time job right now, and plan to get a letter of employment from my company before I quit, so I can show CBP the letter as proof of ties to my country.

I'm planning to buy a full flex plane ticket which will state that I'll be visiting for 2 weeks (also going to tell CBP officer 2 weeks if they ask duration of stay), but once I've entered, I'm going to refund the return ticket and just get a new one once I'm ready to go back after a few months.

Just wondering if what I plan to do is dangerous in any way? Everything I'm doing is technically legal..

I'm just afraid come time for my actual K1 visa interview, I will be questioned on why I was in the US for so long.... even though there shouldn't be anything wrong with that in the first place since I just want to be with my fianc .

But will it come off really suspicious to the consular office during my K1 interview?

Would just like to know if that will be affected in any way... any replies and advice will be much appreciated please!!

My fianc has a stable job so money isn't a cause of concern and I am able to be unemployed btw.. which is why I'm planning to quit my job after I have obtained letter of employment as proof.

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About to apply for N-400, do I use my USCIS account or does my wife make an account?
10:17 pm February 22, 2024

Chris Amos

Chris Amos

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I am very confused and wanted to make sure before we have the right answer before paying for the application online. Do I use my USCIS account, or does my wife make one for herself?

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RFE for I-90
5:10 pm December 21, 2023


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I received my 2 years green card (Adjustment of status from K1) last October. There was a typo. Missing hyphen (-) in my new last name. I filed I-90. Submitted the documents. New biometrics wasn't required. Yesterday I received RFE for I-90. Which is very confusing.

I attached the document below.

The problem is I never have a form G-28. I never used any attorney. I don't have any new forms, any fees and my address didn't change. I don't know what am I supposed to submit. I can't even check any boxes. Should I just send an empty form?

There is an option to upload the documents online, but as I said there is nothing to upload.

And again they aere missing hyphen (-) in my last name.

It is so frustrating.

Thank you


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While waiting for a biometrics/interview for 10-year GC, is it possible to apply for citizenship?
6:16 pm December 20, 2023

Chris Amos

Chris Amos

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My wife and I have sent our form to extend her green card, but only got 2 extension notices so far. While waiting for any more from USCIS (I sent it to the right place) and have been married for more than 3 years now (got the GC on 1/14/2021), will she be able to apply for citizenship while waiting for an appointment with USCIS?

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What Last name should I use while traveling outside the states?
4:45 pm June 19, 2023


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My green card has my married name, but my international passport has my maiden name in it.

i understand that flying to my home country, I should use my maiden name for booking the tickets because i will be flying with my passport.
But when I will be returning to the states, what am I supposed to do?
If I land on US territory under my maiden name because it s in my international passport, but my green card has a different name. Will it be a problem?
Or having a marriage certificate is enough?

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