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  1. Thank you all! We have her work permit and state ID. And copy of passport.. which of course they have too ...and police report on the loss of it. Hopefully we'll be fine on that. Now it's a matter of when we'll get rescheduled.. Is it necessary to refile for her work permit which expires at end of Jan? Shes not working. We just had our second baby girl and she's not going to work for a while. Should we renew the work permit in order to show at least some sort of legal status while we're waiting for green card? Should we be calling to inquire about interview if we dont get anything by end of this month? I have seen threads where folks have got new interview notices after shutdown, their original interview was around same time as ours, based on their timeline entries.
  2. Hello. Our AOS interview was cancelled due to COVID shutdown. We are still waiting for new interview date notice. Wife has lost her passport. We are trying to resolve asap but affording to embassy it will take up to 2 months to get the new passport. We have a color copy and I-94 record and everything else. Hoping we get the passport replaced before next interview appointment but if the AOS interview happens first will not having the actual passport be a problem?
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