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  1. Hi all, I was looking around for items that a joint sponsor needs for the Affidavit of Support since my wife and I are filing for her adjustment of status. I have found conflicting things about what is needed. What items does the joint sponsor need for the adjustment of status? Is a Form I-130 needed for the Adjustment of Status (K1)? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, My wife and I are concerned about her cousin’s F11 immigrant visa and he still remains in Kazakhstan. Due to Covid-19, he cannot use his visa to see his mother and the expiration date is May 13th. Does anyone know if there is a way to renew the F11 visa or any word from Immigration about waiving any expired visas or such?
  3. Hi all, We got married today and had a question about filing the I-485 (with biometrics) with the Advance Parole and Employment Authorization? If I file the I-485, will the Advance Parole and Employment Authorization documents be free or do we have to pay the additional amount with the $1,225 from the I-485?
  4. Hi all, My fiancé just arrived in the US on January 15th under the K1 visa. I have a question however, is she allowed to get apply for an EAD as soon as she comes into the US or does she have to wait on being married and file the adjustment of status before getting the EAD?
  5. Hi all, My fiancé got her K1 visa on December 5th and will be coming to the US on January 14th. Her POE is in Los Angeles before heading up to Boise. I am concerned however with what interview questions will be asked to her at that particular airport if she gets interviewed.
  6. They requested the missing 1040 and W-2 from my cosponsor and we acted quick on it by turning in the documents the following week after the interview.
  7. Hi all, A few minutes ago, my fiancé got a call from the US Embassy in Bishkek. They just said to her to pick up her documents at around 3pm in her time and said nothing else. What does this mean, is it approved or not? It was in Administrative Processing since 12/2 in the NonImmigrant unit of the US Embassy and still is on that status today.
  8. The interview was good, she got a 221(G) - white sheet missing my cosponsor’s 1040 and W2. We acted fast on the missing document by turning it in on the following week after the interview.
  9. As of today, our case in the Non-Immigrant unit changed from Application Received to Administrative Processing. Is it normal for this to happen? How fast is this part and is there a guarantee that the visa will be made? We are worried that it would overlap on plans of my fiancé coming this Christmas.
  10. Congratulations to you! We haven’t heard anything yet and probably expecting it sometime next week or so since this week was a holiday week.
  11. Hi all, Today, we received word that our case was ready. It says that on the ready screenshot about an interview, even though we already had an interview on the 15th of this month. A few hours later, the status changed to Application Received for some reason. What does this mean? I am very confused about this...
  12. Oh, good. Also, I forgot to mention that the paper that says it mentions about bringing in the document is a 221(g) on white paper. After the missing documents are turned in, what is the waiting time on processing it all? I saw on the CEAC site that our case is in AP.
  13. Hi all, My fiancé and I got the missing document (co-sponsor’s W-2 and 1040) for her K1 visa and will be turning it in on Thursday as noted on the letter. If we turn in the document, will there be a second interview, asking about missing documents on the interview date? If there is going to be a second interview, will it be the same questions as the first interview?
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