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I submitted my papers without an English translation
10:50 am November 8, 2022


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I submitted my papers on October 24th and I m wondering if I can upload the translation?

I read that I don t need the translation but I have to bring it to the interview at the embassy.

also I submitted the tax transcript but I saw lots of submitters saying they got RFE for W2s as well..should I submit those?

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US Citizenship Q's
2:47 pm October 26, 2022


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We are hopig to apply for US Citizienship soon - I have some Q's

1) How have you come up with the money to pay for fees? Do you save or borrow from someone?

2) Is it ok to get the kids citizhip later- son is 15 YO and daugter 10YO? (financial causes)

3) How long does it generaly take -say I were to start the process in Jan 2023?

Thank you for any suggestions in advance! .

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Tourist visa while on NVC stage.
12:09 pm September 13, 2022


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The visa officer did ask me this: why you don t have citizenship yet you been married for so long (9 years)

I said I already applied for an immigrant visa and we are working on it and she just said ok approved.

hope this gives to people who want to visit while working on their immigrant visas.

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OPT F1 visa holder to Green Card
8:30 pm May 19, 2022



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My wife and I got married on May 1st of 2022, My wife is an American citizen, and I am a OPT F1 visa holder. We are looking into applying for the permanent residency for me. My OPT expires February 7th of 2023. My concerns and questions are:

1. What is the process? What forms do we file?

2. Who files what form?

3. What documents needed by each partner?

4. How much would it cost?

5. Is a Lawyer needed?

6. Husband has an USCIS account when applied for OPT, Is a new account needed?

7. Any helpful resource beside this forum?

8. Things to avoid?

9. Any Tips?

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US commission votes to process all green card applications within 6 months
9:49 am May 17, 2022



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