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US Immigration from Kuwait

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Interview done but paper says "decision cant be made yet"
9:21 pm April 11, 2023


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I had my interview done today and the paper the officer gave said I passed all all test but says "decision cant be made"- the officer didnt give me a reason why it couldnt- anyone else have the same sitiation?

Thanks in advacne!

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IOE Receipt Number for a I-751?
3:52 pm March 21, 2023



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Has anyone gotten a IOE Receipt Number for a I-751 (removal of conditions) Mailed Application? We just received an electronic notification of a IOE Receipt Number, nothing in the mail, but other posts suggests that IOE numbers are only given to electronically filed applications?

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Interview in a week! Help me prepare
3:06 am February 27, 2023


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The US embassy sent this

In order to avoid delays in processing your case, we kindly request you to bring the following documents on the day of your interview (Originals or Certified Copies)


MISSING: Passport

MISSING: Birth Certificate

MISSING: Marriage/Divorce- Beneficiary

MISSING: Proof of Relationship

MISSING: Evidence of Domicile

MISSING: Medical Exam

MISSING: Police Clearance (Kuwait)

MISSING: Police Clearance (country of previous residence)

What is a proof of relationship?
anything else I must take with me?

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US Embassy Nepal Awaiting Interview Gather Here
11:09 pm February 12, 2023



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Hello All,

Please gather here if you have been DQ from NVC and awaiting Interview date at US Embassy Nepal. If there are any Whatsapp, Telegram, FB Groups please share that information here.

Share your DQ and visa class information.

DQ Date:

Visa Class:

Here are some Statistics Visa Issuance for Nepal December 2022 (FY 2023)

Kathmandu CR1 35
Kathmandu DV 135
Kathmandu E1 3
Kathmandu E2 3
Kathmandu E3 31
Kathmandu EW 1
Kathmandu F2B 2
Kathmandu F4 13
Kathmandu FX 83
Kathmandu IR1 39
Kathmandu IR2 11
Kathmandu IR5 117
Kathmandu SB1 19

Source: State Department

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Visa approval bounce back to pre pandemic levels
6:38 am February 9, 2023


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