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Tokyo, Japan
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Phone Number: (03) 3224-5000 (general switchboard)
(03) 5354-4033 (visa information )
00531-13-1353 ( visa information alt. number)
FAX: (03) 3505-1862
FAX: 03-3224-5929
Address: 1-10-5 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8420 JAPAN
U.S. mail address: APO AP 96337-5004 USA
Working Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Monday - Friday
Best Contact Method: Contact Page >>
Approx Waiting Time for Interview After Consulate Recieves NVC Package:
Issues Packet 3?
Packet 3 Contains: Japan Embassy K-1 Visa Instructions

DS-230 Part I

Fill out the DS-230 and send it and a copy of your passport photo page and your email address by fax. After they receive this, then they'll send out an email. Then you're supposed to go get the police certificate and medical exam. The police will want some proof that you're involved with the immigration process such as the copy of the email the embassy sends you or the NOA2 or the letter you receive in the packet 3.

Once you get everything together,
schedule a visa appointment request.

Make sure that the applicant in Japan :

  • Has and is able to present applicable documents listed in the Immigrant Visa Checklist (or Fiancé(e) Visa Checklist)
  • Will not give up a job or business, dispose of property or make non-refundable travel arrangements until visa issuance
  • Intends to apply for an immigrant visa on the appointment date

------------- Additional Info for non-Japanese Fiance(e) -------------

This info is related specifically to Filipina beneficiaries. The process could be similar to high-fraud countries or other non-Japanese beneficiaries.

Packet 3 asks for:

  • - accomplished DS-230 Part I form
  • - one sheet asking for contact information (e.g. e-mail, phone number, etc.)
  • - two(2) 50x50mm photo (have 3 more copies ready for the interview)
  • - old passport(s), if any
  • - copy of current passport's biographic page and US visa(s)
  • - copy of your Alien Registration Card (back & front) - in my case I made an English translation
  • - original letter from the Tokyo US Embassy which has your name and Tokyo Case# written on it (make a copy of this for your Japan Police clearance and do not mail the packet 3 yet since some Prefectural Police Departments will ask for the original letter from the Embassy)
  • - Birth Certificate*

*for Filipina beneficiaries, your birth certificate and CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) are also requested. These can be ordered online from E-census. The regular delivery window for overseas orders is 6-8 weeks. You can request for a special courier with e-census for an additional $89, which will take about 5-8 business days to arrive. You can call them though +63 2 981 7777 to follow up progress (their e-mail sometimes is scripted and they take a while to reply to specific questions). I suggest better gets CENOMAR or advisory of marriage after noa2 approval as it takes long to release.

You will send these along with the other Packet 3 documents.
Issues Packet 4?
Packet 4 Contents (if known): There is no Packet 4, per se, just a reply email when they receive the information requested in Packet 3.

***PACKET 4 is issued for non-Japanese beneficiaries. This is the equivalent of Packet 3 for the Japanese nationals which contains instructions for gathering documents to bring to the interview. Refer to the Tokyo US Embassy website for the complete checklist.
Forms to Consulate? K1:
Upon receiving Packet 3, try to send this information back soon

  • DS 320 Part I, signed
  • Passport pages
  • Fill in applicant's contact data on a piece of paper they supply
Other Forms (if any)? Applicant will need to fill out the Nonimmigrant Application ( DS-160 is electronic version) on the web, and printing out a copy of the DS-156(K)
Direct Consular Filing Offered? No
If DCF Allowed: For all or only US citizen lawfully resident in country? Residents_Only
Can fiance(e)/spouse attend interview? Yes
Visa fee payment "same day" or "in advance"? Same_Day
Did embassy schedule interview or could you walk-in? Embassy Scheduled
Visa issued same day? No
If not what's the waiting period? about two business days after the interview they mail your passport and visa back to you.
Is the Medical exam same day as interview? Prior to Interview
Cost of Medical Exam? JPY 26,250 at the Tokyo British Clinic as of 2011 excluding vaccines
List of doctors?
How many Passport Photo's Required for the medical? 4
How many Passport Photo's Required at the interview? 1
Estimated waiting time at the consulate on the day of interview? 1-2 hours. Suggest to come before 8am if you are scheduled for 8:30am interview.
Vaccination requirements? None for K1, but depending on the clinic you go to, they might insist. Call the clinic to see.

***Tokyo British Clinic insists on completing vaccines if you have none or if you do not have your medical records with you. Vaccines are age specific, but basic ones given are Measles, Mumps and Rubella. Influenza vaccine is required for flu season. Varicella or chicken pox is not required if you have a chicken pox history, you have to tell them during the examination.

Vaccine costs as of 2011:

DTP 2 months to 6 years ¥4,600
Measles If born in 1957 or later, from 12 months ¥7,250
Rubella If born in 1957 or later, from 12 months ¥7,250
Mumps If born in 1957 or later, from 12 months ¥7,250
HIB 2 months to 59 months ¥9,500
Hepa B Birth to 18 year ¥9,000
Varicella From 12 months ¥9,500
Pneumococcal 2 months to 59 months (PCV vaccine) ¥14,300
Pneumococcal From 65 years (PPV vaccine) ¥11,000
Influenza 6 to 59 mos. & from 50 years, in flu season ¥4,200
Cheap and good hotels near the Consulate?
Additional Info? If you want to go as fast as possible, then as soon as the petitioner gets the NOA2, then take that to the police to get the police certificate. It takes about two weeks' waiting. Also go to the medical people at this time. All forms you need are found online. By the time the embassy gets the package from NVC and you send back your info to them, you'll have the police certificate in hand. When you get the reply email from the embassy, schedule your appointment online. This is the fastest way possible.

Note that appointments seems to become unavailable less then approx 1 month out -- because they get booked up.

***If you want to re-schedule for an earlier date, you can try to schedule the interview again from their website and include in the REMARKS that you are trying to re-schedule for an earlier interview. Include the original interview date and mention to have you put on a waiting list in case someone else cancels their schedule on your preferred date.

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