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Attorney recommendations for AWA waivers?
6:42 am February 7, 2023



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As title states, looking for some reputable attorneys that handle AWA waivers. I am damn sure that I can get an exception for my case but don t want a bad attorney to mess it up. Google is not reliable and the ones that turn up don t have great reviews (misfiled things or are slow) and Avvo is hard to search for this specific thing.

Wondering if anyone can recommend some GOOD attorneys that have AWA experience

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Case assigned to wrong embassy/consulate?
10:06 pm February 5, 2023



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Hi everyone,

My fiancee is Iranian and, as there is no (active) U.S. Embassy/Consulate in Iran, we have to be processed through either:

On our I-129F, we wrote that we wanted to apply to Yerevan, Armenia.

We received our NOA2 December 1.

I sent an inquiry to NVC this past week and got our case number on Friday.

However, our case number starts with ABD and we are concerned this seems to indicate Abu Dhabi and not Yerevan. (?)

Are we interpreting the case number correctly? Does anyone have any experience with a situation like this, or any advice?

I sent another inquiry to NVC and am awaiting their response!

Thank you so much.

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NVC received petition dec1
11:15 pm January 30, 2023



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I need help understanding my case plz

"The National Visa Center (NVC) received your immigrant visa petition from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on December 01, 2022. Your petition is now waiting for data entry into our systems." received this message on Dec 28 2022

"The National Visa Center (NVC) has received your petition and will send detailed instructions to the petitioner, principal applicant, and attorney of record (if applicable) soon." received this message on Jan 17 2023

since then I haven't heard anything and no welcome letter.

I tried my hand at NVC public inquiry and got this message back on Jan 19 2023

You will be notified once this case is forwarded to the assigned US Embassy/Consulate General."

is my time frame normal? am I panicking for no reason?

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Get attorney for CR1 if US spouse has criminal history?
10:21 pm January 25, 2023



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Hi there,

We are planning to start the process soon with an Iranian spouse that has residency in Italy and an American spouse that has a criminal history (misdemeanor expunged at the state level)

We are wondering if it s worth getting an immigration attorney as our case is fairly unique and different and I know crimes can affect the process a lot. I also have heard that immigration attorneys can be a waste and even mess up the process as well

Would appreciate any input on this?

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40 Days Since Expedite Approval -- When to Panic
11:13 pm January 9, 2023


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My expedite request for my I-129F Petition was granted on November 30th by USCIS on behalf of my Senator. It has since been 40 days. I was wondering when the appropriate time is to make an additional inquiry. It should be said I did my first inquiry at the 30-day mark, and am still waiting to hear back about case outcome. Any guess on what the next practical move should be from here?

I've heard of peoples expedites going to purgatory and thats what I'm trying to avoid, but if its a logical step to wait a few more days or weeks I get that.


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