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  1. Hi hope all are well. My wife receded her 2 yr green card 4/2023 so it will expire 4/2025. When can she file for her 10 yr green card? Also what forms is she filling for that? Thank you.
  2. My wife EAD card got approved after 9 months. Waiting to receive a card in mail.
  3. Will calling uscis do anything? What number do you guys call? We never call them.
  4. Congrats. So no interview? Did you get EAD card before that? We have not heard anything! We filed 6/7.
  5. My fiancée is still waiting to hear something: case is being reviewed by uscis since 7/2022. No EAD card or anything!! Is there an interview after this long wait?
  6. How do we check for outside processing time? I am June filler. Thank you.
  7. No news for my fiancé! Notice date was 06/7 and case is still shows review! No EAD card or nothing! Should we call?
  8. My fiancé is still waiting for her EAD card she had fingerprint in June. Case is still showing under review. Should we call? What number do you guys call? Anyone with a similar problem? She is trying to get a job and 7 months and still waiting!
  9. We are still waiting here. Fingerprint was was done July 6. No EAD card yet. Status says case is being actively reviewed by uscis.
  10. Uscis online only tells you they sent biometric notice but it doesn’t say when it is? where exactly did you find out the exact date for biometric?
  11. Did you receive the actual letter that shows your appointment is July 8? If not how did you find out online that it was July 8?
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