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  1. Uscis online only tells you they sent biometric notice but it doesn’t say when it is? where exactly did you find out the exact date for biometric?
  2. Did you receive the actual letter that shows your appointment is July 8? If not how did you find out online that it was July 8?
  3. 3 letter plus another one came 2 days after (so 4 letters total). That letter includes your online uscis account registration number.
  4. Same waiting for biometric letter to know the date! I assume it will be middle of July!
  5. They are not all processing in exact same time. It’s ok you will hear from them soon. They received my package 6/4. I sent it via usps.
  6. Check was also cashed one day after receiving a text msg.
  7. Package received 6/4. We received a text msg that case was received 6/8.
  8. Hello all, How long is picture validity for passport photos (6 for forms 1-485, I-765 & I-130). Does it have to be same set of pictures for each form? I have my pictures from 3 months ago (k1 visa visa) can i use these picture or do i need to get new passport pictures for these forms? Thank you all
  9. Does anyone know how old the passport pics has to be? Can we use the pictures that we used 3 months ago for k1 interview etc? Thanks
  10. Will a copy Marriage License work for AOS package? Or does it have to be certified by clerk record office? Can it be certified some other place? We just got married yesterday and Certified copy of Marriage License won't be ready till 1 week. We need to fill out a form then they will send it to our mail address which can take a while.
  11. Also I am reading some of the people (we were k1 visa) also sending prove of relationship photos etc. Is this required with these forms? Thanks
  12. Hello, I am sending all 4 forms in one package (forms I-485, I-864, I-765 & I-13). I am sending one check $1,225 for all these 4 forms, the applicant is 33 years old, Will this fee cover all these 4 forms? Thanks
  13. Hello, I am just wondering if all the documents lists that posted in this page is enough to file for AOS. I am not seeing anywhere saying joint bank accounts pics together etc. Any recommendations? Thanks
  14. Are all these forms submitted in same package to same address? Thanks
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