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US Immigration from Guyana

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Help, I need Clarity
1:56 pm March 26, 2020

C and L

C and L

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Hi We filed July 2019. Still waiting on Noa2. My husband the Petitioner lives with his Mother. They Both work. He made $21,000 in 2019, His mother Made $30,000 in 2019. Will there be any problems for me at the Interview. Only 2 in the household. They both have Health insurance through their Jobs. They both have never used Govt benefits in the past.

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Automatic Approval ??
5:42 am March 22, 2020



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I have an issue. Me and my 10 year old twins applied for i485 in July while our i130 applications were pending based on my marriage to a usc. Mine was rejected for using l forms but the twins were accepted. Eventually I refilled in August and so out pd is one month a part. Coincidentally my i130 was approved August and the twins were approved in September. They got their combo cards in December 2019 and I got mine two weeks ago. So here is the dilemma, the girls had their green card interview in December. My husband and I went to the interview with then. We both answered questions. Their case was held for review but last week it was approved. Last month my interview was scheduled for next month. I don t think this is going to happen in light of the Coronavirus being in town. My question is, how can they approve the dependent before me? Would I get automatic approval?

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N400 NOT saving attachments
5:47 am March 3, 2020


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It is saving all the multiple choice answers and typed info, but every time I go back to the attachments, they all disappear. Got to the end, went back to review, all the photo attachments just disappeared. Is this a bug? Is this some known issue?

Using Google Chrome.

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Processing Time
12:02 pm February 8, 2020

Lerato Hodge

Lerato Hodge

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What is the current processing time at Vermont Service Centre for F1 persons?

Also if my priority year is 2013 when can I expect communication?

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My Immgrant visa was refused under the section INA 212(4)a public charge inadmissiblity [merged threads]
7:58 pm February 5, 2020


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?Hey guys.
I sent in new documents to embassy where I was interview.
And they send me a new email stating I am still ineligible for a visa.
Can someone please explain this to me.
Do I need a new joint sponsor.
Or is there something else with our documents.

Basically can you guys explain this to me? Please

Attach below is an email they send me.


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