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485/Marriage Certificate question
10:00 pm April 26, 2020

Caitlin Kennedy

Caitlin Kennedy

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Hey all,

We are applying for our AOS and wondering for the marriage certificate, did people send in a copy of their MC or did they send in a certified document? It says on the USCIS website a copy is fine but some people said on here to do an actual certified because some people got RFE's.

Interested to hear peoples experiences.



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UK Tax Refund
1:07 am April 26, 2020

Caitlin Kennedy

Caitlin Kennedy

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My (now husband) but at the time fiance applied and filled out the P85 and got a notice on March 5 saying they will let him know if he got one or not, and if not, why. We haven't gotten anything in the post email etc. We are trying to find an email to contact them but we dont see anything on the website. Anyone else having issues?

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UK Covid-19 numbers concerning
11:52 pm April 24, 2020


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I find the mortality rate in the UK concerning. Of those confirmed positive, 13.5% have died. The US, with the highest number of cases, has only 5% and Spain is 10%.

I haven t seen that addressed by the UK press. What s the deal do you think? Is it because you have to be super sick to be tested? Does the NHS suck despite Boris Johnson s praise that they gave him the finest care?

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does passport photo need to be taken to interview?
9:30 pm April 20, 2020

FM Beauty Bar

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does both passport photos need to be taken to the interview? thank you.

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I-29F Approved 2/14/2020 STILL nothing from NVC. what do i do? Covid delay?
1:20 pm April 20, 2020

FM Beauty Bar

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Hi everyone.. USCIS approved our i29f on V-Day.

I called the NVC they said they're still processing it and gave me a case number but no invoice number. cant seem to get in with anyone.

NVC said the US Embassy in London is closed for interviews.

I know i need to send a copy of the packet along proof of relationship, I-134, etc. do i still send that now. What do i do? if i send now wont they want more current information by the time of interview?

Ugh we were so close and this pandemic is crazy.

thank you in advance i hope youre staying safe out there guys

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