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US Immigration from El Salvador

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Divorce I 751
4:36 am

Dav and Ma

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Me separ de mi esposo en septiembre de 2017.

Lo nico que ten amos juntos era una cuenta bancaria y fotos.
En este mes de noviembre 2018 comienzan a contar mis 90 d as.
No me divorcio ... pero ahora creo que tengo que hacerlo.
Enviar mi solicitud para eliminar las condiciones, pero temo ser rechazado
Cuando completo mi solicitud, la presento como soltera o casada?
Espero ayuda
Me siento estresado

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Renewing Green Card after an arrest
7:57 pm


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Hello. I have a friend whi has yo renew his green card. He was arrested in Atlanta for no drivers license. My question is, if he will need documents from the court showing the outcome of that arrest when he goes and applies for the renewal? Also are there any consequences for his arrest? Can they deny him his greencard? Please someone help. Thanks.

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I-129f Employment section
5:26 am


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I have a question. My fiance is from El Salvador, and we are currently working on filling out the I-129f form. The problem is that he has worked since he was a child in his families business. Because of the violence in El Salvador, they do not have a franchise name or business name. They have a bakery in their home and make bread specifically to sell to stores, who then sell the bread to people.

So the question is, what would we put in his employment history?

1.) He has been working with his family since he was a child, which is not common practice in the USA.

2.) There is no employer name due to the family business not having a business name etc.

3.) Would we have to provide them with documentation of proof of their business, like receipts etc.?

Please help.

Thank you. :)

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Inadmisability due to health
4:01 am

Roy and Ceci

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My husban's vision is only 50% of that of a normal person. Can that affect his admission to the US? His interview is next month?

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Is a joint sponsor required if my income is at 125% of the poverty guidelines?
1:00 am


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I am applying for adjustment of status through marriage. I am currently allowed to work and stay in the US through DACA. I make enough to be considered 125% above the poverty guidelines. I know the I-864 form has to be filled out by my spouse, but there is a section where the sponsor, whether it be my spouse or a joint sponsor, can take my income into account to meet the guidelines. So I'm wondering if I really need a joint sponsor or if my spouse can file as my sole sponsor and then just take my current income into account?

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