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US Immigration from El Salvador

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Can you renew expired DACA?
7:00 pm January 16, 2019


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My DACA expired October 2018 and a lawyer is telling me that I am able to renew it. He wants $1500 and the $495 for the application fee. My husband and I dont want to lose that money and we've been reading online that it is not possible to renew your DACA after it expired.

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XRay on CD- "for personal use/not immigration"
12:01 am January 16, 2019


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Hello- my husband attended his medical exam in El Salvador today. The doctor gave him a CD of his XRay. The cover of the CD says "for personal use only/not for immigration". It's that odd? (the part where it says "for personal use only/not for immigration"). Will he be required to show or hand in the CD? Thanks so much!

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CR1 vs. IR1
6:34 pm January 14, 2019


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Hello, when my husband and I applied for the I-130 it was approved as a CR. Fast forward several months/year, we receive an visa appointment at the embassy in El Salvador. I logged onto the https://ceac.state.gov website and noticed that the visa type is still listed as CR. HOWEVER, time has passed and now we have been married for more than 2 years. Should that website be updated to reflect a R1 visa or will it remain CR? Thank you!!

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Register NVC appointment
2:28 am January 10, 2019


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Hello, my husband received his apt letter via email yesterday. We followed the directions to register his apt on nvc.state.gov & obtain the UID number... I'm a little concerned b/c there's not much else on the site. On the left hand side it just says "New appointment/schedule appointment, group scheduling request, provide feedback, update profile"...

At what point in time will additional information appear, ie- the date of his apt that we received on the letter?

Also, we had to give the medical doctor the UID number to make the apt. Does the doctor add info to this site?

Thanks so much! (IR1 visa, El Salvador)

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Ads (both intentional and unintentional)
5:42 am January 3, 2019


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I'd first like to say VJ is a great site and I'm indebted to it for all the amazing advice, tips, and guides its provided during the years of dealing with US immigration processes. So, thanks! I visited the site today for the first time in months, maybe even a year, to reply to an old post and noticed two things regarding ads. These aren't really complaints, as aside from replying to an old thread of mine someone quotes I don't have any intention of visiting this website again (no hard feelings, I'm just thankfully done with USCIS). I just thought you might want to know.

1. There are malicious pop-up ads that appear on this site, it seems. It looks like this has been discussed before (there's a thread here), but it was never address as as VJ-based issue, people were mostly under the impression it was their browser. If visajourney.com is serving malicious pop-up ads it has been compromised in some way, and you should really look into how to fix it. It's not only annoying but dangerous for users who don't know any better. The pop-up I kept receiving led me here: THIS IS SPAM, CLICK KNOWINGLY, which I really doubt is a legitimate Adobe Flash update (does anyone even use that anymore?).

2. Since I've last used the site it looks like there are legit, VJ-approved ads being shown that are inserted at random intervals inside user's posts. This can apparently happen within their actual post, or their signature. While I understand the apparent need for ads to maintain the site, this seems like a really huge breach of trust and speech on behalf of the users, as their authored posts are being injected with ads they have no knowledge of. I've seen lots of bad practices for serving ads but this seems really bad. I guess if it's never come up people don't seem to care, but I can't help but add at least add one voice of disapproval for this. Especially with a potential crowd of people viewing the site who potentially aren't internet/web advertising literate it seems really unfair to place ads offering various services (which you've experienced in the past you have little control over) in amongst the advice they are giving to other members.

As mentioned, I post this not as a complaint but just letting you know. Obviously feel free to ignore!

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