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US Immigration from El Salvador

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Case approved
5:07 am March 12, 2020

Ninive Cruz

Marcela Hernandez

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How long does it take to get the welcome letter after the case was approved?

Did you get an email or a mail?

How can you get everthing by email instead of mail?

My husband's case got approved 4 weeks ago and I haven't get the welcome letter

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F2A cases transferred
5:01 pm March 6, 2020


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Did they transferred your cases to a slower USCIS office too?

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Documents Approved by NVC
9:17 pm February 28, 2020


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My husbands documents have just been approved by NVC. He is from EL Salvador can anyone tell me how long after documents are approved do they schedule the appointment?

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Whats next?!?!?! (split and merged)
3:36 pm February 19, 2020


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My husband failed his medical exams after admitting to recreational marijuana use and went though the one year of testing. What is next? We have not been given any information. We are waiting on an IR-1 Visa and dont know if he will just have to go for a new medical exam or if we will need to file an i-601 and an i-212. I just want my husband home and I dont know what else it is going to take to get him cleared.

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Do I have a chance at all?
4:31 am February 19, 2020


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Greetings everyone. I am trying to get my mother in law and father in law to visit the states and spend time with our family. A while back when my wife was under pending status for her green card we applied for a tourist visa for her mom only and was denied for lack of strong ties to her country.


I'm a US citizen and my wife is a permanent resident now with her 2 year resident card.

Country of origin is El Salvador

I have good income and write has some income now. Her family has little income and little assets (a little cashflow/savings and a small parcel of land they are building a home on) I can show affidavit of support and proof of trip coverage, which I did last time as well.

Her mother has no immigration red flags and has positive travel history to Canada being granted tourist visas there twice. Father has little travel history except to neighboring countries.

Also last time the interviewer found it strange we only applied for her mother and not her father and we believe that may have contributed to the denial. The reason we did that was we wanted to get one approved at a time instead of throwing away money at embassy fees if there was 0 chance. If we did this again we would do both at the same time now.

But before I do anything I want to know if we have a chance at all. If there is anything wrong can do for my mother and father in law to visit us. Writing a congressman? Open to any ideas.

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