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US Immigration from Egypt

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Egypt DS-5535
8:24 pm November 1, 2023

Mahmoud Kassab

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My Fiance filled out k1 petition on Dec 13, 2021.
Approved by USCIS on Mar 17, 2023.
Transferred by NVC to the embassy on Jun 20, 2023.
My interview was Sep 12, 2023.

after that, I was put in Administrative processing and the embassy emailed the DS-5535 form to me,
after some research online I found DS-5535 is extreme vetting and could take months to finish.

I have seen encouraging cases of this AP done in two or three months and horrifying cases that took more than 17 months and the only way out for some people is A (writ of) mandamus which costs between $4k to $7k with a lawyer and also seen some people wasting that money and judge dismisses their case.

I was wondering if anybody is going through this AP in Egypt for a k1 visa, please share your journey.


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Getting L-1 Visa while waiting for CR1 Interview in Embassy.
11:58 am October 17, 2023



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Hello everyone,

I'm going for an internal transfer in my company from Egypt to the U.S and they can issue L1 visa for me.

The problem is I'm currently DQ for CR1 visa and only waiting for Interview in Embassy of US in EGYPT for my marriage based green card but it will take so long as it's backlogged around 6 months to be able to get the interview and green card.

Will the embassy reject the L1 visa application because of the situation or it's fine? and when I go there can I complete the process (all is done anyway only waiting for interview) to get the green card? Company doesn't have immigration lawyer so I'm seeking help here.


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Changing Consulate
2:14 pm October 9, 2023



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When submitting the I-130 for my wife, I chose Cairo as that consulate that her application will be sent to. A lawyer told me that we can change this to another country once the I-130(Thailand) in hopes to minimize the NVC/Interview process time.

Is there any legal implication in doing this? I was told that there's not (and it sounds legit), but I wanted to double check.


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Wait times to schedule immigrant visa interview at Cairo embassy
7:34 am September 27, 2023

Hamdy ELgallad

Hamdy ELgallad

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Our priority date is current since last July, still waiting for an interview appintment.

Usually how long it takes to schedule interviews for F3? months or years?


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Marriage Certificate Question
7:48 pm September 11, 2023



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I have a question that I can't seem to find an answer for when looking online.

Me and my husband have been married since 2018. We were married in Egypt and had our marriage certificate notarized while there and it is bilingual and we did everything we could find would be needed while in Egypt. However, next year will be three years that my husband has been living here in the USA with me and he will be able to file for citizenship...

I'm wondering if there's anything I need to do here in the United States to have our marriage certificate documented. Do I need to have anything done with the court/county clerk/etc. to have our marriage documented in the US or receive any kind of documentation from my state recognizing the marriage. Or would our foreign marriage certificate suffice as proof of marriage?

Very confused about this as someone had mentioned they had to receive some type of certificate from the state instead of just their foreign marriage certificate and I can't find anything about this when searching online.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

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