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Cairo, Egypt
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Phone Number: Visa Issuance Inquiries only through 090070600
(Call Service Center in Cairo) from 8:00 AM to 11:00
Immigrant Visa unit : 27972301
or from the United States:011+20+22+797+2200 1pm-3pm (Egypt time) Sunday - Thursday except the last Tuesday of every month and holidays.1 pm - 3 pm
E-Mail: IMMIGRANT Visa Section: consularcairoiv@state.gov NON-IMMIGRANT Visa Section: consularcaironiv@state.gov
Address: American Embassy
Consular Section
5 Tawfik Diab Street
Garden City
Cairo, Egypt
Working Hours: Visa section is by appointment only. American service section
is from Sunday-Thursday 8am to 11 am. Served by numbers.
Best Contact Method: You can call or email the embassy because Only US Citizens Allowed in unless you have an appointment.
Approx Waiting Time for Interview After Consulate Recieves NVC Package: Depends on the visa category but expect 5-6 months for Immigrant visas. Time at The (NVC) "National Visa Center" before leaving for the US Embassy is from 10-20 days for processing (could be more or less).
Issues Packet 3?
Packet 3 Contains: Complete DS-160 online
Complete I-134-Affidavit of support form
Instructions for Payment of the Visa Fee via UStraveldocs.com
General Photo Requirements
Instructions for the medical examination
List of physician's
List of documents to be mailed to the embassy (Police record, divorce decree, copy of beneficiary's passport and birth certificate)

Instructions for how to schedule your interview online.

Packet 3 is an email from the embassy sent to the petitioner.

Issues Packet 4? No
Packet 4 Contents (if known): Complete the DS160 online
Set up and complete a profile on UStraveldocs.com
Pay the Visa Fee in person at a CIB bank

Once processed you can schedule your interview online via the ustraveldocs website.
Forms to Consulate? I-134 - Affidavit of support form along with Tax forms or transcripts and other supporting evidence of income
(This Form Does Not Need to be Notarized)
( 2 ) Passport size photos
(5cm * 5cm OR 2 x 2 inch) (Facing the camera with light background) Can be Stapled or Glued to Forms DS-156
*A copy of the Divorce Degree with appropriate certification and translation
*A copy of the Military Service Record with appropriate translation
*A copy of Birth Certificate with appropriate translation
*A copy of death certificate is spouse is deceased with appropiate translation
*A copy of the passport for each visa applicant
"Original" Police Record
"UNOPENED" Report from the medical examination
K Visa Processing Fee: $240.00 to be paid before the interview at a CIB bank
Copy of CIB bank receipt showing payment of fee - original must be brought to the interview.

Other Forms (if any)? For CR1 Visa.

Civil Marriage Register from Your CSO ,For English original one cost 150LE you obtain it same time you pay only can be obtained from Abbasiya CSO .

Family Register in Arabic can be Obtained from Abbasiya CSO and can take up 15 days to be done for first time no English version provided if need translation can be done in ministry of justice and and can take up to 5 days for translation.

Medical physician Require 6 photos size 3*4 and two photo copy of passport bio data and appointment letter and any vaccination record if found and it cost it total around 1850 LE.

Direct Consular Filing Offered? No
If DCF Allowed: For all or only US citizen lawfully resident in country? Residents_Only
Can fiance(e)/spouse attend interview? Yes
Visa fee payment "same day" or "in advance"? Advance
Did embassy schedule interview or could you walk-in? Embassy Scheduled
Visa issued same day? No
If not what's the waiting period? Though Cairo may tell you Congratulations,The (AP) "Administrative Processing" could possibly take from 1-6 months in some cases possibly longer.
Is the Medical exam same day as interview? Prior to Interview
Physical Examination: L.E. 200
Blood test for venereal disease: L.E. 90
Chest X-ray: L.E. 150
Tuberculin test (for children 2-14): L.E. 60
Renew TB test: L.E. 80
Vaccination Fees: Varies according to age and vaccines required
Items to take to the Medical Examination:
-Passport and a ( copy of your passport for their records )
-Packet 3 CoverSheet ( It has your case number on it)
-( 3 ) Passport size photo's
Please "DO NOT OPEN" your Medical Report
-Make sure you have a copy of the DS-3025 to bring with you, It's required when you do the "Adjustment of Status" in the USA.
Also make sure that the doctor has marked it "Complete"

Medical Doctors Addresses, Phone Numbers and Working Hours.
Please contact one of the following physicians for an appointment.

Dr. Magda Ramzi Habib
Address: Anglo-American Hospital, El Borg St., Gezera, Cairo
Telephone numbers:
27356608 -0124711235
0124463734- 0187929929
Working hours:
Saturday through Thursday
10:00 a.m. � 2:00 p.m.

Dr. Hesham El Boraolosy
Dr. Eman Roshdy
Address: Al Sherouk Hospital -5,Bahr El Gazal Street,Ahmed Orabi, Cairo
Telephone numbers:
33044901- 33044892
Working hours
Saturday through Thursday
10:00 a.m. � 4:00 p.m.

Dr. Amr Maher
Address:97 Abdel Salam Aref St. Gleem, Alexandria
Telephone numbers:
Working hours:
Saturday through Wednesday
6:00 � 8:00 p.m.

Dr. Salwa Mohamed Hassan Badawi
Address:Street(5),Ismail Helmy, Beside Sidi Gaber School,Tawaniat Smouha,Alexandria
Telephone numbers:
Working hours:
Saturday through Thursday
6:30 � 9:30 p.m.

The Sudanese applicants whom are currently residing in Sudan may contact the below physician for an appointment.
Dr. Asma I. El Sony
Address: Alan Woodruff Medical Center-Street 43,New Extension Khartoum, Sudan
Telephone numbers:
Telephone: 00249-183-465459
Fax number: 00249-183-451436
Working hours:
Saturday thru Thursday
From 2:30 - 4:00 pm walk-ins
How many Passport Photo's Required for the medical? 3
How many Passport Photo's Required at the interview? 2
Estimated waiting time at the consulate on the day of interview? From time of arrival to finished interview can take from 1 to 5 hours
Vaccination requirements? Mumps, Measles,Rubella,Polio,Tetanus and Diphtheria Toxoids,Pertussis,Influenza Type B(HIB),Hepatitis A,Hepatitis B,Varicella,Pneumococcal,Influeza,Rotavirus

If you have a vaccination record you can take it with you.If you do not have a vaccination record the physician can determine which vaccination's you may need to meet the requirement. Only a phsycian can determine which of the listed vaccinations are medically appropriate for you,given your age,medical history,and current medical condition.

Cheap and good hotels near the Consulate? Conrad, Ramses Hilton, Kempinski (Corniche)
Myramees Hostel (Talaat Harb Street)
Additional Info? Fiancee Can attend the interview with the beneficiary

*Total Passport Size Photo's Needed ( 7 ) and ( 1 ) 5 x 5 inch Photo ~ If you don't have this with you at the interview you will have to go to a location to have it made and they will sell you 6 for L.E.25
*Additional Info for people who need to use a co sponsor: You can inform the co sponsor that they can Mail OR Email the I-134 directly to the embassy if they don't want their private information to be seen.They need to include all information that's required to sponsor and write your case number on all the forms.
Translators/Interpretors To Have your Documents Translated:
Cairo: Close To The U.S. Embassy are as follows:
�J Marcou & Company
The Typewriter Company
36 Sherif St, 1st Floor
Tel/Fax: 2392-9700, 2392-9801

�Ministry of Justice
Lazoughly Square, Abdin, Cairo
Tel.: 2797-1472

�MME Arab Awni
1101 Corniche El Nil
Tel: 2794-4021

�Nadoury & Nahas
Attorneys at Law, Legal Consultants & Translators
7 Lazoughly St. Isis Building Suite 35, Garden city
Tel.: 2795-9658
Fax: 2795-0080
Email: nadorynahas@link.net

Other Translators In Cairo:
�AAMSET � Paris, France Traduction
10, Abbas Helmy St., Ard El Golf, Heliopolis, Cairo
Tel.: 2415-5253
Mobile: 010-544-6449
E-mail: ft_eygpt@yahoo.fr

�Cybertranslator Egypt
Translation Services
1B Mohamed Ibrahim St., Abbass El Addad, Postal Code 11371
Tel.: 2405-2575
Mobile: 010-402-0140

�Elhayat Bureau For Translation and Consultations
90 Sarwat Street, in front of Orman Park, Dokki, Giza, Cairo
Tel.: 3748-8049
Mobile: 010-878-7110
E-mail: Cybertranslatoregypt@lycos.com

�Fouad Nemah
Authorship and Translation Scientific Bureau
14A Sherif St, Heliopolis, 6th Floor, In front of Horreya Mall
Tel/Fax: 2256-7808

�Heba Bakr
Mobile: 012-2165008
Faxes: 2450-9808 � 2576-0377
E-mail: hebabakregypt@yahoo.com

�Heliopolis Business Centre
88 Merghany St., Office #3, Heliopolis
Tel: 2291-3176, Fax: 2690-5133
Mobile: 010-189-9969
Contact person: Sedika Zokeir Abu Seda
E-mail: hbc_can_do@yahoo.com

�Hurghada Translation Office
5, Osman Ebn Affan St., Heliopolis
Mobiles: 011-107-4333, 012-312-5879
Contact person: Magda Iskandar Fouad
E-mail: hurghadatranslation@gmail.com
Web-page: http://www.wix.com.hurghadatranslation/office

�International Professional Group
18A El Gehad St, Lebanon Square, Mohandessin
Tel: 3302-7751
Fax: 3344-3176

�Mrs. Celine Teima
20 El Shaheed Abd El Menem Hafez Street, Ard El Golf, Heliopolis
Tel: 2417-9534

�Sabra Translation Office
32 Sayed Amer Street, off El Wafaa & El Amal Street, Mashaal EL Harram
Tel & Fax: 3385-1438

�Sameh Fouad Rashed
Translator and Editor
95 Hafez Ramadan Street in front of Al Ahly Club, Nasr City
Tel: 2287-5340
E-mail: rashed@brainy1.ie-eg.com

�Senior Translation Office
21 Ataya El-Kholy St., 2nd District, Nasr City, Cairo � Egypt
Tel: 2403-8952
Cell phone: 010-727-3622, 014-561-3500
E-mail: senior_translation@hotmail.com

�St George
Translation, Interpretation & Scientific Services
7 Ramses Sq, Klout Bek Corner, 3rd Floor, Apt. 12,
Toshiba Building, In front of El Fath Mosque
Tel/Fax: 2588-1756

�Tasic Mrs. Mona Kamel ASIC MRS MONA KAMEL
Al Kamel Building, Plot 52 � The Industrial Zone, Banks Area 6th October City, Giza
Tel: 3832-6442/3 Fax: 3832-6440/50
E-mail: tasic@kamelaw.com

�The International Office For Translation
21 El Khalifa El Maamoon Street - Roxy � Heliopolis
Tel & Fax: 2415-0063

�The Middle East Library For Economic Services
6 Soliman Abdel Aziz Soliman St, Off Dr Shahin St, Agouza
Tel: 3335-1141, 3760-6804
Fax: 3748-5844

( Beheira )are as follows:
�Dawy Translation Office
3 Madreaset Elnahda Elkadema-Elsanhra, Kafr ElDawar, Beheira
Tel: 010-569-6968, 045-221-8355
Fax: 045-221-8355
Email: transdawy@gmail.com

( Alexandria )are as follows:
�El-Alamia Company for Trade and Marketing
Tel: (03) 485-5052
Fax: (03) 487-7438
Email: Alamia_translation@yahoo.com

�Gizelle George Habil
56 St. Branched from Khaled Ebn El Waleed, Miami
Tel: (03) 5541986 - 016-248-5000
Email: gizelle6@yahoo.com

�Nadoury & Nahas
71 Sultan Hussein Street
Tel: (03) 487-3609
Fax: (03) 487-5136
Email: nadourynahas@soficom.com.eg

Further information about Consular Services is available at egypt.usembassy.gov.

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