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US Immigration from Egypt

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Submitting evidence post submission
2:56 am November 28, 2023



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Hi all. I applied for my wife Feb2023 so I am assuming my turn is coming soon. We had a baby last month. Would uploading evidence of this at this point be beneficial if further proving bona fide marriage?

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CSPA, aging daughter,
4:13 am November 25, 2023

Hamdy ELgallad

Hamdy ELgallad

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My dad filed F3 for me, it took 15 years till it is current, my older daughter aged out even after calculating her age using CSPA calculator.

NVC reported that she is not eligible however the final decision will be made from consular at consulate.

what can I do to include her in the immigration?

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How long Green card takes after entering USA
7:40 am November 18, 2023

Hamdy ELgallad

Hamdy ELgallad

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What is the the actual time expected till I receive green card after I enter USA?

is there a way to expedite the issuance of green card?

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Hiltites Today
3:08 pm November 14, 2023



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Hi All,

I've come across a website call Hiltites today which appears to give statistics on USCIS approvals day-by-day. Based on what i've seen, it looks like they're reviewing applications based on receipt number. Currently, they are reviewing the ones around IOE917....

I applied in Feb2023 and my receipt number starts in IOE977.. while a friend of mine who applied in July2023 has a receipt number of IOE676...

How can this be? Is it possible there are some conditions that USCIS looks at when generating the IOE number? (i.e country). I assumed they were assigned automatically and in order but apparently not.

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CRBA- Cairo
8:49 pm November 6, 2023



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Applied for CRBA and emailed Cairo for an interview for 5 weeks now and haven't received any response. When calling the consulate they claim the only way of contact is through email. Does anyone have any tips on how to get through this??

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