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I-751 Part 1, Question 22 (Have you resided at any other address?) - extended time outside the U.S.
8:06 pm August 20, 2023



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Hi all,

We are getting ready to file for removal of conditions and I would like others' opinions on the best way to answer Part 2, Question 22 on Form I-751.

The question reads:


22. Have you resided at any other address since you became a permanent resident?

If you answered Yes to Item Number 22., provide a list of all addresses where you have resided since becoming a permanent resident and the dates you resided at those locations in the space provided in Part 11. Additional Information.

My wife got her conditional permanent residency in September 2021. However, during the past two years she has spent a significant amount of time in her home country due to a complicated situation that was only finally resolved last month (July 2023). The situation had to do with being able to leave her former employer (a university) without them clawing back a large sum of money that was given in financial aid during an arrangement made years earlier. We of course did not anticipate this taking as long as it did, otherwise we might have opted to let the case sit at NVC for longer during the spousal visa process.

So for much of the time since she became a permanent resident, she was still working in Ecuador and returning to the U.S. as frequently as possible until coming back full-time in July. Throughout, she has maintained significant ties to the U.S. including being on our shared lease, shared insurance plans, shared bank and credit card accounts, joint tax returns, etc.

Given all this, my inclination in answering the question above is to say "Yes", list the family address in Ecuador in the Additional Information section along with a brief explanation, and find ways in the rest of the package to put this into greater context. That could be through a cover letter, timeline, and perhaps even relevant translated documents/correspondence related to the employer situation.

From this group I am trying to get a sense of whether this sounds like a good approach and how much of this information is truly relevant for USCIS. We have been together for 13 years now and I don't doubt our ability to demonstrate that this is a bona fide marriage, but at the same time these circumstances are different from a lot of cases out there and I want to be able to present them in an appropriate way.

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Creating a "relationship timeline" -- VJ member needs help
12:23 am August 20, 2023


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At least years ago, petitioners seeking to bring a beneficiary from Vietnam had to create a detailed "relationship timeline" to supply to the consulate.

A new VJ member, dealing with the difficult Sri Lanka consulate, may need to do this. If you have experience creating such a timeline or information on how to do it well, please contribute here:


Thanks in advance for your support.

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DS3025 not given by panel physician
11:17 pm July 31, 2023



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My fiance came to the US on a K1 visa. We're getting married this week and I'm working on getting the documents needed for the AOS.

She had her medical done in Ecuador in March 2023. She had already gotten her vaccines done on her own, so the panel physician did not administer any and did not give her a copy of the completed DS3025. She has a vaccine booklet showing the date and names of all vaccines, all of which were received within the last year. is it possible that the physician included the DS3025 in the sealed packet? I'm trying to figure out if we need to see a civil surgeon here in the US so that he can give us a signed I693 instead, since we don't have a copy of the DS3025 to include with the AOS packet.

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K1 interview Quito-Guayaquil
1:49 am July 23, 2023



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Hey there, I am from Ecuador and I have to choose one of the embassies for the interview. I have read that it can only be applied to the Guayaquil embassy and it's one of the most complicated for K1.

Has anyone had the interview for the K1 in Quito? or Guayaquil? and can you tell me about your experience?

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Certified translator and costs
10:17 pm July 11, 2023



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Hey there, I am from Ecuador and I am trying to get an affordable certified translator for some documents (birth certificate, crime records, vaccine records). If you can help me on how to find one would be really cool. Thanks

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