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  1. This process takes patience / a lot of patience it will be about a year before the petition itself gets an "approval " notice which just means all the needed documents are there for that part Step 1 then the case goes to NVC and waits for Ecuador to send for it to interview u should check the guides above u should read the portal for Ecuador and posts and timelines of other people going thru that embassy and USCIS doesn't discriminate for not being straight these posted timelines at USCIS are the last thing they update as they are short staffed still as for hearing day to day, week to week or month to month about your case, u will not unless the USC gets a RFE because a document is needed or something needs to be explained
  2. The CR1 petition is exactly for marrying abroad and bringing other family members to the US no US registration needed for the marriage if legal in the country of marriage / there is not even a way to do this just be sure that and all other documents are legally stamped and sent to USCIS along with a certified English translation (that's what they wanted for ours u can file online now so its a lot easier to file than when i did it keep copies the petition and all documents u submit to USCIS and the next NVC step along with the I 791 receipt when u receive it Guayaquil is strict on documents and translations and not so friendly during an interview Review the guides above for all needed inormation and Please when you do a petition for the CR1, make a timeline Jul 25, 2021 — Most USCIS forms also ask if you have used other names. You will need to enter your maiden name and any other versions of your name
  3. do you not think this can happen in the US?? surprise ! it can and it does Is Jail a Potential Penalty for Failing to Pay Child Support? In short, yes, you can go to jail for failing to pay your court-ordered child support. The good news is that you will have several chances to amend the issue and make up the payments you owe.Mar 3, 2020 usually the back support comes out of tax refunds but we , in the US, have deadbeats , who won't pay unless forced In Ecuador both parents are expected to support the child and the court can be called in when either has income issued (like our family court) : Ecuador law follows what is called a "sharing rule", meaning regardless of with which parent the child resides, each must provide reasonable support for the needs of raising the child. The law uses three "income groups" to arrive at the figures, although please realize each case is different. To see a table showing these figures, please just click the following link: How to determine child support (Ecuador)
  4. i can not even begin to count the times i have opened and scanned posts when an american is "in love online " sometimes never having met the person and people here tell them 'take it easy" " don't rush into a marriage" get to know the man/woman but if fact , no one wants to hear that but it is said many times and even if a person marries another american, it can be for the wrong reasons and one of them is using the other Please forget and forgive and move on and take this as a hard hard lesson to learn because if you don't ,, you will age fast and none of us needs premature grey hair
  5. Most people aren't even getting the NOA1 this fast and knowing the case # and your timeline says USCIS approved it and NVC got it the same day with no time in between for mailing the package from one office to the other? i would be skeptical and think there is a mistake somewhere
  6. Basically you have to apply for ITIN as you are married and need to report IRS tax returns as MFJ or MFS filing separate would mean she is going to file for herself and if she doesn't have green card or SS #, how can she? So, you will be filing MFJ and filing out the W 7 for ITIN
  7. Some surgeries and also airlines have a waiting period after before you can fly My father in law in Guayaquil did an eye lift on me and i had to wait 2 weeks to fly back to USA
  8. no because my husband has just renewed his before interview
  9. At this time (if you check the US embassy site ) you will see the Consular section is closed until further notice (check under either US citizen services or visa services to see the announcement on right hand corner) as Ecuador is under State of emergency announced December 21, 2020 also the August announcement that said they would try to resume services said "be patient as there is a big backlog " and now all that is halted again as you can see on the right side of the Ecuador portal page, there are no interviews listed to take place
  10. I can't answer the NVC part but the following site helped me with interview in Guayaquil https://photos.state.gov/libraries/guayaquil/231771/PDFs/WEB PK4 General ENGLISH _September 2013_.pdf
  11. there are 5 spouse visa interviews showing on the portal page for our country
  12. try this way take out an old 1040 plus the Schedule C and pencil the figures out that would be a good way to see your income as an independent contractor it is a small business and you also should have applied for a business # and do the quarterly tax estimates
  13. November 2 CR1 and 42 IR1 approved in Guayguail October 9 CR1 and 61 IR1's approved 11 K1 in October and 19 K1 in November plus several other types of visas https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics.html
  14. USC can register to vote and those who have naturalized LPR can not vote
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