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  1. Not sure how this US company would know you had UK student loan debt unless it was legit / How were you informed that this US company was now collecting the debt? And have you gotten in touch with the student loan agency in UK to check on the validity of all this? However, there are scams and hackers out there Have you contacted Better Business Bureau for info on the US company? Don't ignore? But find out the real facts
  2. many embassies are no longer giving out the packet/ all is online and seen at POE and no way would an xray make it thru the screening (xray ) at the airport
  3. you paid for the visa application the acutal visa fee is paid to the consulate As of early 2019, the filing fees for the K-1 process were $535 for Form I-129F (filed with USCIS), $265 to apply for the K visa (paid to the consulate), and $1,225 for Form I-485 and the adjustment of status packet (filed with USCIS), including the biometrics fee.
  4. give them time to process the visa itself
  5. many embassies do not allow a cosponsor for a K1 best thing you can do it get work(especially the USX)and hold off on getting married till you are stable embassy questions at this point would be How could USC or beneficary afford to travel to meet? How will USC afford to buy health care insurance? How will USC afford the New over $2000 for the AOS after marriage Is the USC getting federal or state help for housing or medicaid or food stamps? Frankly, at this point, with no income, you are looking at a denial of a K1
  6. kris&me

    Interview Date

    Depends on the type of visa and the embassy involved read the portal for your country to get the best ideas of what you need to know
  7. you need proof of income -does not have to from the USA if you are a USC, you should have been filing tax returns on the foreign income (over $100,000 is exempt) this is a requirement and if you think to sponsor a fiancee for visa, you will need to complete tax returns for these years
  8. this is not really outside normal processing times for USCIS (mostly depends on the country which you do not state) only 4 months now you should create a timeline follow the portal for your country this process needs patience - lots of patience
  9. Photo would have been rejected for the application to continue (when it does not meet the citeria) otherwise it is ok
  10. you do need to get the police reports from the Phillipines along with the saudi one
  11. I think someone on here has mentioned if you want documents to be seen and added to your file, you need to include the case number and names and DOB"s of both people otherwise it is not recognized as yours and going to your file
  12. depends on the consulate usually only the beneficary can attend the interview to other question travel must be done within 6 months of the medical exam post your country and follow that country for best answers
  13. take your IRS tax returns for 2018 and W2 so fiancee has them
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