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  1. kris&me

    Nvc stage

    if u want Ghana click on portals at top of home page it will take you directly to Ghana posts CR1 forum is not Ghana specific
  2. kris&me


    and good luck at interview
  3. kris&me

    looking for experience

    there are 12 million Mexico people here (45% illegally) Mexico loves to give visa to retired people as they have an income i traveled to Mexico City (properous) and to the beaches of Acapulco and Cancun Why would you leave a country like yours with beautiful orange and olive groves and wheat fields and well fed animals to go to a country where (if you travel outside the big cities ) you see cattle that are skin and bone and people live in poverty your chance of getting work in Mexico is not that good Mexicans come to the US for jobs your choice is not a good idea at all like the rest of us get married be patient and go thru the process you are trying to hurry something that can not be hurried it is not easy it is not cheap it is not fast
  4. Another One of the things that immigration would question is: how do you afford trips if you do not work? you say 24/7 care for your mom, who cares for her when you are gone? you don't need to answer here but these are taken into account at any interview by the CO Basically your mom's income or medical insurance (medicare ) can provide care for her so you can work and go thru this process said by another member on here about immigration it is not fast it is not easy and it is not cheap good luck and the best to you as a couple you can get thru it but it will take an income, patience and time
  5. shot record is important the immigrant will need to fill out family history with any dr he/she goes to , so getting a record from parents could be a good idea like any heart issues any diabetes any TB etc ages and birth dates of parents knowing these things help
  6. kris&me

    K1 denied

    you will need now to have a marriage certificate and apply CR1 i know nothing about waivers there is nothing you can do for a K1 denial that is sent back to the US
  7. kris&me

    K1 denied

    your last posts said you would apply for spouse visa in 3 to 4 months so, CO looked at your evidence and said married because of something he / she saw to answer your question tHat is the reason you were denied
  8. for CR1 the supplemential documents are bring scanned in and sent to CEAC we use to mail them but this is so much better you don't have to have to wait for the original criminal report it can be emialed and scanned into the system and the spouse takes original to interview so much better than waiting for mail to come from there to send originals
  9. filling with $13500 as business deductions using schedule C makes his personal gross income before his personal taxes at $10500
  10. are the deductions of $13500 business expenses? or normal deduction?
  11. If his interview is approved and fiancee has visa , the person must travel within 6 months of the medical exam a lot of us have need to stay a little longer to sell property or take care of some family business so, i advise to make the medical exam as close to the interview date as possible to give you the extra time needed
  12. your last post asks if K1 or CR1 is faster as you will deploy (posted 13 hours ago) have you married and even started the CR1? you would need to start with a marriage
  13. blowing smoke for sure you have no timeline but mention your case is about to go to NVC so, immigrant's country still knows nothing about your case so, how does a diplomatic security there come to ask about you? and, in the US, it would be Homeland Security and at this point since the immigrant's embassy would not know about the case , Homeland Security would be the only ones to "maybe " do any investigative work business cards for Homeland security say this: top line it wiil say the state under it says Office of Homeland Security then there is a golden embossed seal that in a circle says great seal of the state of ____________________whatever the state is under that says the person's name his/her position (in that division ) Information sharing & Law Enforcement /investigative Support then all address of such office on left bottom right bottom has phone and fax numbers if the card does not look like that it is not real
  14. and many do not travel outside the US i find that out when i talks to them