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    ♥ 1/9/12- Allie & Santy meet at a camp in Ecuador
    ♥ 1/14/12- Allie & Santy admit to liking each other & spend hours talking in broken English & Spanish
    ♥ 1/17/12 - Allie goes back to America; they Skype often
    ♥ 6/1/12- Allie returns to Ecuador for 2 months, traveling by herself for the first time
    ♥ 6/2/12- Allie & Santy start officially dating!
    ♥ 9/18/12- Santy receives his first ever Ecuadorian & Spanish passport & is permitted to travel to the US
    ♥ 12/1/12- Santy takes his first ever plane ride to leave his country for the first time to go the States for 2 months
    ♥ 12/24/12- Santy's first time seeing snow; their first Christmas together
    ♥ 5/23/13 - Allie returns to Ecuador for 3 months
    ♥ 12/5/13- Santy returns to America for 3 months
    ♥ 2/14/13- Santy & Allie's first Valentine's day together (and first time they both celebrated with a significant other!)
    ♥ 2/25/14- Santy & Allie get engaged!
    ♥ 3/28/14- Allie receives her first visa ever! Praise God!
    ♥ 5/26/14- Allie says YES to the dress of her dreams
    ♥ 6/23/14- Allie goes back to Ecuador for 5 months
    ♥ 10/2/14- Santy & Allie send in their I-129F; received by TSC (NOA1 date: 10/7)
    ♥ 12/22/14- Allie returns to Ecuador for another 2 weeks for her first Ecuadorian Christmas & New Year!
    ♥ 2/9/15- Santy lands safely to American soil in JFK airport with no problems (see our post in the "yes, you can visit" forum) to visit for almost 3 months & be in Allie's sister's wedding as a groomsman!
    ♥ 7/14/15- Civil ceremony! (Allie's mom's birthday!)
    ♥ 9/18/15- American wedding celebration!
    ♥ 9/19/15- Honeymoon in Puerto Rico! Woohoo!!
    ♥ 10/17/15- Ecuadorian wedding

    💋 Happily Ever After 💋

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  1. @TboneTX, I was sad to have to tell you. I’m still sad about it. I don’t want to get divorced. Even though I’ve been separated for years, I haven’t fully accepted it yet. It’s like I think in a second we could just end up back together and pick up where we left off. But I know that’s not realistic, and I’m so tired of waiting.
  2. So I’ve done a bit of research, but I’m honestly too overwhelmed and anxious about all of this and just have no idea what to do. Even posting this is difficult. 😔 Could someone please point me in the right direction? My husband (who is Ecuadorian) and I have been separated and living on completely different continents for 3 years now. He moved out of the US in 2018 (essentially letting his green card expire, as he never applied to renew after 3 years). I wanted to work things out; he does not. He wants to file for divorce but is now living in England and works a ton. I told him if he wanted the divorce he needed to do it because I wasn’t the one that wanted it. But now.. I’m tired of being in limbo and just want to start over already. But how? I have no clue what to file or how. I’m in NJ, and luckily we do not have any kids or property together. We only lived with family. Both of us really don’t have very much, nor do we have anything to really split between us. We have lived completely separate lives for the past 3 years. I never even changed my last name. I read about filing for abandonment, but I am partially to blame for him leaving, so I don't think I would qualify. I would rather do this without lawyers if it’s possible, especially considering that we have nothing between us. I just want this nightmare to be over. 😞
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