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  1. Yes I saw this a few minutes after posting my question 😂 I’m just trying to figure out if she had her fingerprints done as she doesn’t remember, but for what I read, EVERYONE who applies for a tourist visa gets it done. So she must have also!
  2. Mother in law's tourist Visa is expiring in 4 months, her passport expires in 5 years, can she still travel to the USA even if she has 4 months before it expires? how about 3 months before it expires? She is an Ecuadorian citizen and has been in the USA 3 times, her daughter is a US citizen. Also, looking to renew her Visa, and I'm almost done doing her DS-160, how does the interview waver program works? is it by country? does Ecuador apply? I saw in other forums that suggest not to schedule an interview appointment in case you get an IWP letter, just a little confused. Can't I just schedule appt and they will eventually let me know if she doesn't need an interview? thank you!
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