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Traveling right after green card interview - HELP!!
9:53 pm October 8, 2019



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I had my green card interview earlier today and I'm very frustrated. The lady who interviewed me and my husband said she "recommended me for approval" and gave me an official paper stating this and mentioned that I would probably receive my card in 7-10 days. We were super happy, but then she said that from now on my EAD/AP combo card is no longer valid for traveling outside the country and I can't until I have my green card in hand...

We have a trip to Mexico planned for this Friday (in three days) and we would be back Sunday that same weekend so I feel very upset about this. We booked this many months ago and paid for everything and it's for a big family event. She said she could give me a stamp that would allow it, but only if it was an emergency, which she assumed it wasn't.

We left very discouraged but I started googling stuff seeing different things online. Some people don't recommend it saying you'll be denied, others have done it with no problems, others got the stamp without any mention of an "emergency" so obviously I feel really conflicted...

We then call USCIS Contact Center to hear if I can get this stamp ASAP. We called two times to talk to different people (just to be on the safer side, to see if they agree) and both were surprised to hear our story and both said that for sure we can travel and there is no reason the AP combo card wouldn't work (it doesn't expire until April 2020). In the system our application still says "pending" and like I said she only "recommended that we get approved" so I don't what to take from that...

Right now, I don't know what to do! I really, really want to go - it's a very important trip, so please refrain from the "Why risk it"-comments. I feel so defeated and scared -- who is telling the actual truth here... I don't want to be detained at the Mexican border in case those officers are "agreeing" with the lady that interviewed me and not the USCIS Contact Center.

Can someone please tell me what their experience is with this?

Thank you!

- Nadia

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Last minute questions before Green card interview
4:19 am October 8, 2019



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Hi everyone,

My Green card interview is tomorrow, and I'm just going over everything right now to make sure I got everything covered...

I came across a website saying to bring all the forms I submitted when filing for I-485, such as the I-131 (Advance parole) and I-765 (EAD). However, I didn't take copies when we sent those 10 months ago... wouldn't the IO have those forms at the interview anyway -- or do I need to fill them out again and bring them? I already got approved for AP and EAD in april and I will be bringing proof of that so... The same website also says to bring originals of everything, such as marriage license, birth certificates etc. Do I need to have originals for everything?

Do I need to bring copies of everything I already submitted when we sent the application or is that just silly? I, of course, will be bringing every document the interview letter said to bring.

I suddenly feel nervous that I'm unprepared after reading this! We are also bringing a new affidavit of support because there's been a new tax year since we sent our application in December.

Any last minute tips would be great!



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VISA issued, do i need to change address? (AR-11)
9:40 pm October 7, 2019


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Hello VisaJourney.

I just received my VISA, today and logged on to pay the fees and created my online account.

I am currently living overseas but will be travelling to the US, at the end of October.

On the online account it says

"Updating your contact information in your online account profile is the first step. Please submit Form AR-11 to complete the process. Visit our webpage for more information."

But when reading more about it, i can't seem to figure out if this is actually something i need to do?

On my DS260 and everywhere else, i have been stating what my address will be in the US.

So my question is, is this something i have to do?

Or only if i was actually changing to a different address?

Thank you for your help.

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Entering US on visa waiver WITH K1 visa in passport
4:48 pm October 7, 2019



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Quick queation
We are awaiting NOA 2 day 91 since NOA 1

My question is assuming we get approved and I receive a K1 visa in my passport

Will it be possible and within the rules to enter the US on a visa vaiver and leave again With a K1 visa in passport

For Work related travel prior to being ready to relocate-

prior to Entering on the K1 visa for relocation and marriage.

IE making use of the 180 days given

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What to expect at Green card interview
1:34 am October 7, 2019



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Hi! My Green Card interview is on Tuesday and I was wondering if anyone could give me a brief summary of what the Green card interview is like? How long does it take, what questions can I expect? Do they talk to both me and my spouse? Do you usually get your answer right then and there or later?

Thank you so much!

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