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USCIS package sent but not delivered
1:37 pm June 19, 2021



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I've sent in my I-751 package and got a tracking number from the post office. Through the tracking number I can see that it has been delivered but USCIS hasn't emailed me saying it has arrived though I sent form G-1145. It has now been a week since deliverance and I'm starting to worry. Do I just keep waiting?

Thank you in advance for your help

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Me vs parents petitioning for siblings
10:47 pm January 28, 2021



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Guys...I'm so lost and don't know what to do.
I'm a US citizen and my goal is to get my 2 siblings (and parents) to live with me.

I thought, if I petition for my parents and they come, it will be quicker for them to petition for siblings.
I even thought after my parents come here, all 3 of us could petition for my siblings together so it will go faster. I believed a parent petitioning for a child is quicker than a sibling doing it.
But now I heard that because my sister and brother are both married (& have kids), my parents can't petition for them until my parents become citizen (which means we have to wait 5 years after my parents are approved and received their greencard).

I already have petitioned for my parents, the only thing left for me to send in is proof of my income and taxes and affidavit of support.

So I thought of some options:

Me petitioning for siblings right now while finishing the petition for my parents simultaneously

My siblings getting a divorce. And when my parents get approved, me and my parents petition for my siblings (not their partners or children).
When my siblings get approved, they can re-marry a month before and petition for their spouse and children.

The first question is, what would allow my siblings to come quickest?
if I go with option A, do I need to show that I made enough money for my self, siblings parents AND their children.
if I go with option B, what if this loophole has been sealed and they might say you can't petition for your ex-spouse for what ever reason?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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K-1 Visa Witness Statements - ID or not?
11:15 pm January 10, 2021



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My fianc and I are filling the first form right now. Do you we need our witness's ID as well? Or are their statements enough? They have put their address, full name and signature on the statement.

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Entering DV Lottery while applying for K1
7:08 pm November 9, 2020

Simone Jakobsen

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I am asking this question for a friend. We were both au pairs in the US and my friend and her boyfriend decided to apply for a K1 visa.

They are on hold like everybody else because of Covid-19 and in the meantime, they have started having some problems/challenges, caused

by the whole long distance relationship - which is understandable. My friend always wanted to come back to the US, also before she met her

boyfriend/fianc so she is thinking about entering the DV Lottery.

Since they haven't cancelled on their K1 application yet, she is not sure if she can enter the Lottery as well or if any of it will be considered fraud?

She is hoping her and her fianc can figure things out, obviously, and if they can and they continue with the K1 application, will it be considered fraud

if she also entered the lottery?

I hope it makes sense and that someone can help me out so I can help her,

Thank you all.


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Visa statistics
10:09 am October 15, 2020

Simone Jakobsen

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Does anyone know if it is possible to find statistics on how many people applying for specific visas in specific countries?

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