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Filing for SSN before or after marriage, K1
8:16 am September 1, 2023


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Hi all,

I've been attempting to find an unanimous answer to my question at hand, but I've been unable to find anything, so I'm hoping somebody in here may know more!

I can't seem to find out whether or not you can apply for SSN using your K-1 visa after you get married, but before adjustment of status.

The situation is that my fianc and I originally was planning on getting married within the first week of my arrival in the US legally, in order to get the greencard application started asap, and then later get married ceremonially. Due to insurance and other topics, it is quite important for me to obtain a SSN before my I-485 or I-765 would be approved. I had previously understood that you could simply go to your local social security office after two weeks upon entry, show your K-1 visa with the entry stamp, I-94 form, and SS-5 form, and you'll get sent your SSN two weeks later.

But now I am seeing a lot of people writing that you should not get married before applying for the SSN, as your K-1 would no longer be valid to use for a SSN after marrying?

So I have two thoughts I'm wondering about. Firstly, is this even true, that the K-1 expires after marriage and makes you illegible to obtain a SSN? That seems so backwards to me, but I would not be surprised. I guess you are no longer a fianc but a spouse, but I thought the visa didn't expire before 90 days after entry.

Secondly, would it be possible to go to your social security office after the two weeks, file for the SSN, and then later that week go through with the legal marriage before receiving the SSN? I'm scared it would interfere with the process of getting the SSN in case they register the change in marital status, if it is the case that its hinged upon being an unmarried K-1 entrant.

I realize that it is a matter of a few weeks difference, but we have family and friends flying in for our ceremonial wedding a month after my entry and we would like to be able to be legally married at this point the latest. This issue of pushing the legal marriage in order to obtain the SSN could very well make that not possible, especially if you can't marry even after filing for the SSN initially. This is in addition to the fact it would prolong the entire greencard application process as well with at least a month and make me unable to get on my fianc 's insurance plan.

I hope somebody knows an answer for this or has any experience with this process.

Thank you for reading it through!



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My husband is a narcissist
7:35 am July 31, 2023



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Since May my husbands behavior changed alot. Suddenly silent treatment while i was there and finding out about other women. We have spousal visa pending. I have visiting every 3 months staying for 3 weeks. I left after 5 days with my personal stuff. I was completely in shock and had a very bad feeling. We been together 2 years and married 10 months. I have temporary living in my country getting ready for GC. Only a bed and personal belongings. I have read through chat logs etc. And there is no doubt that he has been grooming me, gaslighting, silent treatment, lies..lies lies. I have paid for furniture, helped out with rent, gerting his car fixed etc. So he could get a job, keep it etc. When waiting time on i130 now said weeks.. this behavior to me in direct person. Cleary all other visits has been love bombing to keep in loop.

I cant find a new place to live that i can afford in my country. Im pretty sure this whole marriage and relationship is fraud on his part for financial benefit.

I am so lost and dont know what to do.

My future was in US and now nothing and the place im staying told me i will have to move out in September.

Can i do Vawa? Hours and hours leave little doubt about the mental and psychological abuse he put me through.

Please ..i really didn't see it. I know i should have but i didn't.

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Getting job before entry date
11:03 am July 28, 2023



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Hi all,

I currently work for a large global company with an office in the US. I applied for a super exciting position and have spoken to hiring manager and HR already. I'm in a position now where the HR team wants to make sure that everything is fine regarding the Visa. I sent them a scan of my I-551 Stamp and my A-number, but they seem to still be looking into it and can't move on.

Is there a way I can reassure them that they can hire me, or do I have to fly in to "activate" my status. Has anyone had any experiences with this?

I'm flying in on the 30th of August and the IV category would be IR1.

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How long should I expect getting through customs to take on K1?
7:30 pm June 26, 2023



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Hi everyone,

My K1 visa got issued last week and my fianc and I are trying to plan the flights for when I get the visa. I'm a little bit unsure on what to plan for in terms of layovers at the US port of entry because I keep getting conflicting info regarding how long it takes going through customs on a K1 visa. Some say it can take a couple of hours and some say it doesn't take much longer than flying in on an ESTA or regular tourist visa?

Anyone got experience with this and what should I expect?

Thank you!

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Can I fly to the US on approved K1 visa with round trip ticket or should I buy one way?
1:09 pm June 18, 2023



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Basically title, my fianc and I are waiting for the US embassy to process my K1 visa and we're looking at flight prices.
One way tickets to the US are around $1600 were as round trip tickets are $950 or less. Is it gonna be an issue if I buy a round way trip and only use one part of it?

I don't really care if the airline sanctions me but more concerned about the customs officer seeing my round way trip and getting funny ideas.

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