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US Immigration from Denmark

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Abbreviation for the Potomac Service Center?
10:22 pm

Jeff & Laila

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In looking at the IR1/CR1 Spouse Visa Stats, which one is the abbreviation for the Potomac Service Center?? Thank you in advance.

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ROC/N400 Interview Tomorrow
12:50 am


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The day has finally come that we have our interview tomorrow.

Last time we had an interview at USCIS, we were flagged for additional screening due to the world's most comical mix-up. Someone was asked whether we had a romantic relationship and thought they wanted some specific details they wouldn't share. ? At the time, I thought I might pee myself in the waiting room while I awaited my turn at the questions.

I'm rehashing the questions, just out of nostalgia while making some salsa, and I couldn't help but think - wouldn't it just be better to describe the mess that is my dining table? The empty licorice box, the two sets of door knobs, the random clothing rack bar from the project I keep forgetting, etc. It seems way more enlightening than where we ate last.

Anyways - here's hoping to the END of this VJ. I'll keep everyone posted how it goes at the Seattle office with the joint interview. Fingers crossed!

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No Lease - Bring Documents or Not?
8:33 pm


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Since we've been living in the US, we've been beyond fortunate in that we've never actually had a lease. Initially we lived with my sister, moved to an empty apartment my father owned, and now another property. We have utility bills and other items all addressed to us where we live, but no real lease or rental agreement. When we went through AOS, this wasn't discussed. Otherwise, we have a pretty normal case with lots of evidence.

Our N400/I751 joint interview has been officially scheduled. With it, I have included utility bill copies and other updated paperwork. Is there any need to create and sign a lease or affidavit that my father lets us use his property/we've been living at our current address for over two years?

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Marrige license
8:31 pm


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My fianc and I got our marriage license a couple of days ago. I don't have an American social security number yet, since I just moved here.

I just noticed that on our marriage license my social security number is put in "the American way" . I was wondering if that's gonna create any trouble? I mean they can't look me up through that number because it's not mine. It may not even exist.

Thank you in advance

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K-1 Visa Criminal History and mutiple filer waiver question
4:28 pm


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We are new to this but have found so many great advise on this site! thank you all!
I have a question though; My fiance (petitioner) and I (beneficiary) are planning on filing the K-1 visa packet this week, but we are confused whether to check the box 5.d in part about multiple filer waiver, or check no in the boxes, when my fiance has a criminal history? Neither of us have filed for at K-1 or I-129f before, so he is not multiple filer.
Also, He (my fiance) has gotten the court signed papers for the criminal history, but no police record. Are the police records necessary? And is it necessary to write a letter of the circumstances of the incident or is it enough with a brief statement for each incident?

I hope someone can help or share some knowledge, we have worked hard on this packet and hope to get everything right the first time ?
We are very happy to finally soon be able to send the packet off!

Thanks in advance!

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