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NSC Slow
4:58 pm yesterday


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Hello Visa Journey people.

Does anybody have any idea why the Nebraska Service Center is so slow compared to the other?

When i look at the current processing times:


All the 4 other service centers is in June, but Nebraska Service Center has been in April for a while now.

Just wondering and waiting for it to hit late May.

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Retention of green card when taking job abroad
1:07 am January 18, 2019


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I'm an American citizen and my husband is from Hungary. We were living together in Denmark for over 5 years and came to the US about a year ago since I had a job offer with relocation. We went through the laborious and expensive process of getting him the CR-1 visa (used direct consular filing with exceptional circumstances, so filing the I-130 was very fast) and he is a conditional green card holder now in the US.

We both have PhDs and he has had a lot of trouble finding a job in our area. While there are probably other issues here with his ability to expand his job search to areas outside of his niche field successfully, and the job search was interrupted by having a baby, we've been here for 10 months and he still has nothing. He is depressed and has practically given up on finding a job here and has started applying to things worldwide in his niche area - these jobs are few and far between and scattered on distant parts of the globe.

He is now in the early stages of interviewing for a position in Glasgow, Scotland. I'm not keen on following him (and frankly think this entire situation is terrible...I worked my ### off to get him over here) and I've barely been in my position for a year. But feel I may have to at some point, but these are all things to work out. My question is how likely it is to retain is LPR status? Should he apply for a reentry permit before he leaves? Is establishing residency in the UK disqualifying for LPR if anyone finds out? He obviously will need to establish residency there to have health care etc. But can he maintain dual residency in the US?

There are two scenarios:

1. I stay in the US with our daughter and he works abroad until he (hopefully) finds a position in the US again. In this case he will still be on our apartment lease, car title, will be maintaining his drivers license, everything.

2. We follow him abroad, in which case most things in the US establishing ties will have to disappear (would a reentry permit still work for this case? I know this would make it easier to redo getting a CR-1 visa since we could do DCF again, but the cost of all the application fees and medical exam is far from negligible).

Thanks for any guidance!

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How to return to Denmark from US embassy in Sweden without passport??
10:24 am January 10, 2019


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I as understand it, my passport will need to be handed in at the interview at the US embassy in Sweden. So how do I get into the airport in Stockholm, Sweden in order to return to Denmark???

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Fiance is ill and needs assistance in his country
6:23 pm January 3, 2019


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My fiance has gotten ill recently and needs to go on some type of assistance in his home country. I'm wondering if/how this could affect him moving to the US, once he is feeling better.

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Current Advance Parole processing times
7:25 am December 31, 2018


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Hi there,

I moved to the US (Phoenix, Arizona) in October 2018 on a K1 Visa and just received my NOA1's for my AOS application.

I was wondering if anyone, who recently got their Advance Parole application approved, could tell me how long it took them. I've of course looked around VisaJourney and some profiles are saying 4-5 months or more and yet some got their Green Cards super quickly and didn't even need the Advance Parole (or Employment Authorization) which is confusing.

The average processing time here on VisaJourney says about 135 days right now, but I'm confused since there seem to be such huge differences in processing times. It's estimated I'll get it approved early/mid May (if nothing goes wrong), and I will need to travel to my home country in mid June - can I trust that it'll be approved in time for this?

Thank you in advance!



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