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3:36 am August 6, 2020


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My husband's finally recently got rescheduled for a new interview after the last one was cancelled due to COVID. Now, I'm finishing preparing the last of the documents, including the DS5540. Under Part 4, question 12, do we answer "No" or leave it blank? We have never received public benefits, but the question is "If you or your family requested or received a public benefit, were you or your family members exempt from public charge during that period?" so I'm not sure if we should leave it blank or not. Also, my husband has an outstanding hospital bill from last time he visited (nothing serious he is completely OK he wasn't feeling well and we didn't want to risk anything, urgent cares weren't open so we went to ER because we didn't want to wait till morning), would that go under debts?

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ROC USCIS case status changed canceled to scheduled
12:50 pm July 24, 2020


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Hello. We applied for ROC in April of 2019, then have been in "waiting to schedule an interview" since July of 2019. We are in Seattle, so I know their office is backlogged.

About a few weeks ago we recieved an RFE for Nov2019-present. Which they recieved about Two weeks ago.

While waiting my spouse applied for citizenship as well which has an eta of 2021.

Yesterday we recieved a text stating the interview was cancelled. (It was never scheduled) We assumed it was that they were bypassing the interview, but two hours later it went back to "Waiting to schedule" with the priority date as July 23, 2020.

So now are we stuck waiting another year for an interview?? Has anyone seen this? Just a covid glitch?

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3:20 pm July 6, 2020



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The Trump administration has begun sending furlough notices to more than 13,000 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration employees, and the warnings of more than 30 days of unpaid time off are causing some employees to seek new jobs altogether.
Nearly three-quarters of the USCIS workforce will receive their notices of administrative furlough this week, which, due to their duration, were issued under reduction-in-force procedures.
Officials at USCIS, a fee-funded agency, told employees in May that a significant drop-off in application receipts due to the novel coronavirus pandemic has led to an unexpected loss in revenue, potentially leaving the agency unable to meet payroll. USCIS is asking Congress for a $1.2 billion cash injection before the furloughs take effect at the beginning of August to help offset the losses, and for permission to increase fees 10% to reimburse the appropriation.


I guess this will have a significant impact on the processing time for all of us.


There were significant layoffs and furloughs of state and local employees during the Great Recession, and that is likely ... in this economic crisis as well,'' says Jared Walczak, director of state tax policy for the Tax Foundation.
He notes that some federal aid is available and that projects can probably be delayed to increase available money for the short term. "But neither of these is likely to fully close that gap.

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Recent processing times for reentry permits?
6:20 am July 2, 2020



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Hi, looking for recent processing times for reentry permits. Have read biometrics take 30-60 days, but perhaps there's a longer wait now due to COVID?

I am looking to be able to leave in september/october so trying to time my application it to be issued around then, as I understood that I am able to leave the US when my biometrics have been completed. please correct me if im wrong in any of this!

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Supporting documentation for a reentry permit and how to pay?
6:21 pm June 30, 2020



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Hi everyone

Generally nervous about these things but if the official USCIS instructions say to only attach your form I-551, which is my green card, front and back, thats all I need to attach, correct? Have read a variety of things on different blogs and what not but this is the only official instruction that I can find.

If you are applying for: a. Reentry Permit You must attach: (1) A copy of the front and back of your Form I-551; or (2) If you have not yet received your Form I-551, a copy of the biographic pages of your passport and a copy of the visa page showing your initial admission as a lawful permanent resident, or other evidence that you are a lawful permanent resident; or (3) A copy of the Form I-797, Notice of Action, approval notice of an application for replacement of your Form I-551 or temporary evidence of lawful permanent resident status.

Also is there no way to pay the fee online? Do I have to use a G-1450 form and attach that? Seems a hassle, and less secure to me

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