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Renting while AOS pending no SSN
5:01 pm June 5, 2022



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Good morning VJ!

My husband and I are beginning to run into some issues. At least where I am, most rental homes want ALL adults 18+ to fill out an application and submit documentation for rental homes, so simply putting everything under my name only isn't possible. Plus I would love for both of us to be on the lease for our AOS interview since my bank is being difficult about adding him with no SSN. I am a USC and he is adjusting from K1 and we have been married almost 6 months already and our case appears to just be sitting in a pile since biometrics almost 3 months ago. I did not get him a SSN while his i-94 was valid, which is turning out to be a nightmare! I've offered to send over copies of our marriage certificate, our AOS NOA1 or notice of biometrics, or even his A number. The rental company does NOT want any of that. They want an American ID and SSN, period. Any advice from couples in a similar situation? We already gave our 60 day notice at our current place so I am a complete stress ball.

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what to do after 'additional review' timeline passes and there's no response?
3:16 pm March 23, 2022


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I'd love to hear your thoughts..

Texas Service Center
We filed Nov. 1st 2020, got NOA1 the same day.. then nothing
the 'case outside of normal processing time' date came, I filed a request, got he standard reply that 'we need more time and I'll hear within 60 days'
those 60 have passed and still nothing.
did the form again, march 4th 2022, and no response to that either.

Should I take some other action, and if so , what?

thanks for your input and encouragement,


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December 2021 I-130 filers
8:34 pm February 13, 2022



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Hi December filers!

I couldn't find a Dec 2021 thread so I created this one, so we can follow each others journeys. We filed on christmas eve!

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Possible refund for delayed I-131 application from 2020? (reentry permit)
2:16 am February 13, 2022



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Back in 2020 I applied for a reentry permit to be able to be closer to home/my family during COVID for a longer time (brexit related so there was a timing issue). Due to COVID this obviously took much longer and I wasnt able to do as I planned when I recieved the interview date - and thus was forced to stay. At the time I just rescheduled my biometric appointment at USCIS to avoid doing a no-show. Much later they have now given me a new date, so I am thinking:

Will I have any chance of trying to cancel my application now and get a refund?

OR is there any way to postpone/reschedule this for a point later in time where I might need it?

Planning to call USCIS either way and hear, but just wanted to hear if anyone has any experience/knowledge of whether I would have a case..

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Interview day 2 Days before 2 year Marriage Anniversary
4:49 am February 11, 2022



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? interview scheduled ?

called USCIS- they advised me of interview date mid March - 2 days before our 2 Year Marriage date ?

- I would love NOT to have to go through the removal of conditions after our last two years experience with USCIS - trust everyone here will agree with that.

will it be wise to ask the Immigration Officer to hold off 2 days before approval???

anyone been through a similar situation????

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