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US Immigration from Colombia

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Confused about steps after marriage
4:23 pm January 20, 2024



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Hello all hope all is doing well i was wondering if i can get some advice regarding my situation. My fiancee arrived last month on k1 visa and we got married yesterday. It seems from what i have been looking online i made a mistake by not getting SSN prior to marriage? I am going to the SSN office on monday to gather more information but since she will be taking my last name what are the next steps then? Would it be easier if she just keeps her last name?

Should i apply for her social now? Or do i check the box for applying for a SSN when i fill out the I-485? Keep in mind i am trying to do the fastest way possible in order for her to get her drivers license open a bank account and work as fast as possible.

also does employment authorization and travel authorization all go together with i485 or are the sent or filed separately?

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C1 Transit visa for relatives.
11:29 pm January 15, 2024


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If this post is in the wrong forum please accept my apologies in advance, but after searching the forums I really could not find an appropriate forum to help get answers to my questions.

My husband and I are taking a two week vacation in Puerto Vallarta this year and we wanted to have my husbands uncle and cousin join us there. but we've identified a couple of problem areas. My husbands relatives are Colombian and would be flying from Cali Colombia to Puerto Vallarta.

1. The flights are ridiculously expensive and long with multiple layovers and flight changes.

2. Additionally, Single unaccompanied Afro-Colombian men arriving in Mexico are immediately suspected of trying to get into the US illegally and are hassled at the airports and sometimes not even allowed to exit immigration. I know this to be a fact from first hand experience because I was travelling with one of my husbands cousins two years ago and while in Guadalajara I left to go to the restroom, when I came back his cousin was surrounded and being questioned by two Mexican immigration officials. It wasn't until I showed up with my American passport that they stopped hassling him and let us proceed with our trip.

So, we started to look into the idea of meeting them outside the US and flying into Mexico as a group and this is what we discovered. It would actually be less expensive and faster if my husbands relatives flew from Cali Colombia to San Francisco and then to Puerto Vallarta. Hence the idea of obtaining a C1 transit visa.

Does anyone have any experience obtaining and travelling using a C1? is there an absolute timeline validation for them based on trip details or are they somewhat open ended? I've read that they are valid for a maximum of 29 days and only valid for layovers before the final destination. What is the layover is a couple of days, is that possible or does the layover need to be immediate? any help would be greatly appreciated.

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NC DMV Asking for my I-94 for Real ID.
8:00 pm January 8, 2024



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Just got back from the North Carolina DMV for my wife's ID Card. I wanted to get the real ID, but didn't get it because of the ignorance of immigration status and laws set.

There were two options.

1. I-551 green card.

2. Valid, Unexpired Foreign Passport with unexpired visa and a I-94.

Because I have the Temp I-551 CR1 visa with the endorsement, he was asking me for the I-94. I kept telling him that she didn't get one because the visa turns into a green card and isn't required for permanent residents.

So, now I have to wait for the physical green card just to prove I was right all along. They didn't take thr time to read the visa and what it had to say.

It gets so frustrating when government agencies don't talk to one another or people want to be incompetent and ignorant by not listening to the customer at hand.

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Help Needed for Denied I-485
5:04 pm January 5, 2024



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Good morning.

I will keep it short but I appreciate any help. My wife and stepdaughter's I-485 was denied in September for no joint sponsor as requested by the RFE. My brother was going to sign but his wife decided not to do so. We have no joint sponsor.

I will be contacting an immigration attorney when able. My income alone will meet the requirements this year with no issues. My wife and daughter are not in deportation proceedings as far as I can tell though they remain with me in the USA.

I suspect deportation hearings take a long time to be scheduled especially ones that are not for national security reasons/ dangerous persons.

The denial letters say that we cannot appeal but if we receive a Notice to Appear we will have the opportunity to renew the adjustment of status. But who knows how long the NOA would actually take.

Does anyone know if I can simply refile the I-485 paperwork with the new evidence (also have to pay fees again)? OR

Wait and show the new evidence at the deportation hearing? Thank you in advance.


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Stolen passport with Visa
10:01 pm January 1, 2024

derrick and Ana

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We were recent victims of property theft. My Wife s passport from Venezuela was stolen. Since there is no embassy or consulate in the US what are our options? We have pictures of the passport and visa but I m not sure what good that will do for us. Thanks for any help you can provide for us.

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