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  1. Not really. But I read review abt DNA ,and the member said it took 5 weeks after the DNA was out to give them visa. I hope for my husband come back soon . Good luck on ur interview
  2. Dont wait 3 weeks. I had the Same issue with DNa. My husband interview was on Oct 3 and they ask for DNa between my kids and him . I schedule my kids swab on Oct 9, the same day they sent the kit to the embassy abroad for my husband swab, his Ppointment was on Oct 22 to get his , and I call the lab here on Monday to make sure if they embassy sent the kit out already ( they said no but the received on tuesday) , and I called them again today and they said my results came up yesterday and they told me that they email the embassy yesterday. Good luck dont loose hope.
  3. Just to updated. My kids DNA came out today and everything was fine . Hospital sent it to the embassy in cameroon .
  4. That's the funny thing , people who didnt have kids together is little easier for them on this process . Ooo well we just have to do it and get it over , hopefully by next week my results should be out .
  5. Nooo, I apply for my husband and we have US citizen kids, they ask to do the DNA on them , even though kids dont immigrate
  6. 3 months ??? Maybe it depends on the embassy. My husband had his interview on oct 3 and the CO ending by asking him to do DNA, I called the same day to make an appointment for my children swab and make a payment , I went there on Oct 4 but didnt get it done because I didn't have the immigration letter with me stating that the DNA was required, I make another appointment for oct 9 ( that was the only day I could have off at work ) , I did it on Oct 9 and they send the kit the same day . The embassy received it on Oct 16 and they email my husband to come for his swab on Oct 22 which is today . I hope this help. Good luck
  7. Immigration have their own labo, you can't do it anywhere . Anyway I did it already, the whole process may take 8 weeks. Fingers crossed
  8. Yeahhh DNA on 2 of my children, and it's really expensive. $810 for each
  9. Just take screenshot on your facebook that shows when you guys became friend on facebook , to prove them that you can't have what they are asking for , and attach that a letter explaining step by step why u don't have it. Good luck
  10. I sent them a lot of prouve, chat log since 2014 with conversation abt when our girl was born , picture,s foto on our messenger chat, 2 months after she was born she had meningitis, we show them all our conversation abt that, boarding pass, picture with family. Beside of asking us more chat log they ask for DNA also. I can't wait for this to be over
  11. If you guys were friend on 2012 on facebook, there is a way to retrieve it . They ask my husband facebook chat before 2014 , we don't have it because we start being friend on 2014. I am just gonna write a letter an explain to them with some screenshot as a evidence. Good luck
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