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  1. Oooo Good news , congrats . There is NVC February filers , you can follow up there . Texas and Nebraska are so sloooow, oooo GoD
  2. I hope July is almost done , so they can start August
  3. It seems like Texas stop working , no more approval for July .
  4. Oooo good news . Congrats , Potomac is moving really fast
  5. Is not safe to screenshoot your whole case number and let everybody see , you better cross it out . Congrats again
  6. Waouhhhhh congrats , I can tell you are a nice and caring person . Hopefully we can all heard something starting the end of the month . Congrats again
  7. Cheridane123

    Join sponsor

    We don’t live with them , and they don’t declared us on their taxes . Age are : 32,26,and 22
  8. Hello everyone . I filed on August for my husband I-130 form , I can heard from uscis maybe next month or early March .i was supposed to use my mom as joint sponsor , but we realize that this year she didn’t make enough due to her sickness , my step father which is her husband said he can use his .my question is on the family size my step dad can count my brother and sister as his dépendant ? Or he just count his wife . His income is between $55000-60000 the past three year . Thanks everyone
  9. My timeline : filed : 20 August 2018 and noa1 is 23 August 2018. Hopefully by February we can have a good news
  10. Hello everyone . I am August filers as well . NOA1 is August 29 and my center is Texas . I hope we all heard something at the beginning of February . Good luck
  11. Thanks for the answer . The country is Cameroon ( central Africa )
  12. Thanks everyone for the inputs . I really appreciated it . Food stamp is for my 3 childs, but it base on my income .
  13. Thanks for your response . I know already that I have to use my mom as joint - sponsor to meet the poverty line . If that can affect his visa , I am just going to let it expire. Thanks so much
  14. Hello everyone . I am about to recertify my food stamp , but I am scare If that can affect my husband visa . I am the petitioner I-130, my NoA1 is August 29. If that can affect his visa at the interview I am going to just let it expires without doing recertification . Please I need your advice . Thanks in advance