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US Immigration from Burkina Faso

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Post K-1 interview - Embassy holding onto passport 3
1:25 am April 20, 2021



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Our Embassy resumed K1 visa processing recently and my Fianc had a second interview. They asked him to re-submit the DS-5535 for Admin Processing (we have submitted it twice previously) and they held on to his passport. It's now been over 3 weeks since his interview. I was wondering if this is normal and/or if anyone has had a similar experience? I'm just a bit wary since they previously lost our DS-5535 paperwork following the first interview.

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Possible work travel soon after naturalization
1:06 am March 22, 2021


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My husband has his interview in 3 days, and if everything goes well we think he'll be able to to do the ceremony that afternoon, based on the experiences of others at our field office. He just learned today of *possible* work travel overseas in ~3.5 weeks. It is far from confirmed, and the date may change, so we don't want to put off his interview or ceremony. If, however, he does need to travel a few weeks after naturalization, am I correct that there are no options to get his passport quickly (beyond the 4-6 weeks "expedited" processing)? My reading is that USCs need to leave/enter using their US passport, so are you just stuck in the US until you receive your passport? It's not a life or death emergency, but it sounds like they could lose the contract if he can't travel when the client needs him to...

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Administrative Processing Time for K-1
12:59 am July 20, 2020



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Just wondering what other people have experienced in terms of administrative processing times for the K-1 visa. My fiance had the K-1 interview in early December 2019 at the embassy in Burkina Faso and we were instructed to fill out the DS-5535. We haven't heard anything and it's been 7 months and now I don't think I will be able to even visit him any time soon given the pandemic.

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Child born outside of the US after submitting N400
5:53 pm December 17, 2019



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I've applied for my N400 after 5years with my GC. I have already done the biometric and waiting for my interview to be scheduled. I just had a child a 2 months ago outside the US. What should I do next?

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AOS applicant’s partner arrested!
1:41 am December 4, 2019



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Anyone here knows what happens when one of the people (the US citizen) gets arrested before the AOS interview takes place?

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