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  1. Anyone here knows what happens when one of the people (the US citizen) gets arrested before the AOS interview takes place?
  2. Thanks for the information. She won’t be very open about the real situation. All she keeps repeating is she wants to go back to her country and be close to family.
  3. Yup. But since this is the first time I see someone in this situation, I’m trying to calm her down. It’s kind of sad.
  4. Thanks for your response. I had the chance to have a talk with her last week on messenger and she was thinking that she’d have people coming after her (I really don’t see how that’d be possible) I said it was not likely to happen, but since she is very scared, I decided to ask more experienced people. And I don’t want to interfere in her decision. Just want to clarify her doubt.
  5. Hey people! Someone asked me this million dollar question: what if I just abandon my AOS and go back to my country? since I have no clue, I’d like to share her agony with you and see how we could help. I think she regrets her decision and just wants to disappear. I’m very sorry for her, by the way. She has lost a lot of weight and is getting into depression.
  6. The fastest you file your AOS the better. Now that you are married and have your marriage certificate, those two dates (admission and visa expiration) are irrelevant.
  7. Hello, again, guys! A K1 fiancée should fill out those parts that say “receipt number of underlying petition and priority date from underlying petition” in form I-485? If yes, should I refer to my I-129F petition NOA to complete this part? Thanks a million!
  8. If someone could help me with this one I’d be very thankful. In Part 2 of I-485 form (Application type or filling category), I checked the option that mentions “person came to the US as a fiancée..., which belongs to item 1.a family-based. However when I go to the second question I don’t know what to check: whether yes or no. The reason I’m confused is because since K1 is included in that family-based part, I’d think I have to tick yes. But I read that if I tick yes that means I need to add supplement A and K1 Visa holders don’t need to fill out this supplement. Did I make myself clear, people? So what should I pick for “Are you applying for adjustment based on the immigration and nationality act (INA) section 245 ( i )? Yes or No?????? Any help is immensely appreciated.
  9. Hello guys! Well, I admit that this part about having some parts of I-693 filled out or not is puzzling me. The more I read, the more confused I get. I came on a K1 Visa. I am ready to file my AOS. I have the DS 3025 and I’m still confused if I should forward only this DS 3024 or if I need to include any parts of I-693 form. Jesus Christ! This one has been tricky for me. I’d very much appreciate a concise response of someone who recently filed the AOS to guide me. Thanks a million.
  10. I know, right? And, btw, the only fees you pay (if you’re filling everything at a time) are the I-485 and biometrics, right? No fee for I-131 neither I-765, correct?
  11. Hey friend. Thanks for the response. I was really in doubt if I could go ahead and do that. I feel relieved now. Thank you so very much.
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