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US Immigration from Burkina Faso

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Immigration medicals
10:17 pm November 15, 2018



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my lawyer just told me she got a letter that, I need to go do my medicals.

does that mean my interview time for form i485 is close?

any experience please?

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VAWA experience needed
5:56 pm September 20, 2018



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on september 10

my uscis Cade status online read

i-360 your new card has been mailed and my i485 reads , we received your case at our local office

what does all this mean

appar the card that was mailed was an Ead a c31 Ead.

anybody with any experience

does it mean i360 was approved ?

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Please help
11:11 pm September 13, 2018



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What does this mean?

any experience


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Employment/School history and political history
7:59 pm August 9, 2018


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My husband has been a LPR for 6 years. He is finally getting around to filing N400. The whole time he has been in the US, he has been a PhD student at a french university, but working remotely in the US. His PhD does not require coursework - it's straight research - so he doesn't need to be physically in France to do the work. For the first three years, he spent 3-5 months a year at his fieldsite (in another country); and the last 3 years he's spent about 2 months/year in France working with his advisor. He has maintained residency in the US the whole time - we own a home, have a kid, joint bank account, paid taxes filing jointly, etc.

Should we be worried that an employer/school address outside the US will raise red flags? For the occupation, we're thinking of putting "PhD student (working from home)" - is that adequate, or does it require more explanation? This was a non-issue for ROC, but it's a new administration, and I'm not sure how much to worry.

Also, in 2014 there was a revolution in his country that overthrew the president who had been in power for 30 years and who was trying to force a change the constitution to continue to remain in power. My husband posted one FB post after the president stepped down basically supporting his country and saying that the pres. needed to go and that new leaders needed to abide by the constitution. There was then an attempted coup against the new gov't in 2015 and he protested in DC against the coup. Any issues there? Does he need to disclose anything? This was all after ROC so hasn't come up previously. I don't *think* this could be interpreted as "advocating the overthrow of government" but would like other opinions :)

He has no red flags as far as we can tell, not even a parking ticket. We've debated getting a lawyer, but it would be a squeeze financially, and we'd rather not if we don't have to.


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Question about DS-160
2:41 pm April 15, 2018



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someone please help me with this question on the DS-160. For someone who has a Master's degree in Biology, should the answer be yes?


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