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US Immigration from Bulgaria

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Income for I-864EZ
4:48 pm July 30, 2022



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Hello everyone, my husband and I are filling out form I-864EZ for the affidavit of support. In the instructions it says only the most recent tax transcript is needed, but then questions 6a, 6b and 6c are asking for the total income from most recent, 2nd most recent and 3rd most recent year.

Do we need to provide the income for all 3 years or only the most recent one, as that is the only transcript we are providing? Just want to make sure we don't make a mistake.

Thank you!

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A little help with i130 application proof of marriage
5:03 pm June 28, 2022


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Hello everyone!

I just found this forum and I'm very thankful for that!

I'm Bulgarian born and last September I got my US citizenship.

My wife and I have been married for about 3 years now and have dated for about 6. Throughout this time, she lived in Bulgaria, and I lived in the US. She's visited me a bunch of times for a couple of months at a time on a tourist visa, and I have traveled home to spend some time together as well. I have the i130 all filled out and ready with all the paperwork needed. However, I have the feeling we're a little shy on proof of marriage, as we haven't really lived together, aside from our visits to each other. We do not own anything in both of our names and our finances are not combined, as she uses Bulgarian banks and I - American. We don't have children either. So that pretty much leaves us with pictures from over the years, maybe screenshots of posts on social media in the past and third-party affidavits.

I'd really love to hear some advice from people that have recently gone through this process and any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Best, Stiliyan

Edit: I forgot to mention that I'm filing for the case to be resolved in the embassy in Bulgaria. I have also selected that we haven't lived together, as from what I found, living together per USCIS is 6 months+ .

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Exceptional circumstance Frankfurt
12:14 pm April 24, 2022



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Hi everyone, my fianc and I are considering getting married and applying for DCF afterwards. We ve been living and working in Germany but he got a job offer from another company in the US.

We ve been reading a lot about what may be considered exceptional circumstance but wanted to see whether any of you have had similar experiences. Do you think the Frankfurt consulate would accept his new job as one?

Also, for people who have filed the I-130 in Frankfurt, how long did it take you to hear back from them whether this is indeed considered exceptional circumstance? I also just received a job offer but it is in Germany, so we want to figure out whether DCF would work at all or if I should take the job in Germany and apply for the CR-1 the regular way.

Thank you in advance for your answers!

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F-1 to GC: Tax treaty question
7:59 pm March 10, 2022



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I have a very strange tax situation and neither my payroll department, nor the IRS has been helpful so I figured I would post here and see if anyone has experienced anything like this:

I became a permanent resident in late 2021 after being on an F-1 visa for 11 years. My country of origin has a tax treaty with the USA that exempts the first several thousand dollars of my income from federal income tax. Payroll has always just left that income out of my W-2 as if I never earned it and instead reports it in a 1042-S, which I cannot file anywhere since I have been a resident for tax purposes for a while. I have received my 2021 W-2 and it once again does not have that income on there but I am now a permanent resident and no longer eligible for the tax treaty. My question is, does my new resident status retroactively cancel my eligibility for the tax treaty, i.e. am I now somehow supposed to pay taxes on that income that I earned while I was still F-1 in 2021?

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Need help with resending i129F petition (i797C)
8:18 pm January 11, 2022



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Hello everyone, I need some serious help with sending this out again. So my partner got a letter back from the USCIS stating that he needs to resend the petition with the correct information (missed signature). The petition he sent was all stapled together and it says to "attach the letters" to the front of the new package.

The problem is that we discovered that one of our pages in the original petition wasn't printed correctly (after sending) at all due to Cyrillic letters and its all in gibberish. Another thing, he had to move unexpectedly during this timeframe so we had to completely remake the i129F form with all the updated information.

My question is: What are we supposed to do?? Resend the new petition with everything changed and attach the letter he got back along with it? Is this supposed to be declared with the USCIS before we do it (because it has new info that wasn't present before)? He couldn't reach anyone over the phone, they didn't reply to my emails either.

I've attached the notice for further context.


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