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US Immigration from Bulgaria

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AOS from B2 - stepchild under 21 of USC
6:10 am July 28, 2020

Riley and SP

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Hi! I have been in the USA since 2017 on F-1 visa. My husband (USC) and I got married in February 2020 and we are filing I-130 and I-485 (with all supplemental forms) for adjustment of status from F1.

Initially, we were thinking to apply for green card for my son through consular proceedings next year. I am in my last semester of school and received a full time employment offer starting next fall so that would have been the perfect timing. However, my son is visiting on B2 visa and I really would love for him to stay here (given the current situation) and not wait another year. Was wondering whether someone has experience with AOS for their kid (who initially just came to visit on B2). Thank you!

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Marriage based visa and then won DV Visa.
3:21 pm June 7, 2020


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Hey everybody. My wife and I got married a month ago (I am the petitioner) in the US. I proposed to her and shortly after we got married. We were doing the whole process to petition for her and then adjust her status. I almost finished all the paper work. Then we found out she was selected for the diversity visa. I don t know what to do now. To still proceed on the marriage based visa and adjust status or do the DV Visa?

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Has anybody used SpanTran?
11:01 pm May 31, 2020


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I have to get my college diploma accredited and I have heard many people using SpanTran. It seems convenient because they don't require the original documents. Do you guys recommend using their service compared to ECE or WES?

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Supporting Documenets of I-944
3:18 pm May 27, 2020


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Hello Guys. Thank you all for the information you provided. We are doing I 944 right now and on the instruction for it says that we need to provide IRS tax transcript. We tried so many times to get it online and the system can not verify me even I provided everything that was needed. I called IRS and they told me that at the moment there is no other way to get the transcript but online. So do you think its okay If we send the documents without the requested transcript ( we can send 1040 and W2 )? And my second question is about the education part. Which education evaluation services are the fastest ? Thank you!

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Married on a Tourist Visa
3:13 am May 13, 2020


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Hello everybody, I would first like the start off by saying I'm not familiar at all with the visa process. My fiance and I had been dating for a year. She came on a j1 work and travel (for 4 summers). We met last summer. She left and we were apart for 4 months. She applied for a visitor visa in Bulgaria and it got approved for 6 months. She has been here for 4 months now and I decided to propose and then we shortly got married after. What steps must I take now?

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