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NC drivers license
2:21 am July 21, 2021



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has anyone obtained a drivers license with i485 noa1? Still don t have my EAD. I m in Raleigh area. I heard @Greenbaum was able to get one a few years ago so apparently it s possible, I m just wondering which DMV I should go to?

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Work visa to Citizenship without Green Card?
12:19 am June 27, 2021



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I am asking this for a friend and would really appreciate some input:

He came to the US from El Salvador on a work permit. During the original time frame, he was married to a US Citizen, but unfortunately she passed away from Cancer before they could apply for a green card, etc. He was issues a 'parole' to go visit home for a short time, and returned legally to the US, and has since renewed the work permit. He has been here legally since 2001. He has recently re-married to a US citizen (for five years now), and a couple of years ago, they hired and paid an immigration company/lawyer to file documents for them, but said person took their money ($3000+) and vanished without filing anything -- this came as a surprise when they went to renew the work permit. They have been married for 5+ years now, living together, and wanted to start the process again, so I offered to ask the question here, since Visa Journey members have helped me and my wife in our journey (we are at the Citizenship process now--yay!).

So the question is: Can he apply for citizenship with only a work permit, having lived and worked legally in the US since 2001, despite having a Permanent Residence Card (green card)? Or, does he HAVE to apply for a green card and follow the process, despite having lived/worked in the US for 21 years and being married to a US Citizen for 5+ years?

Knowledgeable advice is greatly appreciated.



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Joint petition I-751 with pending divorce?
8:12 pm June 4, 2021


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Hello everyone,

As the title suggests, I am currently separated from my wife (USC) and we have filed for a dissolution. My GC expires September and the 90 day window for filing the ROC begins later this month. I have read a fair amount of posts here but couldn't quite find a similar situation.

Due to her infidelity, we have been separated since mid april, when we signed the divorce papers. The 6 month waiting period before finalizing the divorce will lapse in November. Obviously if I wait for the divorce decree until then, I'd have been out of status for 2 months. In an effort to try and avoid that, my soon to be ex-wife has agreed to file the joint petition within the 90 day window. She has signed off on the I-751 and has agreed to attend the interview if we get to it.

My understanding is that I need to file the joint petition with the list of bona-fides along with an explanation that we are separated, our marriage is over, and we are in divorce proceedings. Questions arise as to how much should I disclose regarding the circumstances leading to our separation. Should I include proof of infidelity? What if I get a RFE soon after filing asking for the divorce decree? I won't have it until November.

I understand that the best recourse would be to consult with a lawyer. I am turning to you guys here in case someone has been in a similar situation. Thank you for your time.

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I-130 delays
11:35 am May 4, 2021



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I am a US citizen. We filed I-130 petition for my husband on 02\01/2020. They received our case and sent us an acceptance notice. Now it's been more than 14 months and case is still pending. We filled many inquiries for outside normal processing time and they say they are unable to determine when the adjudication of our case will be completed and no further action is required from us.My husband was a green card holder, we lived in the US, but had to come back to Bulgaria for circumstances that we could'n change. He stayed more than a year outside the US and lost his green card. Now we are appying again but it is taking so long maybe due to the global pandemic situation. Is there any way he can get an immigrant visa and wait for the green card in the US?

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Filing I-130 for a stepchild of USC - a few questions
1:57 am January 31, 2021

Riley and SP

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Hi guys!

I came to the USA three years ago on F-1 and got married last year. My husband is USC and we filed AOS paperwork on August 3, 2020.

I have a minor son from my first marriage and we want to bring him here. My son came for the wedding on B-2 which was issued only for one year and expires this month. He went back home after that. My lawyer advised us not to file AOS for him because he entered the country on B-2 and we decided to play it safe.

Now, we are preparing I-130 for him. Do we need to file any other forms together with the I-130?

Besides my husband s proof of US citizenship, my son s birth certificate, my marriage certificate and my divorce decree do we need any other evidence?

There is a question on the I-130 has the petitioner filed any other I-130 and was the outcome- he has only filed one for me but we are still waiting. Do we write outcome pending?

The next question is whether there are other I-130 filed simultaneously - we filed the one for me 6 months ago so I guess that doesn t apply to us, right?

Is there any way to bring my son here while waiting for a decision on the I-130? I read something about K-4 but isn t that only for children of K-3? I was already here on F-1 student visa when we filed to adjust my status.
I am 22 weeks pregnant and feeling that my son is getting jealous that we are so excited about the baby, preparing the baby s nursery and my son is so far away from us. Really want to bring him here as soon as possible. Do you think K-4 will work?

Thank you!

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