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RFE and Biometrics
5:57 pm December 8, 2019



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Hello everyone!

1. I mailed my AOS paperwork on 10/05/19

2. I got mail with NOA on 11/01/19 saying they have received my documents, the biometrics fee and they are working on my case

3. I received a RFE on 12/07/19 saying I have a missing Medical Examination (we didn't sent it because I wanted to file my petition before my DOS2019 expired and the lab results were delaying a bit so we thought we will just bring the medicals at the interview date)

The letter said:

- If i receive a mail with visa interview date, to bring the medicals then, or

- if my case doesn't require me to have an interview, they will send me a letter with instructions when and where to mail my medical examination.

Now the questions here are:

- in this RFE I have only 1 stated issue with my petition - the missing medicals. Does that mean everything else on my application is all good and it's just the medicals? Or should I still worry and hope everything else (sponsors, etc) is all good?

- is it normal to receive RFE before I have even received a date for biometrics?

Thank you so much in advance!!

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Medical paid by insurance?
2:12 pm October 25, 2019



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I will schedule a medical exam for my GC interview that s coming soon and have insurance. Is it okay to use it to cover the cost of the medical? Somebody told me it s illegal to do so and need to pay it myself (not to bill the insurance company) but that doesn t make much sense to me if I am covered. Would appreciate any experience you share.

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Documents for AOS interview
10:09 pm October 24, 2019



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Hello everyone,

My GC interview was scheduled for November 19th. I filled AOS based on marriage after K1 and had my medical examination overseas.

I am now collecting the documents that were listed on the letter, however some things are not clear and would need your help:

1. The letter says I need to bring my birth certificate. I already submitted a translated copy of it with the initial package. Do I need to have just the original document with me during the interview or I need to translate it again?

2. I never submitted i-693, instead sent them the DS-3025 with my vaccine records. I compared the information on it with the instructions here Immunizations. DS-3025 or I-693?, however I have some vaccines marked as code D (not routinely available). These are the MMR, Tdap and Varicella. Does that mean I need to see a civil surgeon here or I am good to go without I-693? I also had the flu shot before I came last year, do I need to get it again before the interview?

3. I registered our marriage in my homecountry and have the original marriage certificate with me along with our baby's birth certificate (he has dual citizenship). Do I need to have all of that translated as I will use it as supporting evidence? Can I translate it myself or it must be someone else who's certified to translate from bulgarian to english?

Thanks in advance for your time and help!

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To explain or not to explain?
10:57 pm October 18, 2019


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Hello, VJ community!

Been a long time since I ve been around. It s almost my time to file for ROC. Actually I m a little late in starting to gather everything but it s been a busy summer. Anyways, I m in a bit of a pickle trying to decide how to handle (lack of) evidence. Do I explain all of the issues below or do I just omit all that and submit what I do have?

  1. Lack of joint lease/utilities - ever since we got married 2 years ago, we have been living in employee provided housing with the exception of 6 months. We have a lease for those 6 months but even then, we weren t paying utilities so no bills in both of our names.
  2. Lack of healthcare insurance - truly, we haven t been able to comfortably spend that much money each month so far so we have gone without. We re young adults still trying to figure things out. ????
  3. Lack of retirement accounts - we both have only worked service industry jobs so far hence no retirement accounts whatsoever.
  4. We both had different phone service providers at time of marriage (I was in the United States on a work visa) so we just kept them separate.
  5. We had a joint bank account for a while but since we don t have any joint bills each month and I didn t like that bank anymore (he was on my account) I closed it. He can add me to his current account but obviously that will be very recent.
  6. Husband s DL still lists his address as his parents house as he never changed it when he moved to the city where we met and currently live. His DL didn t expire yet so he hasn t bothered to change it.
  7. And one last thing for the nice person still reading this - I lost my green card in May and got the stamp in my passport instead.

I know that s a lot of information and a lot of explaining to do. I m not sure if it would be beneficial bringing up all of that myself.

I can provide evidence such:

  1. tax documents showing we filed jointly
  2. lease for 6 months from last winter
  3. w2s from same company
  4. note from company stating we have lived together on their property
  5. joint car insurance
  6. trip he took to my home country
  7. trip we took to Vegas with friends
  8. wedding we were invited to together
  9. plenty of photos
  10. affidavits from mutual friends

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Travelling while waiting for renewed AP?
2:54 am October 10, 2019



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Hey guys, if I apply to renew my AP but I don't have it by the time I need to travel, can my husband bring it to me abroad? Will I have any issues coming back to the US if I have the renewed AP card but don't wait to receive it myself in the States?

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