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US Immigration from Bulgaria

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K1 visa flight after the 90 days
12:01 am


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My husband and I want to travel to Vegas from Texas and back for SEMA next week. The 90 days have passed and we have submitted AOS. We have received a text confirming they have received but haven t received the physical letter (NOA1) in the mail. Would it be safe to fly or would we run into issues? I ve read mixed reviews and do not want there to be any issue or doubt before purchasing a ticket.

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SSN and K1
7:29 pm


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We are expecting my K1 journey to end soon and thinking about me coming to the US. Since I am 6 months pregnant now, we are planning to marry within 1 week of my arrival to the US. I will be 8 months pregnant by then, therefore we need to make sure that I will be added to my husband's insurance asap.

He spoke to the HR lady in his company and she confimed that they only need my SSN in order to add me. I already have a SSN since 2013 when I first visited the US on a J1 visa. On the card says "valid for work with DHS authorization only", but I won't use it for work hence in my opinion this shouldn't be a problem. We will visit the SS Office to submit whatever docs needed shortly after the marriage.

My question is am I going to get a new SSN after the marriage or I will keep my current one? I suppose this has been discussed before but I failed to find such threads, so your help will be appreciated. Thanks!

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J1 are not entitled to federal tax refund anymore?
12:53 pm


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Is it true that J1 applicants will no longer be able to file for federal tax refund? There have been rumours but I couldn't find any official source that states that.

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Newborn baby immunization - moving to the US
4:18 am


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I am planning to give birth outside of the USA. The baby will have US citizenship through the father.

I will be flying to the US a couple months after the birth of the baby. In the meantime I will follow the national immunization schedule of the country of birth (BCG, Hep B, TdAP, Hib, PCV).

Does the baby have to get medical exams or require any specific documents other than US passport when coming to USA?

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RFE - Court Records for no criminal history
8:07 pm


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Hello, everyone!!! :)

I'm new in the site but have been reading the forum from 2-3 months.
Me and my fianc have applied for K1 Visa in March. In the I-129F form my fianc has written in the field for Criminal History - a fine for Reckless Driving. A week ago we have received RFE letter stating we need to send court records for this fine that was from 2008. There are no court records of this violation. It does not exist anymore. Also they cannot provide us with documents or a record for a case that we do not have a case number for.

Is there anyone that has been in this situation and what documents should we send?

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