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Green card error message
2:20 pm June 22, 2023


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My husband entered the US on May 12 and I paid the Immigration Fee on May 11. I received an email with the receipt and a new IOE number which should be used to track the green card. However, when I put that number in the case tracking tool this error message pops up:

Error: The application receipt number entered is invalid. Please check your receipt number and try again.

It makes me think that they made some type of mistake because he didn t receive his SSN (even though we checked the box in the DS260). He had to go directly to the social security office and just get it from there. He got his social security in 6 days once he filed the paperwork with them.

However, I feel like something could go wrong with the delivery of his green card as well because of this error message. I called USCIS and they said that they have that number in the system and it seems to be fine. But it s just weird that we haven t gotten a single letter from USCIS since he arrived AND we have no way to track his green card. I also tried adding that IOE number to my USCIS account and it didn t work either.

I am just curious if anyone else has experienced this.

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Help with Affidavit of support
1:53 pm April 24, 2023



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Hi everyone,

After 3 years and 2 months USCIS finally approved our I130. Now our case is at the NVC. The past 3 years I have been living abroad with my husband. My question is can my sisiter (who is a US citizen and lives in the US) become my husband's sponsor? And do I also have to file I 864 although I do not have an income and do not live in USA?

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Any insights on interview letters?
9:10 pm April 2, 2023


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I know each country has its own unique backlog and wait times, but I'm curious about how the scheduling process actually works. I read some information that suggested NVC sends out interview letters once a month, but I'm not entirely sure if that's accurate. I also came across another source that claimed embassies send their available slots to NVC, who then fills them with people who are waiting. Would anyone happen to have any insights or information to share about this?

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March 2023 NVC Submission
12:58 am March 5, 2023


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I submitted my paperwork on March 3rd, so I figured I'd start the thread. :)

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How the heck do I change the address?
3:44 pm January 21, 2023


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My husband and I filed our I130 in Feb 2022 while we were both living abroad. For our mailing/living address, we put our foreign address because we lived abroad. Makes sense. But now I have moved to the US and am trying to change my address, and I can't.

Issue 1: On my USCIS account, it says, "You cannot edit your mailing address or physical address during this part of the adjudication process."

Issue 2: When I go to the AR-11, Alien s Change of Address form to try to do it this way, for the OLD address, it only allows me to put a US address. We didn't use a US address.

So, my question is this: Can someone who previously used a foreign address while living abroad successfully change their address, and if so, how?


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