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  1. We are waiting for interview letter. One of my friends did it this way with no problem AND on the nvc site it says US passport serves as primary evidence of citizenship. Plus, wouldn’t they ask for it in USCIS and NVC stage if it was mandatory in addition to the US passport? It seems like they would at least mention it and not let us move to the last step.
  2. I sent my 2022 tax return + W2. Then I wrote a letter explaining why I don't have the transcript yet (we filed by paper since my husband doesn't have a SSN or ITIN). I printed it, signed it and uploaded it along with everything. We got DQed in 16 days.
  3. Mmm not true. I wasn't born in the US and I just used my US passport to prove my citizenship and be able to sponsor my husband.
  4. I know the girl from Bulgaria got her interview letter fast because she had expedited her whole case. But I’m also in contact with 2 other Bulgarian women and it took them 30 days to get their interview letters. So it’s all a big mystery I guess. 😂
  5. You need to get a joint sponsor. You have to fill out the I-864 and provide tax transcripts or tax returns (regardless if you live in the UK). If you didn't file your taxes for any of the past 3 years, you need to write a letter explaining why you didn't (because legally you are suppose to if you've made money overseas). Your joint sponsor also needs to file the i864 and show proof of income (tax transcript or returns + W2). I would not use someone who is self-employed as they always have more trouble getting approved.
  6. The Interview Letter is country specific so the only way to really get that answer is to connect with people who are waiting for an interview at the Naples embassy.
  7. I would contact the issuing authority and tell them what you need this police certificate for (CR1/IR1 visa) AND that you need it to cover their entire history. I don't see why they won't be able to do that. In my opinion, that's the best place to ask, not here.
  8. It depends on the country. Sadly, it’s rly hard to get that information if there aren’t many people who are applying from your country. For example, my husband is from Bulgaria. Based on a few ladies I talked to they had to wait 30 days for their Interview Letter and then another 30 days for the actual interview date. But I know for busy countries like China it can take 6+ months. So your best bet is to find people who are going through the same process in your country.
  9. I personally think that self-employed individuals are not good for joint sponsors. It’s way more complicated (no point in going in depth into it). Either get a new sponsor (W2 employee) or your wife has to get a US job. Yes, it’s not ideal but you have to be willing to make sacrifices if you want this to be a smooth process.
  10. I think you are getting yourself in a very deep situation for someone you met online (I'm assuming you haven't met him in person?). Why not go there, have a holiday, see if you are happy together? THEN, spend a few years seeing each other back and forth. You are still so young. You have time to do that. In any case, I agree with your mom. But his chances of coming to the US are almost none. If you decide to go to his country (and you've never been and never met this person in real life), please don't go alone.
  11. I would bring ALL documents to the interview (even if it says that online). The worst that could happen is that they won't ask for them. But just bring them to be safe. Hmm, as far as the joint sponsor, not sure honestly. What does your message say in the inbox? Is it simply "DOCUMENTARILY QUALIFIED" or did they say something in addition to that.
  12. They actually DO send you an email telling you that you've been DQed, so not sure where you got this information from.
  13. Once you submit everything in the portal you should be done. You don't have to do anything else but wait for DQ or RFE. Right now it's taking about 14-18 days. Also, don't click submit again because every time you submit new documents, it puts you at the back of the line. As long as everything says PAID and SUBMITTED and COMPLETED, you are done.
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