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  1. I appreciate everyone’s advise. I think everyone has a different view I guess the only way to really know is go into the social security office but I would lean to say if she is out of status she will not be able to until EAD, green card or make a request at the interview
  2. Thank you dave, although we haven’t changed last name yet I’m hoping I can do that at green card interview I’ll make my wife a copy of marriage certificate and send it with her just in case.
  3. Thanks Scandi, I’m going to request at green card interview my wife’s name change. Just out curiosity, what letter exactly did you send to the NBC and how did you send it? If I’m able to change at green card interview if I sent a letter that would just be an extra precaution right?
  4. Thanks for all the information. I think we will request the change at the interview, I appreciate all the help and time on this for me.
  5. would it be best to just leave the I-485 as is now that I submitted it or try to change her name now? Right or wrong I felt it better to leave her name as is while doing the process because I know we will be the ones with name issues come up so I made that call.
  6. Thank you for replying, her EAD name would be her birth name so are you saying I couldn’t change her name with the EAD? If that the case when could I change her name? out of curiosity, what does the EAD have to do with the social security number changing a name? There was no EAD when we got her social security number a few days after she entered. So I guess the question is when could we change her name? thanks
  7. Thank you this is exactly what I was looking for just answers not “well you should have done”.....: ok so if we wait and change her name while doing ROC or N400 citizenship (these are two separate points which the name can be changed if I understand correctly and honestly I have done no research yet on either of these as we are in the green card stage) then I would not need to pay $540 for new green card but if I want to get her name changed right away after the gets the green card with her birth name I will need to pay $540 for another green card that will show her new name, is this correct?
  8. Before everyone tells me what I should have done or how easier it would have been or cheaper I decided not to change my wife last name to mine until after green card because the USCIS already knows my wife by her birth name and that’s what in their system. If it worked for you to change your spouses last name on I-485 great I didn’t and on purpose. I know there are people on here that will say you should have put her new name on the I-485 but I didn’t and that’s that. My questions are: 1) now that we are waiting on green card should I wait to change her last name on her current social security card or make a new appointment with the social security Administration now and change her last name on social card? (Remember social security card name is birth name if gotten before wedding) Also wedding certificate recorded in Florida is both persons birth names not Mr. and Mrs. blah blah blah 2) what will the process be to change my wife name on green card once she has it and cost? Yes I know it’s going to cost me more money my question is how much? Just curious of the process to do this after green card and cost. Thanks
  9. Hi Dave Liliana’s appointment for bio is 5/20, what did you bring and what standard forms will she need to fill out once there?
  10. Wow this is incredibly terrifying, I just took my wife’s cell and took pictures of her K1 visa, K1 visa stamp, I-485 NOA, SS Card, Passport bio page and birth certificate. on a side note we did receive her bio appointment today to fingerprint. Now we are waiting on EAD so she can get her drivers license. as middleman pointed out ‘authorized stay’ and ‘out of legal status’ are two different thing....note to self my wife is waiting on green card and she is out of status but authorized stay....so sorry to hear about OP situation. Keep your he’s up!
  11. Thank you, I forgot all about that link.
  12. Hi Dave, I just received all three NOA,s today (485, 131 and 765) and I noticed they misspelled my wife’s middle name on the 485, this was an USCIS error not mine as I looked at my 485 copy and I had her middle name correct everywhere. I called and they said to open a service request with my wife present (she goes to class at night) but she was busy. I thought such a simple thing could get fixed over the phone but I should have known better. Anyway im guessing my wife needs to call and open the service request? I called because my wife is only fluent in Spanish. Thanks
  13. Thanks for all the replies.....out of no where my cell phone starts blasting me with texts well past midnight that USCIS received all my forms only a week after I sent so I’m grateful. Those folks must work really long hours!
  14. Hi VJ friends, I submitted all my AOS adjustment of status forms etc. for my wife (K1) on Saturday April 20 at the UPS store, I realize it didn’t get picked up by UPS until Monday April 22. I sent to the UPS/FEDEX Chicago lock box. I have not received and email, text or nothing. When should I panic?