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  1. so in the meantime after you submit the I 751 you have an expired green card, can you travel on an expired green card assuming you submitted the I 751 on time when your supposed to?
  2. Ok so basically it takes so long to get to the interview of the I 751 ROC (you don’t have an interview if married in the USA?) that your N 400 is reviewed at the same time?.?. Seems to me everyone still has to do the I 751 with a two year conditional green card.
  3. what I want to know is why people think it is a waste of time to do the I 751 when the N 400 would probably apply to most people.? my wife’s K1 green card expires 5/17/21 and I will send I 751 2/17/19 and prepare January 2021 so I’m looking early. I was told my wife can’t apply for citizenship until after three years with a green card ( two years with two year green card and one year with the ten year green card) so if people are doing N 400 after a two year green card expires maybe I misunderstood the officer at our AOS last August.
  4. Thanks Missileman, ok what about just a copy of the marriage certificate? hope your well
  5. Hello VJ friends! Question? My wife need to go back to Bolivia, what do I purchase her airfare name under? Her Bolivian passport has her maiden name while her green card has her married name? I'm thinking airfare needs her passport last name? Also I read she needs her marriage certificate for re-entry? I'm thinking all she needs for re entry is her drivers license and green card? Thanks!
  6. Thank God and all you VJ members. USCIS is doing a great job in my opinion, good luck to all.
  7. Thank you, I will definitely bring the marriage license and also passport.
  8. He told me my case was transferred from closer to where we live to his location, both locations are close to me but he did mention the USCIS was sending cases to offices further away to get them worked quicker, I think most people would drive a little further to get this over with.
  9. Thanks, I couldn’t believe it myself and even the immigration officer said we were very lucky as it normally takes over a year after marriage. my wife got here in February, we married in March and Green card approved this month in August. I’m still like wow myself I was expecting the green card interview next year honestly no joke.
  10. Thanks, I’ll wait until we get the card the officer said in a couple of weeks. I guess it’s also not to soon for her to be learning US history for naturalization in 3 years but first ROC I believe in two years we will get the two year green card as you know.
  11. So now my wife is approved and I have gotten confirmation both by the officer and notified by USCIS, we changed her last name to mine during the interview and now I need to get her SS card updated, will the green card be all she needs to bring to the SS office? I guess it also means she can work, travel abroad and get a drivers license now? Thanks
  12. Thank you. It was fine the USCIS was professional and nice. If your relationship is real don’t worry. My wife was asked all the yes or no questions. Where we met, our address, what I do, where I worked, where we married, how we met etc. Be prepared and have all the checklist items and you will be fine, good luck
  13. I want to thank all the VJ members for all the help I received and wish everyone the best but mostly thank God.
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