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  1. Thank you MiamiMark, I dont know you but it’s always good to talk with a fellow VJ close by! Mark I think they approved right after we left like the following business day, I was told the IO isn’t experienced by a immigration attorney and that his boss signed off on it next business day because we got oath ceremony letter like 3 days later. How’s things with you? Where are you guys in the process?
  2. Real quick info if anyone wants to know, 7-15 citizenship interview, 8-5 oath ceremony, 8-29 passport in hand….done. It didn’t really quite feel real that it was over until I saw my wife’s US passport today you know something that we all use.
  3. I feel ya, we are done and about 5 weeks until passport...trust me it feels great! I'm holding onto everything I have for my wife, all her old history, old addresses, family data education everything but man I'm deleting and tossing out like crazy all the lame proof we had to do provide to prove we weren't committing fraud that grew year over year for 4 years, month to month for living document evidence no longer needed (bills, credit card statements, bank statements, insurance etc. all financial month to month non sense we had to gather so big like a old school yellow pages).
  4. Well I’m guessing the God like vision the FBI is made out to be here and if they don’t care who should tone vs the USCIS is that the FBI was for and 8-5 job vs USCIS dealing with forced human trafficking or forced sex slave day in and day out so they want to know……you know to protect somebody’s life no biggie…..OP just tell the truth do yourself a favor if this is important to you, you screwed up like the rest of us at one point regardless if gone or not and yeah it’s still on your record just not accessible to some checks……Been through many FBI, CIA checks the Feds keep the records so why wouldn’t FEDs at DHS USCIS have access to them also? They do if you give them reason to suspect you. It doesn’t matter if you believe they are gone or not…the question was ask, not answering is the same as lying if you withhold info, this concept isn’t hard.
  5. This is so annoying, we go to the N 400 today and my wife passes all test and signs the oath of allegiance. She comes out after about 20 minutes later and asked me to come speak with the officer. The officer says he cant make a decision because our I 751 10 year green card isn't approved (yes its not approved we are still waiting on I 751 10 year green card interview) but because my wife is eligible for citizenship we did N 400 and she took test today and passed everything and was given a piece of paper with the little X mark on it saying the English, civics and history passed. The officer also stated we were the 3rd person today that passed but a decision couldn't be made. He also complained he was only given 20 minutes per interview. He said we would get something in the mail but didn't say when or if we would be required to submit anything further or come back for an interview. So now what? Do we really need to wait for the I 751 10 year green card interview? Or are they needing something or wanting to look through the I 751 10 year green card documents we sent in last year before decision? How long is best guess before we hear something? Thanks
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