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    08/09/2015: I-129F mailed08/14/2015: NOA1 received by email; hardcopy received approximately 08/17/201509/14/2015: NOA2 received09/30/2015: NVC received case10/02/2015: CEAC status changed to "In Transit"10/08/2015: CEAC status changed to "Ready"10/09/2015: Consulate acknowledged receipt via phone; Hardcopy from US DoS with case number. 10/19/2015: Received information from Consulate.10/28/2015: Medical Exam11/18/2015: Interview...Approved!11/24/2015: Picked up passport w/Visa and sealed packet02/14/2016: U.S. arrival (POE Bermuda)02/18/2016: Married**************************03/02/2016: AOS/EAD/AP submitted03/14/2016: I-485/765/131 NOAs received by mail. USCIS Receipt Date 03/04/16; USCIS Notice Date 03/10/1603/25/2016: Received biometrics appointment letter04/04/2016: Biometrics appointment04/26/2016: Notification that the I-131 was approved and name was updated on the I-765.05/23/2016: Received notice that a new card was being produced for I-765.05/28/2016: Received EAD/AP card.06/01/2016: Received electronic notice that AOS interview has been scheduled.06/30/2016: Interview at USCIS Baltimore Field Office.09/01/2016: No determination received; able to get an InfoPass appointment for 09/07/2016.09/06/2016: Received electronic notification that I-485 was approved on 09/02/2016.09/09/2016: Received hard copy Notice of Approval 09/14/2016: Green Card delivered! 06/13/2018: Mailed I-751 application packet for Removal of Conditions. 06/25/16: Received NOA/18 month extension letter.
    06/19/2019: Received 10yr Green Card
    06/23/2019: Filed form N-400
    01/13/2020: Interview completed and application approved! Oath ceremony scheduled on-site for 01/16/2020.
    01/16/2020: Journey complete. Citizenship ceremony was held at the USCIS Baltimore Field Office. My wife is now a citizen of the United Staes.

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  1. We first went to the SSA to change my wife's file, then immediately after to the Post Office to submit for her passport. Keep in mind, when you send in your Naturalization Certificate for your passport it will be returned in a separate mailing about 10 days after your passport is received. Another thing to consider - if you applied for TSA Pre with your Green Card, that record should also be amended to reflect your change in status.
  2. Thank you! She said the civics questions were obviously a random selection; she only had to answer 6 as her answers to that point were correct, which meant a pass. We'd been practicing the full 100 questions with index cards each night for a couple of weeks, so she was prepared for whichever ones came up. She wrote them out by hand to start the learning process.
  3. We filed my wife's application online and I noticed the same thing after I downloaded a copy for printing/saving - 1 for her, 0 for me. We also reviewed the full application, multiple times, before submitting and all questions were answered appropriately. So, I'd agree that there's something about the way the form maps to the questions that caused the issue. I was concerned but forgot to remind her about it on interview day; it didn't come up at all in her interview (she passed). You can mention it, if it makes you feel better; or just address it if they ask. I'm thinking if it's a flag they'll bring it up themselves.
  4. Hey Folks, I haven't yet seen a thread specific to 2019 Baltimore field office filers. If it exists, moderators please delete this one and point me to the pre-existing. Just filed today for my wife's citizenship. We filed online, based on marriage for over 3 years. She just received her 10-year Green Card this past week. We were about to file anyway, when we suddenly got notifications of her case approval and card production. Glad we waited a bit beyond her N400 eligibility; we weren't looking forward to potential additional delays with a dual filing, but we were willing. With the info flowing about potential case dispersion going on, to improve application processing, I'm particularly interested in sharing statuses with others filing through the Baltimore FO this year.
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