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    08/09/2015: I-129F mailed08/14/2015: NOA1 received by email; hardcopy received approximately 08/17/201509/14/2015: NOA2 received09/30/2015: NVC received case10/02/2015: CEAC status changed to "In Transit"10/08/2015: CEAC status changed to "Ready"10/09/2015: Consulate acknowledged receipt via phone; Hardcopy from US DoS with case number. 10/19/2015: Received information from Consulate.10/28/2015: Medical Exam11/18/2015: Interview...Approved!11/24/2015: Picked up passport w/Visa and sealed packet02/14/2016: U.S. arrival (POE Bermuda)02/18/2016: Married**************************03/02/2016: AOS/EAD/AP submitted03/14/2016: I-485/765/131 NOAs received by mail. USCIS Receipt Date 03/04/16; USCIS Notice Date 03/10/1603/25/2016: Received biometrics appointment letter04/04/2016: Biometrics appointment04/26/2016: Notification that the I-131 was approved and name was updated on the I-765.05/23/2016: Received notice that a new card was being produced for I-765.05/28/2016: Received EAD/AP card.06/01/2016: Received electronic notice that AOS interview has been scheduled.06/30/2016: Interview at USCIS Baltimore Field Office.09/01/2016: No determination received; able to get an InfoPass appointment for 09/07/2016.09/06/2016: Received electronic notification that I-485 was approved on 09/02/2016.09/09/2016: Received hard copy Notice of Approval 09/14/2016: Green Card delivered! 06/13/2018: Mailed I-751 application packet for Removal of Conditions. 06/25/16: Received NOA/18 month extension letter.
    06/19/2019: Received 10yr Green Card
    06/23/2019: Filed form N-400

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  1. Congratulations, this is great (and hopeful)! Did you get a notification by email, even though it's not showing on my.uscis.gov?
  2. To be sure of the date you're eligible to file, you can use this calculator: https://www.uscis.gov/forms/uscis-early-filing-calculator Don't do it even one day earlier, you'll risk it being rejected.
  3. Go for the less expensive ticket, you don't have to use the return just cancel it or see if you can use the balance for something in the future. Congratulations!
  4. We chanced a walk-in for biometrics today; she was scheduled for the 19th, but has to travel as her mother is having surgery. The estimated case completion time online has now changed from September 2020 to June 2020.
  5. We went in for my wife's biometretrics today, a couple of days earlier than the appointment. They let us in without a hassle, which was appreciated. We were in and out in less than 20 minutes. Her biometrics have been updated in her online account and the estimated case approval time has changed from September 2020 to June 2020.
  6. Thanks! Fingers crossed for you that it will come in the next few weeks. We'd also been considering submitting the N-400 application in advance of the ROC approval, but opted to wait a bit longer. I think, if we hadn't received it by the end of July, we would have done that. Fortunately, we didn't have to go that route; it was approved pretty much a year to the date of the June 2018 submission; her application wasn't transferred. We were given an estimated wait of 4 months (Baltimore FO), so once biometrics are done next week we're going to try to push it to the back of our minds for a while.
  7. We only just applied last week. Estimation is September 2020; we've got quite a wait ahead.
  8. Hey @NarnBhaubl89, my wife has filed via the online application and we're happy that's now an option. The online application is pretty straightforward, stepping you through questions and indicating what supporting documents are needed, as it's dependent on the means you qualify to file for citizenship (3yrs by marriage or 5+yrs legal residency). If you read the guide on this site, you can anticipate what documents you'll need and gather them before starting, in addition to any other supporting documents you feel will be helpful. You have 30 days to complete the application, pay and submit once started; you can login back in and continue as needed, within that time. The system saves each step's answers as you progress. If you don't complete it in 30 days, your application is deleted. For uploading documents, you can scan or take clear photographs. Hope that helps. Good luck to your sister!
  9. We input the 5 years worth of information - including her address and workplace prior to moving to the U.S.
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