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  1. Good for you! Hopefully we also get to have our interview soon. Yours was really fast
  2. I wish we were one of the lucky ones who got an interview date after 1 month of waiting! lol
  3. 1 month after biometrics, still nothing changed in my status and says "fingerprint fee received"
  4. Wow your status changed fast. Had my biometrics last Jan.9 and my status still says "fingerprint fee received"
  5. Silly questin but how do you really know where is the local office that your papers are being processed? Is it somewhere in the NOAs?
  6. Thanks. The SS card I received is my maiden name, can I change it to my married name without the EAD/green card?
  7. As promised, I was about to go to SSA to do a follow up but then my SS card arrived in the mail, though it says "valid for work only with DHS authorization" does this mean I cannot use this to apply for a driver's license?
  8. Thank you! I'll go to the office and check
  9. This is true and frustrating fact. I do have a question though, since I was here in the USA back in 2009 as J1 visa, and after searching and searching for my papers then, I actually found my SSN in one of my paperwork. And from what I know, whatever they assign you in the SSN before, it will be your SSN forever. Now can I go ahead and bring this number to my local SSA and just request for a name change?
  10. Congrats! Yours was fast. I hope this goes to everyone waiting as well
  11. Okay so I called again today, asked for somebody higher and this is the same thing she told me. When she asked for my reference number she said that i'm no longer k1 and that i need to wait for my greencard to get SSN. It's so frustrating. I've been getting different answers with my situation. 😓
  12. Have you received your SS card yet? What did they tell you when you called?