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Visiting the US during K1 visa process


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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: United Kingdom

Hello everybody,

I am thinking about going to vist my fiance in the US for the duration of April and a few weeks of May, as it feels like we haven't been with each other for ages. She is finishing up her college semester and then wants to come back with me to the UK for a few months until we get the visa sorted for me to go back to the states again in the Summer.

Do you think that I will be okay entering the US with a K1 in process if I bring evidence of ties to the UK (i.e. letter of employment, utility bills, etc?). It kinda worries me because I would hate to get all the way to LA and refused entry.

I could wait for everything to be completed but we are both really fed up and need to spend time with each other for a while.

Has anybody got any experiences of soing this and what happended with them at the US airport?

Thanks guys,


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hmmmm tough one. I've never tried it personally but I've stories that people have had not problems whatsoever and some who have been refused. You need to take as much proof as possible that you have plans to return....employment, house info, proof your at uni etc Its kind of a luck thing - it depends on the individual POE officer....

If you fly Via dublin, the POE is in Dublin so if you do get refused its not as far home (depressing though).

Aer Lingus do that flight. I have heard that they are quite strict at Dublin.

Hopefully someone can give you further info.

09/20/05 NOA1 received
11/22/05 NOA2 received (65 days)
12/05/05 NVC received application! (say 2-4 week wait)
12/13/05 Found out forms were sent to London on 12/08/05!
12/20/05 Packet 3 received!
01/11/06 Medical - Knightsbridge London
01/18/06 Sent back packet 3!
02/15/06 Received packet 4!

02/13/06 INTERVIEW DATE 03/22/06 AT 10.30AM!! - APPROVED

Married July 29th 2006!!

08/17/2006 Filed for AOS and EAD
08/26/2006 NOA1 received for both (dated 08/24/06)
09/06/2006 RFE email.....not sure what for yet!
9/07/2006 Biometrics completed
10/13/2006 Transferred to CSC!!
11/02/2006 Approval email received!!
11/08/2006 Welcome to USA letter arrives!


06/06/08 Family moved back to UK!!

Husband gained UK citizenship September 2015


Family relocating back to California

06/27/2016 I-130 Spousal Visa application sent to London Embassy

07/05/2016 NOA 1

08/31/2016 NOA 2 - case transferred to the Immigrant Visa Unit at the embassy

09/13/2016 3rd Letter received with LND number

10/14/2016 Medical

10/31/2016 Embassy interview

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I think it also depends on how much time/often you've used the vwp in recent times. Personally I chose not to risk travelling as I'd hammered the programme, being in the us 3 times for 80 days or so...though i was unaware that this was frowned upon.

I know that infor probably doesnt help you too much, but good luck anyway mate.

USCIS California Service Center - Expedited

09-SEP-2010 : Mailed I130 Petition to Chicago Lockbox.

16-SEP-2010 : Received NOA1.

24-SEP-2010 : Expedite: service request

05-OCT-2010 : Supporting documents sent to CSC.

16-OCT-2010 : RFE received.

19-OCT-2010 : RFE response received at CSC.

22-OCT-2010 : I130 Petition APPROVED.

30-OCT-2010 : NOA2 Received in Mail

NVC - Expedited

27-OCT-2010 : Case Number Assigned

02-NOV-2010 : Expedite request emailed to NVC

10-NOV-2010 : Expedite approved - Case forwarded to Consulate

12-NOV-2010 : Medical

US Embassy - Expedited

18-NOV-2010 : Packet 3 email received.

19-NOV-2010 : Emailed DS230, DS2001

30-NOV-2010 : Interview - 9am Denied: 3 year bar (overstay) - i601 Waiver filed with expedite request

01-DEC-2010 : MP requests assistance from US Ambassador

03-DEC-2010 : Waiver transferred from USCIS to DHS

11-DEC-2010 : Waiver Receipt notification dated 07-DEC-2010

20-DEC-2010 : VISA/Waiver Approved

22-DEC-2010 : Approval letter received

24-DEC-2010 : Passport collected by courier

10-JAN-2011 : CR1 Visa Issued by IVU London

11-JAN-2011 : Passport / Visa delivered.

18-JAN-2011 : POE: EWR (Newark, New Jersey)

17-FEB-2011 : Welcome Letter Arrived

19-FEB-2011 : Green Card I-551 Arrived

I-130 Mailing to Approval (incl. waiver): 102 Days

OCT 2012 : Applied for Removal of Conditions

DEC 2012 : Received NOA1 (GC extention letter)

18-JAN-2013 : Biometrics walk in approved and completed

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I'd be inclined to say that if you've not been a chronic VWP user and you can substantiate your intent to return (for your interview, after all, if nothing else!), you should be fine, but you never can tell.

Do your Immigration stuff at the Dublin or Shannon PFI just in case, and if all goes well, enjoy your visit! :)

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The London Interviews Thread: Wait times, interview dates, and chitchat for all visa types

The London Waivers Thread: For I-601 or I-212 applicants in London (UK, Ireland, and Scandinavia)

The London Graduates Thread: Moving stateside, AOS, and OT for London applicants and petitioners

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: England

As long as you haven't spent excessive amounts of time in the US ("living" here via the VWP) and have plenty of evidence to back up your ties to your home country you'll be fine. Just answer questions honestly and truthfully, and be prepared for the option of getting refused entry.

In our experience my husband was "living" here via the VWP and made three trips back to the UK. On his third re-entry he was stopped and questioned, and told not to try to enter again without the proper visa-but ultimately he was allowed through. The next time we entered the US it was with him on a K-1, so we were fine.


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I did exactly that. See my timeline below. I was in the UK for a few weeks when my K1 approval came through and I went back to the US while I was waiting for Packet 3 etc. I got a friend to mail P3 to me here in the US!

My pending K1 must have shown up at the POE when they scanned my passport, but I didn't have any problems. I took evidence with me but didnt have to show anything. I had used the vwp several times already during the previous 12 months - for 2 weeks, 5 weeks, 1 week and finally 90 days and was prepared to be turned away, but it all worked out ok.

Good luck!

Annie UK

2004 Awaiting my divorce

Decree nisi 29th July YAYYYYYYYYYY


Dec 23 decree arrives, I-129F sent to Nebraska!!!

Dec 27 NOA1

Feb 16 2005 NOA2 (51 days)

May 17 INTERVIEW 9am!!!! (day 141) Approved

May 30 Arrived POE Chicago (flight delayed!!)

June 13 applied for SSN

June 30 Wedding on beach at sunset awwwww

AOS 2005

July 11 Sent off AOS/AP/EAD to Chicago

Sep 1 I485 transferred to CSC

Sep 15 EAD and AP approved (59 days)

Nov 25 Green card and Welcome letter arrive in mail (no interview) 130 days

Removing Conditions 2007

Aug 15 I-751 sent to Nebraska

Sep 14 NOA1 rec'd, transferred to CSC again

Sep 21 rec'd bios appt for 9/28/07

Jan 26 2008 Approved. 10 Yr card received 1/28/08.

Naturalization 2008

Sep 8 N-400 sent to Nebraska

Sep 11 Priority date

Oct 7 Biometrics

July 10 2009 - Interview, approved!

Aug 20 Oath ceremony

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What if you don't HAVE a letter of employment and your name isn't on ALL the bils?Any ideas?

Applied for K1

Met online 2001 - just aquaintances

Sept 2002 - 1st US visit - everything goes perfectly.

Dec 20th - Forms recev'd at CSC

Dec 27th - NOA1 received by snail mail!

Dec 29th - 'Touched'

March 10 2006 - NOA2!

March 23 - recv'd at NVC

March 24 - petition sent to London

April 9th - Pkt 3 rec'd!

May 17th - Pkt 3 signed for at London Embassy

May 24th - Medical

May24th - Pkt 4

June 14th - Interview 10am - APPROVED 1pm!!

June 16th - Visas received in my hot little hands 1pm :)

July 19th - flying to US!

July 27th - Married!! :-)

Aug 7th - Applied for SSN in married name

Aug 9th - SSN received



I'm not a lawyer I just have opinions on everything :)

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: United Kingdom

Thanks guys,

I have been twice to the US in 2005. The first time in June for three weeks and again in September for just under the 90 days coming back at the end of November.

I don't really see this as abusing the VWP but i suppose it depends on the immigration officer.

I would hate to get so close to my fiance in LA and get turned back.

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Malaysia
Thanks guys,

I have been twice to the US in 2005. The first time in June for three weeks and again in September for just under the 90 days coming back at the end of November.

I don't really see this as abusing the VWP but i suppose it depends on the immigration officer.

I would hate to get so close to my fiance in LA and get turned back.

I visitede US in June 05 and went back another time in Dec 05 whilst awaiting for Packet 3.

They just asked me the standard, "How long do you plan to stay?" "What's your job in Kuala Lumpur?" which I went through during my first visit there. Oh, one extra question (went through immigration before collecting my bag), "how many bags do you have with you now?"

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Just another question relating to entry into the USA whilst your K-1 is being processed.

What type of Visa would I enter into the USA and what types of information would be required as proof that I intend to return back home?


Justin :)

K-1 Journey

03-01-2006 K-1 Application Mailed to California Service Center

03-10-2006 Check Cashed

03-11-2006 NOA1 Received!!!

End of Journey

Justin (UK) & Kelsey (US)


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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: Colombia

Bank account, rent or mortgage paperwork, utilities bills, car payments, etc.

Johanna & Peter

Colombia / U.S.A.

I-129F / K-1 Fiancee Visa

08-20-02 - Met Johanna in Armenia, Colombia

10-05-05 - K-1 Sent to TSC

10-14-05 - Received NOA1 by E-Mail (Day 9)

12-22-05 - Reveived NOA2 By E-Mail & Mail (Day 78)

03-03-06 - Interview Date! (Day 149) Approved

03-10-06 - Johanna Arrived

05-27-06 - Married

I-485 / AOS (Did not applied for EAD or AP)

06-05-06 - Sent I-485 application to Chicago via USPS (Day 1)

06-06-06 - AOS Package Delivered at 12:29PM

06-12-06 - Received NOA1 by Mail

06-14-06 - Check Cashed

06-22-06 - Received Appointment Notice for Biometrics

06-26-06 - "Request for Additional Evidence" Online, waiting for letter

06-29-06 - Biometrics Done!

06-30-06 - Received RFE Letter by mail. (Missing Birth Certificate)

07-10-06 - Sent RFE by Express Mail USPS

07-11-06 - RFE Delivered @ 10:54AM Sign by D. Atwell

08-28-06 - AOS Transferred to CSC E-mail & USCIS Website (Day 85)

08-30-06 - Touched #1

08-31-06 - Touched #2

08-31-06 - E-Mail from CRIS & USCIS-CSSO - CSC received AOS Application

09-01-06 - Touched #3

09-01-06 - NOA by Mail Regarding Transfer to CSC

09-05-06 - Touched #4

09-07-06 - Touched #5

09-13-06 - Touched #6

09-15-06 - AOS Approved by Online Status & E-mail

09-21-06 - Received GC and Welcome Letter (Day 109)

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: England

Jkw777 - Since you're from the UK you don't need a visa to enter the country for a visit. Nigel came from London a few weeks ago and had no problem at all. He had already gotten packet 3 at that point. I can't guarantee it'll be the same for you but if you don't have a history of long stays in the US or overstaying a visa you should be fine.

May 2003 - Met in Vegas

October 2004 - First trip to England to see Nigel

November 24, 2005 - Engaged!

December 13, 2005 - Sent I-129

December 16, 2005 - I-129 received in Vermont

December 19, 2005 - NOA1

January 3, 2005 - NOA2

January 27, 2006 - Packet 3 received

February 9, 2006 - Packet 3 sent back

March 13, 2006 - Medical appointment

March 23, 2006 - Packet 4 received

April 18, 2006 - Interview - VISA APPROVED!!!

June 21, 2006 - Nigel arrives!

July 12, 2006 - Applied for SSN

July 14, 2006 - Married at courthouse

July 19, 2006 - Received SSN

August 8, 2006 - Filed for AOS and EAD

August 17, 2006 - Received NOA

September 2, 2006 - Received notice that case was transferred to CSC

September 5, 2006 - Biometrics appt

September 30, 2006 - Official wedding with friends and family - woohoo!

October 12, 2006 - Received email that case was approved

October 16, 2006 - GC arrived!

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: United Kingdom

Hi Justin,

You only need to enter the US on the VWP (Visa Waiver Program) this doesn't change until the K1 visa has been issued and then you have to use that to enter the US.

I will be using the VWP to visit my fiance in California at the end of this month, so I was just starting this thread to see if I will be turned away at immigration or not!

I was only worried because I have used the VWP a few times last year and I have heard stories of people being turned away.

Looks like if I take enough evidence with me I should be fine. Plus my fiance is coming back to the UK with me for the summer before we use the K1 visa to enter the US, so thats evidence enough that I will leave if you ask me!

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Just be prepared Tom.......my personal opinion, its just all about who you get at POE and what kind of day they are having..." Kevin Lee" at Dulles Washington was having a bad day and sent my soon to be other half back to the UK and it was devistating to the both of us, I waited at the airport 7 hours after his flight arrived was told there was a hold up in customs, i checked a few times asking questions got the run around, just told it was a busy day finally at the 7th hour I was told to use the red phone in the hallway and ask customs if there was a problem so i did at this point i was told by customs that no one had been detained.....so i waited and waited 8th hour made a call home to check my messages to find a call from steve in the 2nd hour after his flight had arrived to say "Honey Im So Sorry the pricks wont let me in and then a long pause.. his voice broke up he says Please call my family and ask then to find flight details to when i will be arriving back to the UK and have someone pick me up, I love you and again Im so sorry" and ile call you when i get in.....So now he is unable to get back in the states as he was on "VWP" ..Now the K~1 is being gathered and hopefully will be ready by the 15th of this month......I wish you all the best ... Good Luck


K-1 Sent to Vermont St Patrick's Day~ May the Luck of the Irish Be With Us Today!! 3/17/06

NOA1 03-25-06

Touch 06-16-06=RFE Email

Touch 06-17-06

RFE Arrived 06-21-06

RFE Sent back to Vermont 06-21-06

RFE Delivered 06/23/06 10:55am

RFE-Touch 06/24/06

Touch 06/27/06

Approved 08/21/06 {157 days)

Touch 08/22/06

NVC Letter 08-25-06 Hard Copy

Left NVC 08-25-06

Arrived at London 09-01-06

Packet 3 Arrived at Steves Door 09-05-06

Packet 3 Sent back to London 09-15-06

London Medical 09-29-06- Completed

Packet 4 11-20-06

Londen Interview 12-08-06 APPROVED

Visa in Hand 12-12-06

Enters the USA 12-13-06

WEDDING DAY 2/18/07 @ 3pm

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