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  NVC Timeframes

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NVC Timeframes
2:03 am September 13, 2023


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Hi all - I noticed that the status bulletin from the NVC has stated they are working on cases from 7/19 for the past three Mondays. Has anyone noticed any delays in case numbers being assigned?


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Do we need a joint sponsor?
5:06 am July 20, 2023



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If I were to marry my fiance and live with him in his country while waiting for the spousal visa, would there be any possible way for us to sponsor ourselves, or would we for sure need a joint sponsor?

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I-751 Cover Letter and evidences
8:41 pm July 11, 2023


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Hi! I'm just about to send in my packet, just wanted to ask for a review of my cover letter and evidences if I missed anything. TIA!



Attn: I-751

P.O. Box 4072

Carol Stream, IL 60197-4072


(K-1 VISA) <NAME>, A###

To whom it may concern:

Enclosed please find a JOINT I-751 petition for removal of conditions of permanent resident status regarding myself, <NAME>. I entered the US on a K-1 visa in October 2020, married my husband, <SPOUSE NAME> on November 16, 2020, and was awarded Adjustment of Status to Conditional Permanent Residence starting October 5th, 2021. We are happily living together and jointly request that this petition be accepted for removal of conditions.

Contents include the following documents, constituting a petition for the removal of Conditions on residence and evidence of our ongoing relationship.

  • Filled and signed form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions of Residence

  • Filled and signed form G-1145, e-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance

  • Check for $680 made payable to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Appendix 1 - Petitioner and Spouse

  • Copy of both sides of <NAME>Permanent Resident Card.

  • Copy of <NAME>passport

  • Copy of <SPOUSE NAME> passport

  • Copy of <SPOUSE NAME> driver s license

  • Copy of <NAME>and <SPOUSE NAME> marriage certificate

Appendix 2 - Residence and Insurance

  • Residential Lease for current shared residence

  • Renter s insurance for current shared residence

  • ALTA document for a shared investment property, bought in 2021

  • Homeowner s insurance for investment property

  • Utility bills with our names and shared address

  • Phone bill from our joint phone plan

  • Copy of our health insurance, listing <NAME> as dependant

  • Copy of <SPOUSE NAME> life insurance, listing <NAME> as sole beneficiary

Appendix 3 - Finances

  • Copy of our shared credit card

  • Quarterly statements from 2021-2023 from our joint checking account

  • Tax returns for 2020-2022, filed married jointly

Appendix 4 - Life Events

  • Flight itinerary for our trip to Texas in June 2021

  • Photos from our wedding reception in Philadelphia in November 2022

  • Signed document for event arrangements for our wedding reception in Malaysia in December 2022

  • Photos from our wedding reception in Malaysia in December 2022

  • Flight itinerary for our trip to London in May 2023

  • Photos from our trip to London in May 2023

Copies of documents submitted are exact photocopies of unaltered documents and we understand that we may be required to submit original documents to an Immigration or Consular officer at a later date. Please advise us if you have any further questions or concerns related to this petition.



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Approved I-129F to local embassy
8:43 pm July 10, 2023



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We received our I-797 on 3/24 then heard back from the NVC on 7/3. We've received an email saying that our I-129F has been approved by the NVC/USCIS and that they will forward it to the local embassy of my fianc .

I was expecting some paper mail welcome packet that explains this process and a longer wait, but I guess we are past that? I thought the NVC portion of our journey would take longer.

It says that it will take several weeks for the local embassy to process the petition. I'm curious what kind of timeline others have seen from NVC approval to local embassy in contacting my fianc for the next step? And would the next step be the interview?

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N400 Filing Date Calculation for Absence Outside US
6:11 pm June 2, 2023



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Appreciate a fellow VJ'er chiming in on the N400 earliest filing date calculation for an IR0 LPR (5 year normal requirement) based on several absences out of the US.

LPR Status Granted - 04/13/2020

2020- 202 days outside US due to having to care of family overseas & COVID travel restrictions (Apr 2020 departure, Oct 2020 US re-entry no issues)

2021- 354 days outside US on overseas job posting with non-US company (Jan 2021 departure, Dec 2021 US re-entry no issues)

2022- 0 days outside US

2023- 0 days outside US

2024- 0 days outside US

2025- 0 days outside US

For additional context-

  • The LPR purchased and maintained a US house and US bank account statements since April 2020 continuously and filed US taxes continuously since 2020 tax year.
  • Had the LPR not been outside the US in 2020 and 2021, the earliest filing date would have been 01/13/2025 taking advantage of the 90 calendar days early filing.


  • Given the greater than 6 months but less than 1 year absences, is it correct to say that the earliest filing date should be calculated as plus 4 years 1 day from his Dec 2021 latest US re-entry date (and not the full 5 years from the latest re-entry date)?
  • The LPR cannot take advantage of the 90 day early filing anymore correct i.e. Dec 2021 latest re-entry date plus 4 years 1 day minus 90 days for early filing?

Thanks a million!

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