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Can a conditional green card holder be a joint sponsor?
3:15 pm March 2, 2020



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As the title, can a conditional green card holder be a joint sponsor?

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Marriage is going well but living separately -- how does that affect my status?
8:22 pm February 22, 2020


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Hi fellow VJ members!

I entered the U.S with a K1 visa 2 years ago and recently filed the I-751 to remove condition on residence. I'm currently living with my spouse, and our marriage is going well. However, I will be moving to another state for college next year. I'm worried about how that might affect my green card renewal? and consequently my naturalization down the road? Hopefully someone can shed some lights on this. Thank you!

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Register to vote while waiting for oath ceremony
5:10 pm February 19, 2020



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I am a Georgia resident and the voter registration deadline in the coming election for my area is Feb 24th and the election date is on March 24th (Presidential Preference Primary and Special Election). My oath ceremony takes place on Feb 26th. Is it illegal to register to vote before my oath ceremony?

Thanks in advance!

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I am a USC and needing help with immigrating family
5:30 pm January 21, 2020



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Hello all!

VJ has helped me so much along my journey and as of May 2019 I am officially a USC! With that being said, I need help with certain scenarios. Keep in mind, my main focus is getting my youngest sibling (15 years old) here with me so I can see her through college here.
I also have another sibling who is 23 years old but she already finished her college in Singapore. Both unmarried with no children.

1) Should I petition for both of them? I know they are on low priority so it will be a long time before they become permanent residents. (Not ideal)

2) Should I petition for my parents for their permanent residence and then get them to petition my siblings? Will that be a quicker process?

I hope I can get some help around this, I appreciate your help and insights!

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Renewing Malaysian Passport with CR-6 Green Card (same sex marriage)
5:17 pm January 17, 2020

K + R

K + R

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Hey all, I am in a tricky situation right now and wanted to get some advice from the community if anyone has been in the same situation or would be able to share any advise on this.

Long story short, I have to renew my Malaysian Passport soon and in the renewal forms, it asks to disclose my marriage status. I got married in the US and have received my CR-6 conditional green card, however since it is a same-sex marriage, Malaysia would not recognize this.

I initially intended to disclose my marriage status as single (since Malaysia would not even recognize my marriage status) however in order to submit an application to renew my passport, they would need to have a copy of my Green card. In the GC, it says CR-6, which is obvious I am married. However, if I disclose that I am married, I have to state my partners name, which is clearly a male name. Im afraid that by disclosing this, the Malaysian consulate may suspend my citizenship or pursue some other severe measures that would affect my malaysian citizenship.

I would like to source some advise from this wonderful community and what you think I should do. Thank you so much in advance!

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