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I-130 (CR-1) denied because USCIS lost the RFE they received.
2:51 am yesterday


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Hi! So I never thought I would be that unlucky.

Short sunmary, got a silly RFE, submitted reply, USCIS updated website saying they received the RFE submitted and was processing. We waited patiently. No news after 90 days, we sent in enquiry and got a denial notice a few days later.

Stayed calm waiting to receive the mail to find out the reason..

and a little ????

now, trying to stay calm and figure out If lawyering up makes a difference when I motion to re-open? As it was their fault?


Edit : reason for denial is because we didn t reply to the RFE which they received as seen in case file update

i want to upload the picture of the denial letter but somehow it s too large..

at this point any advice is really appreciated.

Quick relationship summary

been (online) best friends for about 10years before we decided to meet up in 2013 and then became a couple, met every year at least twice with 3weeks-2mths each meeting (we take turns flying to each other) got married Jan 2018.

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Anyone from Houston, TX? Should I extend my EAD or wait?
6:30 pm January 9, 2019

Jesus & Michelle

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We filed for AOS, EAD & AP on February 2018. Did the fingerprinting on March. Received the EAD & AP on July, nothing about the AOS till now.

Are there anyone here from Houston. I'd really appreciate it if you guys can share your timeline. I'm wondering if I should extend my EAD which will be expiring on July 2019. I believe that would be another $500 or so.

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Form I-131 (Advanced Parole) expired, what to do?
3:40 am January 7, 2019


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Hey all, we're putting together our AOS documents and I noticed that Form I-131 expired on December 31, 2018. But if I go to USCIS's new website, they still have the old expired form up. What should I do?

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Savings account/investment income on a k1
4:45 am December 27, 2018


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Hey all, I know that K1 beneficiaries are not allowed to work until they receive their EADs, but does anyone know if there is any restrictions on adding my wife to a high-yield savings account in the US and earning some money that way? Or her putting her money into a mutual fund or other investments?

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I forget to put the date on a check that I sent to USCIS
2:10 am December 26, 2018


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Hi Guys,

I sent I-751 for removing green card conditional status. however I forget to put the date on the check I signed and wrote the correct name but just forget to out the date. will they return it to me or they will just write the date on it themselves since it has a signature and cash it out.


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