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K1 to AOS timeframe, name questions
6:15 pm October 14, 2019

Amber and Shawn

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Hi there, i've entered the US on a K-1 visa and it's expiring on the 25th of December, we're getting married on November 16th. I just have a few concerns:

1. Will it be enough time for me to get a marriage certificate to file for AOS before the 25th Dec

2. Can I change my first name aswell as my last name after marriage? I have a chinese name but i've always gone by the name Amber and i'd like to change my first name to it

3. What documents do I need to change/update after the name change? Will my passport still be valid

4. What name do i use to apply for SSN and marriage certificate?

5. Will i be detained/deported if I haven't receive anything after the initial form for AOS being sent?

Thanks in advance

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i-693: Pregnant when filing K1 Visa and Adjustment of Status
1:19 am October 10, 2019



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Hello all, I had my overseas medical examination in my country (Malaysia) last August 2019. I rejected all vaccinations when filing for K1 Visa due to pregnancy. I arrived in USA on Sept 2019, and currently filing for Adjustment of Status. Do I still have to go through another medical examination with civil surgeon in USA? I can't have any vaccinations done until I am due in February 2020. What should I do with my I-693? Do i still file it? It says on the website that you don't have to file another medical examination for K1 applicant since a medical examination was already done overseas. Thank you in advanced!

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Medical exam for AOS
6:26 pm October 8, 2019

Ann R

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Hi everyone,

We finally got out interview letter last week and I'm preparing for the documents to be brought on the interview day. My question right now is regarding the medical checkup if I can still use my previous K-1 medical checkup report. I've been reading a lot, now it says valid for 2 years or I might be wrong? I called various clinics yesterday and apparently the cost is over $500++ not including vaccinations if needed and it's quite expensive for me :(

Anyone have experience going to AOS interview using their K-1 medical report? Or should I go for another one?

I did medical checkup in Malaysia - July 2018

K-1 Interview in Kuala Lumpur - July 2018

Enter USA via K-1 - August 2018

Married - Oct 2018

Submitted AOS form - May 2019

Did biometrics - June & July 2019 (I did twice because FBI couldnt read my fingerprints for the 1st one)

Interview - this upcoming 30th Oct

Appreciate if anyone can share their experiences here, or any advices for me whether I should just go for another medical checkup?

Thank you so much!

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4:52 pm September 25, 2019



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I am spouse of Principal applicant, I will travel after the Principal applicant settled in USA. I choose following to join instead of a accompany with principal applicant. My question is about following to join pay fee when is ready to fill application after the settling principal applicant in USA?

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2:03 pm September 25, 2019



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I have submitted DS260 and all the required documents of Principal applicant to NVC on 09 July 2019. I choose FOLLOWING TO JOIN and will travel after Principal applicant entering USA and received Green Card. My Question about Following to Join don't have to pay fee till applicant start his application for process?

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