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Malaysian petition to reunite with foreign significant others
12:38 am August 4, 2020

Rob & Amy

Rob & Amy

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If you know anyone or you yourself are effected by the Malaysian border closures that you can t proceed with your marriage plans or reuniting with your loved ones who is Malaysian. Please sign this Petition or/ and help us by sharing it to get the word out there. Thanks ???


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Delayed processing?
2:03 am August 1, 2020



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Hi everyone, I had an interview at USCIS office on Mar 6, 2020 and they told me I am approved. However, i believe the offices were then closed the following week due to Covid-19. And up till now i see no progress on my case status, it still shows as "INTERVIEW WAS SCHEDULED". Has anyone facing the same issue? What should i do?


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Quarantine and Covid 19 testing requirement clearance certificate
11:42 am July 18, 2020

Rob & Amy

Rob & Amy

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Do we have to be quarantine in the USA or home country or if we need any certificate of clearing us of covid 19 upon entry into the USA? Where do I have to contact if unsure?

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USCIS Application Service Centres Re-Opening
6:58 pm June 29, 2020



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Good news finally,

USCIS biometric centres will be Re-opening almost every state in July 20.

Just wanted to update folks like me who are patiently waiting for the EAD.



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Possible USCIS Furloughs Next Month
4:28 pm June 12, 2020


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