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US Immigration from Malaysia

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travel before receiving green card (split topic)
1:02 am


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Apologies and thank you in advance if this is the wrong place to ask or too many times ?

So I've come to understand that once your IR1/CR1 is approved, upon entry into the US, it takes 2-3 weeks (or longer) before your green card is mailed to you.

Does that mean I won't be able to leave the US until the green card is in hand? As I understand my B1/B2 visa will no longer be valid at that point.

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Finding a job at States
9:26 pm

Perfect two ?

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Hi Everyone,

Just curious, how long did you take to find a job at States after get your EAD/Green Card?

Thank you,



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California Filers - Need your input: State ID
6:07 pm


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Hiya guys, just checking with anyone who's in the same boat during the current administration's stance on immigration and immigrants.

Have you attempted to get in touch with the local DMV office (I'm in Sonoma county) about applying for a state ID while your AOS is pending? The current crop of discussion leans towards 'nope', but my husband and I are getting annoyed that he needs to babysit me (with his state ID) whenever we need to get something done that requires some form of ID (getting liquor and sending mail out via FedEx, for example). (All cards on the table, I don't mind bringing my passport, NOA1, and marriage certificate wherever I go, but I can't do that every time I head to Safeway).

Thanks in advance

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applying for removal conditions with no joint acc in bank
6:41 pm


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dear all member,

today I'm going to start to collect all the evidence for my removal conditions since my 2 years card is expiring. However, since the first time I've married my husband, I don't have joint account simply because I don't want to add conflict between us and because he is going to control and ask me every penny I spent. So, I decided to make my own bank account and spent my money with no questions.

However, my car loan and car insurance plus health insurance are joint, plus we have joint tax returns.

We also purchase the house we live in, without my name on it. According to him, because I wasn't there when they sign the paperwork and because I DONT contribute to pay the house mortgage.

Mind you, he makes almost 15 times than me, so I'm not capable to pay the house loan. Other than that, I pay my own car & insurance also contributing for the food and small stuff.

my question, regarding to my situation, is there anyone ever apply the removal conditions without no bank account and joint mortgage? Thank you in advance.

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Temporary Order of Protection (Refrain)
4:58 am


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Anyone knows my petitioner filled for me K1, today she got temporary order of protection because she had fight with her sister where her sister made huge scratches on her body. She didn't hit or even called cops because she was scared of our immigration issues but her sister did it and her sister got temporary order of protection against her. Does anyone know will it effect on our ongoing petition?

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