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US Immigration from Malaysia

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11:41 am June 9, 2021



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Hi everyone,

Does anyone has upcoming K1 visa interview at U.S. embassy Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)?

Just want to gather more info about the routine service/ interview for immigrant visa.

Thank you.

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DS160 - I do freelance contract
1:43 pm May 30, 2021



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Hello hello all!!

So I'm filling out the DS 160 and I'm currently I guess "self-employed" - doing freelance BUT, I've been on a contract since I got laid off (a way of companies to hire without giving you a full-time position), and I am doing contract based freelance work for 2 companies.

So I reach the employment page on DS 160 and not sure if this should be listed as "other"? Or I can still pick eg "Communications" as my field and then make a note that I work on contract based jobs atm...

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EAD+AP Renewal Application(in process)after Green Card Received
7:35 pm May 20, 2021

Amber and Shawn

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Hello, I sent out my EAD and AP Renewal Application just about a week or two before receiving my Green Card (I sent out the renewal because the AOS was in pending, and taking more time than what the interviewer told us it would so just to be safe I sent in a renewal). Now that I have the Green Card should I call the USCIS about canceling the renewal, I received mail about the application being in process that I might need to show up for biometrics. Any advice? Should I call? Should I not show to the biometrics? or will the uscis know that i've received the greencard and cancel the process?

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DS 160 and other questions
8:52 am May 10, 2021



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Hi all!

So I'm gathering my documents to submit to the embassy and I'm confused with the DS 160 they have mentioned.

I had read the guide on here and online and I'm still a little confused..


To complete the DS-160, you need the Invoice ID Number and each traveling applicant s Beneficiary ID Number from the Notice to Applicant page of your NVC appointment letter. If you do not have an NVC appointment letter, you can find your Invoice ID and Beneficiary ID Numbers on the Immigrant Visa Application Processing Fee Bill Invoice you or your petitioner received prior to paying your IV fees through NVC. If your petitioner no longer has the Fee Bill Invoice, please obtain the invoice ID number from NVC.

So I've Googled and I'm thinking was something missed out from my fiance's (US) part?
We don't have an Invoice ID number or was he suppose to pay for something else prior to me received the emails?

What we only have is a Case number and USCIS receipt number.


Another thing is, the embassy seems to ask for evidence - whereas I submitted a huge bulk load in the original i-129f petition, would I include this again and further evidence since then?

Thanks so much!

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SSN Form SS-5 Name change (double check)
11:54 am May 7, 2021

Amber and Shawn

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Hi, I received my green card two days ago (from K1>AOS) and i'd like to file for a name change for my ssn, due to covid the offices are closed and i'm filing up this SS-5 form and mailing it to the local office. I'd like to double check on these questions that im unsure of thanks

Question 5: Citizenship ( U.S Citizen, Legal Alien allowed to work or Other?)

Would a photocopy of my Greencard front and back be sufficient or do I need to send the full NOA,i-94, Passport and EADs

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