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what is a police certificate?

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Filed: IR-2 Country: Philippines

police cleaRANCE

what is a police certificate?


04/10/2008 WEDDING DAY!!!!!!!!!''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''05/19/2014 Form I-130 send to USCIS Chicago Lockbox
04/27/2009 Send the I-130''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''05/24/2014 USCIS checks cashed
11/24/2009 I-130 Approved''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''05/2610/2014 USCIS acceptance confirmation via email and text
03/27/2010 AOS sent case forwarded at Nebraska Service Center
04/07/2010 NVC request to send Applicants documents'''''''''''''''''''''''''''05/28/2014 NOA1 Hardcopy
04/09/2010 send the leter requesting to change CR1 to IR1'''''''''''''''''''''''05/29/2014 Alien Registration Number changed

04/12/2010 send email to NVC requesting to change CR1 to IR1'''''''06/20/2014 I-130 Approved (NOA2)

04/15/2010 nvc received 1-864''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' 06/30/2014 I-130 forward to NVC
04/17/2010 received RFE from NVC''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''07/11/2014 NVC received our case

04/21/2010 CR1 to IR1 approved''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''07/18/2014 case # and Innvoice # received

04/30/2010 Send DS230 through EMS express Mail w/o PCC''''''''''08/06/2014 DS-261

05/04/2010 Request for PCC in Japan Embassy'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''08/08/2014 AOS Invoice received thru email
05/06/2010 DS-230 Delivered, May 06, 2010, 11:55 am''''''''''''''''''''''''''''08/08/2014 sent AOS packet

05/12/2010 DS-230 recceived by NVC'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''08/11/2014 AOS shows "PAID" and packet delivered
05/26/2010 RFE checklist received'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''08/13/2014 AOS scanned
05/31/2010 RFE checklist response send thru fedex''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''08/26/2014 IV invoice received thru mail
06/01/2010 RFE for AOS send'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''08/27/2014 IV shows "PAID", DS-260 filed and IV packet send
06/02/2010 NVC received RFE on DS230 signed by J.Desmond 10:25am'''''''''08/29/2014 IV package scanned
06/10/2010 Japan police clearance ready for pick up (36 days)'''''''''''''''''''10/14/2014 Case Complete
06/24/2010 SIGN IN FAILED ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''10/21/2014 CEAC "IN TRANSIT"
06/24/2010 CASE COMPLETE as of june 23, 2010"'"""""""""'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''10/22/2014 CEAC "READY"
06/29/2010 Interview date received.............................................................................10/27/2014 Medical
07/21-22/2010 Medical......................................................................................................11/07/2014 Interview
07/22/2010 NVC forwarded our case to USEM.........................................................11/18/2014 visa received
08/05/2010 Interview 6:30 AM BLUE SLIP
11/08/2010 submit paystub
11/16/2010 submit passport
11/25/2010 VISA RECEIVED
01/16/2011 POE detroit

N-400 Naturalization

11/22/13 Form N-400 sent

11/27/13 USCIS Case Accepted

03/06/14 Interview

03/21/14 Oath Taking

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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: Philippines

A report of any criminal history...In the PI it is received from NBI

Police records

Available and reasonably reliable. Philippine-born immigrant visa applicants 16 years and over are required to furnish certificates issued by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). The green NBI certificate annotated for travel abroad is the correct certificate. Other colors are for local use only. Foreign-born applicants who have resided in the Philippines for six months or more may be issued NBI clearances upon application either in person or by mail. Applicants residing outside the Philippines should send requests for certificates together with money orders or bank drafts for the fees and postage to IRD-Mailed Clearance Section, National Bureau of Investigation, Taft Avenue, Metro Manila, Philippines. Philippine Embassies abroad can assist Filipinos in obtaining NBI police clearances. The NBI has its own fingerprint charts and personal data forms that it will send to the requesting applicant for execution. Most applicants abroad find it more expeditious to have a relative or friend in the Philippines assist them in obtaining their certificates from the NBI. In that instance, a letter of authorization is required. The applicant may also submit a copy (“personal copy”) of a prior NBI clearance to facilitate the processing of a new clearance. Posts are advised that not all arrests and convictions occurring outside of Manila are reported to the NBI. NBI’s criminal records database is not foolproof and the remarks provided on reports require explanation.*Manila and major Philippine cities have computerized records.

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Filed: Lift. Cond. (pnd) Country: Japan

you must submit this with your NVC documents.


12-08-09 - I-130 Delivered to Chicago Lockbox

12-11-09 - Notice of Action (NOA1)

02-25-10 - Notice of Action 2 (NOA2) ~CA service center~

03-23-10 - PCC Applied - GET 04/01

Your I-130 was approved in 76 days from your NOA1 date


03-03-10 - NVC Case Number Assigned

03-05-10 - Email give

03-09-10 - AOS bill; Agent Email Get

03-10-10 - Paid AOS Bill; Email/Mail DS-3032

03-12-10 - AOS Bill Status: PAID

03-15-10 - IV Bill Email Get; Pay IV Bill

03-16-10 - IV Bill Status: PAID; AOS @ NVC

04-07-10 - IV Pack @ NVC

04-12-10 - IV Pack Enters AVR

04-20-10 - Log-in Fail

04-21-10 - Case Complete

04-30-10 - Interview Date Assigned

05-07-10 - NVC Forwards Case to Embassy, Tokyo

Your case was complete in 50 days at NVC


04-16-10 - Medical Exam ($400) - PASSED

05-10-10 - Embassy Receives Case from NVC

06-28-10 - INTERVIEW - Moved


06-22-10 - Visa Received

Your interview took 192 days from your I-130 NOA1 date


07-05-10 - US Entry

07-26-10 - Request SSC @ SS office

07-28-10 - Welcome Letter (2nd on 8/9)

08-02-10 - SSC GET

08-12-10 - Green Card GET -38 days

04-05-2012 - File I-751: APPROVED 10/17


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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Canada

Actually NVC site does list it as "Police Certificates."

This might help. Scroll down to "Police Records." Good luck!

Police Certificates


NOA1 08/19/08

NOA2 01/20/09


Received 01/26/09

Completed 02/13/09 (19 Days)

Interview Assigned 03/27/09 (6 weeks after NVC completion)


04/14/09 (Toronto)


Montreal 05/12/09 (88 days after NVC completion) **APPROVED**


06/16/09 Buffalo

07/02/09 Welcome Letter Received

07/07/09 Applied for SSN

07/10/09 "Card production ordered" email received

07/13/09 SSN received

07/14/09 "Approval notice sent" email received

07/17/09 GREEN CARD received

Removal of Conditions

03/21/11 I-751 mailed to VSC

03/23/11 I-751 received at VSC

03/29/11 Cheque Cashed

03/30/11 NOA1 received (3/24/11)

04/11/11 Biometrics appointment notice received

05/05/11 Biometric appointment

12/13/11 **Approval date** (5 days short of 9 months!)

12/19/11 Approval letter and green card received


05/16/2019 Filed online (estimated completion February 2020)

05/18/2019 Biometrics scheduled

05/21/2019 Receipt notice and biometrics notices posted to online account.05/23/2019 Hard copy of NOA1 received

05/24/2019 Hard copy of biometrics appointment received

06/07/2019 Biometrics appointment (estimated completion January 2020)

12/31/2019 Email received "Interview scheduled"

01/01/2020 Interview date notice posted to online account (02/19/2020)

01/05/2019 Hard copy of interview appointment received

02/19/2020 Interview (**Approved**) and same day Oath Ceremony. 

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