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Names Point of Entry Entry Harassment Comments. List anything unique to your case. Updated Last
blank avatar Suning & Felix Los Angeles 8/8/2008 - Low Took longer than I expected to get through immigration, maybe 1.5 hours if i remember right. 2012-02-25
blank avatar Ailyn & Roben San Diego 2103-03-03 - Low 2014-01-17
VC & JC Detroit 2017-11-20 - Low 2017-10-21
blank avatar Aileen & Lance Los Angeles 2017-11-16 - Low 2017-11-08
blank avatar G & S San Francisco 2017-11-11 - Low 2017-08-17
Siriporn & Michael Los Angeles 2017-11-11 - Low 2017-11-14
A & J Atlanta 2017-11-10 - Low Short queue at immigration, first officer was really nice, didn't say much, just made a few jokes about he had to fit all his belongings into a few suitcases too when he moved down to Atlanta. Fingerprints and photo taken, walked me over to the second officer, which just processed me. Took around 5 mins, all he reminded me of, was that I am not allowed to leave the US until I have my green card or AP. that was it, quick and painless !! 2017-11-10
Ivan & Kacie Chicago 2017-11-08 - Low 2017-11-14
blank avatar Elaine & Jonathan Atlanta 2017-11-07 - Low Everyone was kind and friendly. Not threatening or scary. Process through customs was a little more streamlined than expected and slightly different than on an entry video sent by the airline. 2017-11-13
blank avatar Habibi & Habibati Boston 2017-11-07 - Low 2017-11-12
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