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blank avatar Suning & Felix Los Angeles 8/8/2008 - Low Took longer than I expected to get through immigration, maybe 1.5 hours if i remember right. 2012-02-25
blank avatar Ailyn & Roben San Diego 2103-03-03 - Low 2014-01-17
blank avatar NONE & SIDNEY Minneapolis/St Paul 2018-01-14 - Low 2018-01-15
blank avatar Sonia & Ammar Atlanta 2018-01-12 - Low 2017-12-10
blank avatar Wife & Husband Toronto 2018-01-11 - Low YYZ customs did not know how to process electronic PIVOT cases from Montreal consulate, which led to long delay until they called tech support. 2018-01-12
blank avatar Julieta & Todd Fort Lauderdale 2018-01-10 - Low Very very slow processing thru immigration. It was almost 4 hours from the time the plane landed until getting out of the airport. On the bright side everyone was polite and there were no problems Yesterday at 3:52 AM
blank avatar Mbinna & Wbinna Miami 2018-01-06 - Low Very smooth, not much people at the CBP counters so I went in straight to the counter and got processed by an officer who only asked who filed for me and then took finger prints and a photo then asked me to wait for another officer to come take me to an inner room where I waited for like 15 to 20 mins in line before they called me and gave me my passport with endorsement near the visa and the stamp has both the date of arrival and IR1. No questions asked and that is it. 2018-01-08
blank avatar Lydia & Ider Los Angeles 2018-01-05 - Low 2017-12-06
SM & CML Boston 2017-12-27 - Low The line at Logan was around 1 hour where I had my Envelope, Passport and Customs card ready. After this time I stepped upto the booth and handed all over to the CBP officer. He opened the documents took out what he required, signed and stamped my passport and I was on my way. No questions were asked at all upon arriving. Quick, efficent and courteous service. 2017-12-31
blank avatar mary & martin Washington DC 2017-12-27 - Low 2017-12-26
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