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blank avatar Suning & Felix Los Angeles 8/8/2008 - Low Took longer than I expected to get through immigration, maybe 1.5 hours if i remember right. 2012-02-25
blank avatar Ailyn & Roben San Diego 2103-03-03 - Low 2014-01-17
Jade & Hannah Dublin 2017-05-27 - Low 2017-03-15
blank avatar Max & Ashley Boston 2017-05-23 - Low 2017-03-28
Kim Stephanie & Ivan Dallas 2017-04-11 - Low 2017-03-12
blank avatar Florence & Jim Dallas 2017-04-06 - Low 2017-02-13
AUS & KKH Los Angeles 2017-03-28 - Low 2017-02-19
blank avatar Jason & Taylor Boston 2017-03-26 - Low I travelled with my fiancee back to the USA after a short holiday in Europe and we went through immigration together. The officer was cordial, opened the packet, stamped my passport, reminded us we had 90 days to get married, and then sent us on our way. All together, less than 5 minutes and painless. Yesterday at 11:46 PM
blank avatar Q & A Honolulu 2017-03-26 - Low 2017-03-09
blank avatar M & Mark Charlotte 2017-03-24 - Low My wife POE wasn't Charlotte, NC it was actually Raleigh, NC but since Raleigh isn't in the listed I picked the closest POE. When we arrived to Raleigh the BPC took my wife fingerprints and asked us to wait in another room for processing. He didn't ask one single question. We sat and waited for 20 minutes to then a lady called my wife's name. We went to her and she just handed us a document and advised us that her green card wil be mailed to us then said welcome home. 🎉🎊🎉 2017-03-26
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