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Names Point of Entry Entry Harassment Comments. List anything unique to your case. Updated Last
Rafael & Domingo Dallas NaN-NaN-NaN - Low 2018-04-30
Credzba Suning & Felix Los Angeles 8/8/2008 - Low Took longer than I expected to get through immigration, maybe 1.5 hours if i remember right. 2012-02-25
Cerahbes Ailyn & Roben San Diego 2103-03-03 - Low 2014-01-17
Nana & Jimmy Philadelphia 2021-07-02 - Low 2021-06-08
DaianaTeo DTS & CAH Boston 2021-06-16 - Low 2021-06-11
Kinsman & Superwoman Chicago 2021-06-12 - Low I was admitted at the US CBP and a 1year validity of my visa was stamped on my passport. There were just 2 questions: 1. Your wife’s name is hmmmmm? 2. What part of US will you be residing? 3. What’s the address? 4. The zip code? Answered all and also informed the officer that I am qualified for 10 years green card because my marriage is 2 years now. Although, my interview was 2 months before my marriage clocked 2yrs. So, I needed to convert my CR1 visa to IR1 category. The officer looked at my face and said okay. As a matter of fact, I even showed him a written application for my request and attached a photocopy of my marriage certificate with it. I ensured he sighted my original marriage certificate as well. Finally, he stamped ADMITTED but wrote CR1 on my passport. He therefore returned the written application back to me. He said you are welcome to America. Goodluck. Today at 11:06 AM
AA & AA JFK 2021-06-05 - Low Very quick and easy process, the officers were nice. I was taken to the secondary to have my paperwork processed, took less than 5 min. Just asked what’s my fiancé’s name and told me we have 90 days to marry and I was out. 2021-06-06
Prince & Treasure Washington DC 2021-06-05 - Low Had a very friendly session at the port of entry, I was only asked the address i would be staying and that was it. 2021-06-11
Pooj97 V & P CDN-USA Border 2021-06-04 - Low 2021-06-07
Ella-ella Ella & Alex Washington DC 2021-05-30 - Low Smooth entry, less than 5 minutes, officer was really nice... very humane treatment at IAD 2021-06-06
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