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Names Point of Entry Entry Harassment Comments. List anything unique to your case. Updated Last
Lecitânia & Troy JFK 2023-11-01 - High 2023-09-22
Dennisv Dennis & J CDN-USA Border 2023-11-01 - High 2023-08-30
Blanshi B & P San Francisco 2023-09-30 - High Officer took my picture, opened my packet and asked some questions while he was reviewing the documents: 1. Where's your fiancé now? 2. Are you gonna stay with him? What's his address? 3. When do you plan on getting married? 4. What are you gonna do for a living here? (tricky question, made sure to answer with my plans AFTER getting EAD) 5. What's his job? 6. When was the last time you visited him? (also commented on how I had spent quite a lot of time in the US in the last couple years, I just laughed it off and said I made the most out of my ESTA) He stamped my passport, reminded me to get married in the next 90 days and wished me good luck! :) Yesterday at 4:36 PM
Jaideep & Amanda Seattle 2023-09-29 - High US Entry was very easy and quick. The initial officer only asked a few questions (mostly the typical customs questions, but also if it was the first time in the US) and took the K1 packet. We went to the secondary room after, and waited about 5-10 minutes, and then were called up. The second officer asked 3-5 questions (what address would we be at? did we have a wedding date set? did we want to have a reception? did we know what to do next?) and then we were through! Yesterday at 4:13 PM
Volker & Jill Charlotte 2023-09-27 - High Yesterday at 12:57 PM
Chirul0 Alba & Santiago Miami 2023-09-22 - High 2023-09-27
Joel & Stella Chicago 2023-09-18 - High The officer was very professional. 2023-09-18
V & W San Francisco 2023-09-13 - High 2023-09-13
Aaroncv3 Maja & Aaron San Francisco 2023-09-12 - High 2023-08-08
EdoLove P & T Atlanta 2023-09-11 - High 2023-09-17
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