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  1. Hey Isabeltx, Not yet, mine is still at NVC stage. When did you get your approval and received NOA2? Best of luck!
  2. @Hlima hi you're very welcome! I'm glad to help you🍹
  3. Hey Hlima hi, I had the same issue with you before, ' travelling with the extension letter' while your I-751 is still on the process, however I didn't have any legal offense/misconduct or any of that sort (shoplifting or petty legal offense). With my case though, I filed my I-751 on January 2012, got my extension letter maybe around March or April 2012, travel back to my home country around September 2012 and came back to the US on January 2013 with no problem at all. I didn't get my 10-yr GC until February 2013. ***What I can recommend you doing is >>> To make an appointment and visit your local USCIS office and have your passport stamped with ' temporary I-551 evidencing permanent residency for one year'<<<. You cna also talk to the officers there about your case if that will give you peace of mind. Overall, with that letter you should be fine. Good luck and have a safe trip! 😃
  4. Awesome. I'll try that one instead. Again, thanks Hank_
  5. Thanks Hank_. I saw that page and click the link to their website but it is really hard to understand those Spanish words lol. I'm hoping that there is someone from here who had done this before.
  6. Hello everyone, Kumusta? My I-130 petition for my mother has been approved, now I'm on the process of gathering necessary docs for her. My Mom was a resident in Spain before. Now with that being said, I know that we have to provide a Spanish police certificate as part of the requirements in obtaining the visa (NVC stage). Does anyone of you here had an experience or any ideas on how to obtain a Spanish Police Certificate? .................Online or Post mail? ......................Which one is easier: Me filing for her or Mom filing for herself? Thanks in advance....MABUHAY!
  7. Hey Hassan, I found this helpful page " NVC Process" which was created by another VJ member Saylin. Hopefully this page is going to guide you through the whole process: http://www.visajourney.com/wiki/index.php/NVC_Process#Step_6_-_Gather_AOS_Package Best of luck!
  8. Hi everyone, Mom had lived in Denmark before for 4 years and later on decided to go back to her home country. When my Mom went to the Denmark embassy in her home country to request for a Danish police certificate, she was only told to do it online. Unfortunately when she tried to do it online, she can't understand the words anymore (which is in Danish). I don't know anybody from Denmark. The reason why I'm putting this here because I'm petitioning my Mom to come to the US and my I-130 just got approved. I'm aware that the NVC would require my mom to submit the Danish police certificate. My questions are: Is it possible for me to file a police certificate for my Mom? If so, what's the best way for me (me being in the US) to obtain a Danish police certificate for her? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks - Dzyrhe
  9. An update: Just got approved on July 2nd for my I-130 petition. NOA2 letter received on July 9. Yay 😁🍹
  10. Hey Kaye, actually there's a forum that already exists for December 2017- for people who are petitioning their parents. Hopefully we get our approvals soon. Anyway, here's the link:
  11. Hey Willcrack, mine is at Texas Service Center, hopefully we'll all have our approvals soon. Fingers crossed
  12. Hi Red42, I'm glad you started this thread, I am a December 2017 filer too. Just like you, I never heard any feedbacks or saw any updates on my case since January. I guess this time the processing times takes longer than it was before. I'm petitioning my Mom and I'm attaching my journey below.