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  1. oo sorry i wasn't on visajourney this weekend umm i would read what other folks have done here .. i think i read someone say that they went in the interview with the possibility of getting an RFE for the medical because t was over a year and they did get an RFE and had to get the medical done so maybe you can go in and see if they'll accept your medical instead of spending whatever the cost is beforehand just in case. idk it's up to you. i'll try to see where they posted that. And no, our interview isn't until end of July so idk what it's like exactly :/
  2. I mean if she feels like she wouldn't need one I guess not. It does say: "If you do not speak English fluently, you should bring an interpreter"
  3. Hmm I don't think it's any more than what you sent in for the AOS like your birth certificate, passport, ID, the medical exam (unless already submitted it says), marriage license, and documentation regarding joint assets like tax returns, bank statements, insurance documents or any documents you think necessary for evidence of your relationship.
  4. Yay! Congrats! You'll most likely receive a letter by next week :-) they give you a checklist of what you'll need like w2s, bank statements, etc. My husband had gotten an e-notification last Wednesday, and yesterday we got the physical letter with the date of the interview being July 26. So Maybe your interview will be in a month so you'll have time to gather what you'll need.
  5. Thanks @mushroomspore! It truly was an unexpected surprise. Hopefully you'll hear something soon!!
  6. Today my husband received a great surprise! An e-notification that his interview has been scheduled for the GC and to wait to receive the letter with more information. Yay! Sending good vibes to those still waiting to hear back!
  7. Right?? SO crazy! But relieved :phew: Thank you! and I hope the other VJer who has been waiting much longer than I have hears something soon too...
  8. AFTER 269 DAYS OF WAITING - WE FINALLY GOT AN EMAIL NOTIFICATION THAT "NEW CARD IS BEING PRODUCED" FOR OUR EAD FINALLYYYYYYYY! It only shows on the USCIS app but looking forward to the next update that it will be sent out! Such a relief that we finally got that notification! I had contacted the Ombudsman and my Senator and they both had sent the same email saying that we would receive notice of action or decision "shortly" and that literally took about a month until we got this email that our card is being produced. So frustrating but what a relief!
  9. Yeah I don't have an exact photocopy of the I-765 form I sent to USCIS heh sorry if that was a little confusing. I have a printed version with ink signature so that's why I'm thinking maybe last minute I caught my mistake and rather than making a copy I just kept the incorrect dated one. But idk! It's been such a long wait I don't remember. I did contact the Ombudsman and mid April they sent an email saying they're waiting for USCIS's response and USCIS has notified us that they're reviewing our case and should hear something shortly but two weeks have passed and I'm hoping that by the end of this month we hear something...then again, I've been saying that since the start of this year. And ok I'm hoping it'll be just an RFE but idk why they want to take forever about sending anything! lol thanks @mushroomspore!
  10. I have question.. as I'm still waiting for some type of notification from USCIS in regards to my husband's EAD .. I looked back at the copy that I have of the EAD form. I didn't have a good printer/copier at the time so what I have is like an extra printed copy of the I-765 with pen signature rather than a copy of the form I sent... For the date of entry and city I put the date that we got married and the city in which got married in rather than what was on the I-94. It's been so long of a wait that I don't remember if last minute I sent a different form with the correct dates and not our marriage date lol would that deny us getting the EAD or just an RFE? sooo yeah lets hope I was actually smart and sent in the correct dates but hypothetically .. if I did send the wrong dates of entry and city, what do you think would happen?
  11. Oh my goodness 11 months?? wow... I'm not surprised that the person at the infopass said AP and EAD should've been done a long time ago... because it should have! lol I wish we could just talk directly to the person who supposedly has our case and complain and tell them we need it by tomorrow lol Boop I meant that we got an RFIE on the I-131 and it was because I put in my information for the "preparer's info" on the back for my husband's I-131 and I'm not a third party or legal representative - so I didn't know I had to leave that blank. It was SO dumb because it was just my name and the same address used on the form which is the same as my husband's address and the RFIE was to confirm if we wanted it sent to the preparer's address WHICH IS THE EXACT ADDRESS they sent our RFIE ugh I sent in a new I-131 and on the last part where it asks for preparer's info - I left it blank and sent it in like that with a copy of the RFIE. They received it and notified us that our case is no longer on hold. But it's crazy because I've been sending service requests for the EAD not the AP. I just feel like our case got lost or forgotten and it's very frustrating. And I know I made that same mistake for the EAD form and I haven't received anything but I feel like there's not much we can do. Maybe setting up an infopass appointment can help push our case...we contacted the Ombudsman and they sent an email saying they're waiting from a response from USCIS. Maybe I'll try what @Hamilton did of emailing the Ombudsman back demonstrating urgency.
  12. Yes!! Over here!! We've been waiting 254 days and I've sent 2 service requests for my husband's I-131 and supposedly it was completed and an officer has our case and then we sent another one with a T2 officer and supposedly that was also completed and an officer is reviewing our case. We got an RFIE for the I-765 last month which was 7 months after sending in the AOS packet. I'm expecting and RFIE for the I-131 but we haven't received anything I can't believe you've been waiting 10 months and nothing... We've contacted our senator and the ombudsman and nothing yet. Debating on scheduling an infopass appointment.... do you think that helped you a little bit?
  13. I'm sorry to hear that.. we are also in the same boat. We actually got an RFIE for our i-131 (7 months after we sent in everything) first and we hadn't sent in any service requests for that for that form. All our service requests for the i-765 supposedly have been completed and assigned to an officer and no news on anything. Our last service request started with a WKD from a T2 officer and they told us to call after 20 days if we heard nothing... so next week we'll be following up. I don't know what's going on..I wish we could call directly and speak to however has our case and remind them we're still here waiting! I hope you hear something soon too..