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  1. Great! Congrats! I'll share our interview experience here this weekend.
  2. Our case got approved yesterday, how about your case?
  3. @yogabbaz, my wife also got a physical letter with the date of the interview being July 26 with a long list of documents to prepare. Now, it also lists: We have submitted it before when mailing the AOS package but it's been more than 1 year because we've been waiting so long for the interview date. Do we need to get another one?
  4. Thank you! One question, if my wife speaks basic English, is an interpreter needed?
  5. What things did they list to bring to the interview? Is it a lot?
  6. Another status update: "On June 21, 2018, we scheduled an interview for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Receipt Number XXXXXXXXXXXX. We will mail you an interview notice. Please follow any instructions in the notice." Haven't received the notice in the mail yet. Does anyone know what the instructions will be? Will I need to collect some paperwork? Where will the interview be held? We live in MA. Thank you!
  7. This adds more stress to an already long and complicated process.
  8. Has it been announced by USCIS? I wonder why that happened.
  9. So everyone will go through the interview from now on?
  10. Just got a status update: "we are ready to schedule your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Receipt Number XXXX, for an interview." I was hoping for no interview and simply getting the card in the mail after such a long wait. How long does it take for the interview to be scheduled?
  11. Yes, I had sent an online request as to why this case was taking longer – never received an answer. Then I scheduled and went to an InfoPass appointment. EAD/AP was approved and came in mail 2 months after the InfoPass appointment. They told us at InfoPass the average Green Card waiting time is now 18 months.
  12. My wife received it earlier this month exactly after 1 year after filing.