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  1. I-765

    Scary to see the large amount of incompetence withing the staff. Same thing happened to us, delayed our papers 1 full month and now still waiting for 765 to be processed. We are pushing at 5 months of waiting now.
  2. Hi, yes it was accepted thank goodness. We didn't get a text just letter in mail.
  3. We submitted our AOS after 1 week of getting married. Our packet was rejected a few days ago. Reasons for rejection are 1)wrong fee (which is actually correct!!!) 2) outdated version of I485 , which should have actually been accepted since it was valid till 12/2018!! After calling USCIS Multiple times and finally getting through to customer service. I was advised we mailed the incorrect fee, the representative then further researched the amounts and stated the AOS and biometrics fee was actually correct. Representative said even though there is a more current version of the form, our should have been accepted through march 2018. Representative stated she had to escalate the call to a supervisor. After being placed on hold I was prompted to get a call back in 20 minutes. 20 minutes then turned into 1.5 hours later. I received a call from a supervisor who was once again briefed on our case, he then stated it was human error and our packet should have been accepted, that we should re submit. It is so frustrating that everything is supposed be done with absolutely no mistakes yet the USCIS has incompetent people that cannot bother to check when their own forms should be good through. This is absolutely ridiculous. So here we are writing an exact same check and reprinting forms with the new edition date of a few weeks later! Now we wait once again to see if the check gets cashed or if there is another ridiculous request. Sorry about the rant!
  4. And the other date? Is that of any importance?
  5. Hello Fellow VIsa Journey Peeps, We just received our K-1 visa. We were wondering what the difference is between the dates on thr Visa one says petition validity October... and above it says expiration date November...what are the differences. My fiance is trying to make sure he immigrates before the visa is no longer valide but we are not sure what each date means. Thanks
  6. Hey Guys i got a question concering the expiration of the I-129 F. Me and my Fiance got or 129 approved on November 2nd we turned in all requiered paper for the K1 Visa paket and the the medical exam has been sent to the general consulat in Frankfurt and the Visa Interview has been scheduled for narch 23rd Today after exactly 4 month my fiance got a letter from Frankfurt General Consulate stating or aproved petition has been expired and i was asked to send a new letter of intent to marry him and explain why we did not proceed the papers sooner. so here is my question. Is that right because all the research myfiance did stated that the visa paket has to be turned in before the petition expires and not that the whole precess including the interview has to done before it does? Can someone pls help us out with some hands on information? We did send an email to the consulate but have not heared back from them yet. Thanks in advance
  7. They said they are mailing him a copy of the form, I hope it doesn't have to be an original.
  8. Update: My fiance called the Dr. and was told they forgot to give it to him. Please be aware (Hamburg) location. So they will be mailing it out to him. Thanks for all the advice.
  9. thanks for the alternative ?Um glad we still have a bit of time before he comes to the States
  10. Thanks everyone, well I'm glad he is still in Germany and can easily go to dr. and request that. All he was given was his cd and a receipt for payment. It's a learning process and we have been taking things a step at a time so if I would have know he needed that from dr. when he 1st went I would have obviously had him not leave the office until he got it ?
  11. Awesome, thanks. Will that sheet be in the sealed packet when immigrating? Since Dr. did not give my fiancé a copy. Thanks
  12. Good Afternoon fellow VJ members, We have a question in regards to the Biometrics. When applying for adjustment of status I have read if the overseas medical is within a year of applying for the AOS another Biometrics exam is not needed. No for the tricky part many blogs say to only fill out Part 1 of that for (325) I believe. But someone also stated to have a Surgeon? fill out a part on that form? I'm confused. Thanks in advance ?
  13. Frankfurt Embassy

    We just got the link today and we're able to schedule end of next month and as early as this month, so you were "right on the money" ? Thanks again!
  14. Frankfurt Embassy

    Thanks for your reply, gives us some peace of mind ?