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  1. I got my approval today. I am WAC 199010xxxx, I subscribed again to the uscis program at about 11 am, and around 3:30 pm, I got the notification that I have been approved and my card was being produce. I had a subscription before, but about a month ago, I did not have access, and so, I subscribed again. After a few hours, I got my notification. I don't know if this is luck or what, but I am really happy. good luck to everyone.
  2. Thank you Malauriea, my timeline is: December 28 sent i751 sent to PHX lockbox and assigned to WAC January 7th: case received May 1th: Biometric Anxiously waiting for card being produced!
  3. Same, fingeprints completed since 5/1/19 and then nothing.
  4. Good day Amazing People, Do you guys receive the email from VisaJourney.com where is send an Approval Estimate, the last couple of weeks has been crazy, from February to May. Is this happening to other users? or just me? Congrats to all the users that have been approved so far!
  5. I got my biometrics taken on 5/1/19 and they updated the website almost the next day. Maybe try to confirm. I when to the local office here in Phoenix Az. I'm on the California center.
  6. I have almost same day, but I had my biometrics on May 1st, according to Visajourney.com I should get news about my approval on April 26th. Hang in there. I hope you receive news soon. Good luck.
  7. I have similar timeline as you guys as well. I am in Phoenix, Az. I just got an email from visajourney.com that my acceptance for the i751 when from probably March 20 of 2020 to be April 21 of 2020. Did this happen to you guys too? Have an excellent day and hope everybody is good.
  8. No... I have been subscribed there since May and no issues. This is the website where you can get an account https://myaccount.uscis.gov/ and should be ok. My problem is that before they just to send me an email every 15 days, and that is not happening anymore. That website is working good and you put your case in it.
  9. I go to https://my.uscis.gov with the email and I had no problem. I just tested a few minutes ago.
  10. Hello, just a quick question, I was receiving an email 1 at the begging of the month, one at the middle and 1 at the end, where it says "We are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time We last took action on your case on May 1, 2019" which was my biometric appointment, but after June 12 email, I have not received anything. Has this happen to any of you? Thank you and I hope everybody is doing amazing.
  11. Im on the same status (Also got my Biometric on the same day as you May 1, 2019). I get emails every 15 days telling me that nothing has change and they are still reviewing.
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