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  1. Every case might be looked differently but in my case even though my total income was way above poverty guidelines I still got a RFE for joint sponsor as my AGI # was lower d/t disability income not being taxed. I had more than enough assets to cover the deficits but they still sent the RFE. I had sent every document to prove my total income but at the end had to come up with a joint sponsor ..
  2. My spouse had received his SSN card within a month of his arrival but his last name was not completely written in that as he has a long middle name. So I was going to contact them once he got his greencard but then yday in the mail we got a new SSN card with his last name spelled correctly as they eliminated the middle name in this but a totally different number from the initial one. Is it normal for a person to get two diff SSN no ? I was thinking they would just issue a diff card with corrected name but same number once we contact them.
  3. Can we start applying for jobs before gettting greencard or work permit ? Not planning to work till we get work permit but was wondering if it’s allowed to apply ? Our GC interview is next month
  4. IRS finally accepted ours. I put his middle name & last name (social security only has half of his last name on the card ) as written on SSN as his last name & got accepted
  5. IRS keep rejecting my spouse info saying error in either name or SSN. What to do now ? Should I just paper file ? Our interview is next month & would like to file it prior.
  6. I am hiring a translator for our interview next month but now that the new public charge rule will be implemented does it help to take a letter from my spouse’s English teacher showing his progress in the language ? Also should I also be taking his credit score documents for the interview as they are now going to consider all those factors
  7. I wonder if this new rule going to negatively affect applicants who had to use joint sponsor with the potential of immigration officer assuming that petitioner income alone isn’t sufficient to support the applicant & there by he or she could be a public charge in the future. ?
  8. Really sorry that this happened.. I’m not any expert but I think marrying & filing CR1 would be your best choice.
  9. Do you recommend any tax software that help us correctly file all the required forms including the foreign income ?
  10. Hi Joyful Jen. I’m from Kerala too. Stay strong friend.
  11. For the interview do we only need to take what’s listed on notice or should I take all the documents including the papers already submitted for k1? It’s so confusing as some people say they even took the documents as boarding pass & tickets prior to K1 interview for AOS .. is there an checklist on VJ ?
  12. @K1visaHopeful, so I don’t need to clarify that I’m not submitting I-864A as my sister is not working & has no income , right ? Just want to make sure before sending it . Also will the work permit be delayed as we got RFE or is that independently reviewed?
  13. My brother in law is our joint sponsor & my sister is a house wife. So all I need is 1-864 signed by him , his employment details & their tax returns right ? They file joint tax returns but it’s just his income( which is way above what is required to sponsor ). Should I add an affidavit explaining that she’s not working ?
  14. @debbiedoo, her question was how to avoid a possible 221g related to wedding plan & the answer to that is showing them proof of wedding plans. We received 221 g to show more wedding plan evidence even when the letter of intent clearly stated our intention to marry within 90 days. So my answer was just to clarify that adding the wedding plans to the letter of intent may not help unless she can show them some wedding plans discussed & done
  15. Not sure how much that will help as they want to see evidences of your wedding plans
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