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  1. @Knome, if I remember right your interview is this week right ? Best wishes & prayers for easy interview & approval.
  2. @Liflead, that worked. Thankyou
  3. @Greenbaum, I don’t think I’m worried abt it after u reassuring me page # doesn’t matter. I was just explaining to others that even after adjusting printer settings it’s still the same & if I do want it that perfect my only option would be to try outside somewhere.
  4. @Liflead, I tried adjusting settings by fit page too. Still no luck. Next option would be to go to fedex office & try again.
  5. @AMAR786, Thankyou for the reassurance.. you hve always been very helpful 🙏
  6. Our interview is on March 7th & am starting to worry abt everything at this point. I hve a tax reported income of 25k & another 15k that’s not taxable ( SSDI beneficiary payment & child support ) making it to a total of 40K (4 members including fiancé ). Is the primary home equity considered as asset for k1 ? I recently read in a visa journey post that primary house won’t be counted . I also can show cash / stock around another 40 K. Do you think I’m worrying for no reason or do you see a red flag based on my source of income. ? Help pls
  7. @Greenbaum. I’m getting my papers ready to fly to India for interview. Hope you don’t mind reviewing my documents just to make sure I’m not forgetting something that I should take with me . As a petitioner who’s retired on Ssdi & pension the following is what I hve gotten ready 1.I-134 2.benefit statements from ssdi & employer 2018 tax transcripts & 1099’s from ssdi & pension 3.Bank statements showing deposits of above incomes & my savings account bank letter & statements 4. Also hve last two years tax transcripts & 1099’s if they ask 5.I also hve wedding plan details if they ask & home equity documents ( which not sure if primary residence equity counts ) Greenbaum, sorry if you have answered this question million times before but it’s such a huge relief to get a confirmation from you.
  8. @Greenbaum or others.... anyone had this issue when printing I-134 ? The bottom page number is not getting printed. Is it ok or should I try a different printer ? I tried several times but this is how it’s coming out.
  9. @Greenbaum I keep posting this link but I think it’s not getting saved for some reason or I’m doing something wrong. But I hve to say after following his thread there seems like a lot of missing points in his story. Something isn’t matching & maybe that’s what CO felt too
  10. Has anyone had issue where CO thought you were too married for staying together d/t cultural norms. I read a k1 visa denial for that reason in Islamabad embassy where co denied visa mainly bcoz of pictures of them staying together one night but was wondering if Mumbai embassy co could think of that too ( I believe Islamabad is pretty conservative than India when it comes to cultural norms but that post made me think ) I was planning to be there for the interview now I’m worried if that would hurt our case . Help please