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    So this our second round initially filed for k1 denied for some reason lol. Anyways got married and now filing for spousal visa?

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  1. Congratulations now the next chapter begins Amen
  2. Maybe they have received your cosponsor information and want to issue your visa, if they already have your passport bring some form of ID whether it be an old ID just so you can then speak to someone in person at the embassy. Congrats!!
  3. Maybe you guys should try and submit an inquiry for congressman to find out what the status of your case is since it's been close to a year.
  4. No we didn't have it notarized we just brought the original copy to our interview
  5. meemee1 can you message me because I feel like there is hope after reading your post.

  6. Husband wants to visit while CR-1 is processing

    No we didn't have to prove we we're cousins.
  7. Husband wants to visit while CR-1 is processing

    She had a 5 year multivisit visa
  8. Husband wants to visit while CR-1 is processing

    I did an invitation letter for my cousin in Ghana for a B1 visa I also gave check stub, utility bills, and letter from my employer stating that my job was in good standing. She was approved but she worked at one of the larger banks in Ghana and showed a letter from her employer as well as bank statements and land documents. She was approved for a B1 visa. Hopefully he will get approved best wishes!
  9. Just wanted to thank the VJ community for all the help!!! My husband had his interview in Accra Ghana yesterday and he was approved for his visa the consular only asked him 5 questions: about how we met, his job, my job, if he met my parents and where would he work in Ghana. We were denied k1 in 2016 and because the CO KM said our relationship was a sham. So I was worried they would deny us again. But my husband said his interview was like 3 minutes and he saw the consular looking through our photo album and smiling. When he gave his initial document at the first window the person said that our file was huge, so they only wanted a few documents. We did front load and send more info with the NVC but I don't know if that really helped or not. God is so good!!!
  10. Approved God is good!!!:jest::jest:

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    2. MNchick1998


      Approved!!!!!!! OMG!!!! Amen!!! God is so good. Congrats!!!!!

  11. Welcome to the site really go through the guides as St above they are very helpful and read through the Ghana portal section it's very helpful.