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  1. So I hadn't checked my mailbox in a few days because the only letter I was waiting for didn't appear in the USPS Informed Delivery Daily Digest. Turns out my biometric letter had in fact arrived along with a separate notification that the discrepancy (A# typographical error on I-751) was corrected Looks like their starting to filter through for us May VSC filers.
  2. 5/3/17 (90 days until expiry): I-751 mailed (USPS Priority) 5/6/17: I-751 received at USCIS 5/16/17: USCIS cashed check 5/18/17: 2x copies of I-797 received, with different A#, Receipt#, Receipt times Despite checking, turns out I made a typo on the I-751 form and provided the wrong A#. It was correctly stated on the cover letter and, of course, the front and back copy of my green card. The first I-797 references this incorrect A# and has receipt time of 05:32. The second I-797 references the correct A# and has a receipt time of 05:40. I cannot believe I made this mistake! Will be calling them immediately tomorrow just to understand what steps I need to do to correct this, if any