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  1. Found this on the USCIS website. I think her GC would be safe. The job is a 2 year initial assignment with the option to continue longer. Abandoning Permanent Resident Status You may also lose your permanent resident status by intentionally abandoning it. You may be found to have abandoned your status if you: Move to another country, intending to live there permanently. Remain outside of the United States for an extended period of time, unless you intended this to be a temporary absence, as shown by: The reason for your trip; How long you intended to be absent from the United States; Any other circumstances of your absence; and Any events that may have prolonged your absence. Note: Obtaining a re-entry permit from USCIS before you leave, or a returning resident visa (SB-1) from a U.S. consulate while abroad, may assist you in showing that you intended only a temporary absence. Fail to file income tax returns while living outside of the United States for any period. Declare yourself a “nonimmigrant” on your U.S. tax returns.
  2. My wife's application (N-400 based off of 3 yrs marriage) was submitted in Feb this year. I received a great job offer as a civilian (I'm retired USAF) at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan. If I were to accept it and we go to Japan does anyone know how that would affect her naturalization application?
  3. I think maybe you're right after all. My wife finally passed her test (3rd times a charm), updated our policy and it only went up $30/year.
  4. Puting Buhangin - Beach Resort near Manila

    I've never been past Tagaytay going that way, but Tagaytay looks about half way and it's around 4-6 hours to there. Judging how long it takes to get somewhere in the Philippines by looking at a map is like this: for every hour you'd think, triple it.
  5. I bought a brand new 2010 Dodge Ram 2500 with the 6.7L Cummins diesel in 2009. I can't remember the exact purchase price but it was around ~$40,000. Kept everything stock, except installing a trailer brake control that was about $100. Put it up for sale for $30,000 a couple weeks ago and got calls within 10 mins of buyers wanting to pay the asking price. I reconsidered after looking at current new truck prices for similar models and am keeping it for now. My point being is that Dodge Rams retain their value nicely, at least ones with the Cummins. 75% purchase value retained after almost 10 years, not bad at all.
  6. In Utah with USAA and they need driver's names and license numbers. How else would they track driving history?
  7. 3 is about the average for her Filipina friends here. One took 6 tries! Not to stereotype, but, Asian drivers, you know.
  8. They asked me when I put my wife on the policy. She still has her learners only, so it hasn't affected the rate. After she finally passes her test I'm sure it's going to go up quite a bit. Her 3rd try at the test is next week. God help us.
  9. Tuko lizard in my office!

    Gecko? Harmless.
  10. Don't limit your friends to only filipinas. Your husband's family, neighbors, church members, etc.
  11. I got the standard cut & paste reply too. I sent them another message and referred my first message (included the service number or whatever they called it) and they actually called me. Unfortunately I didn't answer because I assumed it was a telemarketer but they left a voicemail and a contact number to call.
  12. Visiting the PI (edited title)

    Oh boy, this (personal name removed) looks like trouble.
  13. I crossed a bridge over a river in the Chinatown area of Manila. Could not believe how much trash was in that river and how bad it smelled. If you've ever smelled a grease trap from a restaurant kitchen, it reminded me of that but even worse. Hopefully Dingdong will work in that too, if he hasn't already.
  14. Sounds like one of my wife's distant cousins. She married an older gentleman maybe 10 years ago and left as soon as she could. She's still in the US. I met her once about 2 years ago, nice girl. Can't blame her really - besides $ or GC there's not much a much older man can offer a young girl.
  15. Most of the 3rd world countries I've been to have the same problem. But, I was shocked when I went to Palawan, its pretty clean. I think the local government there puts a lot of effort in to battle littering.