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Post Interview Administrative processing Original I-864 needed?
5:56 pm


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Mu husband had his interview but he was put into administrative processing because they asked us to have a joint sponsor. For the i-864 is the original document needed for the sponsor or can it be a scanned copy?

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Separate Dining Checks?
6:24 pm


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Since I've moved to North Carolina my husband and I have noticed we get asked if we want separate checks about half the time that we eat out. I have no idea if it's a cultural dining thing or an underlying prejudice . For the restaurants we frequent I don't see it happening to other couples and my husband has never been asked that in the past.

I don't know how to deal with it but it's beginning to bug me. My plan is either :

A - Give them a slight stink eye or look of incredulous confusion

B - Say: my husband and I/my wife and I always share the bill (or something to that effect)

C- Sit in his lap and lick his face..... lol

Oh and yes, we are of different ethnicities. And yes we always wear our wedding rings.

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K1 lengthy process... Why though?? We need answers...
5:08 am


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Am I wrong but does the K1 Visa process seem to be moving prettyyyyy slow this year . My fianc and I have known each other for six years now and have been dating a year. After a few attempts of the B1/B2 Visa (solely for the purpose of spending time with each other)and it being denied , we finally decided we wanted to be married anyway so why further prolong the courtship . We filed back in August and received the NOA1 just two days after sending it to USCIS Texas .

We were extremely excited and ready to begin our beautiful journey and immediately started planning our wedding, apartment details and even furnishings . Well as the months continue to grow it is beginning to get harder and harder. This process has definitely put a serious toll on our engagement and not being able to see him 5 Months now is painful. Christmas is in the air and it gets really depressing especially the thoughts of not beginning the year with your fianc at your side .

I m wondering why has the process become so long . A 5-6 month process has now become a 8month - 1 year process. This is ridiculous! The main reason the K1 Visa was invented is to not only have the alien fianc be eligible to marry and live with their spouse , but to also be with the love of their life. Why put people through all of this ? It is totally unfair ! Having movie and dinner dates are not memorable over the phone every time . I understand there is an order and process BUT how about working with us for your sake and ours .

How about hiring new Consulars or Clerks or Staff in general to assist with the obvious backlog of cases . Develop a program that can navigate the countries that has the most filers and in need of extra attention for legal purposes etc . Come on people it s just a couple weeks shy of 2018. There are gonna be more filers added on to the existing ones. You get to go home to your family, spouse etc . Think about the K1 filers on bending knees every night asking God to help them receive another notice soon .

This post may never get the eye or attention from the respective representatives of USCIS and I m for the record not stating that the information and their job is an easy process , however I do suggest regardless of President elects or immigration laws or even general staff shortage please be more mindful of what you guys are doing.

My fianc told me trust in him America is well organized, professional and orderly. Then why such a drastic change in the process? Recruiting new staff not easy??? Ahhhh I think not ! There are millions of people out there looking for a good Government job.

Military wives and administrators are also a great suggestion for such delicate information being provided to USCIS . I have been on this journey for sometime now fighting to be with the love of my life, finally feeling complete and finally seeing why God waited for the right time to bring us together.

But, instead of being able to take care of my sick fianc I have to watch him on a screen and try to be humble enough to be afforded to at least have some visual of him. What was suppose to be a beautiful time in our lives has turned out to be the most torturous thing ever. Thank you USCIS .

Signed - The Grinch

Happy Holidays to those that made it though the end . May God continue to guide you and your Fianc till the very end and beyond.


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I need Joint Sponsor? I make required annual income.
9:58 am


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We submitted additional documents to US Embassy in TT. They call my wife saying we need a joint sponsor. She tells them I am employed earning the required income. Embassy tells her it doesn't matter because they asked for a joint sponsor when requesting the additional documents and "we can't go changing their rules." I was solely dependent on my SSD but came home to the states and started back to work. First of January I start a new job with the USPS making an additional $10k but my employment doesn't seem to matter to TT. If I earn the income to support my family, I don not need a joint sponsor. Can they tell us we need one?


Chris & Jill

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B1/B2 told needed more ties to US
12:45 pm


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Hi all, my husband (recently married less than 3 weeks) applied for a tourist visa back in April.. I was pregnant at the time and he wanted to visit to be there for the birth of our baby... (I was a green card holder then now a US citizen since October) the immigration officer did not look at his documents and told him he needed more ties to the US. I was shocked and asked my husband (fiance then) if he was sure he heard the immigration officer correctly. He said yes. Fast forward to May, fiance tried again for tourist visa, this time the immigration officer (a different officer) told him he needed more ties to the US again and it would have helped his case if we were married. I am confused why he needs more ties to the US? Wouldn't they expect him to have ties to his home country? At the time I was too far along in my pregnancy to travel so I had the baby without him and I recently travelled to see him and we got married. We were planning on getting married all along just coulndt because i was pregnant and couldn't travel. He is going back to try again this week for the tourist visa. I will eventually file i-130 while he is away studying (He is a student) just want him to be able to visit for the holidays. Anyone had this expereince before?

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