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RFE- need to send Joint statements
1:49 pm today


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Hi all,

I got an RFE and I will be sending joint bank statements. However my bank has all of my accounts (single) including the joint account on one statement. They do not issue separate statements for the joint account. Do I only send the pages in the statement that show the joint account or send the entire statement a d highlight where the joint account is? Some of my statements are like 8 and 10 pages long with the joint section only like 2 pages. What should I do?

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Trinidad VJ
8:43 pm today


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Any trini beneficiaries.....

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Question re I693..please help!
2:27 pm today


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Hello everyone please help if u can...i submitted my AOS package and received the noa on april 23rd...i had my biometrics done yesterday....today i receive a letter in the mail saying insufficient evidence for adjudication for the foll reason..signed and complefed I693 was not submitted....my question is when i do the medical doni wait for them to contact me to submit the medical or do i mail it in to them...

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I-751 Rejected - VERY confused
4:01 pm today


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My husbands GC expires on 2018/07/07. We submitted the I-751 on 2018-04-16 (82 days before expiration).

Form I-751 Instructions states:

  1. Filing jointly. If you are filing this petition jointly with your spouse, you must file it during the 90-day period immediately before your conditional residence expires.

Rejection letter states:

The remittance you submitted states it is void if over a specified amount and/or void if after a specified period of time.

The remittance you submitted is beyond the maximum period of time allowed.

The I-751 form itself is the current version (it expires 2019-12-31).

I'm VERY confused. Am I missing something?

Of course we'll be calling tomorrow (Monday) to find out whats going on but this is scaring me a bit.

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I-751 no check cashed
2:23 pm today


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I've been reading some of the threads for the March-May 2018 filers and have been noticing that there is a rather noticeable backup with both service centers. My husband's 90 day window opened up at the end of March and I wasn't able to send out his I-751 until mid April. I have the tracking number that states the package was delivered. But my check was not cashed and no NOA letter has been sent either. What I want to know is other than waiting is there anything else we can do (i.e. speak to an immigration attorney or try and talk to someone at our local USCIS field office about the issue)? I'm getting a little bit nervous because my husband's green card will expire at the end of June. Appreciate any advice anyone has regarding this issue.

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