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arrowAOS for parents of USC from B1/B2 Visa
September 28, 2016, 12:25 pm Last comment by isafan45

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Hello all,


I have filed N-400 and am awaiting interview to become citizen.  I want to petition for my parents who came here over 15 years ago on a B1/B2 visa.  About 10 years ago, they filed a LULAC application to adjust status but application was abandoned because we moved around the same time and did not get the interview letter on time.  We were advised by a few attorneys at the time that we could not do anything.  Would any problems arise for them once I petition?  I plan on doing concurrent filing with 1-130/i-485/i-765.  What are the chances that they will be called in for an interview because of this abandoned LULAC app and the interviewer asking about this abandoned/denied application?  Thanks

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arrowFB-1 colleagues any recent IL from NVC?
September 22, 2016, 4:13 pm Last comment by SweetV

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HI VJ Colleagues,


I sent my package to NVC and waiting on case complete status.  It's almost 3 weeks since I sent mine and no update as yet.


Any input will be helpful.



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arrowLetter from bank and meeting income guidelines
September 20, 2016, 4:44 pm Last comment by acrossoceans

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Hi so DH and I are adjusting his status and going through the application process. During his interview for his visa the officer said my income was low for family of 4 which yea it is but living in america Im sure thats not uncommon lol. Anyways they looked at my bank letter seeing the amount of deposits I have made during the last year  and reconsidered. So now we are at this point again for me to fill out the sponsor affidavit yet again and see that I am just at the limit for poverty guidelines. I have a couple questions:


1. Can I provide a bank letter again showing a year of deposits and will that help do you think? Is that okay to have emailed to me and printed since its not required?

2. Application does say I can use his income but we need a letter stating his wages will continue after adjustment has been made. He is an independent business owner like myself (I also work full time) we work for a health company. How does this work? Is it the same as if we were needing to provide a letter from a regular employer? Because in any field there is no guarantee we will continue to receive wages.


3. Off topic a bit. He has been working for company as stated above for almost 2 years but since living in another country no taxes were collected. But now he has a ssn and moved here in July. Will he need to do tax return and is it only from July til end of year or total since he started there even though he was not in the country?? Or if I hae to include him on my tax return same question applies.



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arrowRequest for initial evidence
September 13, 2016, 6:21 pm Last comment by name_unknown

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Hi all, I petitioned for my husband who has been in the USA since he was 8 years old and he have been out of status and unable to work. I received a notice that asked for evidence. It stated "You must submit evidence to establish that the petitioner on form I-130 or decedent on form I-360 is a united state citizen" it says submit birth certificates. I'm confused bc I sent my birth certificate. Could they be talking about something else?

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September 13, 2016, 5:29 pm Last comment by enxhi96

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Honest question (No snark, I swear! :no:   )


I often read posts stating things like "I'm getting engaged in 3 weeks" and I wonder if there is some formal process via which one gets engaged other than 2 people agreeing to marry each other some time in the future.  Is there?  Is this a cultural issue?  In my (western) culture, there is no plan to have a plan to get married and while we also use the words fiance/fiancee, there is no real or legal distinction from that of a boyfriend/girlfriend.  (Referring to someone as your "fiance", especially to strangers, can be seen as pretentious.)  Once marriage is being discussed or one person asks the other to marry them, that is where I was taught the "engagement" begins.  So, how is it where you are from? :)





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