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September 11 Filing
7:13 pm


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Hey guys, I'm new to VisaJourney. Please go easy on me if I'm asking something that's already been discussed :) My Fiancee and I got our NOA1 on Sept 11, 2017. We got NOA2 on March 22, 2018 which was approved! Our case was transferred to the NVC soon after (not sure when) and assigned a case number on April 5. It's been 18 days since and it's still "At NVC" or in Admin processing according to NVC call center.

Are we close? How long does it typically take to leave the NVC on it's way to the Embassy?

Thanks all!

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4:53 pm

Ria and Shiv

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can someone tell me what I have to send in to remove my CR-1 Visa conditions please

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ITIN received but Tax return... returned
9:47 pm


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Hi all, I received my husband's ITIN about 3 weeks ago and was waiting for my tax returns. Today I received the taxes back in the mail citing my husband's signature not valid.

My question is... can I now efile since I have the ITIN already issued? Or am i required to still paper fil

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Iíve always thought the ROC was a formality...
12:18 am


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All along I ve been thinking the I-751 was just a formality but after reading the megathread showing a literal mountain of evidence I m suddenly feeling underprepared.

Just to give a little history, the process so far has been very easy for us. We are a same-sex couple that lived together outside the U.S for 12 years before we had the option to get married and return to the U.S. Proving a bonifide relationship was easy. In our photos together you could witness my hair turning from brown to gray! During our interview for the K-1 visa they didn t ask a single question and didn t ask for a single supporting document. The adjustment of status was super easy and required no interview. I ve been thinking all along that the removal of conditions would be the same.

I guess it s better to be safe than sorry but I m still inclined to go easy on the supporting documents for the ROC. An I being to casual about this?

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Does my citizenship affect my sibling's F-1 visa application
10:56 am


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My sister is soon applying for an F-1 visa, sponsored via a full scholarship to a highly prestigious school. However, I was recently made a US citizen. Will the fact that she has a sibling in the US negatively affect the chances that her F-1 visa application will be approved?

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