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AP experience
5:35 am


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Just came back from a 6wks trip from the Caribbean. On my way back everything went smoothly just showed the CBP my AP and my passport he led me into the secondary screening room waited like 15mins for my name to be called. And when it was called the officer just asked me who's Petitioning my application and I said my wife and I was on my way out after such. This was JFK and it was a Saturday night hope this was helpful guys.

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RFE for things already submitted?
12:22 am


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Hi All,

Just wondering about this because I just received an RFE and I'm totally confused. Not only has the status online not changed from "fingerprint fee has been received", but the letter asks for things I already sent with my first petition.

They are asking for proof of joint ownership of property (we dont have that), leases showing the same residence (we submitted this with both our names on our lease), documents showing shared finances and obligations (we sent a joint bank acct. statement with our names on it), joint bills or insurance policies (we sent insurance policies), wedding photos (we sent those), and, interestingly, sworn affidavits from others with personal knowledge of the validity of the marriage (this is new).

They are also requesting that I see a civil surgeon for a new medical exam. I am confused by this as my medical was in September 2016 and I sent in my AOS application in January 2017. I sent in a copy of the "applicant's copy" DS-3025 that I received from the doctor.

Does anyone have experience with this? Do I simply resend what we sent before or should I be going to get a new medical exam?

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Didn't answer question 34a on the I-129F form
5:36 pm

Shinelle Clark

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My fianc didn't answer question 34a on the I-129F form he misunderstood the question ,however he submitted proof of meeting in 2 years .I fear the dreaded RFE ,however he believes that all his " stuff is on point" and that I would be asked to bring more proof during the interview stage and not receive RFE.:help::help:

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EAD combo card - Legal Status?
7:01 pm


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I hope this isn't seen as a silly question because I'm genuinely confused by this. I'm pretty much facing a bit of a wait (maybe til the end of the year) for my temporary greencard as my state processing office is severely backlogged. I received my EAD/AP combo recently.

I was wondering - what exactly is my "status" if I simply have an EAD/AP card and a pending i-485 case? I get stumped by that everytime I'm asked as it relates to business transactions. For example, recently I went to a car dealership to start the ball rolling on a purchase and of course the terms and interest rates were much more reasonable with legitimate permanent resident status. I feel like just having the EAD/AP puts me in this weird gray area that I'm going to be stuck in for quite a while - and I'm wondering if its smarter to hold off on some of the significant purchases/business transactions (or just do them through my spouse) until my own legal status becomes legitimate. If anyone can shed some light on this, or have any experience on this, please advise!

And it made me wonder what other benefits I'm not going to be privy to yet, as an EAD/AP cardholder.

Another burning question - how safe is it to travel internationally on AP? I've seen a lot of outdated threads on this but I'm hoping for some updated experiences, if any. What documents are recommended to take with me? (passport, marriage certificate, NOA for I-485 and EAD/AP combo card?) Thanks!

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This wait is frustrating....ROC
2:08 am


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It sucks that USCIS is not consistent. It's so unfair to ppl who are still waiting from dec'15, jan'16, feb'16 and March'16. While April'16 and May'16 are being approved. I really would like to know HOW?????

The thing that irks even more...no updates on website... still stuck on "We received you form.... :for a ONE ENTIRE YEAR...

Highly ANNOYED.....SMH:(


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