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After the interview
11:03 pm


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Hi guys got approved. But was wondering how long it takes to get back the passport because it says two business days then nvc says two to several weeks. Am confused got approved on the 19th April 2017. From Embassy in Trinidad. Any help thanks

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Paid aos and iv fees still saying in process
12:22 pm


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hi guys i paid my aos and iv fees on the 12th and its still saying in process 10 days later is anyone else having this issue:angry:??

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qualify for IR-1? (split topic)
4:36 pm


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Have a question went my interview yesterday went good my husband just have to submit IRS form from 2015. Was told that since our wedding anniversary it's coming up may 5th would be 2years married that to wait to enter the us to qualify for the IR1. Can someone please help us with this we trying to understand this even s number to call the find out but don't know who to call. It CR1 at present please help thanks. Do we have to wait till 5th may for me to travel or the 6th may any help needed.

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Locked out of VJ after trying to edit timeline!
3:53 pm


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I know this isn't in the right place but I'm hoping to catch the attention of a mod - I attempted to update my timeline a few times this morning by clicking the "edit" link above my timeline - and every time I was directed to a page that asked "are you supposed to be here? We've taken note of your information (ip address, browser etc). Now, I can no longer access VJ on my laptop....I'm currently on my phone using LTE. Safari and Chrome on my laptop are saying that the server isnt responding so I assume my IP address has been blocked....can a mod please help? Thanks!

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Service request
3:52 am


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Has anyone ever gotten this message after a service request?.... This is frustrating....


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