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arrowfied for green card with my last husband didnt work out i am now married again and refiling
May 30, 2016, 7:44 pm Last comment by aaron2020

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anyone done this before?

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arrowRequesting a Police clearance letter remotely (urgent!!)
May 29, 2016, 10:43 pm Last comment by cdneh

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Hi guys,


I'm hoping that someone in here can help me!  I'm a beneficiary from Trinidad and I'm awaiting my NOA2 for the I-129F petition with my American fiance.


I attended Ryerson University in Toronto from 2006-2010 and, well, I've just realized that I need a canadian clearance letter.


I have spent a bit of time researching and I have NO idea how to get this thing.  I've called the toronto police dept. and not only did they say there's a little wait until pickup, but I have to be there in person to present my valid id's.


Is there a way to request this remotely? (i'm at home in trinidad).  I read on a post that fingerprints aren't necessary at this stage (I dont have a record) but it seems that requesting a police check remotely requires very expensive fingerprints......it almost makes sense to fly to toronto for a weekend and go in to the police department myself...


ANY guidance on this will be appreciated as my fiance and I are expecting NOA2 in the next few weeks and I am hoping for no setbacks....

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arrowPolice certificate from study abroad?
May 29, 2016, 8:11 pm Last comment by aaron2020

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Hi guys,


Just thinking ahead as I wait on NOA2 with my American fiance...


From 2006 to 2010 I attended university in Toronto.  I've been back in Trinidad since 2010 (I only stayed there for the duration of my study, came home every christmas and summer).  My question is, will i require a police certificate from Toronto?


Thanks for your usual helpful answers!

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arrowI-134 - job "situation"
May 25, 2016, 2:37 pm Last comment by Prystine

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Hey guys, 


Just a little bit on my situation - my American fiance was unemployed for a few months last year so his 2015 tax transcripts just missed the poverty line requirement. However, he has been employed from Aug 2015 to present time and is changing to a new job again in September (he just got that offer).  Both his current job and his upcoming new job surpass the poverty guidelines.


A few questions:


So I gather that we will have to provide his tax transcript for 2015 - should I show the tax transcripts from previous years to show that he was gainfully employed before his period of unemployment?  


I understand that if his 2015 tax transcript does not meet the poverty guidelines we will have to show bank statements.  How far back should we go with the statements?  A few months prior to the interview or possibly for 2015?  


Do we provide a job letter from his present job and also supply the job offer for his new job he is supposed to begin in September?  Pay stubs won't be a problem, we will supply all that he has for the year so far.


If there's anything i missed that you suggest I provide, please let me know - I prefer to be over prepared than under prepared.


Thanks guys..

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arrowDocuments for I-134
May 25, 2016, 6:33 am Last comment by KayDeeCee

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While my Fiancé and I await the NOA2 . He will be visiting next week and walking with the bank statement and job letter to accompany the I-134. He does not wish to send them through the mail where this info could be seen and copied (he's had his identity stolen several times before) which I completely understand . My concern is that those two documents may be too dated to use at the time of the actual interview, particularly the bank statements. Is there is recommend time frame the bank statement and job letter should be dated by ? For example, no older than three months before the date for interview? Or does it not matter as long as the actual 1-134 form is dated close to the interview . Thanks

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