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arrowFired? Co-Sponsor?
January 18, 2015, 11:27 pm Last comment by SincerelyMeike

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Hey guys!! If my fiancé were to quit his job or get fired and not have a job for 2-3 months, would it be possible to have a co-sponsor still? Or does he NEED to have a job at the time of the interview? We would have needed a co-sponsor anyway.

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arrowChanging Country?
January 7, 2015, 3:27 pm Last comment by HollyDaniela

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Hi all :D So.. I'm moving from Trinidad to Germany before I receive my NOA2. Hopefully (which I think there is) there is a way to change my beneficiary address. Has anyone ever done something like this before? Can anyone tell me the procedure to changing countries/embassies? 

P.s. Yes, I am a duel citizen, so no worries (I get that question every time I mention it). 

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arrowDecember filers 2014 AOS
January 4, 2015, 11:19 pm Last comment by lizascissors

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Hello everyone I sent my package on December 1st .. My package arrived dec 5th ..My package acceptance dec 9th I got my biometrics jan 6th ... Let's see how long it will take and I wil keep up with the progress anyone else out there

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arrowMoving money from Trinidad to the US and question about taxes
December 28, 2014, 8:29 pm Last comment by mozplay

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Hi all, my question is two fold:


My parents are moving here from Trinidad in April ... they were recently approved. Do any of you know 1. The best way for them to bring their money from Trinidad to the US and 2. Whether that money will be taxed by the US?


Thanks for the help.

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arrowJob hunting (split topic)
December 23, 2014, 9:16 am Last comment by April+Daniel

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Degrees in the UK are definitely more specific than those in the USA. The degrees in the USA seem to let you pick and mix all kinds of unrelated subjects, so long as you have enough in any main subject to make up the "major" element. Degrees in the UK only study topics that are relevant (I have a comp sci degree from the UK).  


I work now in my field (being in SF makes this very easy), and I've never had to even talk about my degree - but then I do also have a decade of work experience at this point, which is mostly all they're interested in for what I do.  I realise this is different for health-care related work, but experience is always going to be just as much of a factor as your background and education.


You haven't mentioned much about your experience?  Have you just recently graduated?  If you've already been working in the field, it'll probably be easier and you will likely need to look into getting correctly certified in your state, but if you're thinking of moving into HR/Marketing, you should probably check out what sort of requirements these jobs are asking for and see how you stack up - you may need to look into taking some classes before, or taking something more entry-level and working your way up.


Hi, Sorry to derail this thread but I have a couple of questions, I'm a DV winner (with my interview being May 2015) and I'll be migrating probably mid 2016. I also work in IT but on the networking side,over 10 years experience,CCNA,ITIL,CCNP,MSCE, VCP etc and currently studying part time for my MSc at a UK institution to be completed in September 2015.


What was your experience in job hunting in the US?, how long did it take you to find employment in your field?

Did you focus only on the SF/bay area or did you apply nationwide?

Although I religiously follow hiring tends on Dice, Indeed etc but as someone on the ground in SF is there really that high a demand for IT staff in my field in SF/bay area?


Thanks in advance...

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