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  1. Hi, Just wanted some info on applying for my opt. I am currently on track to graduate in May and have decided to apply for O.P.T. i have application my package and sent on March 7th 2023 via first class mail expected to be delivered in four days later. However USPS has not delivered it as of 14th March. I did a query online on the 15th and a response was given to me this morning saying package may not have been delivered or maybe it was but just not scanned at delivery. Now I am in panic mode as time is off the essence. Any advice on how to proceed? I really do not know what to do. I am thinking to assemble another application with proof of prior shipping, including a note explaining the lack of delivery and send via overnight shipping
  2. How many folks are waiting in f4 row to receive interview letter? Please share your priority date and place of interview and dq date Pd March 30th 2007 Dq. June 11 2020 Trinidad and tobago
  3. Thank you for you response So just to clarify will my spouse be able to aos with me?
  4. Hi all, I have some questions and would really like some input. My situation is that I am currently in the us under a student visa (scheduled to grad may 2023) I have a pending f4 Petition pd 30th march 2007 row. I would like to know 1) can I file for aos and what forms do I file? 2) if I do file and the interview is not scheduled before I graduate what happens?? Ps. It will be at Minneapolis/stpaul Tia.
  5. Hi all, Taking into consideration the V.B. the lack of movement for the last couple months and the update by Charlie. What do you all think about potential movement in the following months, esp. in Row f4? I am hoping that there is movement in all categories.
  6. Hi all, Anyone know if F4 interviews are being scheduled ? Or any other updates??
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