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arrowHelp regarding G-325 A
December 18, 2014, 10:53 am Last comment by omairrahid

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hi , 

I want to ask something important , 

May I fill the some columns of form ,G-325 A ,with the Pen , As some columns were filled ( typed) by my wife in the computer system , and she signed the document and sent me back , with some columns left blank , can i fill them with the pen 

As otherwise , I have to send her back the new form for her signature , and it would take a time 


kindly guide me , looking for your answer



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arrowi-130 APPROVED F2A pd Sept , Oct , Nov Dec VSC
December 15, 2014, 8:39 pm Last comment by Munafn

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hi everyone , 


i am starting a new thread for those recently get approved i-130 from Vermont Service Center or VSC with priority date of After 23 Sept , Oct , Nov, Dec please update here :


one of us fellow got approved jondoe with Pd with 26 Sept 2013 this a great news for us , we can easily find out to VSC of its proceedings  

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arrowOmg .. finally my status changed into issued ..
December 15, 2014, 1:53 am Last comment by SofiWaits

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hello my visa jounrey friends ..   as  all of you know my whole story of 4 hours interview and the email was hacked ..  today when i checked my status it says very unbeliveable but sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet words below .. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU ESPECIALY (DWHEELS, LOVEMYTICO,  AND ALSO THANK YOU SO MUCH OF THOSE WHO   SAID THE RESULT LL BE DENIAL . :)


U.S. Department of State
Immigrant Visa Case Number: ISLxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Case Creation Date: 15-Apr-2014 Status Updated Date: 15-Dec-2014    


Your visa has been printed. Depending on local procedures at the location where you were interviewed, your visa will be mailed or available for pickup soon. If there are further questions, or if we need updated contact information, you will be contacted.

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arrowwhat Next
December 13, 2014, 9:33 am Last comment by dwheels76
yahya saeed

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I received email from NVC stating that i should take correct form of AOS with me to the interview. (there is minor mistake in it and i have to correct and take it with me to the interview).   But they dont mention about CASE COMPLETE. How can i know the status of my case. and How long it take to get interview date. How Islamabad Embassy work.  Please help me i cant understand what next

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arrowNVC Checklist again
December 12, 2014, 10:30 am Last comment by XXoverwhelmedXX
yahya saeed

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I need help in understanding this check list. what that mean my case complete at NVC, have they send it to embassy. i am struck at nvc from last 7 months.




Please review the instructions below then refer to the final page of this checklist for mailing instructions.

I-864, Affidavit of Support Checklist

[x] The NVC recently completed our review of your visa case. While you meet the minimum qualifications for a visa interview to be scheduled your Affidavit of Support contained one or more sections with missing or incorrect information. Please review the additional instructions below then complete a new Affidavit of Support. (You can download the I-864 form and instructions at you have completed the new Affidavit of Support, please provide it to the principal applicant to bring to his or her visa interview. Do not submit your new Affidavit of Support to the NVC, as doing so will reopen your case and cause processing delays.


In Part 1. Basis for Filing Affidavit of Support, please correct the following...


In Part 2. Information on the Principal Immigrant, please correct the following...


In Part 3, Information on the Immigrant(s) You are sponsoring, please correct the following...

[x] Item 7. The total number of immigrants listed in Item 7 must equal the number of immigrants listed in Part 3, Items 1 through 6.f. In addition, you must also verify that the total number of immigrants listed in Item 7 matches the number you entered in Part 5 Item1.


In Part 4. Information on the Sponsor, please correct the following...


In Part 5. Sponsor's Household Size, please correct the following...


In Part 6. Sponsor's Income and Employment, please correct the following...


In Part 8, Sponsor's Contract, please correct the following...


The Form I-864 we received was missing the following page(s). Please ensure you include all nine pages when you resubmit the form.


You must submit the following financial evidence:


NVC Special Instructions

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