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i need help please
12:26 am today


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I have been posting too many and nobody answer my question :( i need some help please

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Does RFE (Initial Evidence) on I485 delay EAD
11:58 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone,

I couldn't really find much about this and I'm getting really frustrated so I'm hoping to find some people who had the same problem I have. I applied for AOS/EAD in start of Nov, 2016, got a NOA 1 with the receive date of Nov 17th, I got an RFE for my AOS (initial evidence) on 15th Dec, 2016. Sent the response back. USCIS updated the status Evidence received on 3rd January, 2017. I had my biometrics 5 Jan, 2017.
31 January (after 75 days) I put in a case inquiry (through the USCIS website) for my EAD, and I got a letter that says:

"Your case is within our current processing time. [...] Our systems show that we received your response to our RFE on your form I-485 on 1/3/2017."
On the 92nd day I again submitted the SR, got an email back the same day.
"Your case is under review you should receive the result soon.."

So I don't know how long they are gonna take. Now, I'm hoping to find people who had the same problem, and when i can get my EAD ?
Does RFE on I485 really delays the EAD?


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4:00 pm yesterday


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My husband has file 1-130 petition for me on Dec-2014, and nothing happend yet, its in pending. I want to ask is there any measure to get mu application out of pending? Or is it the normal time every I-130 petition usually takes?

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Please help me
8:39 pm yesterday


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Hi guys,

I am pretty sure this question has been asked before, but somehow, I couldn't find the answer. I got my 10-year permanent residency on 9/25/2014 and I'm planning to apply for a citizenship this year probably in June 2017 but i didn't file taxes on 2014 cos i was looking for job is that could be problem ? i got my 2015 and 2016 taxes returned with my US Wife . I Have been a lawful permanent resident of the United States for at least 3 years I am going apply for Citizenship this year Please help me with this question

Thank you guys

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Documents required from Bangladesh, and other I-130 questions
10:14 am yesterday


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My brother is getting married in Bangladesh in a few weeks. I have gone through the I-130 process for my own marriage, but my wife is from Pakistan, so there are a few things I am not familiar with.

1. Is the K-3 path still "obsolete"? The consensus was that it was more/less useless back when I filed a few years ago, is this still the case?

2. For those filing for spouses from Bangladesh, what documents did you send? English Nikah Nama, Marriage Certificate (not the same as English Nikah Nama), Bengali Nikah Nama, etc?

3. If someone's residential address is very big, and it cannot be shortened, can one write "SEE ATTACHED SHEET" and attach a typed sheet with the full address?


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