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administartive processing
8:03 pm today


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hi everyone, i have a question and really would appreciate any help.

so my husband had his interview on 01/04/2018 and some documents were requested after the interview at islamabad, which he send it to them via approved express mail on 01/05/2018, as of today i dont know if they received the documents or not, but from last 3 days i would go online to check the status, and it would be updated.( like on 16 morning i checked it said "last updated jan,16,2018, on 17th it said "last updated jan,17,2018 and this morning it said "last updated jan 18 2018) now i dont understand why is that? pls help.

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January 2018 - Houston Oath Ceremony
11:31 pm today


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Anyone scheduled for tomorrow's oath ceremony here in Houston? Because of bad weather schools, several offices and roads are closed. I have tried contacting USCIS but due to huge call volume had to hang up after an hour. I would like to know if anyone had an news on if the ceremony is going to happen or not.



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Need advice
7:11 am today


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Hi everyone, I married to a LPR in 2013, my husband apply b2 visa for me in 2014 and visited USA on 2015 i stayed there for 6 month came back to home country for a month and then I visited my husband after one month again.. when I reached there 2nd time after one month i got pregnant and pregnancy was at high risk Dr said I dnt travel.. So he written a official letter that I dnt travel and we applied for extension to and it got approved and I deliver a baby there who's USA citizen, so my second visit is for 1 year after coming back to home country in 2016 dec with husband. My husband stayed 2 months with me and he went back janaury 2017 after reached to usa he immigetly applied my immigration process under f2a on 27th janaury 2017 . After two month i got a call from embassy that I am scheduled a re interview at the embassy so I went there. When I reached they call me in a private room asked me all the details and than revoked my b2 visa I asked them the reason they told u have different circumstances now. I ask them again is this because we applied for a immigration process she said yea it is but u have different circumstances now.. So now I am waiting for the process in my home country. My question is that my case is as normal case as yours or i will get any difficulties on the interview.. I mean I m just nervous i didn't stay illegal we have evidence like ducoments.. can u guys put your input will be thnkful for u as I am nervous... TIA

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If required register your foreign marriage on your country?
8:21 pm today


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I m US Citizen and I live in Puerto Rico and I married three months ago in Karachi Pakistan and I begun the process for petition I-130 for my husband. I need your knowledge and advices; my question is: If necessary register my marriage here in my country Puerto Rico USA?

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Passport photo size
9:13 pm today

Rachel Rauf

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Can anyone please tell me the proper size uscis requires for passport photos? I believe my husband's we're the wrong size and we want to get the right size ready thank you so much!

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