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Filing for I-485 Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status
2:15 am today


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I am estimating that my wife will be here in the USA via a CR-1 visa. We were married in 2015. There may only be a 2 month difference between her arrival in the USA and our 2nd wedding anniversary.

Now I have read plenty of VJ posts advising that in such a case, it is much better to wait out the 2 months and have her arrive in the USA after the 2nd wedding anniversary. This way instead of getting a temporary green card, she will get a permanent one.

My question is:

What if my wife does come 2 months prior to our wedding anniversary. Will we need to file an I-485 immediately ?

What issues and negative repurcussions can I expect if she arrives here before our 2nd wedding anniversary ?

As always, I will truly appreciate any assistance.

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Adjustment status
7:04 pm yesterday


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Hi guys

Can anyone please tell me after the marriage how long we have time to submit the I-485 form and how much it's cost.

Thank you

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2:15 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone I come usa three days go can anyone please guide me how can I apply for the SSN and which document I need to submit with SSN and is there still I need I 94 arrival form because he didn't he give me to fill any form only I get the form us custom border form which I fill and submit the in Abu Dhabi

Thank you so much

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Bringing Sisters Family to US
2:55 am yesterday


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Hello Members,

I will be applying immigration for my (sister, 3 kids and brother in law) in few months.

Please help me with questions below:

1) Which form to file.

2) Do i need to file separately for each member or all members in one.

3) How much is the filing fee.

Please advise.



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DS260 - Mother in law has no last name or middle name
8:33 pm yesterday


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I am filling form DS260 for my wife. Under wife's mother name, there is surname. My mother in law has no last name or middle name, just first name. It is mentioned in my wife birth certificate as well. Just first name. Should i leave it blank or check mark Do Not Know?

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