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arrowDS 260 wrongly submitted with old passport detail
May 25, 2016, 4:14 pm Last comment by shah ali 001
shah ali 001

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I have submitted DS260 this year.but wrongly submitted old passport detail,"old was also valid until 2023" and new one valid 2025.

For this reason, me wants information about my this negligence affect in case.

wait for fruitfull reply

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arrowCivil Surgeon in Virginia
May 25, 2016, 10:43 am Last comment by KayDeeCee

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Does anyone knows any Civil Surgeon in Virginia that will not rip you off to fill out an I-693A form?



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arrowapply for US passport for baby
May 24, 2016, 8:01 pm Last comment by Anitafeliz

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I was gathering information ahead of time to make a passport for baby. I did read online that both parents need to be present at passport agency along with baby. and if one of the parent is not available, then an absent parent has to fill out DS-3053 (notarized). What I would like to know is that since my husband is not in USA yet, how can he get it notarized and from where? and will I have to go to some special passport agency or going to local post office would do it? 

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arrowK1 -AOS steps
May 23, 2016, 10:30 pm Last comment by p-ana

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Hi vj's family !
It's been couple week since my fiancé is here in US. We got married last week and now I am just wandering how to start the AOS process. Would u please kind enough to list me the exact things I need to send to avoid any RFE's please .I also hear about filling I-94 form ? What this form exactly is and do K1 visa ,like we are married now and do I have to fill it for my husband ?
Any help regarding adjusting of status would be appreciated as we are starting the process very soon
Thanks for taking your time
Peace x

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arrowQuestions about USCIS communication while I am out of the country...
May 23, 2016, 6:57 pm Last comment by NLR
Love To Teach

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Hi...We got an RFE requesting a different divorce certificate for my husband. I am leaving to go to Pakistan in 2 weeks to spend 5 weeks with my husband. Hopefully my husband will get the other divorce papers tomorrow, scan it to me, and I can send it back to Nebraska by Wednesday.


My questions:


1. If this other divorce certificate is ok and we get approved and sent on to NVC (NOA2) , do they let me know by email? (since I probably won't be here in US to get paper letter.)


2. If we are approved, I know they would send my husband a packet to Pakistan to fill out and take to his interview. And from what I understand, they will send me an affidavit of support to fill out? Will I get an email notification (NOA2) or by US mail? If it is only the affadivit of support that I have to fill out, is it possible to fill it out in Pakistan (from an online download) and send it to NVC along with my husband's papers? I am taking all of my financial info with me to Pakistan.


I just don't want more delays in our paperwork. Heck, it's already been forever and we are getting old (not kidding on that one...lol) :(


Any ideas? (other than running down the street with my hair on fire screaming???? :diablo:


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