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Saudi Arabia family visit visa
9:02 am today


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Hello everyone,I am trying to get Saudi Arabia family visit visa.i am a US citizen and wants to visit Saudi Arabia to my husband .but apparently Saudi embassy requiring invitation letter ,which I got it from my husband but now they r saying it needs to be approved by ministry of Saudi Arabia foreign affairs.they r the one who is giving us hard time.they just send us from here to there,but no approving it.is there is anyone who is familiar b . Any help will be appreciated.thanks

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How is point of entry for non-English speakers?
3:21 am today


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My wife will soon be arriving as an immigrant to IAH along with me and our newborn daughter.

My wife speaks very little English so I'm wondering how the process will go for her.

What kind of questions do they ask? Will they let someone translate? Will they let her take our daughter with her?

I'm going to give her a paper with our address and other vital info.

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How long it takes to get Green card?
6:45 am yesterday

Nauman sh

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I have a question from friends recently moved into USA, Lets say in 2017 that

1- How many days it took you to receive your GC after entering USA?

2-Does the GC automatically gets applied when you enter USA or you need to submit some form?

3-Does it speed up your process if you submit your fees immediately and may travel after a while or it stays the same?

4- Does SSN gets applied automatically as well or you are required to visit SSN office?

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Green Card Issue
11:10 pm yesterday

Sizzy and Terry

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How do i track my green card, it has been 49 days since my arrival to the US. I still haven't received my Green card. My POE was Abu Dhabi

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Advice on applying for US visit visa from Pakistan
9:35 am yesterday

Hussain Merchant

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hello, my name is hussain merchant, age 43, never married, I'm from lahore, pakistan, me and my mother moved from karachi to lahore in january and staying with my sister. I'm going to apply for US visit visa in late june or early july 2017, ALONE. I have applied for US visa once in 1994 and then january 2000, got rejected both times. they said i will stay there and won't come back.
I was a technical support engineer in an IT company in karachi, in lahore, im still looking for a job but at the time being i have started an online business (just selling some brand replicas on facebook).
I am just curious, because I am living in a Muslim country that's why i am little skeptical to apply due to this donald trump administration.
My income is not much but i can arrange PKR 450,000 (over $4000) to show in bank statement.
i have visited Bangkok and kuala lumpur in 2005 and dubai in 2008. just for couple of weeks.
i will be visiting my uncle in Austin, Texas, he lives with his family there for over 20 years, he owns a store. he will send me an invitation letter.
so please guide should i apply or will i be rejected again because i have to pay $160-$180 visa fees and have to travel to another city where embassy is located.
also please guide me how should i prepare this time around.
thank you

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