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arrowEmail from embassy
October 29, 2014, 9:47 pm Last comment by Waitingggg

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Hi friends,

I petitioned i130 for my dad back in 2012. He had his first interview at Islamabad embassy Pakistan in 2013. He was put under AP. He recently received an email from embassy which I am pasting below. I already submitted form ds 260 for my dad after receiving this email and I have emailed the confirmation page to my dad for the interview. My question is about the last paragraph in the email. Which barcodes do I have to email to the embassy and which email address should I send it to? Can someone please guide me to the right directions here. I will appreciate all help. Thanks

Dear Applicant,

Your case file in the subject immigrant visa case was reviewed recently, you are required to submit the following documents:

Form DS-260. Form Ds-230 is no longer in use and has been replaced by form DS-260. The form DS-260 is filled out and submitted online only ( Instead of submitting a hard copy of the complete form DS-260, the applicant only has to submit a printout of the confirmation page to our office.

On receiving these items, our office will schedule the applicant(s) for a personal appearnace at our office for a new set of fingerprints and electronic signing of the form DS-260.

Once you have alll the above items prepared, please send the barcodes to our office via email and confirm in the email that you have prepared all the above items also. Our office will then assign a date and time to have you and your family members come to our office for a new set of finger prints .

Yours truly,

Immigrant Visa Unit
Consular Section, American Embassy
Islamabad, Pakistan

This email is UNCLASSIFIED.

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arrowAOS Issues at Interview - Islamabad Embassy
October 29, 2014, 11:34 am Last comment by Naumanxenon
Husband Wife

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Has anyone encounter any problems with their Affidavit of Support - Household Size part during interview at Islamabad embassy?


I am applying for my wife and so I put "2" in my household size. Is it going to be a problem at the time of interview?


Thank you.



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arrowI need help
October 29, 2014, 7:23 am Last comment by Girl from Celebes

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hey guys,


I need some help... So I checked the status this morning and it says "ready". my file just got to the US embassy a day or so ago. Whats going to happen next? How do i pay for the process? I have the Invoice ID and Case number. How do i pay for her medical exam and visa processing fee? Should i just wait from the US embassy in Pakistan to contact me? The guy on the phone at NVC (when i called to get the case number ) said the US embassy will contact me... is this really the case?





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arrowPacket 3.5, submit originals for beneficiary only?
October 29, 2014, 1:00 am Last comment by KayDeeCee

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I am sorry if this sounds like a silly question but does my Fiancee has to submit the original docs or me as well?


If the originals are only needed for My Fiancee, can I scan mine in color including the I-134 and email her? which she can submit for 3.5 NOW (to save time), I can then courier the original from here which she can take to the interview?


Below is the list I am copying and pasting from the letter

2. Civil Documents
The following civil documents are required. Please note that you will need to submit an English 
translation for all documents. You must also submit one photocopy of each original document.
 Original cirth certificates with English translation and one photocopy.
 Marriage certificate for any current or prior marriages, along with Urdu nika namas, if 
applicable. Include English translations and one set of photocopies.
 Divorce/death certificates for any prior spouses, if applicable. Include English translations 
and one set of photocopies.
 Police certificate(s) from any country (not required for time spent in the U.S., Pakistan, 
Afghanistan or India) where you are currently living or have lived for more than one year 
after the age of 16. Include English translations and one set of photocopies.
 2 visa photos against a white background, measuring 2x2 inches. Please note that photos 
must be natural and not edited. We highly recommend that all applicants review our photo 
guidelines to make sure the photos are correct before submitting them to the Immigrant Visa 
Unit. Please right click here and select “open hyperlink” for more information on photos.
 Copies of the first 2 pages of each applicant’s passport. It is particularly important that we 
have a photocopy of any pages listing your personal information (name, date of birth, place 
of birth) and showing your photo. Please do not mail your passport to the Immigrant Visa 
Unit, instead, bring it with you to the interview. 

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arrowi-864 and 864a co sponsor ?s
October 29, 2014, 12:16 am Last comment by afridi0729

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So I am trying to bring my wife from Pakistan and I am trying to get her a visa.

I payed the AOS and IV fees and I have also sent the DS-260 application online.

I am also about to send everything else to the NVC such as the civil documents and Affidavit of support documents.

But before I send the 864 financial support information, I have a few questions I want to double check on.


Basically my income is not enough and I am using my sister as a co-sponsor.

We live together in the same house along with her 2 children, my parents, one brother, and another sister.  So theres a total of 8 of us in the same house.

My sister is also married but her husband lives in another state temporarily.

What I am confused about is how my sister and her husband filed jointly together on their tax returns.

When I printed her IRS tax transcript, it wont show her individual income but both her and her husbands incomes combined.


So in part 6 it asks if I am using any additional household income.

Since I am combining my income with my sisters income, I also put her name down.

But in part 6c, it asks for her income, so should I put her individual income or what it shows on the IRS tax transcript which is the income for both my sister and her husband since they filed jointly?


This is the same case for the other document the 864a, which the co-sponsor my sister fills out.

So in question number 10 it asks for her individual income.  Again should I put in her individual income or her and her husbands income combined?

In question 11, it asks for the federal income tax total income for tax year 2013.

Are the answers to question numbers 10 and 11 supposed to be the same?


Also going back to the regular 864 document

In part 3 ( Information on the immigrant I am sponsoring), am I supposed to count my wife as Family Member 1 or do I leave this information blank?

I am only bringing my wife.


In the regular form 864 for part 5 question 8 the household size, do I put in 3 since my sister is co-sponsoring? 

So one for me, one for my wife, and one for my sister correct?

Do I include any of my sisters family here?  Her and her husband both support their 2 kids financially.


In Part 3 question 1? I am sponsoring the principal immigrant.......

Do I put in yes or no (applicable only in cases with 2 joint sponsors)


Should I use any of my assets or my sisters assets even though I know my sister makes more then enough?

I figured it can't hurt


Sorry for all the questions but this form is a little complicated, especially when your using a co-sponsor.


At least I have all the right evidence needed

to show me and my sisters relationship (through birth certificate)

our tax transcripts and my tax copy (hard to get one for my sister)

our passport copy's


job offer letter



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