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arrowNVC backlog delay, to submit VI package or not
October 22, 2014, 12:03 pm Last comment by NLR

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Like several other people, I just received an e-mail from NVC that they have received my AOS package but it may take them up to 60 days before they finish their review.  I have already paid my VI package fee and I just received all the documents last night from my wife.  What I would like to ask is whether I should submit the package VI and submit DS260 application online yet or wait until AOS is approved? I am not expecting any objections over my AOS package.


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arrowUrgent help required:CR1 Spouse Visa: Agent missed to enter previous Work info missing in form DS 260 but its mentioned in form G325A(merged)
October 22, 2014, 3:37 am Last comment by courageous girl
courageous girl

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Hi friends,


Kindly help, its an urgent matter!


My sister has applied for CR1 Spouse visa. We just found out that her agent/attorney in US has not entered my sister's previous Work Info in online form DS 260. But has mentioned only her current work info. However, her previous work info has been duly mentioned already in Form G325 A (also filled by the Agent). The agent has submitted the DS 260 form to the NVC, and has also submitted all required documentation. The form is not editable now online. Plz help what to do in this case? (Its been around 20 days since the packet has been sent to the NVC).


Any experience of any member about what is the risk involved in contacting NVC and correcting them about the mistake in DS 260?


Will this correction process, and re-submission of corrected DS 260 delay the process of case completion? If yes, then how much delay is expected? I hope they dont put the case at back in the Queue! Kindly give input. Thanks a lot

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arrowVisa Has Been Issued But Passport Not Received
October 21, 2014, 2:11 pm Last comment by NoorAbbas

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My husband's IR1 visa was issued on Oct 1st but he has not received his passport back. The officer at the consular said it would be about 5 business days. It has been double that time. I have sent emails to the embassy but no reply and I can't call as they do not discuss this over the phone. What can I do to find out why his passport has not been sent to him? Is this normal? 


Your help is greatly appreciated. 

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arrowApplying for spouse after Deportation
October 21, 2014, 1:34 pm Last comment by NLR

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Hi i know the procedure stays the same for the application for i-130 but i wanted to know any personal experience or any one have any knowlege on this matter.


Applying for a spouse after the deportation order of 10 years. So the 10 year ban will end next year and i wanted to know what steps should be taken first. Thanks.

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arrowK3 assigned case number but not CR1, am i on K3 boat?
October 20, 2014, 2:33 pm Last comment by cocolucho

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Hi guys,


Our I130 was approved on Sep 10 2014 and I129f was approved next day i.e. Sep 11 2014.


Today i called NVC and lady told me that


I130 was recieved on Oct 8 2014 and not yet in system But


i129f is now in system (entered today) and gave me case number,  IID and BID.  


using that number i can log in to website only to see following message. Nothing else...

K visas are nonimmigrant visas that assist spouses or future spouses of American citizens in entering the United States. As with all nonimmigrant visa applicants, a DS-160 must be filled out in order for a consular section to process the case.

Does it mean i am on K3 route? or CR1/IR1 can come into play even if it gets into system after K3?




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