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arrowROC question concerning USC Wife quiting her job! (split)
November 26, 2015, 11:17 pm Last comment by Ontarkie

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  my name is usman and i got 2 years CR(conditionary green card). Now the next year i have to apply for the green card to remove the status.My question is that if my wife quit her job then it will effect anything on my changing green card status?.Note: my wife is an US citizen.. thanx in advance.

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arrowProviding English Translations of Pakistani Nikah Nama & Form-B (CRC)
November 26, 2015, 5:04 pm Last comment by DeUsman

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HI, everyone.


In this post I am providing my fellow VJ member from pakistan English Translations of NIKAH NAMA and FORM-B (CHILD REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE under the age of eighteen).


When submitting documents to NVC these are the only two forms you need translations of.

If you go to translation centre, they will charge you RS-500 for each translation and it will have many errors and it doesn't look pretty either.

So, I decided to make my own translation format so I can share it with every Pakistani on this planet.

Simply remove names & addresses and fill in the exact names and addresses from your Nikah Nama. The names and addresses that I have filled in are just examples of what and how you need to fill.

AFter filling it out just take it to any Translation Centre and ask them to print it out on their LETTER HEAD and put their TRANSLATION STAMP on it.

For the Translation Centre to print on their letter head, I have left space on top of every page, so they can either put their translation logo on the top OR adjust the spaces given and simply print out on their letter head.


The translation I am providing is the best looking translation you can find in Pakisatn, I have worked very hard on this translation and now I am sharing it with the World.


By using this translation you can have a better looking accurate translation and you can also save money.


How you will save money:

1-Fill out the form at home.


2-take it to any Translation centre and ask them to print on their Letter Head.


3-The translation centre cannot charge you full amount for the translation (RS-500) because he is not translating it for you, he is basically only printing it out on his Letter Head.


4-AT the end of each translation there is a translation certification statement. The Translation centre guy has to fill his name, sign and stamp with his translation centre stamp. (the translation may not be accepted by NVC if the translation centre guy does not fill his name, sign and stamp  in the certification statement).


4-For this service he will charge you anywhere between RS-100 to RS-150..






I cannot upload these files on VISA JOURNEY, so I have to use Tinyupload.com


1-Nikah Nama English Translation Word File




2-Form-B or CRC or Certifiate for children under the age of eighteen




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arrowPresenting scanned copies of AOS + Tax return 2014 at the Interview
November 26, 2015, 1:48 am Last comment by Anonymous007

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I have seen lot of people from Pakistan embassy are getting temporary rejection on the basis of AOS + Tax return 2014. My question is do I have to provide both of these documents i.e AOS and Tax return 2014 original copies or If i scan both documents and print out in color would it be fine with the Interviewer or not. As my wife has sent me the scanned Tax return and regarding AOS NVC said our previous AOS has some errors which NVC said to Correct and bring the correct AOS to the interview so I was wondering is it necessary to bring both of these documents in original or if one can make use of scanned color copies of these two documents too. Early response would be appreciated thanks

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arrowK1 visa approved but I-129F is expiring on 10-JAN-2016
November 25, 2015, 10:57 pm Last comment by SalSterling

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My fiancée's K-1 visa got approved on 17-NOV-2015 and she plan to travel to US at the end of January but approved I-129F has an expired date of January 10th. 2016. Please let me know if this is possible to travel after the expiration of I-129F.

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arrowUSCIS screwed up my name
November 25, 2015, 8:32 pm Last comment by Happy Chic

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So I went to the Social Security office yesterday and Boy, do I get a surprise. The POE officer screwed up my name. I have a first name, 2 middle names and a last name. He put together my first name and both my middle names as one name without any spaces and missed an alphabet


Say my name was "john peter smith black"


He put it as


johnpetersmit    black



Now my SS card was issued automatically and I have no idea where it is because I never received it and SS can't issue a new card because my passport name and my name on the records doesn't match.


I did get them to tell me my social security number though!


What do i do now?

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