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arrowN-400, part 5 were your parents married before your 18th birthday?
August 26, 2014, 10:23 pm Last comment by adeelkhan

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HI VJ Members


I'm filling form N-400, i'm not sure about answer of this question.


My wife is US citizen, I'm being married with her from last 4 years but staying in America with her from last 3 years, My all family Mom Dad & siblings are in Pakistan i'm the only one in US.


now i cant figure out the answer of this question


 were your parents married before your 18th birthday?


yes   or no


Is your mother a Us Citizen ?      No


Is your father a US citizen?         No



Really appreciate ur reply


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August 25, 2014, 5:03 pm Last comment by khuramny

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Hey guys I m little confuse ... I need full help from u guys so pls help me ... I just paid my Aos fees today and now I need help to fill out affidavit of support for my spouse ... so here is situation ... I m currently working part time as limo driver and does not meet the poverty guidelines ... make 15k per year ... so I got the sponser he is our family friend he is retired get social income abut 20k and have a house I can use as asset ... so my question to u guys is 

Can a retired person joint sponser ... if yes wat documents I needed from him ... my joint sponser get 20k from ss plus he own a house ... so can he b my joint sponser ...

Second question is can I add a joint sponser plus my income and my dads income together since I live with my parents to cross the proverty guidlines ... I file my own taxes and they do theirs but we live in same house .... 

Guys I need your guys help plx plx guide me step by step ... I dont wana make any mistake... so looking forward for your helps guys ...

Thank u

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arrowHow to submit packet 3 documents??
August 25, 2014, 4:26 pm Last comment by Hamzah and Amna
Hamzah and Amna

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I received packet 3 in July and now I'm ready to send them back but I cAlled them today to get information regarding how to send the documents and they told me about scanning and email them but it's like too much work, there was nothing like that mentioned on the packet. Please help me how I can send the documents to Islamabad embassy as I'm residing in Karachi. Thank you.

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arrowhelp filling out form I864
August 25, 2014, 1:49 pm Last comment by NLR

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Hi vj friends,


I have a quick question about form I-864. Can someone please guide me what do I need to enter in Part 2 Information on the principal immigrant  item number 5 Alien Registration number (A number). Is it the number that appears on my NOA2 in front of my spouse name.


I will appreciate your help in this matter.



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arrowNADRA marraige certificate rejected (split topic)
August 25, 2014, 12:15 pm Last comment by Sohailkhan

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Hi Sohail.

I did sent NADRA marriage certificate original but they don't accept it they refuse it, They are asking for Nika Nama original. so I sent nika nama, in Urdu and in English just the way I got from Pakistan. So can you classify by saying translation of nikah nama original. Don't we get already in English and in Urdu . That's how I got and it was attached two copies one in Urdu and one in English  I hope I am good and not to wait for another RFE.

once you pay AOS fee,, after a couple of days it will show paid..payment receipt cover sheet will be that. prepare your affidavit of support and attach this cover sheet and your own cover letter listing all docs included in the package . after this payment you will able to pay IV application fee 230. and same procedure with this fee payment.once fee payment is cleared. you can fill the online ds 260 form and submit it online. print the form and its submission sheet. prepare IV package which includes.

Cover sheet (generated after fee payment)

your own cover letter

payment receipt (generated after fee payment)

printed Ds 260 form (along with its submission sheet) generated after form submission

2 photos (2x2)  in a bag, attach on a white paper (write your name, dob, case number on the back)

photocopy of passport page of beneficiary

nikah nama original 

translation of nikah nama original

birth certificate of beneficiary original

NADRA mariiage certificate original

Police certificate original

any other case specific documents 


make a set of all above mentioned copies and send it with the original set.


any question,,dont hesitate to ask 

best of luck


Please remember me in your prayers.,,



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