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Visitor visa - enough ties to home country?
9:41 pm yesterday


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We wanted to invite my MIL to visit us in the US for a few weeks. My wife has not filed an I-130 for her yet.

My MIL is a widow and and she has six children in Pakistan (a few of which are still in school) as well as elderly parents she cares for (basically she is the sole caretaker for all of these people)

Would these be enough ties to her home country to reduce the probability of rejection?

If my wife does decide to file an I-130 for her, would a visit visa rejection have a negative impact on the I-130?

Also, would a letter of invitation help? The visitor visa page says they are not taken into consideration but many people swear by such letters.

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Application received
7:56 pm yesterday

salu sou

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Dose anyone have that experience in there k-1 visa interview that Co kept your all documents passport and didn't tell you that you approved or not ?

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Process time
12:01 pm yesterday


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My visa class ir1.my DNA result arrive at Embassy. Any one know. How many time later embassy issue visa??

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Sending my N400 while i 751 is in pending
6:41 pm yesterday


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Hi guys ,

I am preparing to send my n400 in for citizenship while my i 751 is still pending , so my question is what documents do i must submit with my n400??????? , following documents which i already have attached .


Divorce degre of my spose

Joint bank acount info

Health insurnce card

My us spouse passport copy

My spouse driver drivers license

My selective service registration proof .

IRS tax transcript for last 2 years

Copy of my expired green card

Electricity bills and rental agreement ,

My traffic speeding ticket

Which 2 wre dropped driving wo insurence n 1 i paid off right away speeding 1 to 10 mph ..

And thank you again

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8:21 am yesterday

salu sou

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I went for interview and CO start like tells me 2-3 facts about my case and he said i don't believe on it then i clarify him about religion issue and why we didn't marry and we just got engaged then turn into other questions like what you gonna do there where you gonna live in united states is there any relatives live there and he end up saying (for now you can go i need more time on your case ) is this negative sign like he trying to find reason to deny me or its like he wanna verify what i said and approved me ?

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