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Check CEAC or USCIS for status?
12:01 am today

Love To Teach

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Hi. We were told our papers have left NVC and are headed back to the Nebraska Center (from which they came). (We were denied our CR1 visa.) Do I keep looking on the CEAC site for updates or do I now look on the USCIS site? If I try our case number on the USCIS site, it tells us the same thing before my husband even had his interview.

Which site will show updates on our case? What number do we use?


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Changing petitioner from citizen sibling to LPR parent
4:30 am yesterday


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I have a confusion i wonder if somebody is through this situation. I am a U.S. citizen and I filed a petition for my parents and one of my under 21 sibling. My parents got the visa and it's been a month they are in U.S. and good their green card. Now they wants to apply for their unmarried children including my under 21 sibling whose petition i already has filed and approved by USCIS.

My question is do I have to cancel my petition so that they would be able to file a new petition for him. Does it make any difference in duration of the process or wait time. Keep in mind that I am citizen and my parents are green card holder.

Is it possible that they file a new petition for him and i don't withdraw which i already have filed.

Another question is he is going to be 21 in December. So for example if my parents file an petition for him before he turned 21 which age would be considered at the time of processing.

Please help me

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Staying abroad with green card + Permit extension
9:46 am yesterday


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My Pd is 8th November 2016 and i dont expect the VISA buletin movement to be fast any time soon. My wife is my petitioner and for her to live with me abroad till my process is completed i am applying for the extension permit. My question is that will USCIS by any chance accept this reason for staying abroad for my wife as my process is not completed? Please advise ? Staying away from wife for 1 more year is not feasible for me.

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A Few General Questions about Filing I-751
2:50 am yesterday

Jon York

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I have a couple of random questions about filing the I-751.

First, the instructions say you have to do your fingerprints which makes it sound as if you have to do that before you send in the petition. But, I thought that's what the biometrics fee was for and they would let you know if you had to actually do the fingerprints. Does anyone know if you have to do the fingerprints first? Or do they let you know if and when you need to?

My second question is a practical one about how others have done all this on a computer. I want to end up with a pdf file for final printing. But I'm finding for many pages it's only possible to create them in Word, which I can then later convert to a pdf. But other files we have, like the I-751 application itself is already a pdf file which can't be put into Word. So I'm ending up with files kind of scattered all over the place. An application file over there in Adobe and a photos file over here in Word! It's turning out to be an organizational nightmare.

I'm just curious how others have done this. I'd love to be able to do everything in one program so I could be sure I didn't overlook something or leave something out. I'm just afraid with the way I have files scattered all over the place I'm going to end up leaving out important items!

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Chicago interview expected date
10:35 pm yesterday


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Guys anyone know how long it takes for the interview date notice. I applied in May and I am in line for an interview since the end of July. Few of my friends told me that it will roughly take 3-6 months. Any input will be highly appreciated.


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