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July 22, 2014, 2:06 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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Hello Friend !


I need to clarify  some sort of question regarding to my uncle situation !


In 1995 he went to US illegally ( Passport PC ) on other person visa and stuck in police case !


He accepted that he came to US illegally through passport PC so court order him to leave US within 1 month !


Then he went to Canada illegally and came back to US and got paper marriage with US citizen !


He applied for Spouse visa and submitted documents that he got married with that girl !


But court was not satisfy with that marriage and again order him to leave US !


He was still living there for next 6 year illegally and left US after 9/11 in 2003 !


Now he came to Pakistan and got married with pakistani lady so his wife sister ( living in US citizen ) applied petition for him and his family before 5 years ago !


My question is that what are the chances for his petition approval and visa ???????


Remember he left US in 2003 legally 


Looking your expert advice please 

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arrowPolice clearance from Pakistan
July 22, 2014, 3:21 am Last comment by Naumanxenon

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it is mentioned in pakistan  country reciprocity schedule on this site  


Police Clearances: If you lived in a country other than Pakistan, Afghanistan or the U.S. for one year or more after turning 16, please submit a police clearance from that jurisdiction.   You can find details on applying for police clearances in every country on the Reciprocity Schedule.


so my question is that is it must to bring police clearance certifates from all cities to the interview....i am finding it really really hard to get all those certificates

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July 19, 2014, 1:36 am Last comment by ttz

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Sorry guys ive been late sharing my interview experience. Just got busy with stuff leaving in 2 days iA.

So heres my interview exp

My husband was here and he went to embassy with me. We were called pretty late at window 8 .CO took an oath from me.
Qs in order who is he? I said my husband lol
2. Then he started asking my hubby about his job etc.where does he works.when he arrived pakistan(hes an attorney in the US)
3. Asked me where i went for my highschool and what is my highest level of education. are marriage was arranged.(i gave a detailed answer)
5.where am i from in pakistan which city.asked my hubby where is he frm in pakistan.
6 did we go to honeymoon(hubby answered we didnt cus he had limited time off but we hung out locally n we have been waiting fir this visa cus we both like hiking and go adventourous places tht is possible is US.

Thats it, he wasnt asking me any questions but i was eager to answer when he asked how are marriage got arranged and CO said oh u can answer. There were two coS one was a trainee standing .they were nice to me maybe cus my hubby was there .i could hear them literally shouting at girls who were their for cr-1 interview.. They were rude to one asking u dont know how many guests were there at ur wedding

They didnt ask us for any pics cus hubby already had printed and sent them in the packet to nvc.
In the end CO said give me 2 mins typed something on the computer and said congratulation ur visa has been approved!! .you will get your passport in 5 days but i got in 2 days lol next day the status was issued!.alhamdulilah. It was a long journey but ended happily

I wish you all the very best..and if husbands petitioners can accompany their wives at interview that would be really awesome.

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arrowWithdrawl of Admission Application \counselor Notice
July 18, 2014, 11:15 pm Last comment by SusieQQQ

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My Brother family deport from Abu Dhabi bcz my brother who was Principal Applicant died before immigration to usa.In Abu Dhabi POE  "The Letter withdrawl of Admission Application \counselor Notice" was issued and immigration packets were taken by immigration officer.The letter was in the Name of US Embassy Riyadh bcz the visas were issued from Riyadh Embassy.My brother family is final exit  from KSA.(now can not enter KSA again)What will the next step of embassy will they issue new visa or what step now embassy will take. Kindly help me kind VJ memebers.

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arrowCan i Marry while my case is in Administrative Processing( F4)
July 18, 2014, 11:06 pm Last comment by aaron2020

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Hello to All kind VJ Members

I want to know that can i marry with out Notice of  US Embassy Islamabad while my case is in administrative processing since Sep-2013.I am brother of US citizen.My pd is 05-jul-2001.

i shall be thankful to you all for this reply.

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