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arrowmissing Letter on my mother's name
July 26, 2016, 9:53 am Last comment by mido mashakel
mido mashakel

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Hello Guys 

I am USC  .. i want to bring my mother  , but the problem is : 

my mother's name on her Birth certificate ..  ID and PASSPORT is : mina

while her name on my Birth certificate is  : Amina


could you please advice me what to do in this case 

thank you 

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arrowHi from Central IL
July 25, 2016, 10:21 pm Last comment by aminah

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I am Elizabeth - I work as a nurse in central IL, between Chicago and St. Louis. I met and fell in love with a great guy, Hamza, who lives outside of Casablanca Morocco - and we are starting this whole process. 


I am lucky enough to be going to visit him in about 6 weeks for 10 days. 


I appreciate any advice and help along the way. 


My mother and father met, and were pen pals in the 1960s - she lived outside London England and my dad lived here. They met once and got married the next time they saw each other - I think their process was much simpler back then! 

But it reminds me that things can be done - and I see many happy stories on here. 


I am reminded more than anything that I must be PATIENT. 


Thanks for your wisdom and help! 



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arrowK1 vs K3 - which is easier?
July 25, 2016, 10:16 pm Last comment by aminah

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Is it generally easier to get a K1 Visa first and get married in the US, or to get married in his country (Morocco) and then get a K3 Visa after? 


I know this may be variable based on what the rules are for getting married in Morocco, so do not take that into consideration. For those who have already gotten (or in the process) of either - are you happy with the one you picked or would you have rather picked the different type, knowing what you know now?


Thanks so much for your advice!

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arrowHow long after you recieve rfe will you recieve approval ??
July 22, 2016, 10:13 am Last comment by Pitaya

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So here is my time sent everything April 15 received a rfe July 14 for birth certificate which they said they didn't recieve . (Aos via k1 visa) so I sent back and they received July 17 and updated on there system . How long should I expect to recieve something . Would love to be able to go on a cruise with my husband but will not book anything until I have the actual advance parol or green card . Thanks any one who has been through the same recently

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arrowK1 Administrative Processing (CASABLANCA, Morocco)
July 22, 2016, 12:04 am Last comment by Davy981

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Greetings everybody,

I had a K1 interview in mid March at the US Con of CASABLANCA. Interview went smooth but very long, at the end of it I was requested to submit additional documents (education related) and my passport was kept with them, I also received a white sort of flyer which has some stuff about my rights as immigrant, I was also handed a white paper which states that I need to submit additional docs. I did so after a week due to the hardship of obtaining those documents because all my education was abroad in 3 different countries. When I submitted the additionals I was told that I will be called by phone. It went ahead for like 40 days without any call or email. I had to travel abroad for business reasons and I requested to pick up my passport from the consulate, they approved and gave me my passport and asked me to return it to them once I come back to Morocco. After roughly 2 months I returned to Morocco and submitted my passport back to the consulate, they kept me waiting for 2 hours saying that they need to check if I need to be interviewed, but they released me saying no interview is required and they kept my passport.
My case is still under AP till today, it's been 4 months now.

I wanted to share my story with you folks and maybe has some feedback from similar experiences. Or just talk about it with people who are in the same boat, The AP boat bound to America.

Cheers and lah iyasir.

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