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arrowConfused .....I need your help please
September 5, 2015, 10:58 am Last comment by Pinkrlion

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Hey all member of VJ
I am really very confused about my petition, I was called by the consulate last Monday, the gentleman handed me a paper said that your fiancée should contact the immigration in USCIS within one or two months. I asked him whether my visa is denied or still worked , he told me NO. Your visa wasn't denied, he adds your visa still has to be on administrative processing for extra time.
My fiancée has called the USCIS the day before yesterday, A lady told her that the officer made a mistake to send your petition back to USCIS because you have all enough evidence and proofs. They said that they can't do anything to stop them sending it back . Moreover, they said that if they send it back , it will stay there for 6 months for more processing???
I only have two questions about this dramatic situation, is it good for us to keep waiting until they send our petition back to USCIS for more processing because they may schedule third interview? Or Should we forget about this petition and think about a spousal visa as it will be strong more than k1 visa ??
Any help please
Thank you in advance.......

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arrowIs this a hoax?
September 4, 2015, 1:19 pm Last comment by Adil & Jeanne
Adil & Jeanne

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As you all know Adil and I fought 6 years to get his visa.  He is actually at airport now and leaves Morocco in less than 2 hours. 


I open my email and get this notice


Case number:  WAC201533690XX
The  Department of State notifies you of being selected as a winner of the Diversity visa program for the fiscal year. We are sending the winning letters through the selected email addresses. To receive the green card; you need to apply and obtain the U.S.  immigrant visa. the visa will permit you to travel to the United- State to receive your green card.
Complete DS-230 forms for yourself and all accompanying family members regardless of age, which will be used to file your immigrant visa petition at the National Visa Center to process your visa and schedule your visa interview appointment at the U.S. Embassy nearest to you for the issuance of your visa..
Download DS 230 form or
click the application form here. DS-230Form
Please print or type your answers to all questions
Other requirements:
1. International  Passport: 
Include- the photo-page of your international  passport (Only the principal applicant). View  sample here - 
International Passport
2. Passport size photograph: 
Glue- one passport size-photograph-for each person-mentioned in the-application at the top left corner of form DS-230. View  sample here--
F passport photo
Photo- instruction is- available here
Your application fall within Asia Pacific Region and therefore will be processed at our Asia pacific official center.
Address: Wichayanond Road Chiang Mai Thailand.
Contact person: Mr. John Philippe
Tel: +66 996 866 001
How Can I Submit my application?
Submit your application to them for processing at this-email:
Applicants are advise to continue using the DS-230 form till End summary.
Please read and follow all the enclosed instructions carefully.
Sincerely yours,
Hamilton Houston
Senior Director
Is this for real?  or a cruel joke  someone is playing?

Why would I send information to Thailand?

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arrowThe new visa system at the US Embassy in Casablanca, Morocco
September 3, 2015, 9:40 am Last comment by JO & SD

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Hello VJ members !

The US embassy in Casablanca has started working with a new system which the applicant should register on the travel docs website (http://www.ustraveldocs.com/ma/) and chose where to pick up their passport. There is the office of Aramex in Casablanca or Rabat . I am asking  if, there is anyone that has picked up their passport from Aramex since the embassy began working with the new system.
Let's post our information to have an idea about who is still waiting to pick up their passport

my date of interview was : 08/26/2015

type of Visa : K1

Visa Status (CEAC Website)  : Issued

Passport status (ustraveldocs) : There is no status update available for the passport number submitted



Still waiting :clock:

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arrowHelp in AOS
September 3, 2015, 8:30 am Last comment by sip4m1

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Hi everyone
I have few questions I'm confused

My wife don't meet the requirements of poverty . She has 3 kids with her ex husband and he don't pay the support to them and also she didn't work good in last 3 years . 2012 its like 15k and 2013 she was sick she earn like 12k and 2014 like 9k cuz she visited .

In the form of i864 does she will count me as household even we have the jointsponsor and she will make it 5 . Me and her and her 3 kids . Or only her and her kids .

So we found her sister like our jointsponsor she made good like 24k per year for the last 3 years . And she has a kid whose his dad pay for him the support because she live only with her child .

The question is about the jointsponsor while while her son his dad payin for him the support . Does she will count him in the form as household . Does she will count only 2 me and her or all of 3 ne and her and her kid .

Any help . Thanks in advance

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arrowBringing my mom to the US but I'm only 19
September 1, 2015, 2:13 pm Last comment by Trellick

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Good Morning Everyone!


I am a U.S. citizen but my parents are not. I was unexpectedly born in the U.S. while my mom was visiting a family member here, therefore I am a citizen by birth right. My parents are Moroccan and both live in Morocco, I would like to bring both of them of the U.S. preferably my mom first because she doesn't have a good situation back home. I have an older sister who went to college in the U.S. and who just graduated (international student), my family has been having financial issues while supporting my sister's education and now my parents are not in a good financial situation and supporting me and my sister in the U.S. while my parents are in Morocco has been very hard; therefore I would like to bring them here. I have researched the matter, but it says online that I have to be at least 21 to file an application. Is there another way to do it and get around the age limitation? Would hiring a lawyer be an option?


Thank you very much for your insights in advance.


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