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October 8, 2015, 5:35 pm Last comment by MiyA35

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Hello VJ members i have short question, actually I can't stop myself calling NVC to see if there is any update , im I doing the wrong thing??

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arrowK1 interview casablanca
October 8, 2015, 5:44 am Last comment by sumehra29

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So my fiancé has a interview on October 14 . But yesterday embassy called my fiancé and told him that on October 14 it might be a moroccon holiday so the interview might be on October 16 but there not sure yet . My question is if the interview is on the 16 will he have a problem entering consult for interview if his interview invitation states the 14 . Emailed embassy still no response.

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arrowNVC Process Questions Confusion
October 6, 2015, 3:33 pm Last comment by AmericanTaxpayer

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#  Hey VisaJourney Members i wish you all good luc


 i have Few Questions and i wish i get enough answers for all of them if possible Feeling Stressed and Unlucky 



 ### First Our Case is with   3   N/A  Right now  , We Paid 120 $   In 31 August and now we have the 325$ is Available And We didnt Pay it Yet My wife is Waiting for Some Paiement To pay it She Don't have the money right now . aswell we didn't find the  sponsor too yet .  




##    My Questions is  :




1 -- The Question is i'm living aboard in North Africa and there is no way to send the money to my wife to help her pay it cuz  it's not alloweded to send money to International From my country , is there any way i can do to pay it by myself or send  money something like that . 





2 -- Second Question i've got as we waiting for to Find the Right Sponsor so i already  sent my civil documents to my wife and it will  experid  in 3 months i mean just 1 month left and few days , Can we send Civil Documents Alone without  Supporting Documents , so can we send Civil Documents and if yes , what civil documents includes i mean what is  exactly more Than ( My Birthday with tradiction , Marriege with tradiction , Police Record with tradiction , Court and Prison Records with tradiction , My passport boi - as beneficiary - ,my wife Passport Boi and entry and returen to usa , Pictures of visa , and cover letter ) Thats all i know 




3 --  My wife found her Friend as joint sponsor but ( Not Sure 100% ) but  still her income not enough cuz that girl make like 26k per year with her 2 kids  means household for 4 people still not enough  as my wife is unemployed is my wife still can be sponsor and make hers and her friend's income and make it work , my wife not working .



4 --  Last Question is about to Find the Sponsor is There any Limit Time For NVC To Deny My Case If i'm late by Finding The Sponsor Or i'm Free i Can Find it By wutever Time i Can - is There any Deadline ( i wish not :( )  





      I Have a Picture Of my Case Down in The Description

I'm Sorry For To Many Questions but I Really Need Answers Because it's StressFull

       Thanks In Advance  


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arrowFor k1 interview affedevit of support i134
October 6, 2015, 3:31 pm Last comment by Love For Ever

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How many pay stubs would you present at the interview

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October 5, 2015, 5:12 pm Last comment by teeak

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I changed the sponsor , I want to know if that has an impact on my case

Please Help me

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