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arrowReceived my noa1 receipt in mail
July 2, 2015, 3:16 pm Last comment by sumehra29

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Received my noa1 receipt in mail from California . ✌️😍 when I received text/email from Texas staying in arrived they said they would send noa1 with next steps . But my noa1 is just stating or names or birthdays I guess for next steps it's for people with adjustment of status green card , for k1 just a receipt and next step is just about waiting

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arrowMoroccan Consular Card
June 30, 2015, 6:43 pm Last comment by Ismael&Blair

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Does anyone who's familiar with the Moroccan Consulate's processing the Moroccan passport renewal and a consular card? This is the first we ever heard that there is another card (consular card) involved.the statement on the website was a bit confusing saying that we DIDNT have to apply for both at the same time. But we can if we decided to?? Any comments or advice appreciated. Ramadan Kareem to all who are observing! Shokran Bezzaff.

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arrowUS Passport wrong place of birth
June 30, 2015, 12:49 pm Last comment by Buckyball

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Hi All,


My sister got her citizenship three months ago, she applied for passport, and she received it today, upon validating the data in it, I found that they put place of birth USA and not her country Morocco, will this be an issue? i know she has to corrected it, problem she has a flight to take this week-end.

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arrowBirth Certificate Translation
June 30, 2015, 11:14 am Last comment by nancyandissam

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Hi guys! We're in the process of assembling the packet for my husband's AOS and of course we need his birth certificate translated. I've looked online all over the place to see how we can do that now here in the states and I'm confused as to what will be acceptable for USCIS. There are services available that I can upload the document and they can translate it, as far as I can tell from their websites, but is this legit? Any help would be greatly appreciated, we're a bit stumped on this one! Thanks!!!

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arrowHelp about DV 2016
June 30, 2015, 9:04 am Last comment by SusieQQQ

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Hello good morning everyone,


Fistly i'm new here in this forum and i would like to thank admins for accepting me, secondly i would like to thank Susie for being kind and so quick to answer my pm and for all the help she gave throught the forum as i almost saw all the posts and comments here about DV LOTTERY in order to not ask questions asked before.


I just figured out yesterday that i was selected for the DV 2016 and like almost of you, i was chocked and couldn't beleive my eyes lol


BUT i still have some questions and hope to get some answers:


Q1 ) my case number is like 2016AF00009XXX and i'm from morocco localized in Africa, does my number figure with first people who will be scheduled for an interview ?


Q2 ) if i'm in the middle and not with the first ones who will be called, do i still have to fill quickly the DS260 ? it's already done i still have only one case to fill, the one about where would you like to receive your Green Card in USA, and i don't know anyone in USA so i'm confused about what to put there, and by the moment trying to find a friend or member of family that can help me about it.


Q3 ) if i don't find any member who could provide me with a valid adresse, what should i do ? it's the only step remain for me in order to finish the DS and send it,


Q4 ) i just graduate for an Engineer degree this june 15th, 2015, do i have to put in studies and work section that i'm unemployeed and fil in studies section that i studied for my degree between january 2010 and june 2015 ? and what are my chances with this degree ?


Q5 ) what it the total amount of money i will need to pay all fees related to this procedure from submitting the DS260 to having the visa issued and the fee of the Green card once i make it to the airport entry if all goes well ?


Q6 ) i used to see in many post the word ASO , what is it please ?


That's all for the moment, thank you in advance and i'm sorry for all that amount of questions, i hope to get some answers and feedback, my appologies about my english if i wrote some mistakes and i'm pretty sure i did lol,


Thank you very much


waiting for you guys,




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