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arrowplease help, i need an answer ASAP
March 4, 2015, 2:47 am Last comment by Natasha&Noor

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a quick question I filed my I130, and my PD is january 14th, i had moved to the east cost in december than i filled the i130, but ill be moving back to california this month, and i don't know if i should notify them of the changeof address or thats gonna effect my case, and add extra time to it. my i130 is being processed at Texas Service Center.


if anyone heard or been thru a situation like this, please advice.



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arrowChecklist because of I-864 and case expedition, I NEED YOUR HELP
March 3, 2015, 9:27 am Last comment by ibabu

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Hello everyone, 


I disparately need your help with two things  :cry: 


Firstly, I'm the principle applicant and my husband is the petitioner. we received an email from NVC last Friday that says we're on the checklist because of two errors in the I-864 as follows:

[x] In Part 6. Sponsor's Income and Employment, please correct the following...
        [x] Item 5. You must enter your current individual annual income. This means the amount of money you expect to earn
during the current calendar year.
        [x] Item 10. The current annual household income must equal the sum of items 5, 6.c., 7.c., 8.c., and 9.c.
when my husband reviewed the I-864 he sent to the NVC, he found out that in his form the item 5 and item 10 are both blank, and in the joint sponsor's form there are different amounts in the two items.

I wanna know if item 5 and item 10 must contain the same amount? because when I checked the I-864 sample on visajourney I found that the number on item 5 is the same one on number 10 so I don't know if we have to correct only my husband's form or the two forms. 


Secondly, my husband was diagnosed with seizure disorder, and the doctor report says that he shouldn't drive or do some activities alone, therefore we are thinking of using that report to ask NVC to expedite my case. Do you think it's gonna work or we gonna just waste our time and delay my case for nothing.


Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase I need your advice so bad because my husband and I feel so frustrated and so lost :crying:  :crying:  :crying:  :crying: .


Thank you in advance


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arrowMorocco Embassy Received Approved Expedited Waiver. Another Interview?
March 3, 2015, 2:44 am Last comment by LoveMyTico

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I received an email today from the Embassy of Casablanca in Morocco that due to some technical difficulties they had overlooked but have found our USCIS package. They said they will be reviewing it and doing the final steps over the next few days and will contact myself or my husband. Will there be another interview when they give him the visa and if so what questions should he expect? Thank you for the support as always and good luck to all and God bless.

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arrowProof of relationship for K1 visa (Beneficiary is Moroccan male)
March 3, 2015, 2:41 am Last comment by TiestoSoulmates

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Hi everyone!


I'm a bit worried about this proof of relationship requirements... How many pics do I need for each visit?  Are kissing pics ok? Would you recommend adding pictures of his family with us or just of us in our Moroccan adventures? 


I have for each trip: more than enough photos with friends and family but only 3 for each visit (making 9-12 pictures total), my flight itineraries for each trip, copies of the entry/exit stamps for each trip, some initial emails and the receipt of a care package he sent me... Proof of ongoing relationship is: flight itinerary (one-way ticket), my entry stamp to Morocco, a Moroccan affidavit stating that he supports me and that I'm living with him (Lettre de Prise en Charge) and a copy of my Moroccan carte de sejour.... 


Any other tips, tricks, info nuggets or visa recipes you guys want to dish over? I'd be really grateful for the advice.



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arrowPackage sent .....Still no NOA1
March 2, 2015, 5:29 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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Hello VJ family !
we sent our Package a week ago and we have not heared anything yet ! i have seen some timelines here and usually it takes a couple of days to get the NOA1 email !
is that normal ? for how long we should wait ?

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