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arrowi-134 Supporting Evidence Original Documents??
September 28, 2016, 5:11 pm Last comment by Adil & Jeanne

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Hi everyone!


I have a question regarding original documents...


My mom is only able to get a copy of her letter from her employer, not the original.   She is our co-sponsor.  Could this be an issue if we don't have the original??


Also, both of our banks (2 different ones) cannot put all 3 items that are asked for in a letter.  They are able to put the date our accounts were opened and what our current balance is, but they both can't put the total of our deposits for the past year.  Has anyone else had this issue (I mean if both of our banks are doing this, it must be kind of common).  If so, what were your workarounds for this?  We were planning to get our statements for the past year printed by our banks and then signed by the manager.  Is this acceptable?




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arrowG-325 - Who can fill this out for beneficiary?
September 26, 2016, 5:35 pm Last comment by USAMorocco

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My fiance sent me his copy of the G-325 and it was the last thing I needed to mail off the K1 - he didnt fill part of it out because he wasn't sure how to fill it out. He included a blank copy (with his signature) in case he messed something up. 


Can I (or someone else) fill in the blank copy with his info on the G325 that has his signature? Or does the whole thing need to be in his handwriting? 


I looked up on here and it said original document by beneficiary but on the form itself it doesn't say that someone else can't fill it out for him. 


I want to avoid RFEs obviously - so am hoping to send this off without having to wait two weeks for another copy!


Thanks for any help! 

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arrowDS-160 When????! (Morocco)
September 26, 2016, 3:33 pm Last comment by Adil & Jeanne

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Can someone who has been through the process in Morocco, please tell me when we're supposed to submit the DS-160?  I am hearing conflicting things... 


Our application is at the consulate in Morocco and on the NVC website, the status says 'Ready for interview'.  In some places, I have read that the consulate will email us with information for the next step.  Elsewhere, I have read that you're supposed to submit the DS-160 in order to schedule the interview.  Soooo, I'm confused!



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arrowThoughts... K1
September 26, 2016, 7:49 am Last comment by randrb

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Leave it to me.  I am sitting here going over in my mind any possible objections the consular office might throw at my fiance at his interview.  Can someone please reassure me?!


1) I was previously married for 1 1/2 years.  We started the divorce process in June of 2014 with a final divorce decree being issued in December 2014.  However, once it was issued, I realized my ex had never submitted our marital settlement agreement......   Soooo, I had to go through a process of having the divorce reopened in order to get the agreement attached to the divorce.  As a result, the divorce got 'refinalized' in July 2016.  We were just waiting for this to happen so we could submit the i129F.  I know that normally, there could be a red flag, if someone gets divorced and 2 seconds later applies for a fiance visa.  Obviously I will give my fiance certified divorce decrees (both of them) and he can explain what happened, but I'm wondering if they still may wonder about this??


2) Since we didn't know when we would be able to file for the K-1 and I've been living in Morocco for the past year, my family has come to visit us here.  However, my grandparents who I am very close to are too old to come visit us.  My grandmother insisted we try to get my fiance a visitor's visa in March of this year.  Again, I know sometimes this could raise a red flag- someone applied for 1 type of visa, got denied and then applied for another....  Granted, if my fiance explains, it's a reasonable situation.  Will this be a problem?


3) I am in the process of launching a startup business (aka I have NO income).  That is, except for a fair amount of money (above the 125% poverty line) that I am getting paid by my ex from the marriage settlement agreement.  I believe this income counts, however, just to be safe, I have my mom as a co-sponsor.  I have no taxes from last year and the year before I just had a small amount.  My mother works for the gov't and has a very good job and makes plenty of $.  Any issue??



I appreciate any feedback!  I should probably go make myself busy on my business, rather than sitting here pondering this stuff :P

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arrowApostille for K-1 Visa for Moroccan documents???
September 26, 2016, 7:18 am Last comment by randrb

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I have read in varying places that an apostille is needed on all documents that need to be translated here in Morocco for the K-1 Visa interview.  Is this true?? 

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