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K1, I-129 F Urgent Question
5:25 pm yesterday


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Hi All,

My Fiancee and I have given up on the K1 Visa. I plan to fly to her and marry asap in order to start the CR1 Visa.

Please advise me on how to cancel the I-129 F in the shortest time possible. Can I start the I-130 right after marriage? Or I must

cancel the I-129 F first?

I had suggested we don t marry where she is, and wait until she came to the States. She was not too happy for this Fiancee visa, but I had assured her

the process took just few months to 5 months tops, and she d be here with me by October. Apparently, this will not happen. She was right and I was wrong.

I appreciate your input in this urgent matter. Yes, it is urgent because she is very upset with me for making false promises. She ll get over it soon tho :)

Thank you,

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K1: Applying for Jobs before POE
4:48 pm yesterday


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So I finally got my K1 visa almost a month ago and I was wondering if I'm allowed to apply for jobs before entering the US (POE).

I'm asking because, unlike CR1/IR1 visa holders, K1 visa holders are not authorized to work right away (need AOS and EAD, SSN for the salary...etc).

Thanks :)

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Trying to fill the I-129f (exact dates!!!)
11:29 am yesterday


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Hello everyone!

Me and my gf are trying so hard to fill the i-129f with the maximum accurate information that we could get but concerning the exact dates of adresses she lived for the past 5 years she can not remembre the exact dates when she moved or worked at past job!! Now we only have few exact dates but some of them are just year and month!! Is that gonna be a problem when we fill the petition ? Should we attach something explaining that we could not get the exact dates !!! Thank you guys

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K1 forms
6:10 pm yesterday

Mayi & MiMi

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Just a quick question. Are the G-325 forms still being used. I want to file my petition today but I dont know if I need to submit this. So far this is what I have

1. Filing fee in the amount of $535.00
2. Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fianc e
3. Supplement to Form I-129F: Part 2, Question 53.a., explanation of meeting my fianc e in person
4. Form G-1145, Notification of Acceptance of Application/Petition
5. Statement of Intent to Marry (Petitioner)
6. Statement of Intent to Marry (Beneficiary)
7. Proof of having met in person within the past two years
8. Copies of my itineraries
9. Photos of my trips and family photos (lots of them)
10. Proof of ongoing (bona fide) relationship.

11. Certificate of no criminal history from beneficuary

12. Certificate of birth from beneficuary

13. Certificate of no prior marriages from beneficuary

14. Affidavit of support

15. copy of beneficuary's passport

16. Copy of my passport, social security card and ID and my birth certificate.

17. copy of certified divorce and certified decree.

18. I will provide them with a CD of over 10,000 pages of 2 years + of conversations from WhatsApp, Facebook, Skyrock, Viber, Google hangouts, Skype (I'll just print out our first conversation and our last so that they see its still ongoing.)

19. Three years of tax returns

20. Money that I have sent over there for my trips and for family stuff (like ramadan/EID), personal use etc.

Yes I know, Im well aware that I'm jumping the gun, but want to make sure that I submit everything I can and go from there

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My K1 Visa have been refused - not sure what to do now
3:36 am yesterday


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Hi All -

please advise - I have filled a K1 visa for my fiance and it has been refused and returned back to USCIS.

Now that they have ruined my planned wedding - should I just go head and file for a CR1 visa for her or wait till they respond back?



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