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arrowaffidafit of support
April 18, 2014, 9:21 am Last comment by broadv

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hi eveybody


i just wanna know wich affidafit of support form my wife should fill 

because there is 3

we apply for i130 and my wife is a self employed 

should she fill i864EZ or i864 


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arrowExplination needed
April 18, 2014, 8:38 am Last comment by Nab1

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Hi everyone I'm new to this wonderful forum, and I would like to know if someone out there could tell me what is an administrative processing.


I had my interview on april the 14th it was fine the lady aked me questions about my wife and how we met anyway after the Interview she asked if had something to show her, then i handed to her out conversations record, wedding photos, and skype photos she looked at the wedding pix real quick she kept facebook phone messages and our skype screenshots he handed me back my passport and 221(g) says ...Further action in


your case has been suspended under section 212(g) of the un states immigration and nationality act of 1952.


Your immigration visa application requires necessary administrative processing. this is a normal part of the visa application process and is usually resolved within a few weeks. we will notify you by phone once the precess is complete.

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arrowMy Fiancee get a call to come to the Consulate ????
April 17, 2014, 4:46 pm Last comment by A&B

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My fiancé had his interview in Casablanca on March 11st, 2014, since that time we have been in Review. after a week from interview we got an email from a consular officer asking us to send them some papers concerning his last divorce. after that we provided them everything in the end of march (We been always keep in touch with the consular officer in her work email).

Today He just received a call from the consulate telling him to come to them on Monday morning, at 10:00am, and to tell the guards that  he was told to show up, and they already have his passport since the interview. And there was nothing that he needed to bring, then they hung up, without allowing him the opportunity to even ask why he was coming.


Has anyone experienced this before ? Is it for a 2nd interview ? Or will his visa be issued ? Or will they be denying it ?


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arrowpolice clearance ((((Saudi Arabia))))
April 16, 2014, 6:20 pm Last comment by soumausa

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Hello everyone

 was  living in Saudi Arabia for a period of 4 years. But I came back to  Morocco in 2011,  I have contacted the Saudi embassy in order to get a police clearance certificate from there ,  but they told me That he was no longer entitled to get it for me because I am not a Saudi citizen and no  longer resident in the Kingdom. 

I have found this site
This paragraph (Police clearances are unavailable for third country nationals who no longer reside in the Kingdom.) 
I don't know what to do if the U.S. embassy in my country asked me to bring this certificate? 
I am very worried.. )))))))))
Advice me please!!

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arrowUSCIS requested me to file I-824 after they lost my file
April 16, 2014, 3:21 pm Last comment by nab-400

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Hello everyone,


I just received a letter in the mail stating that they lost my case and i need to file duplicate, my case was approved three months ago it's an I-130 for my mother, and when i look at the form there is a fee of $405 IS THAT MEANS I HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR MISTAKE??????????????? anyone had similar issue?

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