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Apply for Naturalization while I-751 is pending
1:46 am yesterday


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Hi guys,

is it a good idea to apply for naturalization while the I-751 application is pending?! Of course after you become eligible for citizenship, which is 2 years and 9 months from the date of receiving the conditional residency (INC VSC)

or it may effect the process of i-751 application and make it longer?!?

Conditional Residents May Seek Naturalization While I-751 is Pending


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Appointment for U.S Consulate in Morocco?
11:52 pm yesterday


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Hello everyone! I'm going to be flying into Casablanca on Aug. 7th next month to spend time with my fiance and prepare the paperwork for our wedding. I would like to get an appointment at the Consul in Casa for as soon after my arrival as possible to obtain the necessary paperwork. I have two questions about the appointment....

1. My flight is due to arrive at about 2:30 PM Casa time. Is this cutting it too close to try for an appointment for the same day? If necessary we can stay overnight with some of my fiance's relatives in Sale and come back to Casa the next day. I don't know how close the Consul is the the airport, how likely the flight is to arrive on time, or how long it will take to get through customs, navigate the traffic, etc... so if anyone has any experience with this it'd be a huge help!

2. What kind of appointment do I need exactly? I know I can do it online but if someone could provide me with a link or detailed instructions for booking the appointment I would appreciate it. Also, do I only need an appointment for myself, do I need to book a separate appointment for each of us, or will we go into one appointment together? I can't seem to find any definitive answer for that online so if anyone has been through the process and know for sure let me know! :D

Thanks! :D

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the CO gived me my passport back and 221(g) and kept my mariage certificat and taxes and photos and chat history
3:02 pm yesterday

sami amber

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the consular officer in casablanca embassy gived me my passport and 221(g) and she kept my translated mariage certificat and my birth certificate the original and my wife taxes return and photos and letters and chats history . im wondering why and how loong this will take

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Passport with visitor visa expiring
6:55 pm yesterday


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My MIL has a visitor visa which Is valid for another 8 years, but her passport is expiring soon.

Does she travel to the US with both passports? Or does she go to the US embassy to get a new visitor visa placed in the new passport?

Thank you!

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current annual income
6:37 pm yesterday

mido mashakel

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Hello V/J

when i try to figure out my current annual income , can i count the only straight time working hours (40h/week) or to add the overtime hours cos i used to work 50h/week .. can someone help me in this math thing ?

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