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arrowOn our Last steps flilling the I-129F !!!
January 29, 2015, 1:20 pm Last comment by JAREmorocco

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Hello VJ family ! 
my fiancee and I are on our last steps on filling the I-129F 
Our application is : 

  1. G-1145
  2. I-129F
  3. G-325A
  4. Our passport photos 
  5. all Passport pages copied ( of my USC fiance)
  6. a paper telling how we met 
  7. Our pictures together : from all the 3 visits + our engagement ceremony 
  8. Skype screenshots 
  9. Facebook screenshots 
  10. Whatsapp conversation 
  11. Tickets + post cards 
  12. Passport stamps 
  13. Letters of intent to marry 

    Any additional advice ? is that enough ? any suggestions ? 

    Thank You !


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arrowI meet the income requirement to sponsor my husband but I had zero income the past 3 yrs and no co-sponsor
January 28, 2015, 11:30 pm Last comment by dwheels76

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I am just beginning to put my IR-1 packet together to petition to sponsor my husband.  My question:


I do NOT have a joint sponsor

I DO meet the income requirements to sponsor my husband and will be able to provide pay stubs and/or employment verification (although I just got my job)

I have not had any income for the past 3 tax years

If I write a letter explaining that I was not required to file taxes as i did not earn any income, 

I am unclear if I meet the requirements to get approved ?


Thank you in advance for your help :)


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arrowWhy was my husband called in for a second interview?
January 28, 2015, 10:15 pm Last comment by TiestoSoulmates

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my husband went to his interview on Monday. She was there for four and a half hours. I am here in Texas because I could not be there for the interview because of work. All of the government officials from the USCIS to the NVC to the embassy in Casablanca have all agreed to expedite my case because of the need for me to have two major surgeries. In addition to that I am also bipolar with panic disorder severe depression and PSTD. Based on my medical reasons all departments have agreed that my case should be expedited. During his interview on Monday he had the older nice white American man and my husband did his interview in English. He came on a k1 visa and when he got here did not get along with his fiance and his fiance's mother drove him to Oklahoma where he had a cousin. He helped out at his cousin's car wash to make money enough to come down here to Houston where we met. As I am sure we are not the only one to have made the mistake of not knowing what I 94 is we make sure he returned with a hundred and eighty days of his visa. However that is incorrect since immigration only gave him 90 days and therefore he is banned for 3 years. The consular ask to see pictures of us and to see if there were any pictures and he had from when I have been there 4 times now since we have been married on February 23rd of 2013. He asked my husband three different times the date that we met and of course he knew the date. He also asked why did he not marry his fiance if they were already ok and everything was well in Casablanca. My husband explained that he she only came during the holidays to visit and of course everything was good when she was only visiting for a short amount of time as she was the sister to one of his best friends. When he came here to America she was abusive and alcoholic and said that she could be that way even though she was Muslim because she lives here in America. None the less I had sent my husband in with a full ream of paper from our chat on messages over the last year. I also sent with him all the documents that they requested of course including the original birth certificate and marriage license in addition to the letters I had sent him and all of my medical doctors notes. I also sent him with a letter from my boss stating that I'm about to lose my job because my performance has dropped since the pain has increased and gotten worse because I have pre cancer in addition to official of that leads to my tailbone with other problems within my bladder and anal canal as well. I find it so hard to believe that they did not give him the visa even though he overstayed but I understand that ignorance of the law does not excuse one from being held accountable to the law. My question now is why would they call him back for a second interview? I posted on a lawyer's website and every single one of them said it could be a good thing or a bad thing so I am so confuse and any help would be appreciated. Has anyone else had a situation similar to this. I have already filed my 601 waiver and has already arrived because I had it overnighted and I also sent in an expedite request with my 601 waiver.
so sorry for the typos I am using my text to voice on my phone

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arrowWhat happens when a visa denial occurs? (split topic)
January 26, 2015, 10:42 pm Last comment by mardar

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That is your choice. I would suggest asking in your regional forum (you can report this post to have it moved there) as this is something done more regionally than not.




can you please tell what happens if your case got denied at the consulate saying that you couldn't prove a bonafide marriage based on approved i130 to bring your spouse on cr1. and also how long do you wait for your case to be sent back to uscis and reopened, also if being overseas with the spouse help while they are having the interview thank you  

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arrowHelp Please
January 26, 2015, 10:10 pm Last comment by mardar

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i received the NOA1 with srcxxxxxxxxx, from texas service center and it says online that they are processing june 3rd 2014 petitions. can you please tell me if there is any hope my file would be transferred to an other service center or it will just stay there and expect the 7 months period for the i130 to be touched.


thank you


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