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arrowN-400 denied.
October 30, 2014, 5:32 am Last comment by Ian H.

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I need help or advice regarding my extraordinary Immigration case. I Got married in 2007 to my U.S. Citizen wife in Morocco. Almost two years later I received my visa then my 10 years green card. After entering the U.S. soil, I remained married ,in good faith, up to date. 3 years and 6 months later I applied for N-400 based on marriage. later I was scheduled for an interview. However, the officer (on the date of interview 04/09/2013) refused to interview me because( according to her) I wasn't given the right green card and visa. she stated that because I was married to my wife for less then two years before the entry to the U.S.  I should have received a conditional green card rather then an unconditional one. the officer added that I need to apply for removal of conditions and she will put my N-400 application on hold until I provide her with a receipt number for the I-751  so she could proceed with the interview on both I-751 and N-400 simultaneously. just as I was told, I Applied for I-751 before the deadline which was the one month after the date when the first interview took place( dead line was May 9th of 2013). One month later I received a mail including my receipt number which I took immediately to the local USCIS office in Portland ,Oregon. Approximately five months later I scheduled an info pass appointment to meet with an officer to find out why am I still waiting for the entire process despite the fact that I was told that I will be interviewed as soon as I provide the USCIS officer with the receipt number showing that my resident status has been extended for the period of one year. I came to find out during the mentioned appointment that my application that I have sent to the California center has been wrongfully sent to Phoenix Immigration officer rather then Portland immigration Office. the officer, then, advised me to go home and she will call me as soon as the application arrives to Portland as she !

is requesting the file to be transferred to portland office. few weeks later I received a phone call with the number(000)-000-0000 and, Indeed, the officer called to let me know that the application is in portland USCIS office now. approximately one month later I payed the USCIS a visit throughout an info pass appointment to check on the status of my application and, again, I was chocked to learn that the application was lost and never made it to Portland Office. and this is how the officer worded it " To be Honest with you, your I-751 application never made it to our Office, so, can you file another one?" unfortunately, I went home and filed another application ,which I have a copy of, and sent it to the portland Office on 10/02/2013. on October 22, 2013 I received another mail stating that my I-751 interview is scheduled November 22, 2013 so the Green Card process, which should have been expedited, took almost a year instead of the normal process time which was less then 6 months at that time. My wife and I attended the interview and were interview together then separated and interviewed separately and successfully passed the interview. the officer told both us both( me and my wife) that we were approved for the unconditional green card and she gave me the option of whether to take the Naturalization test the same day or to come back for it at a later time but I chose to take it at a later time due to the heavy school finals. On december the 06th of 2013 I received another letter saying that My Naturalization interview was scheduled for Monday, January 06, 2014 at 7 AM. I showed up for the naturalization test and I successfully passed the english and the U.S. history test as well as the interview which included questions regarding the relationship between my wife and I and I was recommended for approval by the IO. she states that the I should receive a later for my oath ceremony within the week. However, one month later I received a letter from USCIS stating that I was scheduled for a second interview!

  for the !

purpose of re-test, re-examine. on the date I was supposed to retake the test(February 12, 2014) My wife and I woke up at 5:58 A.M to a heavy door knocking. When opened the door two USCIS Officers pulled their badges and states that they are here to check and see if me and my wife do, indeed, live together as a husband and wife and share a bonafied marriage. they checked the bathroom, closet, bedroom in which we both were sleeping before they woke us up and finally they were satisfied with what they saw. two days later I received another letter saying that due to unforeseen circumstances, they had to cancel the previously scheduled interview on Wednesday, february 12, 2014. After a long wait, approximately 5 months after the N-400 interview, which was recommended for approval, I decided to contact the senators office to investigate the reason for the long delay. the Constituent Services Representative working with senator's office stated  to me in a formal e-mail that the USCIS promised that my marriage is valid to them and it has nothing to do with the delay and that the marriage was proven real after the immigration officers visited my house and , by the way, that when my green was approved. so the officer lied to me when she said that she approved my green card because she never did until after I took the n-400 test and after I was visited by Officers in my house. Now, 6 months after the n-400 interview I was scheduled for another interview for the same n-400 application. the morning of the interview , which was the same day I had my graduation ceremony for college, I showed up for the interview and I was told that my wife has to be there although the letter never mentioned anything about my wife having to be there. so I went back home and woke her up from her sleep and brought her to the USCIS office. the officer, then, interviewed for over 3 hours separately and asked us embarrassing questions such as when and where did you guys have sex the last time? I let her know that due to my religious believ!

e I find !

it very uncomfortable to answer that specific question but I went head and answered it anyways. 4 months later I received a letter of denial for my N-400 application and the reasons according to the officer are:

although my wife and I answered the majority of the questions we failed to answer three of which were the most important to the officer. when did you have sex the last time? I said couple weeks ago and she said couple days ago. how many and what are the meaning of your wife's tatoots? I told them how many but I didn't know the meaning of each one of them because I don't like tattoos and didn't want to know about them. and the last question is when did you guys decide to get married was it before or after my wife's first visit to morocco? I answered after because i didn't know I was marrying her before she went  to Morocco. she answered before the visit and that doesn't mean we planed to get married before her visit.

evidence according to the officer weren't enough. I provided her with photos but because they are undated she gave them mimim consideration. the post card were given minimum consideration because they could have all been written the same day. car title under both our names is not considered valid proof because the car broke down and is parked in from of the house and insurance under both our names isn't considered also because is expired ( expired because the car is not running) however, she accepted two pieces of evidence and they are: 3 years of tax transcript filing jointly married and =five years of housing pepar work stating that we live together as wife and husband. she also disregarded the fact that the officers came to my house and saw that we were sleeping together that day. My confers here is why they approved me for the green card and they decided my marriage is valid and then they turned around and decided again that the marriage seems like a roommates relationship. Also, to me, it seems very odd that they delayed my file and made numerous  mistakes, yet, they have a problem with me and my wife not answering three questions in similar way although we told them that my wives has problem sleeping and she takes medicine for many things and she might have a problem remembering things from 7 years ago when we got married.

I filed N-336 , please advice me what step should I take next?


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arrowMother petitioning son (18 years old)
October 27, 2014, 11:46 pm Last comment by nab-400

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Hi All,

It’s time, I am filing for my brother, but my mother is the petitioner, she just got to US about a week ago, and they stamped temporary residence, this is what  am sending :

·         Check for $420

·         Form I-130

·         A copy of your foreign passport bearing a stamp showing temporary evidence of permanent residence.

·         A copy of your child’s birth certificate issued by civil authorities

Another question I have is that I am sending a check with my name on it, because my mother still don’t have a bank account here, will that be an issue?


Thanks all

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arrowPSA: FIX YOUR TIMELINE! Texas Lockbox is not a transfer to CSC if assigned there
October 23, 2014, 7:16 pm Last comment by Mike and Yaoling

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Is it too much to ask for to ask people to PLEASE correctly fill out your timeline? Everyone must send their petition to the Dallas Lockbox. Whether your petition goes to VSC, TSC, or CSC is determined by your that you the petitioner lives in/files from. If you have incorrectly filled your timeline in with the wrong service center, please do everyone now and in the future, particularly for individuals with petitions at TSC, the courtesy of filling out correctly so that we may use the timeline to make educated guesses of our approval date. If you are unsure of the correct service center, I have included a map courtesy of Texasav8r that show which service center processes your petition. There is the Dallas Lockbox and the Texas Service Center. Those are two separate entities. Unless you have had a separate individual notification notifying you of a transfer, you have not been transferred! There are also numerous posts on this same subject. Also your NOA 1 actually states what service center you have been assigned, assigned being the key word. Please be helpful in this matter.

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arrowWhat is the problem in this case plz
October 23, 2014, 2:40 pm Last comment by Goldenland

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hello, recently USCIS asked to wait a letter containing the form G-325 to complete and return , but I have not understood this phase  because our i-130 is APPROVED to January 2014

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arrowIs Certifying Documents Abroad Ok??
October 22, 2014, 4:16 pm Last comment by Ian H.

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I'm wondering if USCIS will accept the copy of our marriage certificate certified in Morocco instead of the U.S.??


Did any of you certify your documents abroad and USCIS accept them? Any of you got an RFE because of it?

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