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what to do about harassemt of a doctor during a medical exam?
2:27 am today


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Hi Guys,

I would like to share with you a bad experience that my fianc e have had recently about a week ago when she tried to do her medical exam with this Dr. JANAH ABDELAZIZ .
Cabinet Address: 104 BOULEVARD ABDELMOUMEN, 3eme ETAGE, Apt: 8 CASABLANCA. She was accompanied by my sister in law. The doctor was interested in my sister in law. My fianc e was harassed by this doctor and threatened that he would fail her medical exams if she did not provide him with my sister in law's name and phone number. I Believe it is amounting to sexual harassment. My fianc e mentioned that there are many people who were complaining about this doctor. I am going to contact the US embassy in Casablanca and complain about this doctor. Anyone who had bad experience with this doctor, please do the same. I would like to arise awareness so other people know about him.

Please anybody who has any advice if I need to do any other further action on this matter, please advise.

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Approval after terminating removal, 818 days
5:53 pm yesterday


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Well guys, this is my last post hopefully concerning our long and less than pleasant experience with ICE and uscis. I'll hopefully update my detailed thread when I find it in the mix.

Today we got the text text notifications of new card in production!!

It's take 818 days total, to terminate removal proceedings, 11mo to get a stand alone i130 approved, wait a year and have a tough interview and wait a few days more. All those details in my signature, basically.

I hope that our our story helps someone out if they are ever in the same situation, who has gotten a notice to appear but is married to a citizen and doesn't know what to do or how to begin or how things may go. I began documenting our journey when the problems with ICE began. I found no similar stories so I posted our own detailed one for that reason. Let this be a lesson to everyone. Even a few months overstay can cause huge problems, never delay in filing anything!

From removal proceedings to permanent resident finally!

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Is Work comp sufficient income for I134?
10:32 am yesterday


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I am on work comp and receiving regular pay every two weeks. I have my pay stubs, bank statements, bank letter, employment verification as permanent employee and 5 yrs taxes and w2s, and a letter explaining my situation. My income is virtually the same. The problem is work comp is tax exempt so it doesn't show the income on the return. I am returning to work in a month or so. I sent the I34 in December so it was all taken care of had interview been sooner. Should I submit 2015 taxes since technically I wouldn't have to file til April 15th. Is December too far back? Or do I need a more current dated I134? Also can I email to my fiance with my signature? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Need help ! !
1:55 pm yesterday


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On the Casablanca, Morocco page here on Visa Journey it tells us we need to have an instruction sheet that asks for the signature of the applicant (although they don t take it when you/your fianc (e) go to the interview) what is this?

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Remove Condition After Divorce
2:32 am yesterday

ahmed elwali

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Hello, my wife and I would like to divorce peacefully but we are trying to find a way that I can stay here. It didn't work out between us but we are still friends. My green card expires in September 2018 and I am worried about applying to remove the conditional green card. It says that I need to prove an extreme hardship in my country.

My questions are:

1) Do I actually need to prove an extreme hardship?

2) How do I prove extreme hardship, if needed?

3) How can my wife help me with this? She is willing to help me in any way.

4) If anyone has been through this process, what were any complications you had or heard of?

5) How can I prove my marriage was on good faith? (I went through the K-1 Fiance Visa process)

6) What are my chances of staying?

Thank you for your help.

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