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arrowEnglish Problem!!!!
July 24, 2014, 12:07 am Last comment by Zedayn

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Hello Everyone,


My Finance does not speak English.  So, her certifying an intent for marriage within 90 day letter has to be translated into English.  I am afraid that will be a concern against the finance visa.  Also, I am worried about her interview in the future, and if it be held in Arabic, rather than English.


Any assistance will be so helpful!


Thanks and Ramadan Mubarak

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arrowI 212 help please. Court date soon!
July 23, 2014, 2:12 pm Last comment by Boiler

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I am currently married to a US citizen and in deporation proceedings with a court date on july 29th. i am living in the USA. I had a lawyer representing me but two weeks prior to my court date he asked me for an additional $5000 to file my waiver which i don't have so i decided to go proper and file it myself. 


The reason i am in deportation proceedings is because i had overstayed my visa 9 years ago. The last time i went to court, the judge said that so long as my I-130 was approved, to file an i-212 waiver to get dismissed from court and move forward with my i485 application. 


1- Do you think it is doable for me to just file the i212 waiver myself since from what i understand i won't really need to be going back to court as long as i file it. 


2- One attorney i consulted with said that my waiver is based on a hardship and that i might be able to file a "skeletal filing"  at this point and then submit  supporting documents, statements.....   I am not really familiar with this process so i guess any information that i can get would be extremely helpful. 


This whole process has cost me more than 20k so far and i don't have the cash to pay for more lawyers that will screw me over so my only choice is to move forward with it myself.  If Anyone has gone through the same thing or has information about the process please share as much information as possible!


Thank you





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arrowRenewing a green card
July 22, 2014, 8:50 pm Last comment by Harpa Timsah

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I am not sure where to post this. 


A family friend was admitted to a university here in california. She is here on a student visa, but when she was younger she had a green card. Her family never used the green cards and stayed in their country. Now that she is here and starting school she is hoping to renew her green card and asked me if I knew how she would need to go about it. 


Here I am..... Does anyone know if this is possible and can you explain to me how she should go about it or send me a link that explains it. 


Thank you so much. 


Her green card expired in 2012 and was given to her in 2002. 

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arrowWhich Doctor is better, Morocco Medical.
July 21, 2014, 3:26 pm Last comment by Happytobe
Jamie & Izzy

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Hello there,


I am now waiting for Case Completed at the NVC and i was wondering which doctor to pick, Dr Abdelouahed Ambari ot Dr Nezha El Fihri ? i did call Dr Fihri to ask about the required Vaccinations and Documents but her assistant (i think) was really rude, she said no interview date no answers and hang up ...


Which one is easier to get to? i never been to Casablanca i want to pick the most convenient one.


What did you bring with you ? do you have to show both Carte D'identite and the Passport or just your passport? how much did you pay ? i read that the price can be from 1300DH to 3500DH .


I am asking all of this because i want to have everything ready before my interview date as i will be traveling for 2 weeks to Germany before my interview and i wont be in Morocco to get all the documents in time so i want to gather everything before hand.


Do they give you the Medical result to you or do they send it to the Consulate ? How long does the Medical take?


Thanks in advance.


Izzy .

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arrowi invite everyone to read this post please lets make a change
July 21, 2014, 10:27 am Last comment by A&B

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I'm bringing to your attention a thread made by people who are waiting just like us and who try to find a solution for the TSC crises... Crises that only affect us, the filers.

Please follow this thread and let's try to see if we can make a change.



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