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arrowI-751 (ROC) approved for Wife but not for dependent
March 26, 2015, 9:25 pm Last comment by pgupta

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I filed I-751 (ROC) for my wife and included our son as dependent, we received separate notice of actions and WAC numbers. My wife application was approved 2 days ago but our son status has not changed.


is it usual for USCIS to approve petition separately even if they were filed together in one application?

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arrowVisa interview scheduled in Doha and I'm in New Delhi since 18 months.
March 26, 2015, 3:51 pm Last comment by Kiran n Suds

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Hi there,
I'm quite stressed that after waiting almost 2 years for my interview. I finally got my interview letter stating that my interview is scheduled in Doha (Where I worked till December 2013) and ever since have been in Delhi (My Home Country -India). My concern is that I had even notified NVC about the location change and received a confirmation for the same but eventually this is what has come to pass. Is there any way I could feel normal? Friends...plz :(

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arrowPick up location at mumbai
March 26, 2015, 12:42 pm Last comment by Divs

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Does anyone has any idea how many days it will take to collect your passport from VFC Bombay??

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arrowKERALA - INDIA - what after(or before) NOA2 ; move during AOS?
March 25, 2015, 7:25 am Last comment by TS2014

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This might, as expected, be redundant to a post somewhere within VJ ; but I only found conflicting answers to my questions mentioned below or seem to be outdated.. So here goes.




My fiance and I received our NOA1 on March 12th (notice date) and our file has been transferred to CSC. Hopefully, we should be getting our NOA2 sometime next week. 


In the meantime, what can be done from my side? I am the beneficiary of the K1 and I live in Kerala, India. 


a) Can I apply for the PCC in Kerala, India before I get the packet 3/4

b) How long does it usually take to get the PCC in Kerala (Kochi)? I just got my passport reissued with a new address and signature this week (no police verification done)

c) Regarding packet 3 and packet 4, who should be requesting this? The petitioner or the beneficiary? 

d) I read that the Mumbai consulate sends the interview letter directly on receiving the petition from NVC. How true is this?


Also, some general questions:

a) I used to live in the US as a student (that's when I met John). Does this complicate our petition? Does the NVC take more time in this case?

I'm asking mainly because I have a contractual agreement with my present employer that forces me to give them a 2 month notice before quitting? I was thinking I would give my notice as soon as we receive the NOA2. Is this a good idea? Should I wait till after my interview?


b) My fiance now lives in Iowa and the intended address of residece is listed as Iowa in the i129 petition. If we were to find better jobs elsewhere, would it complicate the AOS process? Say, we both wanted to move to CA?  (I'm obviously jumping the gun, and getting over excited!)




Obviously, John and I are extremely worried about the entire process. A simple google search adds to the worry because we usually get conflicting answers to these questions. 


Any help would be highly appreciated. 


Thank You.


Good luck with your applications! :)




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arrowHi Everyone :)
March 25, 2015, 4:19 am Last comment by umiikichhi

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My case was completed on 23rd March 2015 for an R1 visa. I wonder how much more i'd have to wait for the interview date?

Appreciate your input.



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