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arrowPolice and Immunization record
December 9, 2016, 8:54 pm Last comment by MrChamploo

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Hi guys,


I am agent for my wife who is in India and I am US citizen. Do I need to send her police certificate and Immunization record along with other documents to NVC ?

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arrowI-130 for sibling had RFE years ago, but I didnt file Change of Address
December 8, 2016, 7:07 pm Last comment by lazy

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Hi there,

I filed I-130 for my sister and her husband years ago in Feb/March 2009, and then moved, and failed to file AR-11 Change of Address and proper mail forwarding at USPS.

Subsequently USCIS sent RFE for my sister in July 2009.  Unfortunately I did not recieve it, nor was I aware nor did anything happen.


When I looked up the case number last week, it shows my sister with RFE status from July 2009 and "Case was received" for Bro-in-law from March 2009.


What am I supposed to do next?

Are these submissions of I-130 expired/dead? (the case status shows 1) RFE  and 2nd) I-130 received)


Please advise.

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December 8, 2016, 10:01 am Last comment by bonline

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I'm currently in India, and on my instruction letter for the my interview I was asked to get a PCC from India. However when I was a teenager I lived in Kuwait. My lawyer told me beforehand to get a PCC from Kuwait through the Kuwait consulate which I did (it took over 3 months to get that). My interview is in February and my Kuwait PCC expires in January. Even though they didn't ask for it my lawyer said to take it with me to my Interview and to show it to them if they ask for it. Even though it will be expired by the time of my interview he said I should be fine because I haven't been back to Kuwait since I left when I was 18. My husband thinks I should try to get a new one just to be on the safe side- even though I probably may not get it in time for my interview and it is expensive and I will have to travel to Mumbai to get it. Do you think I should risk staying with the copy I have. Is there anything on the state department website that alludes to something like this that if you haven't been back to the country since the PCC was issued do you have to get a new one?

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arrowRequested Expedite
December 7, 2016, 11:23 pm Last comment by KierenHby

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I requested an Expedite after re sending missing items. My reason was because of death in the family (grandpa) i provided a death certificate. do you think this will be valid enough to be faster? 


I am filing a CR-1 visa for my spouse. I was asked to submit the missing I-864 under my name because i only submitted joint sponser's form. 

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arrowApplying for brother, his wife and their son in India I-130
December 7, 2016, 8:18 pm Last comment by inzango

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Hello VJyers,
I hope things are well with you. First and foremost, I want to thank VJyers for all the help that I have received.
For all that are waiting, let's hope and pray for speedy approval and for all with any problems, praying that things get resolved in a positive way.

It's that time again to apply for family.
I'm applying for my brother and his family.
Just following basic steps for I 130
Copy of my birth certificate
Copy of my brother's birth certificate
Copy of my U.S. passport
Copy of my naturalization certificate

Do I need to include anything else?
Thank you

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