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arrowFiling for Wife - F2A - do I need a joint sponsor?
April 16, 2014, 1:02 am Last comment by SofiaIsabella

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Hello All,


I have started the NVC stage of my wife's US Green Card application in April 2014. I am currently working full-time with a reputed company from end-Feb 2014 but in 2013, I only had a part-time graduate student job with a University here in US. So obviously in 2013, I had an income much below the stated benchmark of 125% of US poverty level but currently in 2014, my income is much above that mark. 


Hence, I would like to request your opinion that do I need a joint sponsor here for the AOS? My current Pay Slip / Letter of Employment are much above the bench-marked 125% of US Poverty level but my 2011 / 2012 / 2013 US Income tax return (W-2 / Form 1040) are much below it and so I am in two minds. Also, I would not like to prefer to have a joint sponsor but if the need arises, I might have to. So, please help me with your comments on this issue as I am sure there are a few of you who might have also faced a similar predicament as mine.


Thank you very much as always!

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arrownvc review time
April 15, 2014, 9:51 pm Last comment by bkghosh

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hiiii vj's

i have a question i am very closer to complete the nvc stage

i submitted all my civil documents to nvc n ds-260 as well yesterday i caleed nvc n ask  about the AOS package recevied by thm bt they said NO

bt i track wth fedex thy already in the NVC building nt in to the sysytem

could u tell me how much will take by nvc to review the AOS and ds-260 wth civil documents???

should we get an e-mail when they start review the documents????? 

plase healp me

thank you

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arrowupdating I-864 for interview with new job?
April 15, 2014, 1:34 pm Last comment by Jilly30

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Any ideas anyone?


I'm updating my I-864 for my husband to carry to his interview in May.  I was in India the first time I submitted, but have no re-domiciled to the US.  So I am updating that part.  


But my question is in the income.  I just got hired in a temporary position for the next 6 months, I start in a few days.  I will change the status to "currently employed as:....." But then what do I do for current individual income?  I just have an employment letter and form stating my rate of pay.  It is only an hourly position as it is a temporary position.  Should I just calculate my hourly rate times 40hr week times 4 weeks times 6 months?


Or do I fill it out based on my status in 2013 since those are the taxes I just recently filed? And I have proof of those taxes in form of transcript & W2.


Thanks for the help! 


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arrowProcedure after Oath Ceremony
April 15, 2014, 1:04 pm Last comment by myafi1985

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My husband got his citizenship and naturalization certificate last month. What is the procedure after obtaining the naturalization certificate? My husband has an Indian passport.

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arrowF2A case complete, Non current PD & retrogression
April 15, 2014, 3:33 am Last comment by uuulalala

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The level of tension has incresed with the news of Retrogression happening in coming Months, My PD is 10th sept 2013 just two days from the current cut-off date. And my case was complete visa phone on 3rd Feb 2014 and official mail by NVC on 7th March 2014.


My questation is the Impact of retrogression on case complete petition and expected tennuer of retrogression. Do such cases get some grace period and chance for IL in coming month before or during retrogression

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