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arrowTravelling outside USA on Green Card
October 22, 2016, 9:08 pm Last comment by G_One

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Hi All,



Hope everyone is having a good time. Coming back on VJ after some gap. 


Here is my question, I have been on Green Card since Feb 2015, however I have not worked in the US in 2015 and didnot earn anything. I had just been using my savings and borrowing money from my brothers and cousins and hunting for a fulltime job.


However in 2016 I did started working did Lyft taxi driving for one month and then got a full time 8 hr job in an office since June. Since then my tax is automatically been getting deducted from my salary as I am on W-2.  


Now in Oct 2016 I will be travelling outside USA and visiting my home country and back in 3-4 weeks in November or so.


I want to know if I need to pay taxes or zero income IT Returns to file for 2015 and do I need to do any thing for 2016 or anything that I need to take care before I fly out of US. So that when I come back the CBP does not harass me for anything at the port of entry. Please advice !!



Thanks in advance

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arrowOnline website business without green card in hand?
October 22, 2016, 6:05 am Last comment by Jojo92122

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I just arrived a few days ago in US and I had pre-planned what I wanted to do when I will be here finally. But I had a few doubts around the whole business idea, I want to start an online business and my understanding is if I only happen to work for an employer I would need an EAD but if I have my own business I wouldn't? 

Please correct me if I am wrong! Can I legally start up a business online it will be just me and no one working under me. And ofcourse I have to pay taxes, so please also let me know how do i go about it? 

Thanks again! :) have a great day :) 

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arrowGreen card status issue. Gc on cr1 visa
October 21, 2016, 11:32 am Last comment by Max!

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Hey i entered usa on 13th sep and paid gc fee 165$ on 15th sep. Some days ago i got a update that my card is being produced. When i checked yesterday i get an error "
Validation Error(s)
You must correct the following error(s) before proceeding:

User-Defined Error"

I called uscis they say that they cant do anything bout the case before 120days.

Is there anyone else who is facing this problem? Any ideas what can be done?

I know that i shud wait for 120 days. But seeing this error feels like something is wrong with the case.

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arrowChanges to application once the case is complete
October 21, 2016, 4:09 am Last comment by Max!

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I have just received the mail that my case is complete and waiting in queue for interview subjecting to my priority date become current. All good now barring that there is a issue with my application which I submitted (ds 260 form)


My passport was updated and I had re-submitted all my documents stating the changes that needs to be done (after submitting my ds-260 application).


But now when I see my ds-260 form I see that they have not made the changes even after I submitted the documents and my case is complete.


My question is what should I do now, is it possible to let them know the changes during my interview?

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arrowReceiving green card
October 20, 2016, 3:12 pm Last comment by ashish20

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How early one can have the new green card after filing i-751 to remove the conditional status ? Please tell me if somebody received it in 1.5 months after the biometrics date ?

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