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If one can file a Visitor while waiting on CR1 ?
1:45 am today


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If there's any chance of getting visitor while you are waiting on NVC part of your CR1 ?

We're going through extreme hardship and need to be together asap! :((

I'm the petitioner and my father is sick with serious health issues and need assistance to do basic things.

And I'm raising my daughter all alone.

I used to travel and see my husband every two months but since my father's health got worst I'm not able to travel to see my husband. I just want my husband to be allowed to travel.

We just to be together, idk why govt has to be so cruel....:(

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If Income Requirement Can Be Justified By Job Offer To Beneficiary In USA!
1:47 am yesterday


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Hello, Community!

Here's a rather unusual discussion,

If income requirement can be justified by presenting a job offer (internal company transfer) to work in USA, Attained by beneficiary, In case if petitioner doesn't have any income ?

I know co-sponsor is an option, But if the mentioned scenario could satisfy counsellor that alien won't be a burden on government for benefits as He/ She has a job offer ?

I know it's not a usual case for counsellor either but if the motive to make sure pettitioner makes enough money to take care of family and alien then job offer to beneficiary should fill the gap without the help of co-sponsor.

Tell me what y'all think and if anyone had a similar case.

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N-400 filing- Harrisonburg Storage Center
8:55 pm yesterday


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I recently filed for naturalization with Chicago lockbox. My case was routed to Harrisonburg Storage Center. I couldn't find any processing timeline posted for this center. If anybody has any experience with this center, kindly provide your timeline. Is Harrisonburg Storage Center capable to process n400? What's the average processing time for n400 at this center. Why was it routed. Please share and help your experience. Thanks!!

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does smoking cigarette cause any problems in medical
6:12 pm yesterday

king srk

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hi i have a question does smoking cigarettes cause any problems in medical and interview than you very much and appreciated your reply

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DCF Accepted I30 but Confused if Means Approval
8:58 am yesterday


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Hi everyone. My wife and I are very confused and hope we are not making our situation more complicated then what it really is. First, in Dec 2013 my USC wife hired an attorney to review all paperwork submitted for I30 and he submitted for us. We were married in June 2013. I30 was approved in 2014. However, due to wife's need to be with me following her parent's death, she moved from USA to India to live with me. Unfortunately due to circumstances, we left the Approval expire even though we also had paid for Visa app fee. So, now we are ready to go to USA to settle. As we were reviewing past documents in prep for refiling I30, we noticed that on my original divorce documents, the petition filed for divorce was March 2013 (my ex wife and I had lived apart and been seperated since 2010 at the time) but the actual final decree is dated Sept 2013. It was my understanding at time of filing for divorce in March 2013 as told by the ex-spouse attorney that the divorce and " formalities " were finished and that I would get copies from court within the next few months, thus was free to marry. So, it was our understanding that the documents dated March 2013 were legal divorce approval and that, due to Indian lengthy release of original papers, the decree document dated Sept 2013 (written in Mahrati, which I don't speak/understand) was only a copy for formalities.

We presented all of these original documents to the USCIS Officer in Delhi who reviewed everything and noticed the dates. He told us he is accepting the I30 petition and our Demand Draft and will forward onto Consultate for adjudication. Our confusion is this: We have read experiences from others' posts on other portals that during the Visa Interview, their marriage was considered void or invalid. We paid a large sum of money traveling to USCIS and paying for DD so that we were sure to apply for correct, legal petition as to avoid any complications or problems. Sorry for so many details but we would appreciate any one's experience who may have been in similar situation. Thank you so much!!

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