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US Immigration from India

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How do I pay the 220 dollar immigration fee?
4:50 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone,

So we received our immigration visa in April and once our visas got approved, they told us we have to pay a 220 dollar fee per person before we land in USA.

We were just so ecstatic that our visas got approved that we completely forgot to ask how to go about the payment.

We are flying out on 10 September and we were thinking of paying the fees now.

If anyone please help us with where we need to make the payment and any details of the process, that would be great.

Any help is appreciated :)

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Ceac status check in NIV now?
12:51 pm yesterday

Amit M

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Hi guys,

After the interview (K-1 visa) for this whole time I was able to check the status of my app under IV section with a case number given by nvc after being on AP. However since mid afternoon today, the page would just keep loading. I thought the website was down or something but never saw any message like that on their website. But now, just randomly I tried the NIV section with the DS-160 confirmation number and it shows me the update with my case created and updated as today s date. What does this mean? ???? It moved from IV section to NIV section with a brand new creation date instead of one created by nvc.

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I just graduated and I'm moving to USA, how do I find a job
6:12 am yesterday


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Hi everyone,

I am 21 years old, I graduated college in 2017 and acquired my Bachelor in Commerce in India. I went for Masters in Commerce Part 1, which is a degree in itself. This marked the completion of 16 years of education for me.

I have cleared 2 levels of Chartered Accountancy in India (equivalent of CPA in India) and worked as an article in a CA Firm for about 10 months. Then I got preoccupied with the green card processing, so I took up a simple Content Writing internship as a work from home thing to earn some extra bucks.

I want to pursue Masters in Finance in USA along with CFA and I am planning on starting college in Fall or Winter 2019.

I want to work somewhere in USA, something with a finance background, before I start applying for college.

Do you think I can get a job or an internship that will not only give me with some practical understanding of the subject and help me with college applications, but also earn me some decent amount of money? I'm not expecting a big pay, just something to get me through the month is okay too; given that I'm a fresher.

Any help is greatly appreciated :)

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Can a derivate applicant land in USA after the principal applicant?
5:52 am yesterday


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Hi everyone,

We got our immigration visas in April and it expires on 25th September 2018.

My mom is the principle applicant and my dad & I are derivative beneficiaries.

We're thinking of flying out on 10th September 2018. My dad has some unfinished business to take care of here in India and hence, we will have to buy a return-ticket for him. Whereas, my mom & I will be getting only one-way tickets.

Thats why, we may be landing in USA on different times, and maybe even different dates. However, my mom (principle applicant) will land the first for sure.

Is that okay? Can my dad come in after us?

Any help is greatly appreciated :)

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2:35 am yesterday


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Hello, Im prob being impatient.... but its been a month and fiancee hasn't got his packet in the mail.. we got the noa2 already what can we do meanwhile? since we got that case number.. can he just make the physical exam and the interview appt????

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