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I-129F mailing address question
11:12 am today

Amit M

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Hello all,

My US fiancee and I are applying for K-1 visa and in I-129F form, there is a section that asks for beneficiary's mailing address. The thing is that I have lived in the US for 8 years and recently came back to my home country (lawfully left US on right time). I have my bank accounts open in US because I'm still paying off my debt from various lenders. So, after I and my fiancee got engaged and also since I left US, I had changed my address with the bank and the lenders to my fiancee's address. The question is if I could put my fiancee's address as my mailing address or should I stick to my home country mailing address? Is this the section where NVC determines where to send package to beneficiary? The instructions mention that if a beneficiary has a mailing address in the US, then write that. I can only claim my fiancee's address to be my mailing address in the US because of address on file with banks and lenders and that's it. Makes sense? Any suggestions?

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PCC from India
7:19 am today


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Where do we avail PCC in Pune? I require this for my EB3. How many days does it generally take to get one in hand? Any fees involved? Is PCC required before submitting the DS 260? Please help.


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Police clearance from Kuwait
7:00 am today


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I need a PCC for my immigration visa to US. I was in Kuwait till age 18 (1997). Now I reside in India since then. Is it still possible to get a PCC from Kuwait? As US wants anyone to do PCC for any age above16 where you have lived more than 6 months. Any inputs highly appreciated.

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AOS for F2A using Dates for Filing Chart
7:28 pm yesterday


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Hi guys!

Finally, after so many months, the 2nd chart moved and those waiting to adjust status will be able to do so in October. I wanted to start a thread for those of us who will be using the 2nd chart to adjust status.

A little about me, I am a green card holder sponsoring my spouse. Our PD is 02 DEC 2015.

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1:23 pm yesterday

kulwinder singh

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Got new passport re-issued to remove FNU. Send scanned copy to NVC on 22 Jul 2017 to amend Name and Passport Number. Got FNU removal email from NVC on 18 Aug 2017 from their records and it is not required to be updated in DS 260 as it was filled with Last Name and First Name and got new passport as the same name configuration as was mentioned in DS-260 but passport number in DS-260 is the old one so will there be any problem during medical and biometrics or interview as the Interview might be issued with old passport number.I dont want to get DS-260 unlocked at this advance stage as interview letter is expected in last week of Aug or first week of Sep for interview date in Oct 2017.

So valuable suggestions are welcomed at the earliest.

Thanks in advance.

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