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arrowExpedite Request , Last updated date and overall processing time
October 22, 2014, 9:47 am Last comment by VisaSeeker12

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Hi I had applied for expedite request based on financial loss on 10/13 see last updated date was updated on 10/15 but no new status message. 


Has anyone who applied for expedite saw similar update?


Anyone with last updated date was updated after sending expedite request and their expedite request rejected?


Also how long before they inform if they accepted request to expedite?


Appreciate if any one can answer this.


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arrowIR-1 denial twice now what's the process??????
October 22, 2014, 9:34 am Last comment by jerod_gavel

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My husband got 221g in his first embassy interview n later got refusal n after getting NOIR letter reaffirmed the case n got second embassy interview n got denial in second interview too so what I can do can I file a new petition or should I have to wait for any letter from USCIS or if I need to wait for USCIS then what is the time frame that they gonna contact me I'm really tired of this waiting please if anybody can help me I would really appreciate that.

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arrow221 - G - Need Help everyone
October 22, 2014, 4:41 am Last comment by NigeriaorBust

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Hi All


My fiancé went for her interview today and everything went good, but they gave her the 221g saying they want to see proof of "strained" relationship.


Now as confusing that sounds, let me provide the back story.


We met online and then started talking over the phone since June 2013, we really liked each other and so before we gave in we decided to meet in London. Spend five days and we were good to go. Now to clarify, we are indian and are parents are very traditional. We wanted to meet each other first in person and decide if we liked each other. We then told our parents and we all met again in India early Oct 2013. Her parents were on board and my parents weren't. They were against it due to caste difference. This caused a major rift between me and her for almost a month, where I kept trying to convince my parents and she was running out of patience. She was finishing school in London at that point and the month of Oct and Nov were tough for us, where I couldn't give a concrete answer and she wasn't sure if she wanted to wait around and also go in a family where her inlaws really didn't like her.


Here is the twist, end of November she applied for a tourist visa for the USA, interview date was Dec 3rd, 2014. She had just come back from finishing her school and her mum wanted to take her for vacation to the states. Well they denied her, gave the visa to the mum.


In the mean time we had stopped talking briefly as I was struggling with my parents to convince them, but kept hitting a wall. Those few weeks of not talking, I realized I was going to lose the best thing that happened to me and I decided to take a stand for me and her without my parents blessing. The realization I had was mid December (I guess it was the holidays), I told her, she didn't buy it. She said she really does love me, and its been hard, but doesn't trust my actions. I hence said I would come there and get engaged with her if she and her parents were onboard.


I flew out on new years and we got engaged on Jan 7th, 2014.


Here is what happened at the interview today. The Consulate officer was fine with everything, but says that why did she apply for a visitors visa in that time period (December 3rd, 2013). He thinks it was a ploy to circumvent the system and come to the states with the intention to get married. I understand very well that it looks bad, but it isn't the truth.


He hasn't denied us, but has asked to show evidence of a strained relationship in that time frame (Oct - Dec 2013). This is where it gets tough as all the conversations we had were on phone, a few whatsapp messages and that's it. We are confused on how to "think out of the box" to show evidence of this time frame if it was all over the phone. She explained this to the CO and he didn't budge.


I can request affidavits from friends (hers and mine), who knew about our tough time and can attest to it. I need some suggestions from all of you. Any help, any advise is welcomed. Thanks and please ask to clarify anything.



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arrowChange of address
October 21, 2014, 11:02 pm Last comment by Ian H.

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Hello Everyone,


I have a question regarding change of adress- My mother (Permanent resident) is the petitioner for my brother in F2B. She used to live with my uncle/aunt and used their address for I-130 as well as for her medicare and other state benefits. But then she moved to my house for some time and we changed the address on I-130 but not on her medicare/benefits. This year she stayed alone in a rented apt. for few months.


Now, I am in confusion regarding address on I-130 application, which address should I keep on I-130, she might have different address next year. She never had any permanent address nor any bills under her name, as she paid all bills as cash. Any assistance would be appreciated!



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arrowParents and Brother from India (question)
October 21, 2014, 6:36 pm Last comment by Ian H.

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I'm just getting started filing out for my parents and brother from india.  The question I had were:


1. Do I have to fill out an application for each?  Or do I file once for my parents?

2. What will the total fees be for all 3?


Thanks in advance.  I'll continue searching and will probably have other questions through this journey...



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