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Not recevied any Update after NOA 2
1:02 am

Gurpal sandhu

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we got the NOA2 in last week of june. on that they mentioned 30 days for next update, but we didn't receive any update yet. last week I email to NVC about our case number, they replied "we recently received your visa petition. We will send NVC processing instruction within 8 weeks. please resubmit your inquiry if you have not received any information after 8 weeks. now we are confused about 8 weeks from now or after we received the NOA2.

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N-400 oath was descheduled (Dallas). Any advice?
5:14 pm


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Hello folks! Need your opinions about my next steps as I am literally hitting a dead end.

I was originally supposed to take oath on July 12th in Dallas-FortWorth area. But in same week I got the letter telling that my oath ceremony was descheduled due to unforeseen reasons by USCIS.

For anyone wondering I had combo N-400/I-751 interview in April 2018 and I opted for name correction during interview. My I-751 was approved in May 2018 and N-400 was approved in June 2018. Unfortunately I never received my actual green card.

I called USCIS so many times to figure out what is going on. But every time I was given nothing but some ridiculous answers. One officer said we don t schedule oath for 2-3 people, while another officer said I was overbooked in the first oath schedule that is why I was descheduled. And the very last officer that I talked today was claiming that I am still within processing timeframe of my local field office which is 15-17 months. The last conversation was the biggest BS I heard from USCIS helpline. How am i still adhered to processing time when my N-400 is already approved.

I even wrote mails to my state senators but it was fruitless sighting same old processing time BS. Went to the field office two times but again not useful. I was only given 4 months of I-551 stamp when I asked for my permanent residency proof.

What should be my next steps given that USCIS is not willing to give me my 10 years green card because of N-400?

Thanks everyone for your advice!!

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What is NVC Received?
4:29 pm


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Hi All,

I'm noticing on some people's timelines that the time between I130 Approved and NVC Received is only a few weeks. Is NVC Received when USCIS sends case to NVC or when NVC receives it? I was told by NVC it takes up to 4 weeks to receive case and another 8 weeks to create a profile for you and that's when they contact you.

Please advise. Thanks!

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U.S. Citizen Spouse Needed for Mumbai Embassy Interview?
1:40 pm


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Hi All,

When the spouse beneficiary attends their interview with U.S. Embassy, is the US Citizen spouse needed? I am specifically enquiring about Mumbai, India embassy.

And, how long after approval does the spouse beneficiary receive their visa?


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7:25 pm


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Priority Date- June 22,2018

NOA-1 - June 27,2018

NOA-2 - Patiently Waiting :)

Any other I-130 JUNE FILERS.?

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