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Nvc processing time and about medical
2:54 am today


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Hi, I send everything to NVC 20 days ago still didn t get any update for interview does anyone knows how long it takes to get a interview. Second question is about medical what kind blood work they do in medical I am asking for my parents they r 60 years old. Thank you

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Ex Parte or Order of Protection from over 10 years ago
2:44 am yesterday


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Hello All,

I have a quick question that I am hoping someone can shed some light on. We are starting our K1 visa process and we are also using a lawyer (I have emailed my question to him as well, but will have to wait until Monday for a reply - so hoping someone here can ease my mind in the meantime.)

My question is in regards to this -

When I was in college (over 10 years ago) I was assaulted by another student (off campus), the police were called, and the officer told me I needed to file for an order of protection against the guy that attacked me. So I did. I had never gone through anything like this, so did exactly what the police told me to do. When we went to court, I went with my best friend and the attacker showed up of course and he also filed an order of protection against me, in retaliation of me filing one against him. I had no idea he could do this, since I had not even touched him. I didn't even fight back when he attacked me because I was so shocked in the first place I didn't really have time to even react. Anyways, I was informed its not a big deal and the judge issued both of us restraining orders and told us to stay away from each other - we did. The restraining order was dismissed a couple of months later. And shortly thereafter he left the university and I haven't seen him since.

However, when I look myself up online this comes up on my file - it doesn't list the guy's name (apparently in order of protection they don't list the other party to protect them) And I can also see the order on his name, if I also look him up online (all public record of course).

I have never been arrested, never broke the law, don't even have speeding tickets, etc.,

I filled out an information sheet with my lawyer and they asked "Ever been arrested" - No was my answer.

So today they forwarded the I-129F to me to review and under "Part 3 - Other Information" in regards to the question:
Have you EVER been subject to a temporary or permanent protection or restraining order (either civil or criminal)? The lawyer filled in NO

My lawyer never asked me this question on his intake/information sheet...or I would have stated the above. So now, I am curious if this can affect our case? And if so, how? (Again, I have emailed my lawyer informing and asking...but Monday feels soooo far away to wait for an answer, so thought of asking here.)

My fiance is fully aware of the situation, and I have told him everything in regards to it - so he's not in the dark or concerned about it at all. Except of course for our case.

Has this happened to anyone else? OR do you have knowledge of how this would play out with immigration?

Thanks in advance!

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8:40 pm yesterday


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In 2016 I worked 6months on w2 and the rest self employed is that ok with i864 I make enough to meet the 125%poverty line on 2016 tax year currently I m working full time with new employer

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Documents required for n400 for married but separated status
7:43 pm yesterday


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Hi All

Brief Background about my case:

- Got i751 approved as waiver for extreme cruelty and battery

- Eligible for n400 as based on 3 years marriage with USC and extreme cruelty
- Current marital status : Separated and dealing with contested divorce in India

- Available supporting documents:

1. GC copy

2. Marriage certificate

3. IT return for past 3 years

4. Tax transcripts for past 3 years

5. Spouse naturalization certificate copy


1. Are the above documents sufficient for n400 online application?

2. Do I have any dependency on my spouse for naturalization process?

3. Any additional suggestions are welcome

Thank you!

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New Delhi K1 Embassy Appointment Scheduling
7:33 pm yesterday


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Hi! My fiance finally got his PCC issued last week after dealing with frustrating delays of getting his passport. We're ready to schedule his visa interview appointment and have paid the fee on US travel docs website. However, the site currently only gives scheduling through October 31st. I've been checking every day for the last week and November still hasn't opened for scheduling. Does anyone happen to have an idea when they open scheduling for the next month? Will it be on the 1st? Has anyone seen following month appointments available at New Delhi or only one month at a time?

My fiance is home for Diwali and has his medical at the end of October so we can't schedule the interview until beginning of November. AND our I-129F petition approval expires on Nov 23rd hence my anxiety about getting the appointment scheduled ASAP!! I'm not sure if the embassy will automatically extend the approval or not so I'd rather everything be taken care of with at least 2 weeks to spare before it expires.

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