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Assets in bank
6:26 am today


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Can savings of petioner in checking account be used if income falls little short? Do different consulates have different rule about it when applying for k1?

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I130 for my mom
6:14 pm yesterday

Amanda Pere

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i filled for i130 for my mom in sep 20th , I got notice of receipt after a week, I m not able to track w receipt num

plz tell me what is next procedure after this. I m filling for my mom who lives in india

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Attesting or apostille of Foreign marriage certificate for USA
7:36 pm yesterday


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Hi i have a question.

I am an indian citizen ,married my husband who is a US citizen , in india at the registrar's office in civil ceremony. Ours is interracial marriage. and our marriage certificate is government issued marriage certificate under special marriage act of indian legislation.

I applied for CR1 and got through interview fine , i came to US in dec 2014. Now my application I751 for REMOVAL OF CONDITIONS on my 2 year green card is being processed by CSC .

I am a september filer. Like every one else who applied for removal of conditions at CSC i am also waiting for my 10 year green card while i am now eligible to apply for citizenship.

My husband recorded our marriage under official public records at jackson county recorder of deeds , missouri office when he came back to USA , a month after we were married in india. Its accessible online under official public records with the title International marriage license in jackson county recorder of deeds website.

Now that we have established our life here , i was wondering is there any requirement for me to have our indian marriage certificate attested or apostilled by Indian Ministry of external affairs for any legal purposes here? such as inheritances, wills , life insurance, property transfers, Spousal IRAs etc. ? We live in Missouri and missouri considers any lawful foreign marriage valid here as well.

I was wondering , may be we should attest or apostille our marriage certificate from ministry of external affairs, but its issued by the government anyways under special marriage act, so is it really needed? Especially for legal purposes here?

and IF it is needed , then what is the process of attesting it from here in USA as we cant go to india right now, Or should i contact family there in India and have them start the process?

Any feedback regarding this is appreciated. Thanks!

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facebook chats need translation?
6:20 am yesterday


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we have i dont know over 500 pages of facebook chat most of it in the native official language of beneficiary, do they need to be translated?

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birth certificate petitioner required?
5:40 am yesterday


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so when applying for k1, if petitioner is sending copy of us passport and copy of citizenship certificate, does birth certificate of petitioner still necessary? i dont have my birth certificate. thanks for help in advance, please reply if you are sure for the answer

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