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USPS tracking says available for pickup at Dallas...
7:08 pm


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I sent my OPT documents by USPS Priority mail next day. the tracking shows Available for pickup 04/26/2017 10:30AM at DALLAS TX 75266.

I am 100% sure i sent it to the right address. How often does USCIS go to pickup the packages from post office.??

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F2A to IR upgrade process @ NVC
5:00 am


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please share how to upgrade F2A to IR @ NVC

Can it be done via email?

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Naturalisation @ Dallas
2:37 am


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I had my Naturalization interview in Irving, Dallas

QUESTIONS: Number of representatives ; which month do you vote ; father of country ; Emancipation proclamation ; civil war ; supreme court judge.

READING: was asked to read " who is the President of united states"

WRITING: was asked to write " people came to be free "

The toughest part was the Personal questions:

The officer asked me nearly 40 personal questions in a rapid fire fashion...i felt they were trying to rush and see if you choke in the interview..

finally after all the adrenaline gush / stress.... the office smiled :-))

Waiting for my Oath !!!

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How soon to file N-400
7:21 pm


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My 5 year anniversary is Oct 2nd and as per the uscis early filing calculator, my early filing date is July 4th.

Can I send the fedex on July 3rd so it reaches them on July 5th ? Or would they reject it since it was sent

out on July 3rd ?

I assume I cannot file earlier than the 90 day cut off .

Thanks in advance.

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5:45 am


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hi need help fillout form i864 affidavit of support im a us citizen i want to sponsor my wife and i have a daughter she is us citizen so how do i fill out this form part 3 she will be coming with my wife please advice thanks all

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