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arrowplease guide me i am afraid i will loose my wife
January 27, 2015, 2:24 pm Last comment by kamalswife42013

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We have applied for CR1 visa. We are married from 1.5 years now. Its a love marriage my wife is an american and I am an Indian.She is older than me. I married her n didn't tell my family because in India our age difference will sure affect my elder sisters wedding. I love my wife so I could not allow the age difference stop us being together. At the time of interview the counsellor asked me to see the wedding photo with my parents. So I told her the truth that my family is not aware of the wedding yet. But I will tell them as my elder sister get marry. Counsellor gave me a 221(g) and asked me to submit written statement from my parents .So I told my parents. They got angry and worried at the same time. But after 10 days they signed they gave the written statement. I did submit that. After two months embassy called my dad to verify. My dad denied out of his worries me going to an forign land and his disappointment. When my dad told us(whole family) about this. we convinced him that i will be fine and this is what i really want. so now he is with us. My dad is ready for another verification or whatever the embassy wants.


My case is still under Administrative processing. my wife is crying there. She says that we are fucked now. there is nothing we can do now. I want to know if


1.there is some hope left me to get the visa?

2. will i be considered as fraud and will be permanently banned to enter in us? if yes there is anything i can do to get admission.

3. if there is anything that can be done to correct it?


I have one more request i read somwhere that my case will go back to uscis.  if anyone can tell me the procedure or share the flow chart or tell me the further steps of procedure. I will be very greatful. God please help us.  

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arrowIs photograph mandatory for AOS filing during an interview?
January 27, 2015, 11:37 am Last comment by ABdbest

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Hi Everyone,  Is photograph mandatory for AOS filing during an interview of past couple of years when we were dating each other?  We clicked one photo together after marriage but that was not a ceremony.  I have already posted my story in this forum (please find the link below).   As we didn't click much photographs, so will it be an issue at the time of interview?   Thanks.

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arrowOh NVC... how you tease me so!
January 27, 2015, 9:41 am Last comment by Lynn n Sam
Lynn n Sam

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So.... OK I get it, it's going to take NVC at least 60 days to review our documents.  But why do they send 2 emails, two days apart to tell me the same thing?   :huh: 


The 2nd email came and I got excited thinking there was some good news coming but then I got scared that we were receiving a checklist!  Does anyone know why the double notification?  Is there a hidden explanation behind this or are they simply erring on the side of caution?   :unsure: Whatever the reason, I don't know if I can take these heart palpitations they're giving me!  LOL  Maybe I should think positive and just be happy they're communicating with me??  In the meantime, waiting is the name of this game....

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arrowNeed advice!!! Please help!!!!
January 26, 2015, 7:51 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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My CC on January 6th but still waiting for interview date for hubby. I'm the petitioner and planning to go to India to visit my husband (beneficiary) soon. I haven't received the interview date yet. Do I need to wait for any letter from NVC or will they send everything in the email. I know that my hubby will be receiving the interview packet but just need to make sure that I don't have to wait for any mail here in US. Thank you in advance.

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arrowfiled I-130 (split topic)
January 26, 2015, 12:13 pm Last comment by Ryan H
Kiran n Suds

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No they don't always process petitions in the order they're received. 


With both of you living abroad there is a good chance you may get an unofficial auto expedite from either California or vermont service centers.  There is a thread dedicated to those living abroad with spouses.


Have you considered the affidavit of support yet though?  Do you have enough savings or have a joint sponsor?



I live in the US; my wife is overseas.

As a US resident, I filed her standalone I130 with the Chicago lockbox and expect her application to be routed to VSC. Once I get the NoA2 approval notice, I'll file AoS with NVC following which the application would be sent to the Consular Post overseas. 

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