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K1 vs Spouse visa Egypt if you are trying to decide
12:18 am today


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I don t know why I didn t expressly post this bit of advice before. I hope it can save someone time, money and heartache. I m a US Citizen female who is petitioning for a K1 for my Egyptian fianc . We have known one another since I was an exchange student in his high school in 11th grade. We loved each other our entire lives but a set of circumstances happened and we were apart for 28 years. Needless to say, I just wanted to marry him. He asked when I was 16, so I asked when we were 42. I originally planned to move to Egypt, but then we decided on the spousal visa because I did not want to leave my family or my career. At the time, spousal visas took longer, but we didn t care, I just wanted to finally be married. I got all of my required paperwork together and went to Egypt to reunite and get married. There is only one place to officially get married in Egypt and that is the Ministry of Justice. I had my American divorce papers verified at the PA state department level, the US Dept of State level with an original signature by Rex Tillerson, whose signature was verified and stamped by the Egyptian Embassy in Washington D. C. I had everything stamped and translated and went to my appointment with my fianc with me to write the Arabic part to write the affidavit that I am free to marry in the US Embassy in Cairo. When we went to the Ministry of Justice in Cairo, the sheikh refused to marry us because my divorce decree said henceforth released from the bonds of matrimony and not Final Divorce Decree. I had even waited more than 90 days after my divorce was final to book my trip. Now that time has passed, I see that the reason was that in Egypt, divorces are most often revocable where the man can just tell the woman he wants her back and she has to go. The sheikh was trying to protect my fianc from legal problems. I don t know how he doesn t know that the system here doesn t work like that. I had to return to the USA and either file for an amended divorce decree with the word final on it and wait a year to earn enough vacation time in my job to go back to Egypt, or file for the K1 visa. I don t regret the extra time and headache because it has made our relationship stronger and I think we have grown as individuals. I still fear we will get turned down for the visa, so I will be bringing the amended paperwork with me. If you are a divorced female marrying an Egyptian man, make sure your divorce decree explicitly has the word final. And, if you sent the Egyptian Embassy a money order and requested them to translate your document and they return your money order, be suspicious. I have a feeling they knew it would be refused and at least wanted to save me the fifty dollars.

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K1 Visa Expedite
6:20 pm today


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I am wondering if anyone here has any experience with expediting their K1 Petition. I submitted a request to expedite and the CSC received it last week on Thursday (Nov. 30). About how long should I expect to wait to hear a response? 2 weeks? More? I literally have no idea. Anyone's experiences would be very helpful.

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8 days after the interview and CEAC status is still Ready
6:50 pm today


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My interview was in November 28 and the counselor gave me the approval on CR1 visa and told me that I can get me passport after 2 weeks.

It's now 8 days since my interview and the status is still Ready. There was 3 times updates but no change in the status

Is it normal ? Should I start to worry?

Is there any number to call?

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K1-Visa sent back to USCIS after Interview (split)
5:46 am today


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On 2/7/2016 at 9:30 PM, needvisainfo said:


My fiance in India went for her K-1 visa interview and after the interview she received a letter from the CO. The letter was not a G221 letter or a denial letter instead it said something below.
Based on the interview, we have returned the petition to USCIS for further review and possible revocation. If CO receives information during the interview process that was not received by the adjudication USCIS officer at the time the petition was approved and such information indicates that the beneficiary is not entitiled to the accorded status then the petition must be returned to USCIS for re-examination. This petition is sent back to USCIS as the beneficiary failed to convince the CO with sufficient evidence that establishes a required and valid relationship.or the petition was invalid for another legal reason.

USCIS will contact the petitioner with regards to the same.

When the application was filed we failed to provide pictures of our engagement as I was running short of time for my initial trip to India. Thus our K1 package that was sent to USCIS didn't have many pictures of our engagement. Eventually, when i got some time from work, I went back to India, and took many pictures which was done after the initial package was sent to USCIS . The beneficiary took those pictures with her to the interview to prove that we are indeed in genuine relationship. The beneficiary and I are indeed in a very strong, true and genuine and bonafide relationship. She wants to spend the rest of her life with me and so do I.

I am in AP status presently. The CO returned the pictures and passport. Also, the beneficiary status shows that the passport is with US consulate.


What does this letter mean? Has anyone received a similar letter? What was the outcome? Has my K-1 visa denied? What other information would they require? Shall i get married to her in India and file a D-130? Has anyone received a letter like this? How long would the review take? Shall i hire an attorney?

Please any help will be greatly appreciated.

Would you please tell us what happened with your case ?

I'm in the same boat!

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The NVC Wait Time
12:39 am today

Ahmed & Farrah

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After we sent the (IV package) to the NVC how long has it been taken to get your case completed and given an interview date they received my package on Monday so I was just wondering how long I will be waiting

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