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arrowVisa Issued but waiting on Aramex
May 24, 2016, 6:27 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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hey all! is there any way i can track my passport? my Visa was issued but trying to track my passport to go pick it up is not working on UStraveldoc. I have the passport number the Aramex UID number as well. any help would be appreciated.

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arrowQuick Question! Regarding RFE
May 22, 2016, 9:45 am Last comment by theossmanfamily

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Hopefully we are sending our response this week, few questions, our response way bigger than the envelope they enclosed with RFE so defiantly not going to use it " is that an issue?"  , OK second question is that address Potomac service center 2200 Potomac center dr stop 2425 ,Arlington, VA 20598-2425 a PO BOX?should we be okay using DHL? any one sent RFE before to Potomac would be great if s/he have advice regarding that.



if you guys  wondering what was the RFE it was regarding Marriage certificate and additional Bona-fide evidence 


thanks a lot which you all the best

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arrowAP K1 agonizing
May 20, 2016, 7:33 pm Last comment by Harpa Timsah

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Here's our story.  We interviewed (I was there with my fiancé) at the Cairo Embassy on March 15th.


The interview went really well.  The CO asked some questions, but not many, I'd say the entire thing was maybe 10 minutes long.  At the end the CO said we were approved - no 221g, no requests for more documents, proof etc.


They kept my fiancés passport.  Then the CO said we would be in AP (administrative processing) but that it "shouldn't take too long"


We've waited these 2 months and counting without any updates to our case.


I've emailed the embassy and contacted my congressional representative.  The only response given is "mandatory administrative processing"  That's it.  Nothing more, no details and no case updates.



Here's my questions:

1. Is there any way of finding out more information about what our case status is - where in the process?  I thought the congressional inquiry would at least result in a different email.  But it was literally the exact same form letter to me and them.


2. Is there any way of knowing that the case is actually being worked on?  I've heard of people waiting long periods of time only to discover that they have fallen through the cracks (its rare I'm sure, but still, how can we be sure that isn't happening).


3. Shouldn't there be an update in the case date if the embassy is actually looking into our case when the congressional representative or I contact them?  We've had no updates since the interview.  Not one.


4. What could possibly take SO long?  I mean really.  We are in our early 20s.  We aren't talking about a long history to go through.  Do they need to know what we ate at lunch in elementary school?  I can't figure out why they would need months.  They have fingerprints, his picture for facial recognition, medical record, criminal records, etc etc already.  What am I missing?


-- As a side note, my fiancé has never traveled outside his country, has no family is the US, has never been married before, has no children, has never committed a crime and is employed as a dive instructor (i.e. not something suspicious)

The same is true for me, with the only exception being that I've traveled out of the US before, obviously that's how we met! 

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arrowIR1, submitting joint sponsor document @ Cairo Embassy
May 20, 2016, 4:26 pm Last comment by A_Adel

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Good day every one, I have couple questions regarding submitting additional documents at the cairo embassy.

As I had my interview on May, I was asked to represent my petitioner tax return for 2015, she is making enough income to support the household, but as the tax return was for only few months since she moved back to the US, I was told it wasn't enough and didn't meet the minimum requirement!, anyway, I was asked to submit a joint sponsor document via Aramex to the embassy.

my questions here regarding the issue are:

Can the I-864 form for the joint sponsor be submitted directly to the embassy from the states? or does it have to be thru me from here?

Does it have to be thru Aramex? as Fedex is a much easier option.

Has anyone faced the same situation? If I was told that everything looked fine just need a joint sponsor. any estimate on how long should it take after the submitting of the document?

Any help is appreciated, Many thinks in advance


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arrowFinally USC
May 20, 2016, 3:55 am Last comment by Comment

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Had my oath ceremony May 18 at Grand Rapids Public Musem
Took around 3-4 hours and everything went nice and so easy from start to end
So happy the long journy came to such lovely end, My naturalization journy started oct 2014 and ended May 16
I would like to thank everyone in visajourny for all the help they gave us all this years
I really can't thank you enough for everything guys
I wish best luck to everyone else
And again thank you all

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