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Proof of Evidence
3:33 pm yesterday


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Me and my fiance have been talking on facebook messenger for 5 months till now the question is how many screenshots should we have per month or per week

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Physical Green card in hand , now what ?
7:26 pm yesterday


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Hi VJ members , we received our 10 year green card within 3 weeks after arriving here , and our SSN within a week of our arrival. but my little son 14 didn't get his SSN till now although he received the green card . What's after obtaining a green card , what is the next step ?

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I864 versus I864A - help
7:23 pm yesterday


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Hey guys, I apologize in advance. I know many questions may seem redundant. Here's my situation. My husband came on a K1 visa, we have our adjustment of status interview coming up. My financial situation changed between application and interview. So basically when I submitted I believed we would meet the income threshold on our own - and now for last year (2016) we aren't going to meet the threshold. My parents are willing to co sponsor. We all live in the same house. My parents file their taxes together. My husband and I filed ours together.

I have income, my husband has income... I believe for 2017 we will be good income wise but I still want to have my parents cosponsor to cover our butts..... I am beyond confused and I don't want to show up with the wrong paperwork at the interview.

I file an I864 - that I understand. I am reading some people saying that the first parent would also fill out an I864 and then the second parent would be an I864A...... is that right?

Again I really apologize I want to navigate the information myself. I was originally reading it as I would be an i864 and parent as i864A. Any and all advice/clarification is greatly appreciated.

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3:25 pm yesterday


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I filled my n-400 and i have a fingerprint interview this month .. how long i can wait to send me a letter for interview and oath ceremony ??

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What were the questions asked to you at the interview ?
12:16 am yesterday


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Dear VJeez,

My interview will be on 28th February and i started to be anxious, I need your help especially who did their interview in US Embassy in Cairo, Egypt.

What were the questions asked to you at the interview?

Please try to mention all the questions being asked so I can prepare myself for the interview.

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