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arrowegypt embassy interview delay
November 29, 2015, 1:53 pm Last comment by kyrachos

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Do anybody know if there is anything wrong with cairo embassy as i have seen many complete case for more than 4 monthes with no interview scheduled yet ? And if nothing is wrong when I should expect the interview if my casw was complete in the 1st week of august ? Last question why some cases are complete after my day and they received their interview meanwhile im waiting ?

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arrowk1, (AOS) or any better case?
November 28, 2015, 4:07 pm Last comment by Stefany

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Hello guys,


We've been reading about k1 visa for a few months to figure out the right way and documents to attach to USCIS. My fiancee thought it's the right way to be together is to file for k1 visa. Since he lives in Egypt and I'm in the states. We have all documents to support our love story, the problem my fiancee has a  B1/B2 Visa for a few years to visit the states, additionally he applied for the diversity lottery visa last October.


I know guys, you will say his intent to immigrate to the usa is OBVIOUS, he's just trying to knock all doors to be together. We've read that if we are going apply for k1 Visa, he'll lose his visitor visa. secondly the chance in case we didn't success in our petition for k1 visa will reduce his opportunity to visit me.


He was here last August to visit me and he went back home for a purpose of work. We are going to meet again earlier of next year in 2016 after that We are planning to apply for k1 Visa.


Our wondering is what do you suggest for us specially for couples have been through such as a case, is it better to file for k1? or he comes to the states with his visitor visa and then apply for (AOS)? last but not least is there any influence of his applying to diversity lottery visa in any process we go through whether k1 or (AOS)



Hopefully to hear your feedback guys  (F) 



Best Regards 





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arrowExpedite request Approved by the Embassy
November 28, 2015, 12:22 am Last comment by sandiego2013

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Hello everyone,


Back to Oct 19th and once the NVC received our case from USCS i immediately submitted an expedite request for moving our case to the embassy, however my expedite request has been approved by the US embassy in Egypt but it has to be documentelly completed by the NVC first. On Nov 19th we have submitted all documents and paid applicable fees and completed the IV application as required. However the NVC still reviewing our case.


Have two questions.

1- Do you know how long it usually takes in order the case the get completed by the NVC ?

2- Is the NVC still going to schedule our interview at the Embassy or we will get contact directly from the embassy for the inertview instructure ?



Thank you.




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arrowCSPA critical conditon
November 23, 2015, 4:53 am Last comment by aaron2020

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all of my condition is eligible  to CSPA except more than 1 year passed from my case was finally completed

is there any idea how i can reopen my case again ?


let me describe more 

my uncle was filled i-130  on december 1999

case approved in  august 2005

my birth date april 1983

my mom got the visa on may 2013

my uncle was filled i-130 for my mom , dad ,me

my mom go to interview and she told the consular that me and my dad can't travel with her for a medical reasons so the consular said we (my and dad ) can come later at any time

from 1 week ago i have  mailed the embassy to asking for reopen our case and they answer it ok for my dad

and its age out for me

and now my dad is going to complete his case to get the visa

my mom is the principal applicant 

how can i complete my case

i want to inform you that there is no invoice number for me is issued  before
should i have to contact embassy again or the national visa center or uscis

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arrowSpeed of Receipt of F2A Visa after Interview (lack thereof)
November 22, 2015, 9:24 am Last comment by Padistine

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Hi All, I filed the i-130 for my wife (PD January 2014), we received the interview letter in August 2015 and the interview was September 8th 2015.

The Problem is(after my wife got approved by the end of her interview at the US Embassy in Cairo,Egypt) they took her Passport and told her to expect it within 30 days via courrier Aramex, and it's been over 2.5 months now (and still counting)


I tried to contact the embassy in every possible way I thought of, long story short, no phones, no chat, no costumer service, I can only email (consularcairoiv@state.gov) for immigrant visa inquiries and they're so slow in their replies (4 weeks to get a reply) and when I got a reply, they told me that officer is still reviewing the case !! And they'll let us know when they're done.


Is anyone else facing the same problem? Any suggestions??


thank you !!

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