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sitizenship and demostic violance
5:23 am


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after I came to US few months me and my wife had an argument she had angry issue and she start to slap me so I slapped her too her son called police and I got arrest coz I slapped her even if I did coz she who started any way I stayed in the jail for one day and I got out next day with charge and my case dismissed the case closed but I lost the form I got from the court said the case was end I'm calling again to see if I can get it back again when I reviewed the citizenship form that I have to mention the arrest that happen in the past it happen almost 2 years so do you guys think it will pop up and they will know about it and do I have chance do I have to file the case or wait .... thank you

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12:55 pm


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Hi all , Please Join us here people who their cases are pivot and how that works ..and everyone share his history please

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N400 Second Marrige
1:51 am


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I have a question regarding the 3 years rule n400. I know it's early but would like to have some insights. I am done with ROC interview and still waiting for the decision, hopefully, will get approved.

I obtained my green card through my first marriage but then we divorced and I applied for ROC with a waiver. Now, I have married again to a different woman and we are about 3 year's anniversary by next year. is this apply to the n400 3 years rule or they mean being married to the first spouse which I obtained my green card through.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks VJ
7:04 pm


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Hi VJers,

I wanted to express my gratitude for this website and community. My husband and I are finally nearing the end of our immigration journey with the N-400 in train. We're praying it ends soon but our Field Office takes time :P I signed up for an account with VJ back in 2013 right before I married my husband. The advice and guidance that VJers have provided us on CR1/IR1visas processes, removal of conditions, and now N-400 has been invaluable. We really couldn't have done it with you! With VJ, you see that if you really just take the time to do some research (cuz everyone's heard it all before!), read carefully, and ask questions when in doubt, you can get through the process--usually without a lawyer :) Thanks again.

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Changing address during N-400 application/GC recall
12:00 pm


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Hi all,

I'm trying to sequence a few things. My husband (the GC holder) and I are moving at the beginning of July. I know we have to do the Change of Address form as soon as we do, especially since we have an N-400 pending, but I'm wondering if I should wait.

His GC was part of the GC recall from Feb-April 2018. He won't be able to send it back for a new one until late June (since he's been outside of the country since the recall happened!). USCIS says from the time you return the card to sending a new one will take about 3 weeks. We were going to move during that time frame, but I am worried that changing the address from our current PO Box (on file with USCIS) to our new address will cause the GC to get lost. I was thinking I'd just keep our current PO Box til the new GC comes--but it's quite far from where we're moving to!

Does anyone know how long it actually takes for USCIS to process a change of address form? Is it immediate? Or should I expect that any mail in process with them will take longer than 3 weeks for their systems to update the new address?

I hope this all makes sense!

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