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7:57 am today


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Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone else on here has experienced the following problem. I have attached a copy of what CEAC has recently updated my case for.. I'm a bit confused as we have gone through the entire process and have been waiting in AP since last June when my husband had his final interview. I have even gotten Congress involved and they advised that it's a sit and wait situation. Any insight on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

U.S. Department of State


Expiring Soon
Immigrant Visa Case Number: CRO**********
Case Created: 10-Dec-2015
Case Last Updated: 22-Jun-2017

Section 203(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act requires that your registration be canceled and any petition approved on your behalf canceled, if you do not apply for your immigrant visa within one year of being advised to do so.

You were advised of this requirement over 1 year ago, but we have not received a response from you since then. As a result, your application for a visa has been canceled and any petition approved on your behalf has also been canceled.

Your application may be reinstated and any petition revalidated if, within one year, you can establish that your failure to pursue your immigrant visa application was due to circumstances beyond your control. Please provide a written statement to the Embassy or Consulate outlining the circumstances beyond your control and noting that you still wish to pursue this visa petition.
For more information, please visit TRAVEL.STATE.GOV.

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Looking for Insights and advice on our situation
1:55 pm today


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Hello guys,

I would like to have your input on our current situation for any insight and advice.

You see, I married my wife on her first visit, she finished graduating college and came lived with me for a month and we got married, after she returned, she got busy studying for her work permit then afterwards hunting for a new job to have better income and also to be able to sponsor me. after a while we decided to file for I-130 and we did. but of course due to all what I have mentioned she wasn't able to visit me till that point. after a little while we discussed arranging for a second visit, but soon after we stumbled upon a great deal on a little house for us, so we went ahead and got it. now we blew all savings on that house and to make it ready, and we won't be able to arrange for a second visit for several months (because it is kinda tight right now). and to this date I haven't seen her for year in person.

My question is, will this cause a problem at the interview if we couldn't manage to arrange a second visit before it happens ? specially because I only met her once ?

and If so what do you guys advise me to overcome this, if you have any insights or ideas.

Thanks and I appreciate any help.

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Help w/ I-131
12:55 pm today


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When I check the status of my case the website claims on march 6 2017 they received my application, however on my receipt "notice date" is march 23. When I check processing time. It says on April 30, they are processing cases from 16 of jan, which is about 105 days. Should I be excepting my travel document anytime soon or not? I have travel plans in the end of august


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Suffering for years
5:07 pm today


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Hello everyone .

I started process for cr1 visa since 4 years now , but everything is stop at the point that because I have to find sponsor for my case and my wife have to have a work and get pay checks prove .

At that point everything are stopped but problem don't , being I don't able to be with her at USA or she worry about travel to Egypt because circumstances cause issues almost ruin the marriage .

But Finally I think I have a sponsor now but my wife still not working .

I live nowadays in a different country than my country of birth ( Egypt ) , what I and my wife thinking about that she can fly to me and stay with me for long term , searching for work and processing the case from overseas

(sound good but I don't sure if that possible or she must have stable life in USA)

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Receiving the visa after approved
3:35 am today

Never giving up

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We had interview on 5/21 , (k-1) we got approved , council said you will recive it in two weeks , now it's 29 days , when we check the ceas.gov

case creat : 5/15

case update 5/20

still show AP . Is this normal .

thansk , you respond will be appreciat it

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