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10:43 pm yesterday


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So as I am preparing to send off my I-130 I was looking at the English translation of my marriage paper. According to my marriage paper it says that I was asked if I was ever married before and I stated no...which is not true. I have been married before and I got my divorce papers authenticated at the Egyptian Embassy in Chicago and also in Cairo. So they knew I was divorced. So wondering what do I do now? I don't want to look like I lied when I got married. Do I write an explanation letter and include the copy of the authenticity stamps from the Egyptian government? Please help?????

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changing mailing address
3:41 am yesterday


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Hello every body,

I am a DV-lottery winner. My interview was on 12th of March. I am expecting to leave to USA in months. I need to change the address I provided when I applied and to which my green card will be mailed. Can I changed online on www.uscis.gov or should I wait until I arrive to USA and meet the CBP officer. Will be there fees for doing that?

thanks for help

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6:06 am yesterday


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Hello dear members,

I need an explanation about that; I am a DV-lottery winner. I had my interview on 12th of March. I got my visa and I am trying to pay the immigration fee on www.uscis.gov/file-online using my visa. I followed the instructions and filled all the required fields carefully. I tried several times but, it keeps telling me that " USCIS has not received your benefit request because of a technical payment error or a cancellation during the payment process "

There is enough money in my account to pay. I don't understand what is the problem.

Any help is appreciated.

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Question about Domicile
10:47 pm yesterday


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We are still in USCIS processing .. My wife is living with me abroad and she is working remotly with US company .

But she dosn't have her own address in US . Is that will be a aproblem with the visa

Does she need to travel and get alease before interview time

Her sister have an address there ,will that be okay .

we intend to get a lease when i get the visa and travel togther

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Who attends biometrics appointment for ROC?
5:40 pm yesterday


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We just received a letter for my husband's biometrics appointment. It just so happens that I will be out of town at the time he is scheduled to go. Is it necessary for me, the USC, to attend the appointment, or will he be fine going alone? I know I'll have to go for the interview, but is it required for the biometrics?

Also, has anyone gone early into the Kansas City office for their biometrics...as a walk in...and been successful?

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