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Revocable Divorce from Egypt
5:26 pm


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If a person was given a divorce paper in Egypt many years ago (never planning or expecting to ever marry an American and to need paperwork that stated "Irrevocable Divorce") and they still have the old paperwork that says "Revocable Divorce" what do they do to satisfy USCIS that they are free to marry? Obviously, according to Egyptian law, the divorce was final after 90 days when the couple did not get back together. If the woman has long since been remarried to someone else and the man with the paperwork has been single ever since, what paperwork does one need to get in order to prove it? Most people don't ever think about doing anything further than getting their revocable divorce decree because in Egypt, once they get that and do not get back together within the 90 day period, they are divorced and cannot get together without a completely new wedding and new contract. They just assume they will spend their lives in Egypt or will just marry another Egyptian some day and that it will never matter. This may not apply to my situation. However, I have never seen a clear answer anywhere as to exactly what a person should do. I have asked immigration attorneys and they have said to get affidavits outlining how the process of Islamic marriage works and explaining to USCIS how the divorce is final after the 90 day 'iddah period. That made me wonder who, exactly would be writing that affidavit. A lawyer? Short of getting a time machine telling divorcee to go back to the court at the end of the ninety days to ask for that second piece of paper, what can one do?

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Staying outside USA for 9 months to finish school
8:31 am


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Hello every one,

I got my green card last August . I only stayed in USA for 20 days then I travelled to Egypt to finish school and get my Masters. That was a short stay so. I did not work but I got a driving learner's permit. I will take the final exam in March. I will go back to USA in April or May at most so I will stay outside USA for 9 months. I don't have an advance parole. I need to know if there will be a problem with the CBP when I get back to USA.

I am thinking about going to USA in January and staying there for 10 days so I will not be outside the country for more than 6 months but that will be costly,

what do you think? any advice is appreciated.


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No more K1 visa’s
3:55 am


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Has anyone have any information on the K1 visa ban? And if so what exactly does it state? CBS evening news had a story on tonight that as of October 15, 2017 no more K1 visa s will be issued. My fianc has a appointment on Oct. 15, 2017 for his interview. I am so apprehensive right now!! I m already that way because last year 2016 he was turned down 4 times. 2 for B-2 Visa to visit me and 2 x for student visa to study here. All we wanted to do was to spend time together and see if it would work out for us but I had to go to him and it was a difficult trip as I am disabled and traveling 7,000 to a forigen country wasn t ideal for me. But I did it and all worked out good for us now we face this. It is almost too much for one person to bear. So if anyone has any info please let me know. Also if we are turned down at the interview what recourses do we have. Thank you all so very much.

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Can I add my income (intended Immigrant on EAD) to my spouse's to meet I-864 requirement)
2:41 am


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During the AOS interview, the officer said my wife's income isn't enough and the assets she used isn't valid. I am currently working full-time using my EAD, and I was wondering if we can re-submit the form with both our incomes? We got married in March and just recently got our own place.

Also, during the interview I asked the officer the same question, and she said I can't because I am the beneficiary; however, I read the form instruction's like 100 times and it mentions that we can add our income, so I am not sure if I wasn't clear enough with my question or if the officer is wrong.

We haven't filled tax together yet, but we do live together (share rent), and have a insurance (life and health together) and my wife is my dependent.

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Filing a Spouse Visa from the US but moving abroad
5:36 pm


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Hi All,

I have a few questions about the IR-1. I applied for the K1 visa for my fiance. He did have his interview and was put on AP and we have now decided to get married and are withdrawing our application. My fiance and I are planning on getting married and then I plan to come back to the US for a few months. While here, I plan on filing the i-130 but eventually plan on moving abroad to join him. My question, is it ok if I file from the United States and then move abroad? I will be using my parent's permanent address, the same as what is on my driver's license. I do plan on eventually working abroad as well. How would that work later on when our case gets approved and I have to show the affidavit of support?

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