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7:40 pm yesterday

Karam and Jamie

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I REALLY need to know why my ex-husband can't switch jobs now because Visa verify won't work for him?????????????????

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Date change on Website
1:03 pm yesterday


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My husband had his interview on July 6,2017 and was put on AP. It's been a month now since his interview. I emailed embassy 2 days ago and the didn't reply back. But when I went on the website to check status this morning it still says AP but they updated the date August 17, 2017. Is this good? Does this mean they are looking at his case. Can someone please give me any insight what could this mean.

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K1 administrative process
8:59 am yesterday


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Ok, I just got out of my k1 interview in the Cairo consulate. The console gave me my passport and a paper saying you need to send these documents to complete the case and checked infront of passport and administrative process and told me wait for our reply. Iam really frustrated after all this pressure all what I get is more waiting time. Does anyone know what this means? Is it a sign for denial? And how long it gonna take or if there's a way to do abt it ?.

thanks all,

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Form I-130
10:20 am yesterday


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Hi My family applied for an I-130 petition for Alien relative unmarried daughter over 21 what happens if during the waiting time i get married how will this affect my petition. and what is the waiting time to get the papers into processing

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K1 Visa Cairo AP Status now
10:19 pm yesterday


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is anyone waiting on their K1 Visa case in Cairo and are in AP status? We started everything from November 2016 and had our interview in May 2017 and are in AP Status ever since, I heard it can take a very long time, anyone care to share their experience. Thanks

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