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arrowNVC Phone number or ways to contact them
September 1, 2015, 8:00 pm Last comment by szaky

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We applied for my mother in law and paid the invoice from more than a month ago and yet we got no reply. We try to call this number (603) 334-0700 and the answer we get is there is a lot of calls for this number please try again later .. 


Please help us with any ways we can contact them to check on our case status .. 


Thanks in advance .. 



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arrowHello for all and specially the guys who are waiting like me :)
September 1, 2015, 6:22 am Last comment by spanzar

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well i'm just saying hello .. the site already helped me in what i was looking for by at least giving me an idea about the subject which is how much time we should wait till the NVC schedule an interview for my case after sending an email saying everything is completed and they will schedule one for me
i am not happy with what i found :) but all i can do is hope for the best 
and i am still looking around and reading more ..  
generally its a confusing process and very long too :( 
best wishes for all 

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arrowSupport and Rant Thread September 2015 come join us!!!
September 1, 2015, 4:01 am Last comment by Ryan H

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          Welcome to the September 2015 Support and Rant Thread, we are hear to help and comfort t4621.gif each other through this very difficult and arduous journey.   You can complain, get angry and cry here you can ask questions and we will do our best to answer them but links below will be helpful to you in this process please use them.   Also feel free to be happy and announce good news of any kind we are here for each other happy or sad.   t4582.gif
          There is no such thing as off topic here, this is your thread, we are family and will stand by your side when you need us.  
          Please no negativity we are under enough stress to have deal with it here, ty.

  *****  If you need questions answered  during your NVC processing please go to the NVC Filers - September 2015 thread:  
          Please on link above study the first page well
          If link above doesn't work please enter September NVC Filers -  2015 in VJ search and you'll find it there.
          Saylin aka 129fs238648.gif  has for you

          it is full of very helpful information you will need for this part of the process, read it over and over again.

          When you are done with NVC and receive Case Complete you will need to go to Dwheels thread,  for those waiting for
          interviews she's a sweet heart and is extremely helpful, link:http://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/563956-october-2015-interviews/
          If link above doesn't work please enter September 2015 Interview in VJ search and you'll find it there.
          Please also read the first page here carefully so you will be prepared and it will answer a lot of you questions.

          Please call Her Dwheelsness her Majesty or just plain Her Dwheelsness   She is royalty you know.   graphics-queen-938344.gif

          Let the games begin.  kurby2.gif This way :D  kurby2.gif


          Links for Emotecons :) use them as freely as you wish. :D

    America, Give Me My Spouse/Fiancé !

    https://www.youtube....O6dwPf8HqZBzjUA please help us and yourself make a video and contact Janelle2002 to add your video.

    Help us make processing times at USCIS service centers fairer.


   Married.  10-16-2011.  (L)


  TOPIC TAGS TO USE ARE:     Visa, Help , USCIS, NVC, AP/Denied, IR-1/CR-1, Interview, Support and Rant, Questions, Embassy

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arrowQualify for Citizenship, File, and Move Out of Country While It's Pending?
August 29, 2015, 7:48 pm Last comment by visaqueries

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We are not ready for citizenship yet, but I'm trying to gather some information.  Here's our story, so you could help us better.


When living in Egypt, my husband worked with/for an Australian Company.  They were a small company and the CEO of the business became close friends with my husband.  Despite the fact that my husband lives here in the US, they are still in frequent contact.  Their business (Australians' business) is growing, and they feel they would like to have my husband return to their company.  He had worked for them for 10 years prior to moving here.  There are two parts to this arrangement.


Part 1--They would like him/us to move to Egypt for 2 years to start up a call center.  He has the connections to make it work, and they know he would be the perfect candidate for this venture.  The start time hasn't been determined yet, but they are definitely trying to be mindful of our immigration journey.


Part 2--At the conclusion of our two years in Egypt, they would like for my husband to return to the states and manage an office for them here.  Their business has not ventured to the states yet, but they project it will within the next 5-7 years.  They are a travel company.


So, I have several timing questions...if my husband lives here for the required 3 years, and we apply for his citizenship, could we begin the two year journey in Egypt prior to receiving his citizenship (I know it takes a while for paperwork to be processed)?  Our intention is to have the US as our home, but this two year stint in Egypt is a part of my husband's desired career path.


Additionally, if the Australians pushed up their timeline, and we had to leave prior to being eligible for citizenship (I know the clock resets), could we leave the country for two years (with the request you have to submit for being out of the country longer than six months...do they allow 2 years???) and maintain his legal permanent residence?  We've stated to the Australians we would like to remove his conditions on the green card prior to us starting this venture (does that even matter).

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arrowF1 got married and didn't update my case yet
August 29, 2015, 4:34 pm Last comment by anwarfouad

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Dear all,

My father applied for me on Oct. 2008 for I-130 (F1) unmarried child (age 21 or older)
In May 2013 I got married, we informed our attorney who handle my case with my marriage
and we paid him the fees for updating my case.
Right now I am going to get divorced, and we contacted the attorney again that we will
need to update my case soon because I will be getting divorced.
I found that he didn’t update my case in 2013 and my case still unmarried (F1)
For now what about my whole case?
and what should I do?
Thanks a lot.

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