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arrowTranslation / Notarization
June 14, 2016, 9:48 pm Last comment by JJGussiaas (Gush)

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Hi I currently live in Tokyo and I am in the process of removing the conditions on my green card. My application was challenged and now I need to submit proof of good faith marriage to the USCIS. I have a lease agreement, resident cards, health insurance cards but they are all in Japanese. I was wondering how to go about the translation. I read somewhere that anybody fluent in both Japanese and English could do the translation for me and that the document doesn't have to be notarized. Is this correct?






Thank you SO much!


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June 9, 2016, 8:40 am Last comment by Ksenia_O

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 I went to my home country. I have registered my marriage and change my passport with my married name. The flight is with Lufthansa operated by United airlines. None of those airlines is capable to change my last name. Any advice what i should do. Lufthansa is saying that  United airline should change my last name and the other way too ... Any advice what i can do? will I have some problems of the admission in the USA? I have my old passport (stamped reissued) and my new Passport my marriage certificate another official document stating that my maiden name and my married name is the same person.

I would appreciate any advice!

Thank you

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arrowNo extention letter for my child K-2 , just for me. Anyone with the same issue?
June 8, 2016, 12:59 pm Last comment by NLR
Valia and Serghei

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Hi everyone,
I tried to research this forum for similar topics but almost nothing mentioned.

Roc filled 05/17/16 for me and my 8-year old.
I have received the NOA -1 year extention letter 05/19/16 , but only with my name on it , no mentioning of my child that is included on our I-751.
No bio appointment letter yet.
My worries are if we don't receive an extention letter for her , then my is useless too , because I can not travel without her. She can not travel after expiration date of her GC . And wat happens after expiration , is she legally here or what status is she having ? I am confused and worried that something is wrong .

I already called USCIS , the woman didn't knew nothing about that kind of situation and just said " Wait"
Please anyone who had removed conditions with children included for help understanding where I stand at this point.
Thank you in advance

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arrowDoes K2 children go trough naturalization process or how they become citizens?
May 28, 2016, 7:29 pm Last comment by Valia and Serghei
Valia and Serghei

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Does K2 children go trough naturalization process or how they become citizens?

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arrowNOA Date Won't Update
May 21, 2016, 5:58 pm Last comment by Khal_Drogo

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Trying to update my timeline with our N-400 NOA, but it's saying it's too long. We filed March 24th, but we didn't get a NOA until today; it was dated May 12th. There was some confusion over our case due to the fact we are overseas military and such, and I wrote the first check wrong, so it didn't generate a NOA until now. How can I change it?

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