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arrowHelp! Return flight was not canceled? :(
March 22, 2015, 3:03 pm Last comment by Pinkrlion

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Ok, so I came with a round trip flight, and then i contacted the agency where I bought it and asked them to cancel it. They were very unhelpful, but at the end said they will do it. Now i decided to check my I-94 just in case and it shows I departed US on March 16th :protest:  Is this going to be a problem for my AOS? Is there any way to fix it? :cry:

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arrowA few questions before mailing AOS...
February 23, 2015, 3:14 pm Last comment by VFittipaldi

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Hello everyone :)


I'm almost ready to file my AOS, i just have a few questions:


1. I had all my vaccines on my medical, except Varicella. I've had chicken pox when i was little, and on the DS-3025 it's marked as "Not routinely available". On the bottom is says that all vaccination requirements are complete. So I should be fine without seeing a civil surgeon, right?


2. In form I-131, where it says "On a separate sheet of paper, explain how you qualify for an Advance Parole Document etc etc..." Do I really have to do this? I searched around the forum and it looks like it's not necessary...


3.  For the Affidavit of Support, can we use my husband's tax return for 2013 as most recent? He still hasn't filed his 2014 taxes. He will in a week or so, but since I'm ready with the rest of the documents, I prefer to mail the packet asap :) Also, he made a little bit less then 125% of the poverty guidelines in 2013, but this shouldn't be a problem since his current income is above it, right?


4. So on some of the forms (EAD) it asks me for mailing address, and on others it asks me for physical address (AP). Since our mailing and physical address are different (the mailing is just a PO Box) which one should i use for form I-485? I'm assuming the PO Box, since they will mail us stuff along the way, right?

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arrowJoint tax return
February 18, 2015, 12:14 am Last comment by avrora9002

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Hello everyone :)


I apologize if my question is stupid, but i don't quite understand US taxes yet :oops:  So my fiance and I are getting married tomorrow, and after that we will file tax return...  I was told today that we can't file jointly for 2014 because we weren't married then, and that we can only do it next year for 2015. If that is correct how should we file our taxes? Married filling separately? I asked my fiance, but he has no idea either xD

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arrowAOS Interview and Affidavit of Support
February 17, 2015, 10:03 am Last comment by KayDeeCee

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Hello everyone!


I finally received my notice for my AOS Interview! It's next month at the end of march!!! I have a quick question!


My husband was my sponsor for my AOS, however he lost his job and he is unemployed as of now. He is interviewing and hope he gets a job before the interview!


If he doesn't get a job before the interview, am I gonna have to find a joint sponsor? If he made over 36k last year do I still have to? I am employeed full time and make over 40k, can I fill a new affidavit of support form?


Thank you! If I don't get an answer I might have to talk to a lawyer!

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arrowReceived a new Biometrics appointment letter - ADVICE NEEDED
February 14, 2015, 4:03 pm Last comment by pumpkinseed

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Hi everyone,


I'm a little freaked out at the moment, because I just received a new biometrics appointment  :wacko:  :help:  :help:  :help: (after I did mine back in October) and I am afraid it will slow down my application substantially. I already explained what happened the first time I went for my appointment in this thread:


but, here's a short summary of that story:

I went for an early walk-in ( a week before my actual appointment) on October 22. My application was received on October 3. So when I walked in my local USCIS office here in Cleveland, OH, the guy who worked there first said it's ok to go in early, but then he saw my letter and said it was too early (?? a week???), and that he thinks the biometric info might not go through. I kept asking him what could happen and what is the risk, etc. - to which he kept saying he doesn't know how it works and that if I want to do it, it's my decision,but it might not work. :bonk: So I was so irritated with him for not giving me any info and since I had never heard of anything like that from other people on the forums, I just went ahead and did it back then.


Now, since it's been a few months and I noticed there is some activity shown on the timelines here on applications from the same time as mine, I figured they will probably work on mine soon. But I didn't expect to receive a new Bio appointment letter... It's just a standard letter, just the same as the one I got the first time, but with a new date in March. :dead:


Now, my question is - would this slow down my application substantially? Would they put me in a pile which will be worked on months from now? Or do they just put me on the side till the biometrics info arrives and then proceed with my application? Has anybody heard of any similar experience?


I appreciate any input on the subject. Thank you! 

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