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US Immigration from Bulgaria

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Infopass appt -- officer told me not to wait for my biometrics notice (May 2018 VSC filer)
8:14 pm


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I had an interesting experience at the Boston field office today. I filed my I-751/ ROC in early May (VSC) and got the first NOA last week. Today I had an infopass appointment to ask about my biometrics. I'll be traveling abroad for four months starting the end of June, and I was worried that I'd miss my notice/the appointment/lose status/the world would end. The guy I spoke to looked at my NOA for a long time, then at his computer, then he talked to his supervisor, and then he told me that I should go ahead and travel, because my biometrics wouldn't be scheduled for another couple of months. And even if I miss the appointment, I could just go when I get back to the country, he said, and I shouldn't worry about getting back into the States because I have my NOA extending my green card.

It's not what I expected to hear, and it kinda contradicts a lot of the things I'd read about the ROC process, but I guess I'll trust him, and stop worrying so much about getting my biometrics notice before I leave.

Sharing this here as a data point. I might still call the info line and ask a tier 2 person to confirm this for me next week... Has anyone had a similar experience?

Good luck to everyone!

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I won in DV lottery 2019. Marriage in US or in our original country?
10:39 pm


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Hi to everyone,

I ve been selected in DV Lottery 2019. I knew it a day before I came in US with a tourist visa B1/B2. My boyfriend is also with me in US with a tourist visa. We both are on a vacation here for a couple of months. We both are originally from Bulgaria.

The next step for us is to fulfill and submit DS-260 form. Before that we need to get married.

My question is: where is better for us to do it, in US or in Bulgaria?

My case number is very small and I expect our interview at the embassy is going to be on October. So we have to do the marriage quickly and in the same time we do not want to cancel our vacation here and go back to Bulgaria before the end of summer.

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Wrong EAD eligibility category
2:47 pm


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Hi I have a problem with my AOS application. I came on a K-1 Visa.

On the EAD I wrote (a)(6) instead of (c)(9) for the eligibility category, what will happen to my AOS application? Is there any way to send a corrected EAD to them without having to wait for them to return the documents if it gets rejected?

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CRBA and DNA test
5:11 am


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Has anyone gone through the CRBA procedure and getting US passport for a baby? Is the DNA test 100% required? The US parent name will be listed on the birth certificate issued in my home country.

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Will debt collector lawsuit affect my AOS?
5:56 pm


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Me and my husband started the process of my AOS last month and yesterday I received a letter from a old credit card account and I am being sued by the debt collectors. Will this affect my application in any way I m very worried.

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