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arrowPending AOS and new job form i-9
May 15, 2015, 2:55 pm Last comment by Ellyah

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I am waiting for 3 years my green card. I have authorization to work and i found a job that i work already 4 mounts. I need to renew my card bcs my status is still pending. When i старт filling the i-765 for i found out my employer need to do form i-9. My employer and me didн't know we need it do it. Its say it have to be no later that the first day of employment. What we need to do now and what r the consequences? . 

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arrowRFE answer
May 14, 2015, 5:30 pm Last comment by KayDeeCee

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Hey guys :)


We're almost ready to send the answer to the RFE we received for my AOS, so i just want to make sure we're sending the right stuff :)


The first thing the RFE asked us for is;

- Submit all supporting tax documentation (W-2s, 1099s, Form 2555, and all supporting tax schedules) submitted to the IRS for the most recent tax year. The petitioner/sponsor must submit all supporting tax documents for the most recent tax year.


Since we send his tax transcript for 2013 (It was back in February) I assume they want the 2014 one. So now i have his tax transcript for 2014? Will this be enough? Other than that I have his w-2 and his 1040 form. Do I need to send them with the tax transcript?


The second thing is them basically saying he doesn't make enough so we should use either assets or a joint sponsor.

We found a joint sponsor, he's making enough, but he's married and filling jointly with his wife. So she called me today because their tax return shows their household income and she wasn't sure about the individual income. What should they write on individual income? And does she need to fill I-864a?

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arrow2sudrnts from bulgaria noy happy with work and travel
May 12, 2015, 2:07 pm Last comment by jan22

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My friends went to helay aliaska to work with work n travep program. They are not happy for few reasons. The agancy that they work pit them in sume bulgalo that is leakink whennis rain and cold n second one of them dosent have translations so he walks at 2am in the middle of the night alone where is a park fool wiyh bears N who know what other wild animals.yhey didn't even give him a brak to eat at work. The Thalk with the agency that find them work n the employer buy they didn't help them. They want to go back bit they took a big loan n don't have money to back so they r stuck in aliaska in the middle of nowhere. some advise?

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arrowTracking Case Number For I-751 Overseas
April 5, 2015, 6:42 am Last comment by Khal_Drogo

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Hey all!

So we filed Eli's I-751 last month from England where we are stationed, and we received the I-797 about a week and a half later, complete with receipt number and everything.

Now, I know it says on the I-797 that we will not receive an ASC appointment notice (as were are overseas military), and I also know that most people have to use the receipt number on that notice to track their case.

My question is this; will we ever get a valid tracking number? Or are we blind for the entirety of the case?

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arrowBig age difference...
April 4, 2015, 3:09 am Last comment by vandh

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I applied for a permanent residency for my husband. He received his EAD 3 weeks ago. But now we're slightly worried about the upcoming interview.


We're both in the medical field. I'm a medical assistant and he's a podiatrist. (We met in the hospital where I work.)

We're both originally from the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia.

We're both Christians.


However... we have 15 years age difference with me being the older one. (I just turned 50.)

Also, I have 2 children (ages 23 and 13.) While my husband gets along great with both of his stepsons, he doesn't want any babies. In fact, that's one of the main reasons why he had split up with his ex wife.


We've been married since November. We dated for about 10 months before we got married.

Also, my husband's divorce from his ex wife only became final in September. But they had been living separately for one and a half years prior to that...  


We had a small ceremony at City Hall in NY with just 2 of our friends as witnesses. My husband's parents and my mom reside in Europe. My younger son was at school. And my older one was at work. We went to a restaurant afterwards. But we have yet to go on a honeymoon (to Boston.)


Here's the evidence we have gathered for the interview:


- Joint tax filing documents.

- Joint medical & dental insurance (through my work.)

- Cable/Internet bill.

- Electricity bill.

- 2 Joint bank accounts.

- Joint credit card accounts.

- Renters insurance. NOTE: Unfortunately, I am unable to put my husband on the lease... My landlord and I don't have a written contract. I know, I know... that's very bad. At some point, the landlord had given me a hand-written note that had her name and address, the property's address and the amount I was to pay every month (I needed it for my work.) But I've been living in her place for over 2 years without any problems now. Apartments in NYC are crazy expensive. And we only pay $1,200 for a large 2 bedroom... My landlord lives out of state and has no idea that I'm married. She took pity on me when I rented the place because I was a single mother. If I were to tell that I married a doctor... well, she'd definitely increase my rent. There's a young couple living right below us. They pay $300 more each month for a smaller 1 bedroom apartment! My husband doesn't work yet... and I can't afford to have the landlord increase our rent. So, I can't put my husband on the lease for the time being. I'm not sure how I can explain this to the officer who's going to interview us...

- Hotel and other receipts from a week-long trip with my younger son to Chicago in the spring of 2014.

- Pictures from our engagement (which was very romantic - on a boat cruise on the Hudson River :blush:)

- E-mails, dating all the way back to February of 2014.

- Pictures with various friends, my father and my 2 sons + my older son's gf. These include pictures from our wedding day, my birthday, our dating and every day life, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.

- E-mails exchanged with wedding vendors. (We had a professional photographer. I had a very nice floral bouquet. I had also e-mailed a few officiants, because we wanted to do a fall wedding. But then I got very sick for a few weeks, so we had to postpone it.)

- Copies of greeting cards that we've given each other. I have a few holiday cards from our friends saved somewhere.

- Pictures of a wedding gift from my in-laws (who reside in Bulgaria) and a greeting card from them.

- Receipts from gifts that we've given each other.  


I guess I'm primarily worried due to the fact that we have a significant age difference. Also, my husband's brother & his wife live in NJ. But he hasn't been having a good relationship with them for years now. I have never met them. They don't speak... at all.


What are your opinions on our case? I will greatly appreciate hearing them.

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