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Global Entry and Citizenship
4:13 pm today


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Hi there,

I recently got removal of conditions approved and applied for global entry since I travel a lot outside of the country for work. My global entry got denied because I had a visa overstay in the past 10 years. Does any of you know if this denial will have an effect on my citizenship application or will show up as I enter the US?

Wah.. I shouldn't have applied!

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Filing for AOS, collecting more evidence later
3:12 pm today


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Hello everyone,

I have been reading here for awhile now, and it has helped me and my boyfriend with our plans tremendously.

I am currently in the US on a J1 visa, my employment authorization ended on September 30th but October is my "travelling month" so I'm still in the US right now.

This is my third J1 visa and I have never overstayed, I would usually leave before the end of September.

Anyways, so me and my boyfriend decided the best option for us would be to get married now. He doesn't want me to go back and wait for the K1 visa to be approved. We have been together for around 4 months now and are practically living together and spending all of our time together as well. We were also coworkers while I was still working. We have the full support of his parents who have been amazing so far and we are planning to get married pretty soon.

My question is: can we file I-130 and I-485 with minimal proof of bonafide marriage and start collecting more asap?

Let's say we file with just the marriage certificate, photographs, one hotel stay and one or two affidavits? Would that be enough just to get the process started?

Since I am so close to the end of my visa, we can't just go and open a joint bank account or get a lease in both of our names. So I was thinking we can get more evidence in the months after the wedding when I can be here legally and get all of these things while my case is pending.

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Starting a K1 petition - advice needed
7:33 pm today


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Hello All,

My boyfriend wants to start a petition for K1 visa soon. We've met each other at work, but he worked in another office [we worked together for over an year before we started dating]. We share a lot of common interests: both love animals, we like similar music, etc. He used to work in my department before, which I believe may show that we have common interests even in regards to work. We both speak Spanish (he's a native Spanish speaker), share the same religion, etc. However, we've seen each other only once yet. He's coming to my country for 3 weeks in the end on this year and our plan is that he will start the process once he goes back to the US. As you can imagine we're still confused and have a ton of questions. I would appreciate if you share your opinion with me while we're hesitating which path to go.

1. Potential red flag: I am 24 and he is 35. We have age difference of 11 years. Do you think that this is a too bad?

2. Do you believe that it would be a problem that we would have met each other only twice prior of filing the petition? He visited me for 10 days (he just started a new job and couldn't take more time off), however he's coming again in December for 3 weeks.

3. I've read that lawyer may speed up the process as sometimes it takes a lot of time for the application/docs to be processed [e.g. we may make mistakes while completing it and they will return it for correction] and the petition may expire during this time.

4. I've been in the States three times before and I've never overstayed my visas (J1). I also have a serious job (been on this position for almost 2 years and make good money for the standard of living here). I was thinking to apply for a tourist visa before he starts the petition as he cannot take more time off work this year. Do you believe that in case I get a refusal this would trouble the K1 process?

I would appreciate any opinion and thank you for your help! :)

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Marriage certificate mothers maiden name Wrong
7:12 pm today


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I just got a certified copy of me and my husbands marriage certificate and my mothers maiden name is completely wrong. My husband will be filing the I-130 petition soon and I'll need to know if that would be an issue. Thanks in advance.

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RFE: Petitioner & Beneficiary Have Met in Person
7:49 am today

Antonia & Dian

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Received an RFE for having met in person on May 30th.

Anyone else received this type of RFE and what kind of evidence did you submit?

I sent in a copy of my flight ticket and stamp in passport for entering Bulgaria but I guess it's insufficient.

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