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arrowneed some advice
November 18, 2015, 7:02 am Last comment by Boiler

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Hello everybody,

 Last year i went to USA via K1 visa. Got married and received my green card last June. Today my parents didnt get a tourist visa. The reason they got was that I am in my home country and that there is no reason for them to come and visit me at this moment. How soon can we reapply? They have a stable jobs and enough money to support themselves. They just want to come and meet my family in law. They dont have any intentions to stay in USA permanently.

Thank you

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arrowAOS & IV PAID, now what?! Help please! CR1 Visa
November 11, 2015, 11:31 am Last comment by cholakova

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Okay, I've looked through a lot of the resources, and forums and there's just so much information that I'm a little overwhelmed and confused. 


I've paid the AOS & IV bill, they both show as paid

Now that it's time for me to turn in the AOS and IV package, I'm confused about this process. 

Is it possible to send them both in at once? 


If so, how do I assemble this? 


Do I need two separate mailing packages or can they be in the same package? 



Any guidance through this would be greatly appreciated! 


Thank you. 

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arrowA# On Fingerprint Card
October 26, 2015, 6:32 pm Last comment by Pitaya

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So our RFE specified that we need to put my wife's A# on the fingerprint card we filled out and sent as part of our ROC package.

The card in question is an FD-258/SF-87. They have fields for all the basics; name, SSN, physical description, etc. etc. But it has no field for A#. Now, the one we filled out does have blank fields where we can theoretically write it in.

Here is the form:




As you can see, there are two spaces I can conceivably put it:

1. Under "Reason for Fingerprinting" we put "IMMIGRATION." I am thinking we can put her A# under that maybe.

2. Under "Miscellaneous No." Well, the A# would be a number that doesn't fall under any other field on the card.


I know it seems self-explanatory, but we all know how OCD USCIS can be, so I want to make sure we do this right.


Anyone know where I can put it?


For those who are wondering: our RFE was requesting a new card because on the first one, we neglected to specify where her fingerprints were taken. In our case, it was a military base, but we didn't put that, so they need a new card. We already have a new card with her fingerprints and all her other information on it, but we did not have to put her A# on it last time, so we are confused.


Thanks for any help!

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arrowNotification Letter from NVC (!?)
October 26, 2015, 12:22 pm Last comment by musicalm

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Hi guys,

Did anyone of you receive such mail (regular mail letter) from NVC?
We haven't change any of our mailing/email addresses, so we never notified NVC. Do you have any idea why we got this letter?


October, .... 2015

NVC Case Number:
Invoice I.D. Number:

DEAR .................... :
We updated the mailing/email address for this case. Please continue to notify the NVC of any change in mailing/email address, or change in personal situation that may affect the principal applicant's entitlement to a visa.
NVC Case Number: ........................
Petitioner's Name: ........................
Principal Applicant's Name: ........................
Priority Date: 16JAN2015
Foreign State Chargeability: BULGARIA
(Address of the US Embassy in Bulgaria)

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arrowRFE to Green Card
October 22, 2015, 6:31 pm Last comment by Pitaya

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So normally I wouldn't bother with this question, but I figured what the hey:

Those of you who have received RFEs, assuming you had everything they asked for, how long did it take for them to accept it and approve your case?
I only ask because with my RFE, it tells us to mail it to the same address we mailed our original package. Since it's already been seven months, is it gonna take forever just for them to get to our RFE stuff, or do they prioritize it some way?

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