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arrowForm I-765 for F1 student merried for U.S citizen
January 21, 2016, 2:07 am Last comment by Darnell

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Hello everyone. I have a problem with filling form I-765 and question 16. I came in to the US 2 years ago with B2 tourist visa to visit my parents. Several months later I met my wife, we decided to live together and I changed my visa with F1 student visa. Next Tuesday is her Oath Ceremony, right after we'll send the documents for my green card. I'm still visiting my college and keeping my status. What kind of Eligibility category am I - question 16? As I know (C) (9) ( ) is for those who don't have status. Probably I'll stop visit my school after we send this documents, because there's no more budget to pay for it, but in the moment I'm still in status. Thank you!

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arrowApproved! (Interview: December, 2015)
January 9, 2016, 4:32 pm Last comment by KASH2011

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I wanted to truly thank everyone on this forum for the great help and support during our Visa Journey! I wish everyone's journey is as smooth as ours, and everyone reunites with his/her loved one soon! 


Here's a link to my timeline, I've shared my interview and POE experiences:




I'll be glad to remain part of this forum and help as much as I can based on my experience and research.


Good luck everyone! 



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arrowHealth Insurance struggles
January 8, 2016, 4:42 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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Hello guys :)


USA health insurance system is really hard for me to understand. I came here January last year and we've been without health insurance for the whole year. We also had a baby so it's been a little crazy. Anyways I'm trying to get us insured for the next year. My husband, who is American, is absolutely no help, he never had insurance and runs away every time i mention paperwork or something. He understands less than me. So we went to see this consultant once to help us with all that, well all she did was make him an account at healthcare.gov, then she said we have to get something in the mail. So a few weeks later we got a letter that said "you may be eligible for Montana Medicaid but you  may need to provide more information", but then in "next steps" it said they will contact us and we don't need to do anything now. I called the consultant again and she said "Oh it's fine just wait for a letter in the mail again". Well it's been 2 months and we haven't got anything and I'm starting to worry that we will miss the deadlines.

So my question is is this right? Cuz i read on other threads here that we're supposed to go buy some health insurance plan online or something, but we've just been told to wait and I don't know how long am I supposed to wait? I just get this agents calling me on the phone all the time and asking what's our height and weight and do we smoke and then give me some ridiculously expensive plans...

Also i don't think I'm eligible for Medicaid because of that public charge thing, am I right? But the husband and the baby should be? Also if they can get Medicaid what about me am I just supposed to get a plan for myself? I'm so confused... xD

If anyone can shed some light on this whole health insurance thing it will be much appreciated :)

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arrowCan I keep my US status if I move abroad
January 4, 2016, 6:25 pm Last comment by NLR

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Hello everybody,


I am a GC holder since Jan 2013 and I am currently applying to remove the conditional status of my GC. My husband just learned that his job is moving him to Japan at the end of January. We don't know how long we will stay in Japan but most likely at least a couple years. I will receive a spouse visa to live in Japan. I will need to travel back and forth between the US and Japan for while because I need to do some extensive dental work.


Is there any way I can keep my US status while I live in Japan? Do I lose my status automatically when i get a spouse visa for another country? Should I apply for a returning resident visa or is not worthed if I get a Japan visa? If I don't automatically lose my GC, can I 


Thank you!

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arrowMedical in Greenberg Clinic in Sofia, Bulgaria Review
December 11, 2015, 10:52 am Last comment by Pitaya

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When I received the brown packet from the embassy saying that an approved immigrant petition by an American citizen has arrived it was written that I should call the embassy and schedule an interview and after that to make an appointment to either Vita or Greenberg medical clinics.


My interview was scheduled on 7th of December (I called on the 19th of November) and then my father called the Greenberg clinic (since he was a doctor) and they said I should come on the 4th of December to get my medical and bring the following documents:


  1. Document from my physician of all the vaccines made;

  2. Passport;

  3. 4 passport pictures;

  4. The address I will be staying at in USA;


The appointment was at 8:30AM, I got there at 8:20AM and a very nice lady (a nurse) took my passport and my pictures and my document from my GP with all the vaccinations I had received since he was my doctor. I also brought my Health Insurance Card (Здравна Книжка) but the lady said they don’t need it. I did not bring any immunization passport, since I didn’t have one and there was no problem. The lady made a copy of my passport, then handed it to me and told me to go downstairs to get my blood taken and my X-ray.


I went downstairs and there was another couple waiting for the X-ray. I got my blood taken by a nurse  (it hurt very little, they have very modern facilities

) then I was told to wait for my X-ray in the hallway. She took my passport and told me to get it at the reception upstairs when I am done with everything.  After the other couple was done it was my turn.


The X-ray picture was taken very quickly (the X-ray lady actually joked that it takes more time for the people to take their clothes off, rather than the actual shoot of the picture)


Overall, the X-ray & the taking of blood took half an hour and they were very nice people. I was told to take a walk and return at 11AM so that the doctor will take a look at me.


There was a very nice coffee house across the street that the coffee only cost 40 stotinki, so I went there and had two coffees & a cake while waiting.


Important: Do not drink coffee or any drink that has caffeine because when the doctor examines you, she/he will measure your blood pressure and mine was high because of the coffee!


When I returned at 11AM at the clinic, the couple was there before me so I sat down and waited. After my turn was up, the doctor examined me, checked my vision, touched my stomach, auscultated me (Преслуша ме със слушалка) and measured my blood pressure and she said was it was high, but only because I had the coffees (damn my coffee addiction :D )


Then we sat down and she asked me a series of questions regarding my health, past illnesses, whether I have stayed in a hospital, whether I suffered from numerous diseases, do I have a depression, do I smoke ciggies or do weed, whether I have tattoos and so on.  After that she said I should wait because my X-ray picture wasn’t ready yet and to have my shots (flu & rubella).


After that I went back to the reception, I paid the fee which was 201.00BGN which was much less than we expected and the nurse vaccinated me from flu & rubella.


After that I was handed two documents:


  1. The sealed envelope which I had to give to the embassy on the day of the interview;

  2. A vaccine document which I was told to carry with me when I POE and make a copy of it so that the immigration officers won’t take the only one I have


And then I got on the train and went home :)


I am very pleased, the fee wasn’t too high, the doctor, nurses and everyone in the clinic was nice and I had no problems.


Good luck to everyone! You are welcome to PM me if you have questions.



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