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K1 vs CR1 costs/benefits and limitations
8:24 pm


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Hello All,

I came across a topic about K1 vs CR1 figured that I haven't thought about this before. I would like to hear from you about the benefits and limitations. Likely most people, I think that first hand experiences are best.

*According to my calculation the K1 visa will roughly cost: $535 (petition, I-129F) + $265 (K1 visa) + $1140 (AOS filling fee I-485) + $85 (biometrics) + $410 + $85 (work permit, I-765 + biometrics again) = $2520 total

*As opposed to a CR1 visa: $535 (petition, I-130) + $265 (CR1 visa) = $800 total

Of course medical in my home country and travel costs for both visas will be at additional costs.

K1 benefit to my understanding is a faster process which means that I won't be apart from my man for that long. What else? I don't really see anything more. Limitations would be the AOS and dealing with USICS again after entering into the US, questionable status while waiting for the green card and not being able to get a drivers license for some time + being stuck in the US while waiting for the AP.

CR1 benefits are of course the less fees, documents such as green card and work permit at the time of entry and the ability to obtain a drivers licence sooner. Limitation would be the longer time that we would have to wait to be together, however read that we can file for free for K3 in order to live together while the spouse visa petition is pending. By the way I have a B1/B2 visa so I guess I will be able to temporary visit anyways.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any benefit/limitation to add? What do you think about the K3 option? How long does it take and does it make sense to submit all of that additional paperwork for it?

Thanks a lot!

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Starting K1 while in the US?
2:15 pm


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I recently got my tourist visa approved and plan to start the K1 process soon. I will be the beneficiary and will visit my fianc in February. We will start the K1 then.

As we don't want to be separated for a long time and from what I've read the waiting time for K1 is between 6-9 months now, I am thinking if we can start the K1 while I am there on the tourist visa. I may be permitted to stay as a tourist up to 6 months. Do you think we will do something wrong if we subimt the k1 application and I stay with him in the US for a couple of months (depending on how much time I get allowed at the POE). I won't overstay, just want to spend as much time as possible with my man and go back to my home country to finish the waiting.

Thanks a lot!

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B2 aplication - visiting boyfriend
9:51 am


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Hello to all VJ followers,

I read a lot of topics about B2 applicants wanting to visit boyfriends/girlfriends in the US. My B2 interview is scheduled for this coming Friday (Nov, 17th) and I am kind of nervous about it. I have been in the US 3 times on a J1 visa and have never overstayed.

I want to visit my boyfriend in Houston for 2 weeks in February 2018 and do sightseeing with him. The supporting documents that I have prepared are:

1) Boarding passes from previous trips (Japan in April 2017, Spain in June 2017) + invoices for accomodation and plane tickets about upcoming trips to Netherlands (3 days) and Turkey (1 day) (in December 2017), Malta (6 days for NYE).

2) Letter from employer that I am on a indefinite employment contract (been working there for 2 years now) and confirmation that I am obligated to use 20 days of paid leave in 2018 + my work contract (about 80 pages) that says that if I want to quit I need to give them a minimum of 30 days notice that may be up to 12 weeks depending on my work experience.

3) Bank statements proving that I have sufficient funds to pay for my trip (around $7000).

4) Certificate that I own a car since 2015 (it's not an expensive car).

5) Invitation letter form my boyfriend and a picture of his US passport.

However I am concerned about two things:

1) I listed my boyfriend's name as a contact person on the DS-160 and his current address. However he will be changing it soon, so I listed a hotel address that I will be staying at. Do you think this may be a red flag?

2) I definitely will not lie about my intentions to visit him. As an addition my best friend lives in Miami and she said she will try to come to Houston to meet me if my visa is approved. However based on what I read, it would be better not to mention that I have a boyfriend unless they ask me. The thing that bothers me is how should I answer if they ask "What is the purpose of your trip?". Do you think it may sound wrong if I say "I want to do sightseeing and meet up with my American friends."

Thank you a lot for your help and advises. Your help would be much appreciated!

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Legal help completing I-129F
8:45 pm


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Hi all,

My boyfriend (Matthew) and I are trying to complete the I-129 form... And we have a couple of questions ... more like: we are wondering what to do. How many of you think that we should get a lawyer involved in helping with the process?

We have been together since 2015 and have been visiting each other constantly. I live in Bulgaria and he is in Maryland. I am contracted through a Bulgarian company and work for companies in The Staes and have been traveling for trainings a lot.. until one of the companies there decided that applying for J1 visa and get me there as a trainee (not intern) is a good idea... So I went on my interview here (in Bulgaria) and got denied... Got the regular letter, saying I cannot proof I will return to Bulgaria - the CO though I am going there as an intern and have a 7 year background in this niche ... so I think this is why I got the denial. Refusing my J1 also caused cancelling my 10 year B1 visa...

Then, I got selected for H1B visa, but the application got withdrawn. The lawyer sent two petitions... because she never got a receipt on the 1st one...

So my question is: based on the written above... do you think we might get denied the K1 visa?? We just got comfortable with all of the trips and was convenient for us, but now we just want to be together all the time... Matt is willing to move here if we get a denial, so I am not that scared... any advise will be appreciated. Thank you!!

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Cleveland field office experiences - separate interviews?
9:04 pm


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People that have had their AOS interviews in the Cleveland field office, I'd love to hear how it went!

We haven't filed for AOS yet (waiting on marriage certificate) but we talked to a lawyer that helped some friends of ours and he said that the Cleveland office is famous for interviewing couples separately and also, that they usually take 4-5 months to get a case to the point of interview.

Just wondering how realistic this is. I thought officers separated couples only if they had reason to suspect fraud?

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