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arrowNational Records Center delays? (split)
January 3, 2015, 10:05 am Last comment by AdamandSilviya

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Just found out that I'm now in the same boat. Approved Sept 17th, and it is now Jan 3 2015. The NVC never got my papers, and after many emails and calls, the NVC contacted the USCIS and was told my papers are at the National Records Center. I recived that email today. Maybe things have changed since 2009 (the last post i see on this forum). 

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arrowExpensive Civil Surgeon
December 18, 2014, 4:16 pm Last comment by agnesb

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Hello Folks,


Hope everybody's case is going well! My process with my status has been going great so far but my civil surgeon. My process of getting my I-693 form not only took more than a  month but it also costed me a lot of money!


First, they charged my credit card for $220.

Second they took my insurance card and charged my insurance over $330. He told me that whenever he would get the money back from the insurance he would send me a check of $220.


If this were you .. what would you do? I made a couple of attempts to get my money back, but no success.


Should I dispute the charge on my credit card?

Should I contact my insurance provider?

Should I keep calling him, or should I somehow contact USCIS?


Thank you lots!


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arrowi-864 and annual income as Insurance agent
December 10, 2014, 2:56 pm Last comment by Ellyah

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Hi everyone! 

My Husband (USC petitioner) does not meet income requirements. We have already a joint sponsor, but the problem is my husband change his job few days ago and i am not sure what to put for annual income when he is taking only commission. 

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arrowInterview for a K1 fiance visa with previous overstay
November 9, 2014, 3:07 pm Last comment by l43tr31

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Hi there!


I'm pretty new in this forum so I have the following question.  


I was on my second J1 visa and I got into a car accident which was not my fault. I hired a immigration lawyer and filled for a humanitarion parole. At this time the lawyer assured me that I was legal and in process of waiting and I can stay. However I found out I can't apply for humanitaran parole from the US and everything got confused. Menawhile I was going with doctors and etc.  and waiting for the result my application was sent from jurisdiction to jurisdiction all accross the US. Nobody from the USCIS couldn't take my case. I wated about 200 days and I left the country. My case was abounded and than I continued doing it from back home. The lawyer suggested me to go and apply for tourist visa with medical purpose. I got denial because all letters I presented in the interview were too old or at least this is what the officer told me. However I continued doing the humanitarian parole from home and I got all documentation from doctors with all new letter with statement that I need to get medical help in the US. However my application was denied.


6-8 months later my fiance (american citizen) applied for K1 visa and we got approved. I'm about to schedule the interview in the next couple of weeks. My concern is if my overstay will affect my interview and if I will get denial? I have all communication logs from my email with this lawyer who confused everything, all letters I have received from USCIS meanwhile waiting for the humanitarian parole...


...thanks a lot

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arrowNovember 2014 AOS Filers
November 6, 2014, 5:01 pm Last comment by Taskova

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I sent my package on 29th and got the messages today.
Good luck!

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