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Listing all used names on forms? Advice needed
11:55 am

Derry Lea

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Hi, all,

So I am applying for a green card for my mom. She has been divorced from my dad for the past 3 years. I'm planning on listing her married name which she is still using and to also list her maiden name n the names section. The issue is 17 years ago she changed her first name which she always hated. All of her documents including her birth certificate and passport are with her current name...In fact there is no memory or proof of the given name she was born with as even her birth certificate has her listed with the name she chose 17 years as her first name and her maiden name as last name....So my question is as there is no way to explain the name change or any proof of it is there any point of listing it in the forms? I am afraid they will see she has used a different name and require some sort of document where it has been used and there is none...

Please advise, thank you

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Concurent filing for parent of US citizen
11:46 am

Derry Lea

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Hi, everyone,

I used this site back when I was going through my K1 process. 8 years later I am a US citizen and am looking to apply for a green card for my mom. She has been coming on a tourist visa for the past couple of summers and is currently here. She is supposed to go back at the end of February but we have decided to apply for a green card this time. My question is since I am filing concurrently do I have the right list of documents - I-130, I-485, my birth certificate plus translation. my naturalization certificate, her birth certificate plus translation, checks for the filing fees. Also based on your experience how long does it take to adjust the status and get the green card? Thanks

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Proof of bona fide marriage
6:14 pm


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I've seen posts where people were advised that it's okay to enter the US on a tourist visa and marry as long as they go back to their home country and apply for CR1. However, how can you show proof of bonafide marriage if you just married and left? I read the CR1 instructions and besides the affidavids by third parties I cannot really think of any other evidence. What else can be provided?

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Hand written I-129f form?
6:07 am


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For some reason my fianc is having a hard time saving the completed i129f form on his computer.

We were wondering if he can just write the answers by hand instead of typing them. He has a good hand writing. Is that an option at all and how strict is the USICS about it? Any chance they will send it back?


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6:25 pm


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Just submitted online, based on marriage. 1/12

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