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arrowearly biometrics - strange experience
October 22, 2014, 3:07 pm Last comment by IRIScv

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I just came back from the USCIS office in Cleveland. My biometrics appointment was on October 30th, but I was downtown and decided to give it a try today. When I asked the officer if I can do it earlier, he first said "OK,no problem". Then he saw my appointment letter and said it's probably too early because it's more than a week before my appointment. According to him it might not go through and I might not get my card?! I tried asking him why he thought so and what could possibly happen and if I will get a new appointment date if this try fails. To all additional questions he kept saying " I don't know". He just kept repeating that he's not sure it will go through this early and that it might but it might not, so I should decide if I want to try it or not. First of all it pissed me off that he wants me to make a decision on something that he's giving me no info on and it really should be his expertise; second of all it seemed like he has no idea what he's talking about so I went ahead and did it. I figured the worst that could happen is that I might have to go again.
So what do you guys think? Also, is there a way for me to check if my biometrics was successfuly received? I've seen something here about calling FBI to find out if my fingerprints cleared,how do I do that?

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arrowI-130 - Section C, Q7, Q17, Q22 / none, N/A
September 22, 2014, 6:38 pm Last comment by whg

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Hello everyone.




My husband will be sending I-130 in the next few days but we have some questions regarding the form. We would appreciate some help.

I have been researching here about the topic but would like to hear your opinion as some of the posts I've read were from years ago.

So, for I-120, we've used only capital letters when listing our LAST names. Is that the correct way to do it? For G-325a we used capital letters, only.


So, here's our questions: 


Section C, Question 17 - Should he put his name on that line? What should be the name order? I saw the example given, here, and the name of the person was listed in the form as: LAST name (with capital letters), first name, middle name. Please help us understand this better. 


Section C, Question 22 - I'm currently not in the US. But should my husband list the city and country where I will be going for an interview? It seems that the question refers to people who are currently in the US but at the same time, the wording "if not eligible for adjustment of status…" refers to people who are outside of the US. In this case, if we understand correctly, we do have to put the city and country. Any opinions?


It's been written a lot regarding where to use 'none' (lower case letters) and 'N/A'. We still would like to ask for your opinion, though.

We put 'none' (lower case letters) for:


Section B, Q7: 'Other names used' 

Section B&C, Q10: 'Alien Registration Number' (both for me and him, although he is a US citizen and it should be filled as N/A, I think)

Section B&C, Q11: 'Name(s) of Prior Spouses'

Section D, Q1: 'If separate petitions are also being submitted for other relatives, give names of each and relationship.'


…And we put N/A for: 


Section B&C, Q12: 'Date(s) Mariage(s) Ended'

Section B, Q14: 'If you are a lawful permanent resident alien, complete the following:'

Section C, Q14: 'If your relative is currently in the US, complete the following:' …(We put N/A only on the first line, the other ones we left empty. Any suggestions?)


Another thing, for the question that asks for 'Other name(s) used (including maiden name)', we put my full name: first, middle, last(maiden), no capital letters for any of the names. 





We would appreciate your comments and help!

Thank you!


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arrowI-765 / I-131 /I-485 biometrics question
September 15, 2014, 4:39 pm Last comment by gingerb

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Hey folks,

I finished my biometrics appointment today. Everything went great with capturing it for the form i485 and i765 but I did not receive a request to capture the biometrics for form I-131. Is that the case with you all too?

The immigration website states that I-765 and I-131 card is issued together, is that the reason why?

Also I am afraid that my apartment number is missing when I originally filed I-131 on that form with the whole packet. I did receive the correct receipt in the mail too.

Does anyone have more insight?

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arrowNeed advise for I129F package
July 24, 2014, 9:14 am Last comment by bella&ivan

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I have prepared all the documents for the I129F. I have 2 questions:

1. Do I have to clip all the pages together, or just submit the documents without clipping them together?

2. Is a personal check for the fee accepted?


Thank you  very much


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arrowForm G-325A
July 1, 2014, 10:05 am Last comment by bella&ivan

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I am preparing to file our I129F application and have a question about G-325A. I see the example posted on here but still not sure how to complete it. I had 3 employers for the lpast 5 years as I have 2 jobs all the time. The name of the employers are long and I can not fit the address next to the name of the employer. For example:

 Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center, 55 Meadowlands Parkway,Secaucus NJ 07026

Do I just write the name of the employer and on a separate sheet write again the name of the employer and the address, or I can write the name of the employer on the G325A and underneath the address of it like:


Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center

55 Meadowlands Parkway, Secaucus NJ 07026


And the name of my second employers is long too ,all I can fit on one row is the name but not the address.

I called the number that is on the instruction and was told to ask an attorney how to fill the form or contact a local uscis office and make an appointment.


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you



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