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Invitation for sister while on AOS
5:12 pm


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Hello, all

i am not sure if there's a subject like that and if there is, please direct me to it and disregard the subject. I apologize if I didn't see it

i am doing AOS through marriage. We are having an official ceremony in May this year. I want my sister to be there, being a bridesmaid. I want to send her an invitation when she's going for her interview, thinking it could help. Now I am aware that with the invitation, the consulate wants to see the legal status of the one inviting. I am adjusting and having our interview in the middle of next month. We want to get the visa out of the way. Now what would I send to prove my legal status here? The NOA for the I-485 that I'm adjusting status or would I just send her a copy of my valid EAD? Thanks for your time, guys

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Question on applying for naturalization, but having stayed abroad over 6 months
10:18 pm


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I have read many comments and opinions on the forums here regarding this matter, but am still not sure that I have found the best solution.

Therefore would be extremely grateful on any advice and/or input concerning my case.

Here it is:

I am a lawful permanent resident through marriage to a US citizen and received my green card in Feb. 2014. Removed conditions and received the permanent one in June 2016. Am already eligible to apply for naturalization since am married to the same person and have the required physical presence in the US.

However, between March and September 2014 I took a trip abroad that lasted over 6 months and therefore my continuous residence may be disrupted. During that time, I kept my ties to the US as bank accounts, filed taxes, had my US medical insurance, my spouse remained in the US and I was employed as a contractor by a US-based company receiving monthly bank deposits for the work I was doing. Unfortunately I am not able to provide a lease as during that time my spouse was living at his parent's house and rent was paid in cash with no receipts given.

Given all this, my question is to what would be the best way to go - apply now and submit the supporting documentation that I have as tax returns, bank deposits from my contractor job, and medical insurance for the time I was abroad, or wait until September 2017 and file for naturalization then without the need of supporting documentation as I returned from my trip in September 2014 and in this case there would be no disruptions in the continuous residence.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!


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Moved to Japan for my husband's job - I-327 Question
7:06 pm


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Hi everyone!

In Feb this year my husband and I moved to Japan for his work. I have had a green card for three years and last year I applied for removing the conditions on my green card along with a permit to live outside of the US for an extended period of time - I-327 which I received in June. I read that these documents are usually issued for a period of 1 to 2 years but mine is valid for just a few months, expiring Dec 5 of this year.

Has anybody overstayed their I-327? Any issues with reentry or renewal of I-327 after that? I will be traveling to America for health reasons in Feb so I was hoping that I can apply for reissue when I go to my doctor.

Please help!

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Expedited EAD concerns and questions
1:21 pm


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Hello, all

I am adjusting status from F-1 visa. I have details on my signature and timeline.

I had an RFIE in August. After responding to it I got a job offer and I called to expedite my EAD. That happened last Monday (Sept 12). Since then I haven't received any communication with USCIS. I only received an email 2 days after my call that my application is under review. I haven't been asked for supporting documents such as job offer letter, etc. While I know this can be a while, I am wondering if anyone had a similar experience. I searched google but haven't found a similar case. Thank you in advance

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Changing name on Green Card
6:20 pm


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Hi, in April I got my green card based on marriage to a U.S. Citizen. When my husband and I got married we decided that I should keep my maiden name so it's easier when applying for adjustment of status since all my documents - passport, SSN, drivers license, etc. had my maiden name on them.

I would like to take his family name now. I know that I have to start with changing the marriage certificate and then filing form I-90. Does anyone know how long will that procedure take? My green card is good untill April 2018 - I just want to change the name on it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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